$10,000 Rear Engine Challenge (Marty's NEW CAR)

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Mighty Car Mods

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    In this brand new series, the boys have $10,000 each to buy a rear/mid engine car which will then go to battle through a series of challenges that MCM fans will choose.
    In this video, Marty reveals the car which he believes will claim victory!
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    Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.

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    1. Mighty Car Mods

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      1. L0RD SPARTAN

        Best car they ever bought

      2. 420noscope

        @Dean Wells lol, I don't care if it looks like a bug, im more interested in how durable those engines are. I wanna see him build one instead of subaru swapping it.

      3. Dean Wells

        420noscope 🤦🏻‍♂️ in the loosest definition of the word lol. Seems pretty cool though, that is if he can get it running lol. Of course he went with something weird as hell. Lol

      4. 420noscope

        @Dean Wells he got a beetle my guy 🤣

      5. dicksplatts007

        Interesting fact about mr2's the chassis is a ae86 chassis used backwards, under the rear end there's ae86 drop link mounts

    2. dragan jandric

      I love this car bud im scared to buy IT for my first car Because of overstering...i dont know should i buy it

    3. seba hara

      hell no, in the states mr2's are super expensive

      1. Ervin Cameron

        Wat? I see them on the cragle and marketplace for like sub-1500 bucks all the time and I'm in the rust-ass NE coast area

    4. Things You Might Like

      Even more expensive in America. Something this condition would be like $7k in America, which is about 20,000 Australian ruples.

    5. ApeCity CaliCray

      Bro should have gotten the big port 4age engine

    6. Pete B

      PLEASE put a supercharged 2GR-FE in the MR2!

    7. USA4thewin

      Toyota does not experiment on the public they release capable vehicles LOVE MR2

    8. markof09041992

      now I wand a Toyota mr2 or cellice 😂

    9. lupoed

      Absolut JDM dreamcar!! 3SGTE Rocks! Believe it or not It even replaced the 2JZ in the Castrol Supra GT and competed against the RB26 Skylines and f'+#ing Won the Raceseries!! Let that sink in for a Moment...

    10. SuperBobKing

      If by dominating you mean cheating, then yeah. Those Celicas are nice but it isn't really fair to compare them to the cars they were competing against because of it, especially when talking about the engine.

    11. D-LUX Mats

      I used to have a 91 Mr2 NA, that was the sportiest car I felt I’d ever driven, it felt like driving a fighter jet, see it was tiny and small, but it was still fast and fun and sporty and loud, I really do miss that car



      1. Gerald Becker



      Nice ride 🙌 much love from the states THANX GUYS ✌

    14. KRs modeling unboxings and scale builds

      Sw20mr2 are cool moog

    15. epicpandemic916

      moog allow marty to speak, if you interupt him while he's passionately answering your question, at least do it with a good joke.

    16. Peter Keller

      Mr2 k20 swap is pretty dope

    17. Jason C

      K swap it. Be a boosted boy lol

    18. Francois Caudwell

      K swap it

    19. F0XBDY Ramirez

      MR 2sexy 🤔 I know I'm a week late but can we please make this a thing

    20. Mikes Garage

      MR2s ROCK!!!!!!

    21. prerunnerwannabe

      If you blow the motor, you could always do the legit EV swap you guys have been wanting to do and use the EV West kit for MR2s ;)

    22. jacobmorris

      needs the t-bar

    23. Zerixor

      Found a mr2 for 1500 this weekend, was just about to buy it but someone managed to snag it before me. Lucky him.

    24. locsipocsi1

      Sorry Moog I seen your Video first of the Moon Buggy but YEAH i love the moon buggy too but this TOYOTA is much nicer i like it better sorry moog! I'm a toyota fan boy. If there were MR2's in Canada I'd be buying one

    25. TimmY BoY

      I loved my mr2. Time in a time I remember it and regret that sold it

    26. kidcivic2002

      Yes! MR2!

    27. Eric Hong

      YES! About time you gave the MR2 some love.

    28. Paul Lynch

      Loved my MR2 (SW20) - great square engine 3SGTE (86mm bore x 86mm stroke)... your handbrake needs to be adjusted!! (very common issue with them!!) - looks like it might be a revision 2 (which means a lot of the issues with twitchy handling would have been improved) - someone has also replaced the rear lights and centre panel with a revision 3+ setup.

    29. Christian Smalley

      there is a mr2 in the Australian time attack

    30. Jackscape

      Should 2gr fe swap it haha

    31. herbycock

      Why would an Aussie say a frunk not a froot?

    32. Dylan Wilson

      I think an MR2 owner slept with Moog's mum when he was little and the saw... the hate has been festering inside since then. Check out the Real Street MR2 de-news.net/online/video-CnMfFtt5qbs.html 5SGTE power.

    33. Kierion Flewers

      You should mod a London black can they have a lot of potential for a fast car

    34. Lloyd Howe

      Really excited for this build, I have a Celica ST205 so looking forward to seeing what they do to the engine.

    35. Quentin Decaunes

      Rx7? Rotary in McM ? Wooooo, when, when ?! 🤪

    36. Mr C

      Theres a JDM FC for like 5000 on carsales

    37. bigmac turd

      i just got a 1986 celica gts 3s-ge... turns out this thing WRIPPPS and the history behind this engine says its a 2jz killer. im excited to watch this next show...

    38. Samuel Noall

      YES... I was thinking an SW20 would be amazing as i clicked on he video

    39. Gerald kipkoech

      Marty please do not blow this one this time when your done with it am begging you al appreciate it if you gift me with it😊😊😊😥😥

    40. Gerald kipkoech

      Marty please do not blow this one this time when your done with it am begging you al appreciate it if you gift me with it😊😊😊😥😥

    41. daniel12134

      when i saw rear engine challenge i thought straight away mr2

    42. vbddfy euuyt


    43. That Skier Guy

      but it’s mid engine 🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        a dare you guys to do a mitsubishi scorpion

    44. Mihkel Klementsov

      What is the song @ 1.08 ?

    45. supraracer01

      hates on Toyotas, makes a living posting on the internet about crappy hondas, subarus and nissans

    46. huttio srreu

      Moog sees a FWD econobox - Perfection Moog sees a MR sports car - Why did they do this?

    47. boygoodj

      Default choice.

      1. huttio srreu

        “Who wrote mr poo on here?” 😂



    49. David Rice

      My 92' NA to the left. Daily driver. 261,000 miles, LHD

    50. Conner MacCloud


    51. Kurtage77

      I’m excited for this build

    52. marcus mcc

      Dear mighty car mods i think A holden special should be on the show. how do you guys feel about that? like a tribute.... any holden, any year. I kmow its not kind of what your channel is about, just because its an aussie thing.

    53. TheDrawingBoard

      3sgte hell yeah what an engine! Super capable had 3 celicas in my time they're now worth a mint these things keep up with evos and the works. a true forgotten gem! GT4 build in the future?

    54. vinasu maaj

      This is crazy I literally sold my Yaris for an Mr2 when the Yaris build started! Now I have an Mr2, weird.

    55. Kerim Caglar

      One word: Supra?

      1. vinasu maaj

        Moog supporting the racka twins when they’re going to court for their underwater car 😂

    56. Charles Williams

      Turbo MR2's ain't cheap in the US, $8k would be a good deal here too

    57. Jaime Ruiz

      how can someone not like the mr2?

    58. Alex Fawke

      Stock for stock the MR2 gt was faster then the JDM "supercars" of the time around the track... for one lap but still impressive

    59. Bob Brown

      a dare you guys to do a mitsubishi scorpion

    60. L0RD SPARTAN

      Best cars you guys ever got

    61. David Earnest

      This was posted this week on our version of Gumtree portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/d/portland-2001-toyota-mr2-spyder-only/7082270413.html. Asking 11k USD So.......

    62. David Earnest

      HairDresserTransportationAppliance. HDTA's are hateful little things.

    63. ceerw buty

      “Who wrote mr poo on here?” 😂

    64. Alex Harrington

      I had the pleasure of working on the worlds fastest MR2 at my old job

      1. ceerw buty

        “Me and Mr MR-Poo I mean MR-2” had me dead on floor laughing my ass off man, I can’t breathe 😂😂😂😂😂😂 legend!!!

    65. beauson1983

      Its been ages since i dug into MR2's, but from memory the snap oversteer thing can be fixed with sway bars

    66. Nathan Webb

      In America you can get a turbo MR2 for $800, that's what I paid for mine

    67. niduoe stre

      " I thought you were gonna get an RX7 " But this is a rear engine challenge Moog ;)

    68. Explosive Idiocy

      they aren't cheap in america, N/A ones are but turbo ones are up there.

      1. niduoe stre


    69. savage maori

      This show would do better without Moog no doubt

    70. Elmer Esquivel

      Awesome, fun car!!!