$3 Fries Vs. $100 Fries



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    Worth It
    Food lovers Steven Lim and Andrew, along with their cameraman Adam, embark on the ultimate food adventure in BuzzFeed’s hit series, Worth It, trying delicious foods at three price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which item is the most “worth it” at its given price.
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      1. John Ly

        Do more of these videos

      2. Alicia Bennett

        Eww I'm just noticing you are eating your everything bagel (I'm Canadian) plain without even butter. (Herb and garlic cream cheese is the best for everything bagels)

      3. anthy212 blazer games

        I live in Montreal

      4. Monica B

        I watched the footage of the Bear! That dude had it *easy* compared to the one they made for you!

      5. Jake Bmx

        If you ever do chicken fingers dm me I love ya hen😂😂🤣🤣 insta jake.lsx

    2. Hakuna Matata

      Please tell me that they didn't just waste all of the rest of the last poutine...Like please tell me that they had other people eat it and didn't waste 15 lbs of food.

    3. cristán cremaschi

      The only good thing buzzfeed makes

    4. Mousa Abdullah

      1 dollar girlfriend vs 100 dollar girlfriend lol

    5. Time Traveller

      I was cackling at the Worth it Unsolved crossover

    6. The Tech kid

      I dont care who you are but mcdonalds fries that are 1 dollar at better then the 100 dollar ones

    7. whoosh Whoosh

      The fries + ice cream is the best mehn. I always do that in mcdonalds. The flavor is so damn sweet at the same time its creamy

    8. Derek k

      How did you not come to Idaho for your fries. You guys are making me sad right now

    9. Tizell :

      Vegan but uses Mayo 😂😂

    10. Kringe King

      When you get payed to eat stuff😂😂🍦💸

    11. MamtazPlayz

      wait the chef for the 3 dollar fries kinda looks like one of the cooks on mom vs chef..or is that just me..? EDIT: WAIT OMG I CHECKED THE VID MOM VS CHEF WITH HANNAH IN THE SPINACH BATTLE AND THE CHEFS HAVE THE SAME EXACT NAME SO I WAS RIGHT!

    12. Adam Runk

      Why does dudes hair keep turning more pink

    13. Bryan Levi

      French fries are not french, they're Belgian. You should try Belgian fries sometimes, they're something else.

    14. Boiling Pot

      Andrew: I don’t think a man could eat this in 22 minutes Me: well you see there is a certain special breed of human, this creatures name is... *Matt Stonie*

    15. aa bbb

      "there's a human element to everything we do" as opposed to just about any other restaurant ever? what a pointless statement and 10 seconds later - "we do use a machine to make the curly fries"

      1. Mitsyy

        Alot of restaurants just warm up Mac and cheese bought it bulk but yes kinda pointless

    16. LeylaWorld Vlogs

      they see that as big but have you seen a persian woman cook rice for a party. can anyone relate?

    17. hdb80

      So, the first guy is doing a gourmet version of Arby's?

    18. CrankinBass

      When the “vegan” fries have aioli

    19. Ashton

      6:53 'If pickle brine tasted good' -- Our pickleboi Andrew was SO offended...

    20. Chicken Nugget

      As a Canadian citizen(I’m born in America hehe) I’m kinda offended they said what Is poutine

    21. PUBG present live


    22. snakeflame eu

      I wanna see matt stonie try the last one

    23. Jess Pask

      My “full after one and a half packets of ramen” ass: yea I could finish those fries

    24. Benny Hurtado

      They should be driving lambos

    25. Phantom Hacks

      "We get to say the same thing at the Same time, Ok 3..2...1 Friendship Fries" RIP

    26. Scytheuwu

      $3 one he was in chef vs mom

    27. Jr. Jr.

      I thought it was fries, not crap on fries.

    28. Abdullah S Hassan

      *Saitama Wants to know your Location*

    29. yannick vanrunckelen

      @buzzfeedviedo fries are not french but belgian !

    30. Night Shade

      Invite Matt Stonie over to eat that poutine hmm what do ylu guys think

    31. Ella-ivy !

      hand cut curls uses a machine.....

    32. Robert B

      he said when i was born i was 10 pounds. SORRY MOM lol

    33. Fuck Negativity

      Australians put ketchup on their fries too 🤣 We also call ketchup tomato sauce

    34. Coady Casper

      Wait, kimchi isn't vegan

    35. Noah Stout

      3:03 is that an aperture hoodie!!!

    36. XxUglyBoyxX26

      where matt stonie at

    37. Lemme Smash

      Okay but his impression of unsolved was hella good 😂

    38. Ali Rizvi

      I’m absolutely starving and watching this at 3am in the morning

    39. berlinba

      that man they refer to at poutineville was Matt Stonie.

    40. Ralf Cercado

      Anyone thinking of Five Guys overloading your bag with fries

    41. CarpFoon 0'Hydrate

      lol steven was a THICCC baby

    42. Brandon Almada


    43. Ren Gogo

      UMAMI IS MSG. MSG is the purest form of one of the human tastebuds, and can be found in things such as mushroom and tomatoes. Salt gives salty flavor, msg gives umami *flavour*

    44. Hannah R

      Am I the only french person getting triggered by them saying pou-teen. Like where i live no one says pou-teen, its pou-tin. Or if you really wanna get technical, many people pronounce it pou-tsin

    45. Raw singer

      Tumhe khaaaane ke paise mil rahe hai

    46. Najma Anees

      How many people actually ate the poutine

    47. Memoriizeee Reviews&Games

      here in Germany, you can't get some good fries and I am Talking about some "good" fries ....

      1. Ashton

        funny that you say that - the last one (poutine) reminded me of some Kebab-on-chips dishes i had at turkish takeout places in Germany

    48. Flower3144

      Also burgers

    49. Elvis

      PoutineVille's owner : We opened for 7 years only 1 man has completed the challenge. Matt Stonie and his toilets at home : Aigh imma head out

    50. Flower3144

      Fries are German

    51. ZoTiCEvolved

      She said “you wanna taste” very provocatively

    52. Anthony Ramasami

      I like that chef in Montreal she seems like she will be really fun “ to hang out with”

    53. TatoTimez

      I haven’t been here in a while. When did Andrew get so comfortable on camera?

    54. a lil bit of aussie down under

      Sharing food like that is so boss..Love it

    55. Julie

      By the time you got out of Lov's I was about to click the dislike button because you'd come all the way to Montreal and didn't touch a Poutine. I'm glad you redeemed yourself in the last round :)

    56. Spilled Marmelade

      Poutineville isnt the best one... i live in montreal you should go to benny thats the best

    57. yeeyee brother


    58. trashツ

      "Only one man has done it" My head: Freaking Adam Richman

      1. Archer sterling

        I was thinking atlas but yah Adam probably did it

    59. Mathy Don

      11:20 that poutine looks like the giant poop the sick triceratops pooped out in Jurassic Park... (the first one) 💩 💩 💩

    60. Mathy Don

      0:50 Careful you don’t get sued by the nice folks at Cheez Wiz®️ if you’re making it yourself it’s a CheezWiz-Inspired sauce

    61. CouragePope

      That girl is so seductive

    62. Kaitlyn Bucio

      You should do mattress

    63. AuraMaster

      Oh my God the Unsolved impression

    64. AuraMaster

      "as a chef, beef fat has more flavor than oil" Wooooow no way?

    65. Armin Aritexis

      r u guys gay?

    66. dolsfx edits

      Andrew is that a plastic straws

    67. Donovan Macmillian

      Poutine is fries cheese and gravy

    68. N Pokemon

      "I wasn't convinced that gravy belonged on fries" All Canadians: *WHYYÝYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?*

    69. Luzzem

      Just get Matt Stonie to do the Job for the $100 fries

    70. nuts