$3 Fries Vs. $100 Fries



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    Worth It
    Food lovers Steven Lim and Andrew, along with their cameraman Adam, embark on the ultimate food adventure in BuzzFeed’s hit series, Worth It, trying delicious foods at three price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which item is the most “worth it” at its given price.
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      1. Karma

        @xlNavinalx Roblox rrrrrtt5:jjò

      2. diaba sy


      3. Amber Baetens

        Fry fact: they actually come from Belgium. But they are called french fries because they heard that the people talked french. So they called it french fries. And for the people that don't know, in Belgium are multiple languages: Dutch, french and some people talk german.

      4. Pixel Hive

        BuzzFeedVideo sup

      5. Bryder Janzen


    2. Ronald Farber

      🤣 Ryan impersonation is spot on!

    3. Steve D.

      3:02 I like that dude's aperture logo jacket.

    4. thenameisAndin

      I hate it here, they looks like boyfriend in date😭😭

    5. sad boi

      13:53 how cute is that

    6. MrPokkaTea

      anyone can tell me where did steven get his Cheese shirt?


      They both speak like SHELDON COOPER

    8. Harrison Sawyer

      There called Chips just saying

      1. Nugget

        British boi

    9. kyivstar kyivstar


    10. Piggy Master

      Why Adam ate last

    11. Amanda Snider

      Fellow Canadians, is there such thing as a seafood putine somewhere?

    12. Amanda Snider

      Here's my fries meal recipe: get a massive frying pan. Cavendish Restaurant style fries, green beans, spinach, black olives, bacon bits, a little onion, a little olive oil, garlic, oragano, rosemary and sprinkle feta cheese on top. On special occasions I'll subtract the bacon bits for stewed beef cut strips and add Bell peppers.

    13. Bao Nguyen Quoc

      8:45 i saw Banh Mi burger, you gonna know a Vietnamese is here lmao

    14. Theressa Soriano

      I cracked when Andrew mimicked Ryan's voice.

    15. Saga De Souter

      fries are belgian not french as they said multiple times in the video

    16. Guybrush Wayne

      Canadian food is trash. Argue with me if you want.

    17. Angela Sieg

      Poutine is amazing living in WI I do make it at home yummy

    18. Zombie Pro

      French fries aren’t even from France. They’re Belgian

    19. TropicGotBank

      Any French fry is good as long as it’s not in n out

    20. Hanshika human

      You can get a quote meal for $3 in India

    21. Hanshika human

      $3 fries are actually too expensive for how much you get I'm broke okay

    22. Asma Haque

      Arent all fries technically vegan unless fried in beef fat???

    23. Obaid Al Heloo

      French fries are made in Belgium, the misconception of french fries made in France is just plain out wrong. The only reason it’s called French fries is because British and American soldiers discovered French fries in Belgium around the time of World War 1 ( 1914 ), And French was the the language they spoke in Belgium so the soldiers thought that they were in France. And that’s how it’s called “French Fries”

    24. Prins Is Sus

      I think I know why they are called "hand cut fries". He cut the ends of the potato.

    25. RoxanneTLS

      Grew up un the north of France, right next to the Belgian border, and let me tell you, belgian fries are truly something else

    26. boi yong tao 3

      In the first restaurant I wonder what's happening in the background 🤣

    27. Oji-sama

      Kimchi fries are bomb

    28. Jana Marcoux

      The Quebec accent is so good😂

    29. TheSnowCrab

      Steven fretz? Wasn't he in the Hannah mom vs chef episode?

    30. Azia Zhane

      So...I've watched almost every one of worth it....is it like......the norm for them ALL to eat off each other and share silverware?? 🥴 that ain't flying with me. Still love em tho 💖

    31. Nur Samiha Khanum

      Why don’t you try fried rice

    32. dionzombie123

      Why does the roast beef look raw like it isnt even roasted??

    33. Elicia LYR

      I’m actually starving while watching this and it’s 2 am

    34. Hazy Beats

      Chef: “Today we will be making our *hand cut* curly fries” Also chef: *1:17*

    35. Clout Grandpa

      "We're in Montreal" oh they're gonna get poutine that sounds sick 'Ok so we're gonna get kimchi fries in Canada in a French restaurant "

    36. Alexia Is Here

      Semen also rhymes with Steven.

    37. Shaz

      mayo is from eggs....

    38. Black zsan

      Abu ghahat

    39. Minh châu Nguyen

      8:45 Banh mi Burger lol Banh mi is a kind of sandwich in Vietnam tho

    40. EpicJustMasters RBLX

      Starter: What kind of landscape can you see in these pictures The top right and the bottom two photos look like a battle field and the top left looks like a field with buffalos Main question: Who were the plain Indians? What 3 things have you learnt about the Plain Indians? I learnt that dances were used when the whole tribe needed to contact the spirits. Before hunting, they would dance a Buffalo Dance to get the spirit world to call the buffalo to them They lived in the middle part of America starting from north and ending south There were lots of tribes living in the Plains Imagine you are a member of the Sioux tribe. Write a short diary entry, using the information, describing your day. Start with: Today was a normal day. First of all we……… Today was a normal day. First of all we did a dance before hunting for a bull we do this so we get the spirit world to call the buffalo to us. When we hunt them we go on horses and in wars because they are quick and strong. We had to go to the Sioux the Black Hills of Dakota because someone in our tribe died. We had to bury him.

    41. Chanel valentine

      The top record of finishing this is 22 minutes. *Matt Stonie has entered the chat*

    42. izzabella lintorn

      I ❤️ this channel

    43. April Choate

      Andrew trying the Ryan Unsolved voice 😂

    44. VASI G

      Who else is binge-watching this in quarantine? Btw guys, I have just posted a video on my channel where my italian boyfriend tried One pot pasta VS Traditional pasta. Go check it out, I bet you'll like it! :)

    45. PURE Eshayy

      Just realized his jumper says Chinese not champion

    46. Carlos Ramirez

      He sounds like the guy from Vghs

    47. Aaron Cherny

      These guys should do chili fries

    48. black swan

      In the philippines, we love dipping our fries in ice scream sundaes

    49. Amber Van Steenberghe

      French fries are not frome france but from belgium

    50. Martha Powell

      I bet the man who ate the whole poutine was Adam 😂 his bites are huge tho 😂

    51. Steve Bhuyan

      Huh. Ain’t French Fried from Belgium?

    52. Shiota

      Mcdonalds fries: amateurs

    53. Taavi-Toomas Leemets

      pomme- Pear Pomme de terre- potato aka earth pear oui

    54. Scope

      I can get fries worth around 20 cents better than these

    55. Bigpp Jason

      they went to french unarmed america

    56. best gameplay

      fries arent from france tho


      Are they gay?

    58. depressiøn is deadly

      not putting cheese curds on poutine is a insult to Canadian culture.(i am Canadian tho so i would know.)

    59. Coreycorgmail

      It’s only a $100 dollars cause of the mount of proportion it is not the quality.

    60. allen smith

      And I'm sitting here like who tf pays 3 dollara for fries

    61. Crystal

      I bet Matt Stonie could finish those fries!!! In fact, I think I’ve seen him eat more 😂

    62. Kai Jar


    63. Daniel Junior

      Matt stonie should eat the last dish

    64. Jaden Le

      The Buzzfeed Unsolved part was funny.

    65. Karim Abushaikha


    66. Bobo baggins

      I want to go to Montreal for 2 things. poutine and death metal

    67. Yourmomcc

      The heart attack is the type of food that I want at 2:00 am

    68. Pyrsonn Maulion

      I bet that guy was Matt Stonie who finish that 100 dollar fries.

    69. Parth Vyas

      9:37 Wtf, is that a fly?

    70. Brent Goossens

      french fries are from belgium and not france