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    Hello! I have missed you all very much! I am so sorry it took me so long to come back but i am back now! I know this vido isn't so special and I was actually very worried about the first video after such a long break! But being worried does not help and after i tried to record so many times this video came easy to me and so i thought it will fit! I hope you can enjoy it a bit and i really wanna say i missed you very much! i don't want to be ever gone again! Thank you for being with me, for the support, for being still subscribed to my channel! You are the best!
    Also I am at a new place now and I hope i can actually record more in here. So I'd be happy to read what videos you'd like to see best! I do plan to make many roleplays and trigger videos but maybe if there are any certain topics you love you could share with me! I feel like my english is starting to get somwhere. At least it seems i can speak a bit better now in videos. i mean in streams I find i kinda easier to speak than in videos and I would struggle a lot trying to sound natural inmy videos. I am still not completelly there but i felt like in this video I sound more natural than I used to in the past. And i feel like this will allow me to maybe also go into moe specific role plays too. maybe a real doctor,physician, massagist and this kind of things. i used to do everything a bit like... yur friend helping you t get better bun not a professonal because i felt like I'd look just bad as a professional. but maybe now i can start to experiment in that direction too. it would sure make me happy at least to try videos like that!
    And then I wanted to say that I plan to stream more too now! I know not everyone likes the streams but there are going o be both, streams and idos so I hope you will enjoy it!

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    1. Pelagea ASMR

      Missed you! Love you! I'm back! I don't ever want to be gone again form you!!! I couldn't decide for long what kinda of a vido to make for the first after the break and I was so very very worried! Then I decided to go easy over it and do something plain but a topic that I know is one of the most beloved on my channel! I just want to mke things that you enjoy most! Also there's a longer, more personal version of it on my patreon if you'd like to check it out! Also I have a little announcment to make! I am on Spotify now! You can listen to my audiotracks on there. There are other cuts than on youtube too which might be very interesting to you! So check it out if you have spotify already! Here's a link!: And also please please please follow me on INSTAGRAM! I don't plan to be gone again but on there I do keep up the contact way better than here on youtube so check it out!: And at last! There's a german channel of mine where I also will be uploading rather regulary! So if you like german ASMR - here:

      1. Baron of Rhodes

        4 months at boot camp. I missed these videos.

      2. Raj D

        Love you tooooooo

      3. Georgie 2019

        Missed ya too

      4. Diablo

        finally i found you on a dating app as you know i send you a request and like your profile (please stay with me )

      5. ITSAZALEA azalea

        From* but your practicing

    2. Tousif Ibtasham

      I can't get enough of 13:34-14:02 😍

    3. Руслан Свист

      Я не сплю после хух точно не усну

    4. stealthy guy

      No man could ever let this woman out if his sight..straight heartbreaker right there...

    5. Tarun Siloy

      Thank you everyone, because today I find that not a single vulgar comment is here, yes our Asmr community Killin depression out of our lifes and Congratulations to all people you all because now you all are mature, hugh love respect and thank you to each and everyone.thank you and see Pelagea is so happy. Because of you all you all deserve hugh round applause 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏, so relax and don't be negetive,

    6. Jayson Eclar

      Yes i realy mis U 😊👍🏻

    7. rollie4

      ti takaya milaya)

    8. Said Boudrari

      OMG she is an angel

    9. William Hamilton

      14:03 She eats that thing in one bite and I'm legit asking my wife for a divorce.

    10. MAJOD SAMA

      I don't know why but this turned me on

    11. cph054

      Am I seriously supposed to be able to relax watching this video, lol?! A cold shower would be more like it. My God.

    12. sarthak khanna

      8:13 I have seen that look somewhere I love it 😏😉😝

    13. MI Five

      love the red top and eyeliner

    14. Monna ASMR

      So relaxing ❤️

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    16. xNo0nex

      Why does she look so different... I cant put my finger on it but...... idk

    17. Gonzalo Ribarola

      Q hermosa q sos t metería todo el pito en la boca y si querés podrías Aser asmr

    18. ahmada alsyad

      i love you😍😍😍


      Yuk worst

    20. Sandy Nivelo

      Maybe it’s been so long.. because of a mini pelagea baby...

    21. Drewdermont

      I hope my girlfriend doesn't get jealous that I enjoy these videos of yours. My wife certainly would be.

      1. stealthy guy

        Playa 😎

      2. Maxwell Kaizer

        Drewdermon, you’re in a tough situation there bud.

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    24. 碧棺左馬刻

      日本語字幕最初「おい!!」って。 笑うわ。

    25. Jerry

      Legit watched this over 100 times....pelages come back 😥

    26. Deadpool

      Pelagea ASMR Girl when I see you all the sadness inside me fades away love greater than mine for you in the world does not exist Tell me what I have to do to conquer you If you tell me to walk to the moon I go a thousand times for you for To see you smile I can color the sky another color If need be I learn to fly No matter how much I write, how much I speak. Nothing describes the love I feel for you. Thank you for existing ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

      1. John Harte


    27. Madara Uchiha

      Welcome back

    28. yoeis

      you’re not cute

    29. Cullen William

      Can you do a full video on only drinking/swallowing sounds? Thanks!

    30. Farman Ali

      Sweet kiss 😘

    31. Мария Кадыкова

      Было бы не плохо, просто видео шёпотом, разговор о жизни

    32. Squizzy

      How about are asmr bikini haul? 💙👙 I know your got a bangin body, its not hard to tell. 😍

    33. Deadpool

      Pelagea ASMR Girl I love You What I'd Give To Kiss Your Lips to hold you You do not get out of my head Every night in my dreams I see you I wrote a thousand verses to say that I love you, but why so much and still seems little? Even far away from me my love for you has no end Close, far, wherever you are You will always be in my thoughts and in my heart You're more beautiful than all the stars in the sky If They Say I'm Crazy I'll Tell You I'm Crazy For You ❤❤❤

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    35. Redhood Rizman

      Jumping jacks tutorial?

    36. aino noroaho

      Wait those lollipops ......WHERE ARE YOU FROM

    37. Anton Kirkesko

      I cant hear what she is saying because of my tingles

    38. ZAR 0

      Oh exotic miss pleagea what ethnicity r u I must ask I enjoy ur accent and ur vid helps me sleep

    39. MR RaKiBuL IsLaM

      🇧🇩🇧🇩 I love your video....

    40. ANIL BHAVSAR 9421392453

      Love you u r Great

    41. doll Alice

      は?セクシー過ぎて勃つわ 好きです (女だけど) てか男の人たちはこれみて寝よってなんの?w

    42. faery chains

      Miss when you used to look like Britney Spears 🥺🥺🥺

    43. Sweet_comments LOL

      I heard this right before i went to school....and i fell asleep in class 😂

    44. Dane Matsuki

      Shes a 10/10

    45. Ссаный Кот

      Тебе не стыдно все время на английском делать? Ты же советский человек ! Этому тебя учили родители ?

      1. Domenic Vazquez

        Во-первых она ещё не настроилась делать всё время даже на английском. Как только настроится, можно будет попросить и о русском видео. Во-вторых почему ей должно быть стыдно избегать грубость и неуважительное отношение со стороны кого бы то ни было? В данном случае от большинства русских. И при чём здесь советский человек и родительское воспитание? Думаешь родители наставляли её в своё время делать контент для быдла и терпеть унижения в свой адрес? Что-то я сомневаюсь. Так что нечего её стыдить и упрекать, на всё есть свои причины.

    46. Andrew Marcum Music

      I unsubscribed because of a midroll

    47. Вот Он Этот Парень

      Pelagea ASMR , с удовольствием Вас смотрю. Спасибо за приятные ощущения. А почему бы к звуковой дорожке не добавить эффектов ? Например эхо, реверберация, да много чего интересного можно сделать со звуком. Это же бездонное море возможностей именно для вашего творчества, и было бы шикарно. Почему не пользуетесь ? ))...2-ка вашему звукорежиссёру ))

      1. Вот Он Этот Парень

        @Domenic Vazquez ну на счёт двойки лишка пошутил ))

      2. Вот Он Этот Парень

        @Domenic Vazquez , согласен, звук качественный и режиссура на высоте. Смотреть вобще приятно во всех отношениях. Просто предположил что игра со звуком в рамках данного контента будет очень уместна. А понравится ли....ну это же очевидно, у всех вкусы разные.

      3. Domenic Vazquez

        На сколько я знаю она сама себе звукорежиссёр и оператор и редактор, так что все оценки идут ей же! Ну это точно не 2-ка😁 Я думаю она всё же пользуется звуковыми эффектами иногда, просто может быть не так обширно, т.к. звук итак качественный, а лишние эксперименты требуют больше времени, да ещё и не всем могут понравится.

    48. Savannah Wilson

      The queen is back

    49. Фируза Сальбекова

      Лайк, если говоришь по русски❤

    50. Ujjawal X

      Please I don't want to believe that somebody so beautiful like you could ever exist. Correction I do want to believe :) and I am not objectifying you as I consider you a human being just like me. Thank you for your awesome videos.

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    52. Jason Lloyd

      Love you miss Pelagea. You're very cute and kind, sensitive. Love your videos. So relaxing. 💖💖💫

    53. InstrumentalBoss Musica

      I Know what is different about her face, I think is her eyelids, her eyes looks smaller because of makeup but she is beautiful any way

    54. TrollPetHD Gaming

      Is this erotic?

    55. TrollPetHD Gaming

      R u german?

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      you're my cutie luv youuuu

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      I don't really like your make-up lately. U did better in the past,beyond this you are Gold! God bless u!❤

    61. ᘜᗩᑢᕼᗩ_Nikkiᘿ


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      Da kann ich nicht nur besser einschlafen sondern kann mir auch vorn einschlafen ohne das ich extra wieder ins Internet gehen muss einen Wichsen😂

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      Asmr 너무 잘 듣고 있습니다😀 당신의 영상은 최고입니다😍 토킹영상 좋습니다👍😚


      don't know who you are or what the hell are you doing...randomly came across this video, but just one question,,, apni ki buka-suda, apnar mathay ki sit ache naki double sit...

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      Pelagea is the Nigella Lawson of ASMR

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