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Pelagea ASMR

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    Hello! I have missed you all very much! I am so sorry it took me so long to come back but i am back now! I know this vido isn't so special and I was actually very worried about the first video after such a long break! But being worried does not help and after i tried to record so many times this video came easy to me and so i thought it will fit! I hope you can enjoy it a bit and i really wanna say i missed you very much! i don't want to be ever gone again! Thank you for being with me, for the support, for being still subscribed to my channel! You are the best!
    Also I am at a new place now and I hope i can actually record more in here. So I'd be happy to read what videos you'd like to see best! I do plan to make many roleplays and trigger videos but maybe if there are any certain topics you love you could share with me! I feel like my english is starting to get somwhere. At least it seems i can speak a bit better now in videos. i mean in streams I find i kinda easier to speak than in videos and I would struggle a lot trying to sound natural inmy videos. I am still not completelly there but i felt like in this video I sound more natural than I used to in the past. And i feel like this will allow me to maybe also go into moe specific role plays too. maybe a real doctor,physician, massagist and this kind of things. i used to do everything a bit like... yur friend helping you t get better bun not a professonal because i felt like I'd look just bad as a professional. but maybe now i can start to experiment in that direction too. it would sure make me happy at least to try videos like that!
    And then I wanted to say that I plan to stream more too now! I know not everyone likes the streams but there are going o be both, streams and idos so I hope you will enjoy it!

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    1. Pelagea ASMR

      Missed you! Love you! I'm back! I don't ever want to be gone again form you!!! I couldn't decide for long what kinda of a vido to make for the first after the break and I was so very very worried! Then I decided to go easy over it and do something plain but a topic that I know is one of the most beloved on my channel! I just want to mke things that you enjoy most! Also there's a longer, more personal version of it on my patreon if you'd like to check it out! Also I have a little announcment to make! I am on Spotify now! You can listen to my audiotracks on there. There are other cuts than on youtube too which might be very interesting to you! So check it out if you have spotify already! Here's a link!: And also please please please follow me on INSTAGRAM! I don't plan to be gone again but on there I do keep up the contact way better than here on youtube so check it out!: And at last! There's a german channel of mine where I also will be uploading rather regulary! So if you like german ASMR - here:

      1. Joe

        Come to America and I will make an honest woman of you. 😍

      2. Snake Pliskin

        Pelagea ASMR I love you more

      3. Alizon Garita

        Állison 👍

      4. Baron of Rhodes

        4 months at boot camp. I missed these videos.

    2. SneaKy

      I love ur videos i want n u de s

    3. The {Titán}

      Nice girl

    4. DJ Johann Von Lankstadt

      Are you a robot?

    5. DJ Johann Von Lankstadt

      You are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen!

    6. DJ Johann Von Lankstadt

      Bloody hell i'm off to play with the one eyed milkman!

    7. Mohammad Al ali

      انتي جميلة جدأ 😍😍

    8. Gabriel

      poi dicono che le italiane sono più belle ma per favore 😂😂😂😂

    9. Christopher Tunstall

      When you forget she's wearin a top, she sits back and your disappointment is unmeasurable

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    11. Leberkäse des Todes

      Die jute Caprisonne vom Lidl hat dat Video qualitativ stabil gepushed.

    12. Your Cristh .

      Come docinho come 💓😘

    13. warm vlogs

      7:31 ъеъ🤤

    14. Ranell Beavis

      Please take me with You from this place.

    15. Ranell Beavis

      I can not believe how beautiful You are in reality, it blows my mind!

    16. Jeff Racefan

      Can’t hear a word! Freaking crazy wish I had your buzz!

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      Great girl ♥️♥️

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      ola princesita...te estoy viendo...besos..jose veliz, argentina.hs 14,25mts..😍😍🤗😍😍

    19. Isabella Brown

      pelagea i love you!! but i really dont like the baby voice you appear to be using in this and other videos. or maybe!! your accent has just changed and ur not doing it on purpose. i appreciate everything you do and don’t want to bring you down, but it would be so amazing if you could do a video with your natural/older accent.

    20. Charles Henrique

      delicia voce

    21. Charles Henrique

      linda amor

    22. Geovane Martins

      Se tiver algum Brasileiro da up 😌 !

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      bruh i swear that top was gon fall of any moment Or is that part on ur patreon (jokes)

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      Hey honey, what did you do at work today? I sucked off a microphone, some nail polish and double-teamed some lollipops. What did you do?

    26. Johny Kavook

      That smile...

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    28. 「 Trøpicana 」

      2:21 Ur welcome ;)

    29. ᄒᄒ

      l think you better look like not doing under mascara

    30. Eddie83

      Just pull down that top

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      Sexy af!!!!!

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      لعنتیه ساندیس خور

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    37. pepe galeano

      que traviesa...princesita. bella.. me gusta. mirarte..en este. momento..jose veliz..🤗😍😍😍😍

    38. pepe galeano

      ola. princesita. mia.un beso. para. vos...diane pelagea...jose veliz.😍😍😍😍😍😍

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      So hot

    40. ahmega

      I came here for the ASMR. I promise.

    41. Zoe Garcia

      Who else heard the weird sound in 2:49

    42. Brothers Hit

      Почему я не слышу русского акцента?

    43. Jon Hart

      Perfect 👌 ultimate tease killing me...softly..

    44. luigi cubello

      E pk ti sei abbassata le spalline per fare il video? Ma per i suoni non c'è niente da dire

    45. luigi cubello

      Ma ti sei messa il sapone sulle labbra.....?!

    46. Daniel Asher

      This did not help me sleep just got me excited....nevertheless it ended well then i slept well after that thanks so much

    47. truls andersen

      Instructions vague, splooged 26 times,, seem to vaguely recall that that was not the intention of video. Forgot why I clicked video, now what?

    48. KERNAL PANIC Robinzio

      @2:43 you look like an angel 👼

      1. KERNAL PANIC Robinzio

        @3:09 i lost my mind. Im in love its official ❤️

    49. Елизавета Шкабара

      Когда будут видео на русском языке?😋🤗

    50. Momo Yaoyorozu

      I have never commented on this video because I can’t stay awake

    51. Kyroz

      O my god my feelings are so strange

    52. Jonathan

      this is the Pelagea video I've always wanted to be created😍

    53. Josepe1990

      These was my favourite lolipops too when i was a kid 🤩


      U are the trigger

    55. Kaktuzz999

      опять обманываешь

    56. the crap


    57. KJ Dong JIA

      Love your ASMR videos, I have been watching ASMR for years and you are my favourite!!! Please keep it up!!! Your excellent work means a lot for people who watch your videos all the time. It becomes part of our lives. Thank you so much!!!!

    58. SKYL1N3

      I see that many ASMRtists uses the same earphones. I've bought one for myself and tested it. I am really impressed with the sound quality this earphones gives.

    59. Kiyaan Ng

      I m falling asleep cuz it’s boring

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    61. 〖 نْـڪـٺـآمْ 〗


    62. Bruce Alexander

      Such an amazing video! Clearly you are very passionate about making these videos & who am I to argue ;). I was mesmerized & worked hard not to blink even a single moment so that I would receive all of the tingles you were sending out. I expect you will go far with your channel & other goals. All the best!

    63. Cosmos Beyond Reality

      Kindly hold it or i will

    64. Cosmos Beyond Reality

      Madam your bra is falling 😏

      1. Cosmos Beyond Reality

        Kindly hold it or i will

    65. Cadea Stefanic

      Omg I haven’t had tingles in a year THANK U SO MUCH

    66. ya ta

      すきです☺💕 登録しました😊👍

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      Love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    68. Farid Peters

      echt coole videos, du solltest auch mal ein video machen, wo du kaugummiblasen machst

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      2:50 and 3:40 😍