“His Little Bet...” •Gacha Life Mini Movie•

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* a s t r i a *

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    aCk-- it’s finally out, this took me a little longer then expected but it’s finally out, please don’t ask for “part 2” I don’t mean it in a rude way, it just really stresses me out 😅🥺 This was inspired by a movie called “Hello, Love, Goodbye” it’s a really good movie, please watch it!!! 🥺💘

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    1. * a s t r i a *

      Ok, I’m going to clear something up since some of you are confused 😅 The reason why Clover calls Nathan “Andrews” it’s because it’s his second name the reason I did that is because I thought it was cute? I guess not XD 😅

      1. This is you oficial ww3 draft Don’t die

        * a s t r i a * dude I’m just waiting for one of these days when a Gacha guy asks the girl out and she’s like I’m a lesbian

      2. Chelacorn-playz B

        Hi um abbey? It’s me ur roblox friend chelacorn123 idk if I told u what my commenting name was

      3. nadine yazbek


      4. Miley Mae

        screw your stress. make a part two at your own damn pace.

    2. Cecilia Villegas

      Can you do part 2 so we can see when they found eachother?

    3. xxNeka cx owo

      Ahem... Can I have a part 2 please?

    4. - J . A . N . E -

      and imma ask for a part 2 as many times as nathan begged clover to be his friend :(=

    5. - J . A . N . E -

      when a wicks add pops up wicks: yeah i know what your thinking another wicks add but before you sk- me: thats exactly it.. and also -skips add-

      1. - J . A . N . E -

        oml type - skips add -

      2. - J . A . N . E -

        anybody notice how the -skips add- part is crossed out

    6. Izzy’s World


    7. - J . A . N . E -

      the amount of likes this comment gets is the amount of people who cried when clover left (likes cuz i cried)

    8. Shri Iyer

      Waaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiit a minute-why that ending??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. ItzCrazYDeMoN


    10. john Yoo

      So sad though...🥺

    11. ItsCrystal_CrissSweet

      Sakura:SO HE DITCHED ME FOR HER!WHAT DOES SHE HANE THAT I DON'T! Me: I mean..... She's not a brat UwU

    12. aM pInK -3-

      I NEED PART 2 NOW!!!! :oP

    13. Ceci Bui

      4:17 a human

    14. Serena Ahlowalia

      Are u going to make a part twi

    15. jennifer b

      I have two words and ima make it clear... PART TWO!!!

    16. Cynthia Chan

      You're my best youtuber...🙈❤ And i love the end..!🍃 It was different 🌚💕 Amazing like usual...UwU Have great time..Bye ☺♥

    17. Kevin Eaton

      This almost made me crybu couldnt because of my sisters screaming happily ;D

    18. *Stogle Girls*

      Is it me or does Grayson look like the puppet in Gacha form? Edit: MY SHIPPP! :(

    19. Gabriela Jara-Diez

      Meh gramma is named sylvia to XD

    20. Gacha Berry

      17:10 those gloves came out of nowhere 😂

    21. Life of a Weirdo

      I has the same eye color as Clover! :3

    22. Belma Mehic

      19:55 the flat earthers

    23. Fawlyn Ramsey

      Sakura from naruto

    24. Michele Ortiz

      NO i need a part two he needs to go find her again plssss

    25. lovely willa


    26. lovely willa

      this is actually really funny niceeeee

    27. lovely willa


    28. Wisam Saker

      that intro is beautiful :3 im in the computer...

    29. Hershey Lily

      NO NOT THE END!!!!!!!!!

    30. Hanna Mahmoud

      PART TWO NOW >:3

    31. R3al R3al

      WHAT DO YOU MEAN (THE END) HA???!!!!!

    32. Dila Saliver

      Wth is endd!!!! We need part 2

    33. Kaley Teodoro

      oh no my ex/mean friend's name is nathan o: D;

    34. Kaley Teodoro

      i am binge watching all if your videos and they all have cliffhangers! D:

    35. emily bagarauskait

      I need a stupid little chicky bicky bacon part 2

    36. Cameron Alexander

      aye a part two hurry it was interesting

    37. Laura Lewallen

      Sakura:what does shy have that I don't Me:Eveything

    38. Silly Willy

      tooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddd!!!!!!!!

    39. some shit

      Me:Watching it all and crying.. End:Clover is leaving Also me:WAIT ..search on youtube part 2 Me:NOOOOO😂

    40. Minecraftfan

      Nathan: Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please Also Nathan: *walks into the house* Please Clover: WTH Me: *falls off teh chair and laughs* Parents: Aiste! Why are you laughing!?! Me: *I shut up*

    41. It’s a Bella thing

      Who watched this vid again but in 2020 ,I did!

    42. Gachatime By Katrine

      2nd part pls

    43. charlay_my5lilpups and one dog


    44. ArMakkedon Makedonski

      can u please make a second part i rly want nathen to go and find clover and for them two to fall in love again

    45. Crystal_Rose TV2.0

      ahahhahaha 5:00 so fun😂😂😂

    46. Rachel Crocker

      Nathan: I NEED YOU me: well I need pizza So u get what u get and u don't get upset

    47. Rachel Crocker

      The end🌹 Me: *HeLl NaH*

    48. * l e m o n y *

      PART TWOO.. please?

    49. Gaurika Music World

      I don’t think she should give Nathan second chance :c I feel so bad for her Cuz it’s just the same thing happened to me in school The difference is that That boy don’t love me but I do really loved her and whole school know about that So I just moved schools :c

    50. Xxltz_ GachaAngelxX

      I think your a Filipino?? Because I watch that movie... That was a Filipino movie...

    51. Fashion Girl


    52. Gacha_Anime_Lover 4444

      Will there be a part 2? Cause I need a part 2

    53. Heather Mccaskill

      PLEASE A PART 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    54. Sxabreeze

      5:45 she has a sparkle!

    55. Going Crazy

      I cried bc I was so mad :T

    56. TheCrazyPotato

      Did anyone else laugh when he said "Bye friend..." and then almost fell?

    57. Estherlin Sanchez

      Part 2 pleases

    58. life sucks

      :video the en :me FUCK

    59. Kristínka Mikulska

      Noooooo! They need be a couple

    60. MrprikoloshaAnim8s

      What the fuck

    61. Leah Knapp

      nice but what about the gacha logic lmaooo

    62. I million subs No videos

      We need a part 2 of this! Your hinting with it in the ending so it has to be true!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    63. sxlty pxtato

      Sakura: “What does she have that I don’t?” Sally: “I don’t know” Sakura: “Why is he hanging out with her and not me?!!” Sally: “...I don’t know” Sakura: “I know! I’mma speak to Grayson, Thanks for the idea Sally!” ........ Sally: “I Dunno.” *Me: Sally’s hella savage ;-;-;*

    64. Knarik Ayvazova

      from when on did andrews name become nathan?

    65. xochitl michel matias santiago

      hermoso me encanto ojala tenga una segunda parte💖💕💘💗💝💞💟💓💖💕💗💘💝💞💟

    66. Miley Mae

      People who want her to take her time to make a part two >:3 I v

    67. 「Lyra Lee」


    68. Morgan Alaniz

      I love how she was likeWHAT DOES-SHE HAVE THAT I DONT me Starts naming all the thing that she has and u don’t

    69. A and I YT

      Will there be a part 2...?

    70. Jewel joy Villanueva

      Did they see again????