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    A party guest finds himself out of his depth in a conversation about Africa - that is, until “The Lion King” comes up.

    About Key & Peele:
    Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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    1. Kha Za

      What are your thoughts on the middle east. Aladdin I'm dying🤣🤣

    2. The Entrepreneur's Goal

      Lady: what are your thought about your government? . . Peele: Pinocchio

    3. Denzel Diesel

      I guess they right about amisom troops in Somalia

    4. Bo Velkova

      Little did they know Key would be one of those "3 animated hyenas"

    5. Otaku Senpais

      Once you start a Key and Peel video you just cant stop

    6. Ong's Jukebox Channel

      Stupidly genius! Or is it geniusly stupid? Ah, whatever.

    7. PowerPunch Panda

      The most awkward skit😂 its so good

    8. Miguel Johnson Jr

      Ashley Banks 🔥

    9. Baba Dook

      That woman is so beautiful

    10. Samnit Kumar

      "look at me"...."you have Ebola now"

    11. Xavier Smith

      Ashley got the ultimate glo-up

    12. Old Black Nerd

      God damn Ashley looking good. Shea butter baby, fuckin up my sheets

    13. Leah Rojo Kaige

      Tatiana Ali is still beautiful

    14. Hoàng Sáng Dubai

      I like this video😌

    15. Phoenix North

      Now that's good bullshitin

    16. WorldWide

      Ashley from fresh prince of belair

    17. Nichole

      Damn, Tatiana Ali is STILL FINE.

    18. rawisrey

      The Industrial Revolution to me is just like a story I know called "The Puppy Who Lost His Way". The world was changing, and the puppy was getting... bigger.

    19. mark Reyes

      This just made me very uncomfortable

    20. n24glover

      So this is new??

    21. The Dog's Bollox

      She hot!

    22. Clive Nyathi

      Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma ??? Asazi lomfo umazelaphi

    23. elgritton

      what are your thoughts about the school shootings? High School Musicallll,,,

    24. Captain Windshire

      2:29 till this day I'm not sure if she's serious or just being sarcastic

    25. Adam

      Stop stop... please stop, this is too much cringe

    26. Benaiah Mhlanga

      Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma. 0:44

    27. KAMLU


    28. Frank Z

      "What are your thoughts on international trade?" PACMAN :v

    29. Frank Z

      Thank you, Disney, for sponsoring Comedy Central.

    30. Faf-kun Dono

      2:47 she cant hold her laugh anymore haha

    31. CS2XX

      smh people are dumb. “Tatyana Ali look so young & good for 40” google her without make up. She look 40 & kinda old

    32. D C

      02:32 "I'm talking to two idiots."

    33. Einveru

      *animated situation*

    34. basil al sadi

      Goodness, she's aged like fine wine .. 40 my ass

    35. mikedaflexta

      What are your thoughts on the child kidnapping problems in England? Peele: Peter Pan

    36. Asres Benayalew

      The illusion of her dress makes her hips look wider.

    37. Afifah Shameemah

      Tatyana Ali is beautiful

    38. Brian Rounding

      1:11 His eyes telling a story in a story.. when one recognizes he lost his game...Briliiant plot twist

    39. Sonia Flores

      Wait wait wait. Are there more Kay and Peele shows

    40. Malabu Souldjah

      Is that Ashley Banks????

    41. T. V. A.

      The face Key made at 1:10 says so much about how he catches Jordan’s bluff lol. They’re so good!!

    42. Joao Santos

      lol Indeed.. de-news.net/online/video-BKSXZ-1TShQ.html.

    43. MrColz

      Pete needs an F in the chat for that unintentional rejection.

    44. Gabriel

      She is fine 😍

    45. June Glow

      Me when I run into intellectuals:

    46. Kambinda Hantoka


    47. Barn Crow


    48. Beefangus

      Why did I get a Lion King ad?

    49. T.j. Wright

      Dull funny video....

    50. kealeboga sibiya

      Wow brilliant

    51. Nestor Gonzalez

      Lmao bruh

    52. HGG GANG

      Ashley banks

    53. Huzaifa Naqvi

      i love how they switched hair styles for this skit and nobody noticed lol

      1. Yeo Certified Badass

        Huzaifa Naqvi I’m pretty sure everyone noticed.

      2. EBHS00

        Who doesn’t notice

      3. Jolly Productions

        DUDE SAME, I was like “oh hey look at Jordan being Keygan.”

    54. brad portillo

      Aladdin 😂😂

    55. Alex PL

      Wow did Key and Peele swich haircuts/grooming for this sketch?

    56. name dont9

      She is very beautiful

    57. Shibby120

      Let's dial it back. I'm just a man. No need to announce it LOL


      I’m not a key and peele guy, but this video actually kept me laughing

    59. A B

      "Ashley" is still so pretty

    60. Vladimir Vladimir

      You know when you DE-news all night and you realize its dawn

    61. Wet Work

      Aladdin..... Lmao

    62. Eugene Figgures

      DE-news come on fam with all the commercials its ridiculous

    63. R D


    64. delayed mentality

      Girl:What do you think about the crisis in the jungles of Africa? Peele:....Tarzan

      1. Angus Ng

        What do you think of Toy coming to life? Toy Story

    65. Gwrightproductions1

      Ashley... Been on you since Fresh Prince. Now's my time *gets on one knee* lol

    66. Jessie B

      This clip got ALL of it's "likes" from loyal fans of the duo. Totally phoned it in.

    67. Hasan M

      What are your thoughts on Brexit? What are your thoughts on Japan? What are your thoughts on Australia?

    68. Hasan M

      What are your thoughts on France? Ratatouille 🐀

    69. Hasan M

      What are your thoughts on Russian election meddling? Jason Bourne

    70. Hasan M

      What are your thoughts on India? Mawglee