►Fiona Goode | She laughs like God.



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    "Fire purges and purifies, scatters our enemies to the wind. What blows away need not be explained."
    ►Fiona is the queen and she is the supreme of my heart. She is sexy, witty, clever. She is everything a powerful woman should be. My goal in life is to be as sexy as Jessica Lange when I am 64 years old, seriously.
    ►Ok so with this new bs Google+ thing, I can no longer comment on this account and I can no longer send discussions. I will try to respond by using my other one, daphneK907 and hopefully, that will be the end of my problems. However, if youtube continues to ruin itself, I will probably switch to Vimeo or something. This new system is truly pissing me off so much. Why would anyone try to force you into doing something, just promote it right ffs!

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    1. Barron Maxxx

      Jessica Lange is to acting and character development with such a range as poor scrappy woman YET always an air of mystery and darkness almost but not entirely bad or dark...like in life in all of us. I am not proud of my judgement in some areas of my life...I also question being put in situations or sucked, guilted, forced, tricked etc...parts of life where your moral compass was put on such thin ice...ESPECIALLY ALONE, OR IN CHARGE ETC...same with Stevie Nicks as a rockstar...the same persona of dark elegance is a tool I use to draw you in...push you away...make you cry your eyes out...but ALWAYS PERSEVERING...like taunting everyone...come get me if you can...or can keep up or find me....but damn, I'm still here....I'm in charge everywhere....so shut up or I'll spit in a glass for you....I'd rather not break a sweat..and Stevie Nicks....all alone somewhere...on the edge of 17!!!! oooooaaaa

    2. Hell FOX

      Hi 2019

    3. Josh Lee

      Omg Lana is my favourite artist and Fiona is my favourite character from aha 💀

    4. Hl K.

      Love the best antagonist

    5. Reckless 4Ever

      I'm slayed OFFICIALLY

    6. giuliana pepenelli

      im in love with this

    7. Regina George

      I always channel my inner Fiona whenever I don't get my way ;) works every time!

    8. Adrianna Krupińska

      I'm in love with this one.

    9. Chikelue Onianwah

      Lovely, these tributes for Fiona should only have the songs of my favorite artist, Lana Del Rey!!

      1. Grimes Wild


    10. Stardust

      I love this video so much, I think I'm obsessed..... I mean Fiona was my favorite and this song is one of my favorites so... 😂😊

    11. Goddess Hylia

      Carmen 🖕💕

    12. Mrspiderwalk

      Who sings this version?

      1. Mrspiderwalk

        +Angela Carlsson this was the first time I heard this song or Lana, so it took a while to figure out it was just toned lol.

      2. Maria C

        Lol Lana

    13. An Gon


    14. Kit Kat

      this is so perfect!

    15. Eliane Assis

      This is so PERFECT, this song fits exactly with Fiona !

    16. Mia

      jessica lange and lana del rey omfg perfect

    17. valepaffi

      Che gran figa!

    18. MarvelGirl100

      Great Choice for the Song for Ms. Fiona Goode. You HIT it on the Nali. This song is underrated and never played for fear of the truth. You have brought the true essence of the character to light that we love to hate but admire. Thank you.

    19. Aoba Serageki

      Ahhhh... this was perfect for the character of Fiona. Ive loved the way Jessica has portrayed each of her characters in all three seasons. Cant wait for Freakshow. Also, loved the editing in this vid.

    20. vampirehuntress1018

      Wow, every time I watch this it is awesome but this is just the perfect song for Fiona! Great job!

    21. mark rak

      This video is fab but it should be longer XO

    22. allstarz123456

      Bro, Carmen fits perfectly!!!

    23. Victoria Soulcatcher

      #love it! ♥

    24. Mark Griffin

      Please do a misty day video for me!

    25. Arneold A

      In every season she starts being super glamorous and beautiful, but she always ends dying and horrible! I love her acting btw

      1. Arneold A

        I thought this was her last season, well, thats amazing!!! :D

      2. DaphnnyK

        Unfortunately, season 4 will be her last one but I do love her acting very much!

    26. Xo_RaraAve

      To think I was gonna use this EXACT song to vid Fiona to. But I can't top this

      1. Xo_RaraAve

        No problem,but I don't wanna look like I copied :(

      2. DaphnnyK

        Aw don't say that! Thank you <3

    27. LMarie Griffin


    28. Vincent Moulden

      It's almost like Lana wrote this song for this character. Beautiful

      1. DaphnnyK

        Hahah i knoow! Thank you :)

    29. Teddybearcuddles10

      Love Fiona. What a powerful and brilliant character. Amazing video

    30. Danielle Carrozza

      Sweet perfection. This is beautiful

    31. Claudia Silva

      jess and madonna

    32. Jeremiah Duncan


      1. DaphnnyK


    33. Aaron Dye

      This was absolutely perfect.

    34. Brittany Gamble

      This is absolutely amazing! I can't even express how much I love it! You did amazing!

      1. DaphnnyK


    35. Petrus van der westhuizen

      Horror Story turned me into a Jessica Lange fan. true story. Love what you did here.

    36. Jason Anaminus

      If you see Jessica Lange or Kathy Bates in it. Go ahead! Seeing them acting amazingly good even of their ages is just amazing.

    37. Danny Lou

      You should totally make a Coven video with the whole cast set to This is What Makes Us Girls!

    38. Johan Sharffe


    39. Steffy

      Screw everyone else at the coven. Go Fiona !

    40. shinigamiarereal

      I hope nothing happens to Fiona, the rest of the coven can go burn.

      1. Kyla Christie

        omg same!!! i saw her get cancer and I literally started crying because she is my favourite!

    41. Jamie b

      She looks like Madonna.

      1. Jana Lilić

        No, she looks better, cuz she's 100% natural and botox free, unlike Madonna now, and I say this EVEN THO I'M A BIG MADONNA FAN

      2. wastin time

        Jamie b No

      3. Anna Ahmatova

        Jessica is better

    42. Zurik 23M

      Wow, this is fantastic vid! As always ))

    43. Leyla Mamedova

      Wow! Thank you for this video-clip! She is a Goddess!

    44. vegetarian_erin

      This is my absolute favorite AHS fanvid EVER!! The song is perfect, the timing is perfect, the scenes are perfect! AMAZING JOB!!

      1. DaphnnyK


    45. vesita

      AMAZING!! :D

    46. crookskank

      I adore this! well done. It's about time Jessica Lange got some credit!

      1. Defne Kansu

        I know, she is perfect! Thanks :)

    47. CheekyLittleCupcakes

      Love it!!

    48. Corii96

      Great Job!

    49. Deva7

      You've perfectly captured the suffering spirit of Fiona, what hides behind her proud arrogant smile... Great song choice, great video editing, you're very talented. I loved it :)

      1. DaphnnyK

        Thank you so much!

    50. salimali85

      love your video, the song fits perfectly to Fiona!

    51. INCBlackbird

      this is great hon!! love it so much :) :)

      1. Defne Kansu

        Thanks Merel <3

    52. PalmurcioWorld

      I love the way you catch that side of Fiona, an old queen in a road of selfdestruction. The lyrics are perfect with the images, good video

      1. Defne Kansu

        She is exactly like that!! Thank you so much :)

    53. kimmetje1976

      Oh wow!! So happy to see a vid about Fiona, she is so awesome, an amazing character, i love your vid, great scene selection, editing and the song..i simply adore! Brilliantly done sweetie:))

      1. DaphnnyK