10 Huge Gimme Fights in MMA/UFC History

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    Am Vor Monat


    1. sevensixtwo nato

      a bunch of still photos, boo,

    2. Phil Chadwick

      What about the Big Show and that lil boxer?

    3. randy hoffman

      Tito is a cunt bitch!!

    4. Atticus Shadowmore

      How about that time the Jushin Thunder Liger stepped in to fight Suzuki.... I mean he lost... hard. But that just goes to show how much of a real life baby face Liger is for stepping into the same ring as murder eyes in a real fight last minute.

    5. Pelago _

      That Alberto del Rio swerve wtf

    6. gxtmfa

      Expecting to see some CM Punk

    7. Randy

      Pretty much every fighter in Silva's prime was a "gimme fight"...

    8. Blake's toys

      Cotour vs tony!!! All Rhondas fights, jones vs the death guy

    9. lizards boy 81westcoast shawn Britton

      I've knocked out more ppl than cm punk he can't even throw a punch u watch his last fight he was throwing aimless punches wasting his energy like a mark and that's what he was i could understand if he put up a fight but I've seen amateurs give more and be more advanced

    10. Darrel Spanish


    11. Lord baby Megatron

      Didnt know bj got folded outside a bar

    12. Christian Roach

      Rashad Evans vs Sean Salmon is my number 1. Sadly I was at two of the gimme fights that BJ starred in, the Ryan Hall bout and Yair Rodriguez. I thought that they were actually trying to get someone that BJ had a chance against in Hall because he was getting his ass whipped on the feet over and over. I actually thought the Liddell White fight was pretty good when I watched it.

    13. john ng

      2:55 "no intention to protect a certain fighter" what are u talking about? Ufc actually started a brand new show just to find someone cm punk could fight rather than have him fight someone already on the roster

    14. Karl Hattam

      Fedor is fucking shit. All his wins are fixed never once been in a real fight. Needs to go back to Japan and fight for the guys who pay his opponents to take a fall. Get if this guy's dick he is just a rapist like his brother

    15. Karl Hattam

      Cyborg Is wandlea Silva brother/sister/heshe

    16. LoudLover05

      Is that a cigarette in rampages mouth?! 5:17

    17. Mike Carney

      Dos Caras/ADR did win a medal at the Pan Am Games for Greco Roman and placed 3rd in the World Juniors earlier in his career. Not on the level of Cro Cop for sure but still more than just a lucha libre/WWE star.

    18. laurie is laurie

      Can someone do me a favour and tell me what the piece of violin music is that they're using at the end of this video and all of their videos? Starts at 13:08

    19. Sean O'Brieon

      After over 25 years of consistent training in the striking arts, and extensive heavy bag work indeed, I have encountered occasions where the exact same type of thing as that which happened to Chuck, at 1:58 or so, has occurred. The Iceman did a fantastic job of covering it, though... He would have been a difficult mf to accurately read in the ring or octagon.... (especially as, just as you worked it out, the "ding" you would hear would most likely be your jaw getting cracked with the Lidell right hand, and time to go: "Nightey-night, bunny rabbits...."), but the way in which one can bust their hand up on the bag, or in a fight, is, in reality, no indication of what was inferred herein, in the vid, as depicted. That can truly happen to pretty much anyone, pretty much any time.......

    20. xThe_noJx

      Can anyone tell me what the name of the outro song is? I already know that it's Darude Sandstorm, but which version?

    21. Austin Stude

      This list could like be all fedor

    22. Austin Stude

      Now they gotta add the izzy and rob fight. Was too easy lol.

    23. *-I I-*

      Tenshin Nasukawa vs Floyd Mayweather should be here, even though it wasn't a MMA fight

    24. greg gorecki

      08:27 tf are u on about? have you heard of cm punk? :/ are u an actual fan of the sport orrrr

    25. MrTrentonjs

      Cris cyborg should just fight dudes

    26. Anderleiyotochuck St-Emelcrocormier

      So no conor vs siver before a supposed title fight before aldo? Smh

    27. Noobie2k7

      I mean with a name like Jake Hager You'd be dissapointed if he didn't turn out to be a badass. You just hear that name and think yeah, that guy's probably 6'5 and shredded as fuck. Plus i think it's good that Bellator isn't just doing the dumb thing like UFC does and just throw these guys in the cage right away just hoping to make a quick buck. Then again Bellator also mamaged to make Bobby Lashley work so they know what they're doing i guess.

    28. Matthew Levinsky

      I ran into Vernon Tiger White at the Meadowood Mall in Reno in around 2005-2007. Nice guy, super random, but I knew he trained at Lion’s Den with Ken Shamrock in Northern Nevada. Ironically I seen him fight live at UFC 43, The same card Randy beat Chuck on.

    29. ThunderHorse 555

      Not too sure about that Liddell vs white fight. Vernon white was a damn good fighter back then. Yeah not the best in the world but damn good

    30. Mc Naro


    31. aurelle champagne

      You tube is for VIDEOS,not stills with an annoying talker.

    32. Austin Wingett

      Poor bj Penn man should've known when to stop

    33. Nino Johnson

      James Irvin was on that stuff Dawn

    34. atrocious _ pr0xy

      Penn didn't get beat up, he gave that guy a free shoot to troll.. cuz after that, he fucked that dude up.

    35. Justin Mcmanus

      Honestly, when page shoved him, he had a perfect knockout punch ready but restrained himself. Props.

    36. Nathaniel Christman

      Damn 2 years already??!!!

    37. Eamon Ahern

      Kiely not keely. I not e. I'm looking forward to that card. February was awesome and now another Bellator Dublin event. I'll be there again, as I was in February. Looking forward to seeing MVP get upset. Sad that Brian Moore had to pull out due to injury. But interesting to see Benson Henderson. A former lightweight UFC champ who has a victory over Nate Diaz. Franz Mlambo is another Irish prospect worth watching out for. Boosted from the under card to the main card. I'm not Gallagher's biggest fan but he's Irish so he'll have my support on the night for the main event.

    38. Kenny Lawlor

      I remember just waiting for Anderson silva to start "going off" and then eventually DESTROY his opponent he was amazing back in his day it was something special watching him live at that time he was/is a true legend

    39. Gunkle Mathis

      BJ Penn called it a couple years. That he'll be an old drunk on the beach telling stories about he used to be a UFC champion

    40. Gunkle Mathis

      Don't forget to add Anderson Silva was on steroids as well.

    41. Rod Lewis

      Still think that Vernon White KO was weird.

    42. Rick Shafer

      4:06 check out cyborgs anavar clit bulge lol

    43. Tyrone Lannister

      I've never seen Gina Caralho fight.

      1. Rick Shafer

        She ain't the greatest female fighter but definitely the hottest by far.

    44. The search for 67

      Cro cop vs Logan Paul. Make it happen. 😂

    45. Shinobi FPV

      I don' t mind how Bellator is handling Jake. I get that he's automatically a draw for them so it makes sense to have him fight to sell PPVs, but no there's no sense in ruining him. I kinda like the guy and I'd like to see him do well in MMA. I had no idea who "Jack Swagger" was until he started fighting for real. It's not his fault that he's already famous.

    46. Random Person

      Gimmi fights? How about Khabib vs Conor.

    47. Andrzej Klein

      I was sure this video is about Khalabeeb russian begginings xD Fighting bums and janitors xD

    48. Nico Hernandez

      Yall did the sandman dirty. We all know he was juiced but that fight showed how real Silva was because James was a savage

    49. Joe King

      What the heck is a Zuluzhinho?

    50. DAStrong

      Shevchenko vs Cachoeira??? Another Mazzagatti masterpiece.

    51. geeksworkshop

      How do you go on with a 20/24 record. That isn't a pro record

    52. Anywhere I Go

      The ol' left leg cemetery lol

    53. You Tube

      The memes and cuts to other videos makes so little sense. Who are some of these people and what is it supposed to mean? I understood cut out to the movie "Badass" but no sense. Maybe this channel is only for certain people in the US.

    54. Aidan Renneker

      Alberto del rio is a scumfuck who threatens internet commentators with mov violence. I hope tito ortiz kills him

    55. Coleman Elliott

      And yes Gabby and the G ma should b 1 or 2

    56. Coleman Elliott

      Cormier v Lewis . Shevchenko v cachoeria??????

    57. DR MAD MAX Morrison

      It's called "Sharking"

    58. Alejandro López Tobón

      "The referee, who apparently hated Zuluzinho and his family..." LOL lost it

    59. MrGarrett

      Prety much every Japanise pro wrestler during Inokism (who Inoki saw as tough guy) in Pride , Nagata vs Fedor for exaple)))

    60. Dameduse823

      So ufc does have squash matches, and people keep trying to tell me its nothing like wwe.

      1. Not Serious

        Dameduse823 everyone has squash matches. Ufc, bellator and boxing

    61. Tom Jones

      Left out the Conor vs khabib fight

    62. Bryan Ganz

      Who was the one who fought a grandma?

    63. Mathew mcg

      Irvin tested posted for methadone? That's a heroin substitute. Lol not to be confused with methadianone "dianabol" MMA is not on point with its facts lol

    64. Darian Willis

      I don’t understand Anderson versus Irvan? Irvan looked really good

    65. Mikenzoow

      That South Park bit had me in shambles lol

    66. slamdeathgrindmachine

      Always laugh at Alberto del Rio cuz he always talks a lot of shit like he's a badass this proves the point he wasn't all that hard 😂😂😂😂 I'm such a fan of mirko cro cop this really made me huge fan of him

    67. Action Donson

      Dumb as shit to say that you couldn't do Dos Caras vs Cro Cop in the US in 2019. Cro Cop was 6-0-2 and Dos Caras was 3-2. That fight would be allowed in any state, in any organization.

    68. Christian Frech

      I miss all of the Askren fights

      1. Alexandertheaverage

        Did you blink ?

    69. Bob Dole

      Why did Jan Finney fight a man?

    70. Mrs. Arthur Morgan

      Punk might’ve done better if gone to AKA.