10 Huge Gimme Fights in MMA/UFC History

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      ok cyborg was a cheater.... the worst kind of athlete....

    2. Bohannan

      I really expected Couture vs James Tony

    3. Bay Bye

      Rhonda was force fed fighters who could not defend her arm bar..once they ran out of them Rhonda's career went down the tubes....and don't forget Connor won 3 belts and defended none...

    4. Jacob Harrington -CoCorKiller

      pretty sure Cris has been taking male hormones lmfao

    5. Dsmith9934

      Idk what to say I just want to be the 1000 comment :)

    6. Brian Kessler

      I had the pleasure of meeting Jake Hager on Chris Jericho's cruise. We talked about his going into MMA , and the first thing he said was "I was so scared" when his very first fight started. I was surprised to hear this, because he looked so dominant in the fight. Hager is a real nice guy and class act in real life. He came off as respectful and humble about everything. I'm also 6'4"', and he was a about an inch taller than me, so his height is legit.

    7. Number09

      How about fedor fighting counltess 30+ year olds with losing records

    8. alphatrion100

      Michael paige is a joke

    9. D K

      Mvps ko by Lima was the best

    10. AJCantFail

      UFC: We tried finding someone terrible enough to put over CM Punk in his MMA debut, but Micky Gall was still way too good. Bellator: *hold my beer, we're off to the bar to find some real chumps for Jake Hager*

    11. nathan hill

      What I wouldn’t give to see Mirko rearrange Albertos face again, piece of shit really needs it!

    12. D-MF-L

      You fucking censored me again!?

    13. Fire_Punch

      Best Gimme Matchup was BJ Penn vs That Shirtless, Overweight Drunk Guy in the street.

    14. D-MF-L

      “The Iceman beat the shit out of Vernon” made me laugh and I’m still laughing!

    15. Jeffrey Klima

      Bj penn is the most overrated person in any sport ever

    16. abdouldmml

      This list could of been all fedor lol his carer is half the best of the best half crazy gimme fights

    17. Adro1337

      did you guys make a video for most unexpected wins in mma/ufc history?

    18. grungeboiseb

      Zoinks the Del rio entry ages poorly.

    19. Lemontarts01

      I still think cm punk should just fight people in his weight class out of the crowd till we finally see him do something

    20. Em Jay

      Next up Michael Venom Page Vs a homeless guy they found unconcious in a dumpster with a needle still in his arm.

    21. preben nielsen

      Please stop callong Cyborg "she"

    22. dbgrfdg

      I felt sorry when i heard about the mexican guy that got fed to Fedor.. until I heard it was Alberto Del Rio.. Hahaha that guy deserved it he's a proper asshole in real life

    23. Jason Michael Gomez

      less of this, more of toehold.....

    24. mustafa hy

      how about gabi garcia fighting a grandma in her 50's

    25. Hazztech

      Bruh your fashion sense..

    26. tgfabthunderbird1

      Two "Honorable" Mentions: both of Yuji Nagata's MMA fights.

    27. Jay P

      Why isnt MVP in the UFC. His opponents in his weight class are legit. It's always money/

      1. SatanicokapiTM

        He's old

    28. Too cool For scool

      Jake higer or swagar is the new broke lasnar

    29. Collin Pople

      "You're gonna fall, you're gonna have a bad time" lmao

    30. Dim

      8:29 oh really? Pretty sure Couture vs Toney and Tito vs the old man with a mohawk happened in the U.S.

    31. FalloutUrMum

      Have any of these fights ended badly and some guy who seemed like a sucker became a champ

    32. Ham Commander


    33. karan risbud

      Micheal who??

    34. Nash Michalka

      U forgot 90% of Ronda Rousey's opponents were soccer moms and every single Gabi Garcia and MVP fight

    35. Refer Panthers

      Poor Bone-saw didn’t know who Spider-Man was

    36. L0ne__Ang3l

      Dude. That south Park reference was well timed😭😂😂

    37. Chad Mower

      Jan Finley looks like a soccer mom named Karen who yells at skaters at a playground

    38. Joshua Kehl

      “Just kidding, pride never die!” 🤣😂🤣

    39. A Atreides

      Number 1 has got to be Connor v Cowboy. What a fucking joke.

    40. Michael R

      This Narratior is funny as shit and keeps me interested. Also like the pace !!!!

    41. Dixon Cider

      #1 Jon Jones vs Jonny Law

    42. Callum4real

      10 most gimme fights gone wrong

    43. J Reed

      You could literally add most Bellator fights to this list

    44. Tucker Latham

      "...while a calm Fedor sat, postured up, and began slowly murdering him." 😆💯

    45. Matthew Zito

      In fairness, a lot of well-known fighters didn't do much better against Fedor than Zuluzinho.

    46. nakedbutler74

      No gaby garcia vs grandma?? ? For shame

    47. Half Breeder

      So... when does Conor vs Cowboy get added to #1 on this list lol

    48. Kent Kirton

      How is GSP and Bisping not in there

    49. Ben Carey

      What about Randy and James Tony🤔

    50. LazyMrShikamaru

      Well Cyborg is a Transgender fighter

    51. Jeff

      Lmao cop killed Del Rio

    52. Ross Geller, PhD

      What does being in his 30’s have to do with anything? Some of the greatest ever (boxing and mma) have reached their peak in mid to late 30’s even. Stick to typing about fights Virgin.

    53. MMAS

      That's Alberto Del Rio and that fight was fake

    54. Donovan Dey

      I've always thought the Liddell one was a fix. Vernon went down awful easy...

    55. Random Name

      This whole vid could be James Gallaher fights

    56. Dr. Cornelius Q. Cadbury

      I don’t agree about Silva Irvin. It’s hard to predict how someone will do in a different weight class. Only in retrospect did it look like a squash match.

    57. Tony Orr

      And this then begs the question, why are they celebrating as if it were a challenge? Something may be awry with character.

    58. Barnaby Jones

      Bro tested positive for Methadone? Fine. But did they not check him for the juice? lol

    59. Marc Irani

      MMA On Point on that Toast of London

    60. Giovani Orr

      🔥🔥🔥🔥 great fight 1:00 🔥💚 👇👇

    61. Tyler Dubay

      Mcgregor cowboy

    62. Ilznidiotic

      List needs Tim Silvia vs. Jeff "Snowman" Monson. Complete joke.

    63. Cam Alexander

      Sorry but no. 1 is Valentina vs Priscila Cacoiera.

    64. Borom_q8

      I want to see more of Jake Hager (Jack Swagger) he looks serious about his MMA career and he has potential

    65. Rinneganss -

      All of these could’ve been MVP.

    66. Joe

      MVP's whole record is padded except maybe 3 fights

    67. Nathan Johnson

      How about you show a small clip of the actual fight? You showed other clips of the fighters with other people. Poor editing.

    68. Noah Clark

      🔥🔥 phenomenal fight 0:44 💙🖤 👇👇🔥

    69. Alexander Murphy

      Can someone explain the term gimme fight

    70. James Odom

      You're gonna fall, you're gonna have a bad time!