10 Movie Deaths Only Explained Outside Of The Films



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    Everything wrapped up in a nice little package... kind of.
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    1. bootycake

      As soon as the video started, I was like, if Angel doesnt get mentioned ima flip a table.

    2. Zack Zorn

      Damn. Not only are you seriously reaching in this video, but you added, removed and took away several letters from several words. Also, why are Mike Donnelly and Marv Merchants shown in the opening clips of the video? You all are really getting sloppy. More Ash, less of... literally everyone else!

    3. adrian

      they forgot the last 2 survivors of Final Destination 2, that died in a special feature of the dvd that show the news in a newspaper

    4. Derek Scanlan

      covenant WAS that bad

    5. John .Whit

      Looks like Xander Cage died at Paddy's Pub

    6. Lord Cthulhu

      I hated Alien Covenant, it was basically the first Alien film all over again... 'They find a signal, let's check it out' -> 'Oh, no the creature got on board the ship' -> 'Let's blow the creature out of the airlock'... can't they think of anything original?

    7. Sterling Archer

      Jules Rules

    8. Brennan Hearn

      Wrong, Alien Covenant is at least half as bad as people say, because of stupidity demonstrated by several characters. And for the same reason, Prometheus is at least ten times worse. Also, Saruman does not belong on this list. The extended cuts are the only right way to watch the LotR trilogy. Xander Cage doesn't count either because retconned back to life. And as another commenter said months ago, Magneto was ARRESTED for killing JFK, but he was trying to SAVE him because JFK was apparently a mutant. ...And who considers HANNIBAL the worst of the Silence prequels and sequels?! Hannibal Rising is OBJECTIVELY the worst! Harris didn't even want to write the book in the first place, but the movie was gonna be made whether there was a book to adapt it from or not!

    9. Jevangood

      In script for the Prometheus Prologue Elizabeth has her neck broken when they arrive to the Engineers planet.

    10. rockinatmidnight

      3 months late I realise but at 5:49 that's paddy's pub from always sunny!

    11. Eric Stanford

      This video has such a jarring ending.

    12. Eric Schuh

      What is the song playing?

    13. Hela Odinsdottir

      How they manage to kill emma frost

    14. Abu Ronaldo

      You should include the final destination 1 hero,i forgot his name, probably you can make it into the 2nd part

    15. endersblade

      You guys did another video exactly like this one, that even used a few of these. Running out of original content, or just being lazy?

    16. saiba men

      I didt know saruman is dead

    17. One Fat Piggy

      Sif and Agent 13 were never seen and never came back. It upsets me

    18. silentkiller64

      Resident Evil movies are the worst. Honestly, I had hoped for the game characters to be in the final chapter but Paul W. S. Anderson only wanted to focus on his wife. The most annoying part is when they brought back Wesker only to be killed because the door crushed his legs.

    19. Dawned Harsh

      Seem to be missing xxx return of xander cage from 2017, filmed after state of union Humm

    20. Spyros mourtzoukos

      They killed leo of screen are they crazy actually they killed leo they are insane

    21. MC

      I still don't know what happened to Chris Redfield, and my god am I more fucking pissed to know what happened to Jill, Leon, and Ada. They really did not do justice to the original characters of the game (except may be Claire, but thats all there is)

    22. Chidi Akara

      lol. You forgot Never Say Never Again.

    23. poderx

      Azazel...Angel... and Bansheee...you forgot Banshee... :(

    24. Malyssa C

      Real reason Elizabeth Shaw died is simple, Mr. Scott was almost fired for repeatedly suggesting to kill off Ripley during the first movie. He finally got his wish and killed his new "Ripley" I guess.

    25. hunter erks

      I watch the extended lotr so I thought soromons death was part of it normally

    26. Anthoney Menzina

      Only on #9, and I have to say... Alien:Covenant was horrible!! And I loved all the alien movies. That one was shit.. I almost walked out theatre. And I never, ever walk out... I'm pretty good at picking watchable movies... yea. I f"ed on that one.

    27. Zakarih Ludhor

      your title doesnt make any sense

    28. Golden moments

      'Alien Covenant isn't half as bad...' says you. Don't tell me what it is or isn't, subjectively it is shit. Your opinion may be different, but don't make out to be wrong.

    29. AngryLittleGnome

      Hannibal (2001) is most definitely not the worst movie in the Hannibal franchise. That title belongs to Hannibal Rising (2007).

    30. MattskyKO

      I'm sorry, did you say 'Saruman berates them from one of his towers'? He has one tower, one, Orthank. Not two, not three, one.

    31. HachimanMVP


    32. danknfrshTV

      You're reaching here dude. Elizabeth Shaw's death was perfectly clear to everyone who sat through Covenant. David infected her, the alien burst out of her. End of story. You vids are becoming more and more clickbaity mate.

    33. TerminalCarrion

      Wait, so did you mean angel or tempest?

    34. 2mwillis

      did I fucking ask for you to explain all this? no I didnt no one cares stfu

    35. Studa Baker

      How about Tank from The Matrix?

    36. Full Metal Patriot

      For X Men: Days of Future Past, the film had a DE-news video clip to promote the movie that covered Magneto. It was shot as a news story that showed the death of JFK and made it look as if Magneto was the originator of his death. That is WHY it comes up in DoFP in conversation with Prof X during the film. During the film and after this particular point of the conversation with Prof X, Magneto (after being freed from the Pentagon and aboard the jet) angrily explains what happened to the original Brotherhood of Mutants. He throws the fate of them at Charles because he and those mutants went out to do something for the rights of mutants (albeit probably violent) only to be captured by, tested and treated like lab rats until they died. This is shown nth in that conversation .. as Magneto nearly crashes the jet in anger.. and when Mystique is searching through Trask's archives. It's a simple juxtaposition that really doesn't need a clip for clarity. It shows several bits of information and ties them together in order to illicit a forgone conclusion that when Magneto sought JFK and was imprisoned for his death, the team he had assembled was crushed by Trask in his absence. This establishes Magneto's mentality, his purpose and his character's plunge into the semi-villainous state that while he is a bad guy by some standards, he is also a relatable villain with an understandable path.

    37. Scott Yoshihara

      You forgot about the main characters from final destination movies

      1. Christopher Davidson

        Nope they were explained in movie. Second movie explained that the main man in the first movie died from a brick to the head. Second movie's survivors were never spoken about nor confirmed dead. Third movie everyone died on the train. 4th movie everyone died from the truck. 5th movie is was shown they died in the first movie plane

    38. Michael1Nightmare

      Would like to comment that Will Sith was interested in coming back. HE said he was willing though he was currently under contract and filming Suicide Squad at the time. He tried to make a deal with Fox to hold off filming his scenes until he had finished with his current contract. Fox refused to wait, so he refused the part citing 'scheduling conflicts' and they simply killed off his character.

    39. Hector Preston

      The final chapter is trash the video games are the true lore

    40. Bubba D. Beast

      Wrong about Captain Steven Hiller, his fate was actually originally explained in a teaser website for Independence Day: Resurgence. The novel simply regurgitated what the website said

    41. Tarik Richardson

      You make the LOTR extended cuts sound like a bore. They are the definitive versions of the films and cinematic treasures

    42. Bunny Rabbit

      I still don't know what drew people to the horrible Resident Evil movies. I dated a girl who loved them but she couldn't explain why. Maybe they just love seeing a train wreck, idk

    43. Jazz G

      It’s sad because Hannibal the book is fantastic and I enjoyed the film but it annoys be so much that they changed the whole ending because Jodie foster disagreed with how Harris wrote Clarice and outright refused to do it. Then they tried to make it ‘palatable’ to American film audiences like what happened when comics were censored. Ie the bad guy doesn’t get everything they want. To be fair though Anthony Hopkins is all you need! He and Morgan freeman could read a phone book and it would be good!

    44. Joe Zhou

      Yes, alien covenant is that bad.

    45. Bobby D

      10:17: Did you seriously just pronounce “official” as “ay-ficial?” That’s the strangest pronunciation I’ve ever heard.

    46. BlazeNarutoShippuden

      lol, Resident Evil kills got killed off? I stopped watching them after the 4th movie.

    47. Dustin Barlow

      Independence Day Resurgence was a good movie in the respects that is was similar to Starship Troopers. It won't win any awards but it's a lot of fun to watch. Just because it's not a smash hit like its predecessor doesn't mean it is a shit movie...

    48. Bruce Wayne

      Was Elizabeth Shaw named after Liz Shaw from Doctor Who or is it a big coincidence?

    49. Nikolaj Schmidt

      Vin diesel has a short cameo in xxx 2. Samuel l Jackson sends him off in a helicopter.

    50. christianbolinger

      Wasn't there a XXX sequel called the Return of Xander Cage? So that character should be removed from this list.

      1. christianbolinger

        @From Stun To Kill yeah but they say nothing g about the 3rd XXX movie.

      2. From Stun To Kill

        christianbolinger They straight up mention xXx 3 at the end of the segment

    51. Troy Bond

      What happened to Banshee ?

    52. Micah-David Saunders

      I won't defend every X-Men movie as being good, but I will defend the franchise as being a nigh-perfect representation of trying to understand the continuity in X-Men comics (we'll see what Jonathan Hickman's work ultimately does to the characters).

    53. João Calhão

      Hicks and Newt on Alien 3?

      1. Anthony Bert

        João Calhão that's a great example bro! perfect! it was terrible writing, Hicks was a good character

    54. John Porter

      Newt and Hicks!! WTF!!

    55. Tyler Pike

      That wasn't Angel that was Pixie

      1. auqustfire

        Her name was Angel.

    56. Blaqsnake

      Magneto was actually attempting to save JFK he wasn’t the mastermind behind the assassination.

    57. Lively Heart

      Just letting you know that lord of the rings is the most well put together franchise ever. It is by no means boring, his death WAS explained in the movie technically.

    58. Wild Side

      Days of Future past Banshee and emma frost were also killed off for some damn reason. Both of those characters played key roles later in X-Men lore. Banshee had a child named Siren which had a cameo role in X-Men 2.

    59. aka the Joker

      And nobody cares about Banshee😢

    60. Cory Goodrich

      Magneto did not kill JFK. He states he was trying to save him, alluding to JFK being a mutant.

    61. King Juli en

      Newt: Aliens, Alien Covenant that shouldn''t have existed, the whole interest about that movie was in youtube; ID4/will smith are all time

    62. 1 Bad Jesus

      1:59 ....no...IT IS!

    63. Daniel B Trippin

      Killing half of everything isn't a decimation. A force is decimated when there is only 10% left, hence the "deci" prefix.

    64. TajemnaTemnota

      Thor's girfriend was totally vanished to no one knows were but I never missed her :D

      1. auqustfire

        You know she's coming back in Thor: Love & Thunder, right, lol

    65. lastpme

      Still mad they killed Shaw.

    66. TImeremortem

      No movie.. but Crysis 1, Nomads Death explained in a Comic and never mentioned in Crysis 2. He was the main protaganist in Crysis 1. So stupid.

    67. alola

      A series that does this a lot is final destination.

    68. Remy Blas

      Umm what? I'm pretty sure I saw Saruman's death in the original release of LOTR:ROTK in the theater

      1. Jacoby Rassilon

        No, it was only featured in the extended version.

    69. bullzeye1423

      I remember Azazel, but does anyone really miss that guy?

    70. NET Alliance

      Leon... Getting killed off screen?... I didn't have much respect for that franchise. Now I have absolutely none. Glad it's over

      1. auqustfire

        It's for the best. The guy they had playing him was shit and nothing like Leon.