10 Things You Didn’t Know About Justin Gaethje!

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    UFC today, we have 10 things you didn't know about Justin Gaethje! If you didn't know UFC 254: Khabib Nurmagomedov Vs Justin Gaethje is this Satuday! This #UFC video includes justin gaethje highlights, justin gaethje vs tony ferguson and more Justin Gaethje moments! SUBSCRIBE!
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    1. bobby donzz

      Gunnin for tht xbox it better be real

    2. L Jex


    3. Leon

      Dont do this fugging klickbait pictures pls!

    4. Bane Basara

      Justin is my favorite fighter. He is an inspiration to me. Not because of his style, but because of how he carries himself. A true gentleman

    5. Ratio Unkn

      He was too worried about the take down. Doesn’t look like anyone is getting past the takedowns either now.

    6. I'm Not A Vampire

      Pick me for giveaway!!

    7. Ryan Robalewski

      Great vid

    8. Adrien Bs

      If the guy would have showed up about 5years earlier he would have been a superstar, now that he is no.1 contender ppl barely see his potential. He has arrived in division already crowded with superstars

    9. koren chestikov


    10. Aleksandr Medvedev

      I wonder if Gaethje is really pronounced "GAY-CHI" as it's pronounced in this video ;-)

    11. Lesley Burnett

      Still Hopi g on winning this xbox

    12. RatedRRaj

      *2:58** he’d come home black*

      1. mbali nhlapo


    13. Maze

      Justin is a beast

    14. Peaky Blinders

      3:00 another thing that shows how good khabib really is

    15. Big Easy

      Wrong new all this shit what a waste of time this video is . He heres 10 facts you guys already know

    16. abdol jacool

      11 things now....hahhaha

    17. Jl Gaos

      Why tf would i want an xbox one

    18. Bill Dykeman

      Nobody can beat Khabib, why even watch anymore? Everybody else sucks.

    19. XlonerangerJ X

      Yo yo yo yo subbed and hit the bell

    20. 삼마패신암행어사

      What happened with the bike that was stolen? Anyone know?

    21. Master Chungus

      10 things you didn't know we knew about Justin Gaethje

    22. william James

      Why did you try to make it look lile justin was in jail?? Why defame the guy?? People will see that pic and think bad things??

      1. kolim jone

        Is he looking at me or you 🤔 most boring fighter I've ever seen

    23. Angel Albatera

      I love Justin😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    24. matthew 2779

      Yeah Justin gaethje is a real stand-up guy who's the son of a Mexican and visits the biggest racist turd ever to inhabit the White House who has said nothing but disgusting things about Mexicans. Yeah he's real classy

    25. sean enright

      Would love an Xbox one 😍

    26. kolim jone


    27. Joseph Smith

      I live justin but watching khabib handle him shows u the lvls of this even dustin said nothing can prepare u for the pressure

    28. Aaron Martin

      Me thinking: Justin Gaethje pulls off some cool back flips Me at 7:29 : Justin you're funny

    29. Tarantula Hawk

      Gaejthe vs. Diaz is next

      1. kolim jone

        Badass fighter !

    30. Rise Awake

      At least he slept well

    31. Todd Bertram

      Kid is a stud, now that khabib is done he is truly in the hunt for the title

    32. Steven Kettering

      " even though some have issues with him on a personal level " what does that even mean can someone explain that to me

    33. Khubab Maeen

      Done pleas can I win the xbox one my brothers birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks he used to have a xbox that broke 7 months ago and seens his xbox his dream was to get a new xbox one

    34. Lawng Jawn

      6:43 - Who da Fook is "Dustin POORier"

    35. Gilly

      He talked all that shit about khabib has never fought anybody with the wrestling pedigree as him🤣🤣 khabib choked him out quickly with a triangle choke like he was in practice, wtf that looked to easy for khabib and won with a broken foot.

    36. Scott Smith

      #17 ... goes down like a sweet muffin.

    37. Paul Spellman

      Is he looking at me or you 🤔 most boring fighter I've ever seen

    38. howard rawlinson

      give me that xbox

    39. TheRizOfMath

      I think Gaethje is the smartest fighter in UFC.. Most of the game, he used to weakened his opponent by punching and avoid wrestle in the early game.

    40. Benis Dilsen

      Gaethje fighting: most exciting in UFC Nurgabergerdurbanurban: most boring fighter in UFC

    41. Tommy Stephan

      He will be Champ 2021


      one of the greatest! tony ferguson can confirm

    43. Samsquanch 123

      He shit the bed vs Khabib

    44. Get Lit

      Badass fighter !

    45. bocoy noiu

      Good show and good to see how much respect these guys have for each other.

    46. Jakeman Wick

      Ayeeeee xbox one? Count me in

    47. Saiyad Rooullah

      justing is good prsn

    48. Kimbo Slice

      I know he got choked out

      1. Kimbo Slice

        @bocoy noiu I like Gathie, but he went down and tapped like a bitch.

      2. bocoy noiu

        I would like to see Gathje get the belt

    49. Rosendo Rangel

      Dude is a beast

    50. Norman Emanuel

      Je, in general Good fighter, but, when I saw, how he tried to take Dustins eyes, and still lost, he is a dirty fighter. And against Khabib, he will loose badly. And I hope he won’t try to take Khabibs eyes. He would kill him for that

    51. SF TKO

      Khabib missed weight look it up..Gaethje ur the fuckin man..Fav fighter by far..keep representing hard working American families. God bless u

    52. Riley Cook


    53. Himanshu Nagarkote X-C

      I want ps please 🙏

    54. IN THE KEY OF B Voujah

      Well Khabib proved to be out of his league

    55. Michael Clarke


    56. Nolan S

      2:28 Justin looks so fried😂😂😂

    57. Marco Salazar

      I worked at Corrosion Engineering for mining shoots as a stud welder in Mesa Az wowsers.

    58. K Swish

      Khabib retiring leaves him going out on top

    59. Brian

      I still think that Gaethje is a better fighter than Nurmogedof. All the Russian does is submit his opposition whereas Justin beats the piss out of them. And the guy retires as soon as he wins the class.

    60. Bush Wick

      Fox Justin the guy's a chump he's trying to make a name for herself seriously he's not a fighter and after seeing that fight with the eagle I will never never think that Justin will win again

    61. Octavian Blignaut

      I would like to see Gathje get the belt

    62. godsveryown crazygang

      Justin is a class act even in defeat!

    63. godsveryown crazygang


    64. Joemammasdaddy

      Yo whatsgood i dont have a xbox 1

    65. Serenity AlreadyKno

      NUR-MOG-O-MEH-DOV. Not nurmogomegdov

    66. Hmz YT

      justin your a warrior but allah is with khabib just people please just give up

    67. Asian Wayne

      This guy finds a photoshop picture of the fighter as a image then pics a picture of someone who looks like a criminal

    68. smooth cast

      i wanna win the Xbox

    69. Carlos Rendon

      Good run but he got maulled bib