1000 IQ 1v8 IN AMONG US!! w/ @Disguised Toast, @SypherPK, @Valkyrae, @Pokimane & More!



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    Some of the sickest among us games I have ever played. I was playing with @Disguised Toast, @SypherPK, @Valkyrae, @Pokimane, @Sykkuno, @QuarterJade, @LilyPichu & More!
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    Am Vor Monat


    1. theofa2x !!!!!!

      ninjas brain is fucking huge for killing toast, clicking button then acting like he thought he was still alive to have him explain the read he was talking ab the round before. 1000000 IQ

    2. Ahmad Bransi

      Get a hair cut

    3. timmy jacobs

      Hopefully kids dont drink energy drinks like this dude. I dont think people know how much all those drinks fuck up your insides

    4. rebajar1

      Team Ninja

    5. STFYTR 1

      You trash

    6. Tiffany Valentine

      why the girl name valktyea whatever, always sound too noisy?

    7. mostapha chaarani2007

      sypher sus lol why is he on discord he is muted during vote

    8. mostapha chaarani2007

      lol why they always play among us with youtubers no fair i liek tg

    9. I c o n i c


    10. datboi_alex


    11. Angels-Creed YT

      Is tina a lil kid

    12. Kendall 1

      Poor Tina 😭

    13. Glenn Wilson

      Dude I just realized, Coryxkenshin (the samurai) Vs ninja (the ninja).

    14. Tanner Foster

      Ninja is special lol

    15. jonathan colon

      Ninja u are really good at among us, 1000iq plays by ninja on imposter. Love it i wish i was like u.

    16. JiBaePoe

      Tina’s voice😎😳🥺🥺

    17. Matt


    18. FBI plopso769

      Wow he actually played whith pokimane

    19. Nuova

      The way you clutched the first match and won it gave you this BIG FAT THUMBS UP👍


      ninja is smart but he's partner sucks

    21. Devion Wyatt

      i never understood why imps don’t frame tina is this situation 0:29

    22. Sachin Moktan

      I feel soo bad for tina

    23. RealityGamez

      public lobbys are so retarded its sad no hope for humanity we need to wipe them out

    24. Lin

      Lol you coudve literally said tina did it in the beginning 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ why rat out your on partner

    25. Anabel Muniz

      who else think the intro gay?

    26. Arthur Steeley

      Yea lol 😀😀👍

    27. Uzair Playz

      Staringat calo

    28. Momo Cadeddu

      My dad is complaining about this dudes sound

    29. EXL_LILWHIP Yeah boi

      Love the channel

    30. goku

      i seee i think everyone is dum in among us

    31. Alex MaGanda

      How can ppl enjoy watching this kid who actually takes a game like among us so serious

      1. Hokage Jt

        He is not even taking the game seriously he’s literally just having fun if you got a problem with that you can watch someone else

    32. HVAC GUY

      You can stream snipe this shit so bad lol

    33. Will Woods

      You know if u double tap the shhhhh it skips so u can get into game quicker and see if crew or imposter

    34. daboo gamer

      every youtuber i watch play this game have a triangle nose lol

    35. Witt-Dogg

      Ninja should put his hair back to what it looks like in his profile pic.

    36. Da Bria

      Tina needs to learn how to defend herself better.

    37. Michael Ethan Tjandra


    38. LennyTheGamer08

      6:02 smart my friend for killing pink bc pink would be like "He looked like he was about to vent!"

    39. Tamim Alghamdi


    40. Tamim Alghamdi


    41. sawyer_ btw

      Omg 9999 IQ

    42. Cindi FN

      The Face😈😂😂

    43. Stefanie Symons

      Ninja is bad

      1. Tamim Alghamdi


    44. Kevin Medina

      everyone hate ninja lmao don't care

    45. Люда Ерошенкова

      Митя привет что там с оплатой

    46. Ryan

      2:59 smooth criminal


      I watch this on tam chica

    48. SkrillexRo

      2:59 dat's a murderer's face XDD

    49. Tavion Hewell

      I luv this intro keep this foreverrrr

    50. Alexis MAHU

      The game is suppose to be fun but people just take it serious which makes it unfun🤦‍♂️😕

      1. Hokage Jt

        He is not even taking the game seriously he’s just having fun

    51. Junior Sanchez

      What a gay intro for starters

    52. Verge

      Let’s go ninja a pro

    53. kush dubey

      Ninja really sucks at among us tbh

    54. Fortnite

      Ninja is sus bro

    55. PG RAM

      u got Ninja becoming the greatest Liar ever to win and then u got me using making chicken nuggets as an excuse for faking asteroids 😭😭

    56. pixury

      i love how every game hes imposter but i get imposter once a month lol

    57. Devash Singla


    58. James Oliphant

      "later biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" *kills Rae" to this day, ninja is still saying biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    59. BeyyondKayy

      Bro plays like Walter White , if you know u know

    60. DrewMasterOne

      First guy to reply is stupis

      1. DrewMasterOne

        wait a sec

      2. DrewMasterOne


    61. BunnyY :3

      does lily sounds like hinata from naruto or its just me?

    62. GOAT GAMER


    63. Marcos Rodriguez

      Tina sounds so innocent and scared

    64. Espie Baltazar

      Ninja I would not fake astroids cause if you go the right of weapons you could see little gun thingy and you could tell if they are faking it are not cause if they are not faking the task it will shoot bullets if you are it would not do anything

    65. YoKase

      this game funny ash i aint gon cap

    66. Aprotic Xeno

      25:36 I'm not seeing enough movement

    67. Samuel Jackson

      can you stop being so cringe dawg? Like really, you be acting sus when you not even in game yet. fucking creepy

    68. Aprotic Xeno

      0:27 😂Ninj

    69. Camille Moorefield

      i hate to say it but do you shower ninja your hair and face always looks greasy