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    Stay in for your next date night and try some (or all) or these easy homemade sushi recipes! If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: amzn.to/2GJ2xvv
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    1. okxydiana

      i like sushi without nori because i do not eat fish. i use bacon instead. 😄💜🍣

    2. jiehoon05

      If real japanese saw this video, they will must be fainted. So messed rice and no fish at all. Just say it’s “fusion sushi recipes” plz.

    3. 너굴너굴맨

      밥을 아주 씹창내놨네

    4. ninja rayeed

      U don't have a GF! Niggaaaaa!!!!! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhoooohhhhhhh!!!!!

    5. ᴀʟɪᴄᴇ

      Fuck off with the avocados oh my god

    6. Alyssa Garcia

      Great video loved this video these recipes look awesome

    7. TheOneCleanHippy

      You made a sushi video with eleven recipes and only three of them contain fish... what the fuck?

    8. Shazia Shazia

      Not bad recipe

    9. Kialessa Sunstrider

      Isn't this just a repost? What the hell, Tasty

    10. Cuevas Sophia

      you should do like a cooking asmr video or a video with no music and all audio.

    11. F Fie

      Avocado in sushi?????!???

    12. Givenchy Palattao

      You're not asian and it shows 🤷🏻‍♀️

    13. MicMic H

      they cant even roll sushi right. this is sooo american

    14. Sophie

      Got an ad for Tasty on this Tasty video

    15. Sultan Viiolai

      Pretty sure some of these aren't even sushi but ok

    16. Ambruska13

      Who else cringed when they added salt to the boiling water and put sushi ruce in it....

    17. John Monaghan

      The sushi sandwich thing just looks weird man I don't want it.

    18. Emma

      Yes, it's a repost, yet here we all are watching it again

    19. Isabel Kalestiantz

      im glad tasty isn't out here encouraging people to try and make sushi with real raw fish at home, you just know someone would make themselves super sick if they did.

    20. Omar Qatarneh

      Is anyone gonna talk about the most American sushi in the history of the world

    21. GreatScott77

      ... If someone told me for date night they were making sushi and I showed up and there was no raw fish I'd turn around and leave. Not your best video.

    22. rdlopez1307

      ...and now I’m hungry 😋

    23. 恋代。


    24. Josh

      Sushi rice was mashed 90% of the video and the proportion of rice to filling was horrifying for some of them

      1. René Kulik

        Yes, they completely disrespected every ingredient they used and Japanese sushi culture.

    25. Steven Gohardjo

      cry in japanese

    26. Oraclelovelight

      If your reading this right now I hope something wonderful happens unexpectedly to you this week💚

    27. xdfcghjful

      How are the words "easy" and "sushi" even in the same sentence? bruh

    28. my life as Pia

      Can u pls make for the giant food series a giant chocolate chip cookies

    29. Brooklyn Mom2girls


    30. moonlight _


    31. Tharanie Guna Seelan


    32. FireFoxy 77

      Omg I love sushi! Finnaly, a recipe I can use at home! It's so cool! :3

    33. Video Ricetta

      Buonissimo! Grazie per la ricetta!

    34. nim nos

      Actually, this is not a sushi but Korean food Kimbap.

    35. Fatehi Taib

      ممكن الترجمة بالعربي

    36. TomboyJessie13

      Sexy music and good looking food

    37. Felinita Pro

      Todas I gong to do some shushi and I follow you recipis 😜

    38. Suzanne Sadler

      more like kimbap

    39. N.W.O

      If you’re good at rolling blunts, this should be a breeze.

    40. Nab kpop

      Is it only me who have never eaten sushi before 😔👀

    41. 명랑남매Recipe

      좋은 레시피가 한 가득♥ 정말 좋네요. 오늘도 잘 보고갑니다 :-)

    42. i have an avocado

      Lmao I'm thinking that this is rie's hands

    43. evhw

      That's no sushi rice, that's rice pudding.

    44. Luxray Scarlett

      пидоры где мясо?

    45. løvely

      Didn't yall upload this before?

    46. Suzanne Sadler

      I dont enjoy your no commentary videos as much.... Im too in love with the producers personalities at this point.

    47. EMAX

      Sushic makes literally all of these exactly

    48. Momo-taro

      ????? Persian cucumber??????

    49. Alice Yeh

      I think Rie did this. She is a really good chef 👩‍🍳

    50. Lupita Alvarez

      I only watch tasty when I'm eating food like oh you can't do that go back to your sad ramen

    51. sKiller611

      Sushi rice or rice pudding 🤷🏻‍♀️

    52. stone heart

      Wait this video is reposted , right ?

    53. O Hi There

      omg tasty should make stacy’s competition cake from the princess switch uwu

    54. Tiffany Xiao

      the rice looks so gross its too mushy. i would reccommend fanning the rice and letting it sit to let the moisture leave and then add the rice vinegar

    55. Kunhikka’s Kitchen

      Fabulous recipes! Thanks for the excellent video!

    56. Jus Tanada

      Can u tell about the origim of the oh yes guy

    57. Samantha Solibun

      I thought u all alr posted this

    58. Rashid Hussain Official

      super video

    59. LE H

      But didn’t wash the rice

    60. Brian Janssen


    61. Call_m3_ Kay

      hey tasty i have to make a for layer Spider-Man cake for my cousins birthday

    62. ŠūßhįHęåd SOF

      Ugh I’m so single Wait...sushi is my date!

    63. George Klinger

      Limp wrister ✈️🐄💨

    64. Owen H

      What if I just wanna eat in the dark alone watching Netflix

    65. Jesse Wightman

      Can i take rie on a date?

    66. Shyam Nandan Prasad

      I wonder if Gordon liked the food.

    67. iKON1C

      uh i mean, i guess? tbh this isnt really sushi. .... . and yall's rice too mushy

    68. Some name that includes an emo band

      y’all are out here making mushy ass rice, yikes.

    69. دينا عبدالله

      التوقيت غييييييير

    70. Hưng Duy

      Ngon quá nhỉ

    71. I n d i a G a b r i e l l e

      Could you substitute sushi rice for regular white rice??

    72. janne6

      Way too much water in the rice for that four type pan sushi.

    73. shosho tv


    74. Shoto Todoroki

      Is this a re-upload?

    75. Harriet in the kitchen

      So delicious :-)

    76. Chu Chu Food

      Omg. Look really hungry 🇻🇳😘

    77. Pete2 So ツ

      *STOP* -Re-Uploading!-

    78. Rocio P

      The wrist when they started grinding the pepper 🥴

    79. PurpleGlitterKitten

      It looks so good but I'm probably gonna fail so hard trying to make it. XD

    80. ミラー追跡

      when is the ice cream coming out tasty?? (the one you all make)

    81. BenjaminW8809

      I like FISH in my sushi

    82. Can You Please Give Me Ideas For A God Username

      Wasn't this already uploaded?

    83. Harley Quinn

      The rice looks mushy in like 90% of the video

      1. Josh

        Actual sushi chef and yes they did mash the grains. For good sushi rice all the grains should be visible and whole so when you mix the vinegar you have to be gentle in order to not break up the rice grains

      2. Harley Quinn

        go6 sushi rice is not sticky rice, it's just seasoned short grain rice.

      3. go6

        Its supposed to be its sticky rice

    84. Cook With Sruthy

      It really tempting😋😋😋😋.Is there any way to find a Restaurant this time🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    85. C for Chi

      I love love love this,TASTY😍❤

    86. Pyro Maniac

      Its 12 i have a chemistry test tommorow i need to study on latin on duolingo why am i watching this

      1. Pyro Maniac

        +Your mom is rarted it already took my family and it threw them into the gulag

      2. Chaos SirM

        Uh oh, someone missed a latin lesson BEG FOR YOUR LIFE IN LATIN!!

      3. chris

        Ryan Jones u seen the duolingo memes? duo will come for your family or make you beg for your life in French if you don’t practice

      4. Your mom is rarted

        Better start studying before duolingo comes for you

      5. Pyro Maniac

        +N.W.O its passed just sayin also results are in 3 days 0-0

    87. Olivia Stone

      Tbh Tasty needs more sushi and foreign foods.

      1. Katrina Rose

        Olivia Stone ikr, it’s usually just baked chicken or something.

    88. Nian Tsuj

      Ah, its the dude with his sick recorder again in the bg

    89. Yin Oaht

      this is so whitewashed

    90. TeeThePenguin!

      Smart repost, tasty.

    91. TH448

      Thats not how you make sushi rice

    92. Coarby Music

      Isnt this a repost?

    93. random guy

      Is that Alexis

    94. Jslay

      You cant look up when smiling JK just wanted you to smile Hope you can make me smile by subbing to me

    95. Neah Miller

      y’all already posted this ...

      1. Neah Miller

        A4R R4A like take that somewhere else

      2. A4R R4A

        +Neah Miller there are some weird people in the comments here, creeping me out too.

      3. Neah Miller

        Hưng Duy for what ...

      4. Mithila's Kitchen


      5. Hưng Duy

        +Neah Miller Thank you

    96. Muazzez başal


    97. Coral Lilac

      No lie, I just made sushi bowls for my family last week.

    98. ali e.n.

      Who eats all the food you make???

      1. random guy

        I’d like to join it

      2. random guy

        ali nowicki they have a ,,eating staff”

    99. carley ballard

      I’ve seen this video too many times tasty

    100. Olivia Stone

      I friggin LOVE sushi! OOH YEAH!!