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    1. Santana Miranda

      Im a sushi chef and I am sorry to say but the thing that you did wrong every single time was the way you cut the sushi. You are supposed to cut the sushi in one continuis motion

    2. I like eg testing

      *shiitake* I thought it was shitcake

    3. Darion Allen

      Just wanna say any video with this bomb ass song is gonna be some decent ass food ngl

    4. Alicia Marie Armani

      That sushi bowl looks just like the laziest way to eat it

    5. BunnyFett

      I've made most of these on my own already. Props!

    6. Martina Nedic

      rie should've check on these videos before they posted it... i mean the rice on the first recipe alone is just a disgrace

    7. Kelligrace Hernandez

      Is sushi rice different than regular rice?

      1. Martina Nedic

        it's a special kind of short grain rice

    8. Vidya Sinha

      Don't have a date, came here for the food. Those sushi rolls are more handsome than 99% of men on this planet tbh

      1. Shabbir Hussain

        I wish to see who's saying that

    9. Teneh Karimu

      ...where are the links to the recipes? Hmm... Am I not looking well enough?

    10. Dylan Rodriguez

      these recipies are kinda white...

    11. Devin Roberts

      This video had to be made by someone who actually knows how to make sushi but wanted it simplified for the public. If you do it this way, rinse the rice first. Don't let ever let the vinegar rapidly boil, make sure to wet your knife before cutting into rolls. Eat what you like. Some of these recipes are creative. But not authentic.

    12. Devon RoseRed

      Date night, pft no one loves me Hello darkness my old friend

    13. penguinsquish

      i think that is kimbap not sushi.

    14. Ebony Jeffcoat

      Yess I love Susih❤

    15. iPanda Nation94

      That sushi rice is looking a little mushy

    16. Paint Drops

      Wow this looks delicious!

    17. Leslie D. Aho

      My sister loves sushi

    18. CateRicette

      every sushi recipe is a recipe to be replicated at least once at home!

    19. Ross Martinez III

      Sushi on date night? Yeah, that's a hard pass.

    20. radicallytubular

      Not gonna rinse the rice? Ok, Tasty. 👎🏼

    21. Doreen Alum

      Do you like sea food blarrrrrhhhhh *opens mouth awkwardly* see food get it lol cringe

    22. Zara Adam

      do you like cooking

    23. Victoria Deldragone

      Please stop destroying other people's culture..

    24. 김나영

      이새기들 그냥은 먹기싫은 재료를 김밥안에 넣으면 맛있어지는줄아네

    25. Dominik Grygierzec

      Pickled Ginger is not intended to be eaten together with your sushi ... it is used for cleansing the palate.

    26. Matcha Matcha


    27. Kylie C Little

      Please have some shiitake mushrooms O.o

    28. Kylie C Little

      Can someone tell me if sushi is any good cuz I never tried one 😂

      1. Kylie C Little

        @Furat what kind should I say O.O

      2. Furat

        Well then you should try it.... i find it heavenly. It might taste weird the first time so you should eat it at least twice before making your final decision

    29. 사탕청포도

      I think the one at 3:50 are more like 김밥 or korean kimbap and this is sushi but I dont think I saw actual raw fish. I'm not saying sushi is only raw fish but I think it should be included.

    30. land gori

      なんか、、、 まずそう

    31. Ate to many children nuggets

      I’m single so I eat this after I cook them in my room crying alone

    32. Starlite

      What is y'all's obsession with avocado? yuck

    33. Pete2 So

      lol 3:36 Shit-Ake

    34. fran rose

      So what did they do with the black rice?! 😅

    35. Bookwerm4Life

      IDK why but the way they dipped their hands in the water to spread the rice made me cringe SO HARD

    36. Elizabeth Brown


    37. Aakash Sahani

      *Makes Vegetarian Sushi Rolls Sliding Pip Boy: *CHOTTO MATTE*

    38. Chris Hansen

      never seen black rice maybe i have but not in sushi.

    39. Elfriede Weiss

      Grandios! danke

    40. amaris Garcia

      All these recipes look so delicious I need to try one so I know how to cook and bake

    41. Czo Lo

      Sushi doesn't come in a bowl. That's not sushi.

    42. federiche neitzche

      I dont get it....title says sushi but I dont see any sushi in the video.

    43. Joseph Brookfield

      Who else would love it if tasty where a restaurant or food delivery

    44. R e M ii X x

      u guys really like avocado, dont u?

    45. hsjsjddbggevs jjdjshshsfcssj

      I feel like I can taste it from here

    46. linnyhaldeminny

      3:40 the nori is upside down 🙄

    47. Stella Chang

      WE NEED MORE RIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like if you agree

    48. KSound Kaiju

      Eating Sushi for dinner And eating Octopus in the bedroom

    49. GemCat

      I thought u would make sushi like they did on papas sushiria lol

    50. Mawitea Nu Nghaki

      im too lazy to do it im just going to buy to the store

    51. Kiki Skerritt

      I have this app 👍🏾

    52. joshspeed

      Can you guys please show that sesame-miso dressing with ginger that every sushi place has?

    53. ツAbagashi

      Wow. This channel has kinda turned into a "lifehack" channel. I enjoyed the videos where this channel made alot of giant food

    54. Samra Shah

      Can you try making a 3-course meal using the heat from a PS4

    55. Potato Puff

      Fuck the date night im eating all by myself

    56. Anthony Playz


    57. racquel bodano

      Can you make a giant cookie pls ●~●

    58. Isabel N

      Ok...but how many calories tho

    59. Jack Normal

      10 minutes [insert lenny]

    60. American Baker in Germany

      Ooh. Love sushi. I've never tried making it myself, though. I have more cake decorating on my channel.

    61. Lance Ortega

      The tempura sushi is an insult to Japanese cuisine

      1. novarüne 0


    62. harraz syah

      am i the only one who thinks that the rice looks too soggy?

    63. Sherrie Myles

      make a giant sushi video

    64. Poonam smart kitchen

      Very nice 👌 Thanks for sharing...

    65. rhijulbec1

      What are you doing? In #1~you NEVER STIR SUSHI RICE FFS. You gently chop it, drawing the paddle through from the back of the bowl to the front. You want the grains to be seperate until you squeeze it gently to form a rice ball~rather oblong figure.

    66. Bailey Bishop

      Is tasty trying to become the new epic meal time?

    67. Minibirdy

      2:00 idk, this sort of remind me of poke bowl instead

    68. Ms. Saturday Knight

      I'm single, this is in my recommendations. Tasty is trying to tell me something

    69. Anya

      If you add a tiny bit of acidity, lemon is the best but vinegar works, to your spicy mayo it’ll be 100x better

      1. October Primavera

        I will second this.

    70. Singto family USA

      Oh I love sushi 🍣 yum you make me hungry 😋 I eating Thai food show