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    1. Farfalina

      Do tastys blenders not have little lids on the covers? They always using towels lol

    2. Trust Me I'm JYP

      I don't hate vegetables but spinach pasta looks so scary

    3. yup that's jess

      The fruit ones look really good

    4. Maryam Freedom

      I like the ideas and the recipes...I'm not sure if this can be an official detox, but I'll going to try out a few Thanks you for the share

    5. PancakesPusheen !

      anyone know what this song is though?? that’s like, the best part of this video.

    6. Dhay Barr

      Good receipes, absolutely 100% nothing to do with detox or cleansing. Check your facts first. Just with flour ingredient major fail!

    7. Dakshajaa Soondur

      These pasta noodles are a big too thick

    8. Cute_animals_Pj_2007

      Everyone that is saying that it doesn't detox it does when they say detox they are actually meaning flushing out the poop that is in your system

    9. Nick Purdy

      Anyone know what this song is though? That's the best part of the video

    10. Mr cs93

      LMAO tasty I thought you were slightly more serious than this. If you really want to type on detox just show up videos of our kidneys and liver xd

    11. Laura Clark

      Y’all that black bean soup looked like *actual* shit.

    12. TLepageArt

      This isn’t detox tho, but it’s heathy for you I guess?

    13. Zsigmond Kara

      So eating pure sugar and starch is detox. Nice try poisoning us.

    14. Chaney Bowers

      The “spinach pasta”..... I’m...

    15. 24k Chef Kimmy

      I love everything about these recipes. I can’t wait to try them. 😋 yum

    16. Agne Agne

      Watching this while eating chips:)

    17. Alex Pearl

      Do a tasty 101 on the perfect buttercream.

    18. Alex Pearl

      Do a tasty 101 on the perfect buttercream.

    19. Anon

      those r the most disgusting recipes and food i have ever seen omg do people actually eat that?!?!

    20. elusivebutsatisfying T.

      "Super cleansing detox" *uses white flour and ketchup*

      1. 24k Chef Kimmy

        elusivebutsatisfying T. Ha ha

    21. Nikky Adeys

      Most of the food is disgusting

    22. jupiter228

      You can use a bowl / glass to eat mango smoothie instead of coconut

    23. Kathrine DeVries

      The point of a detox is to remove toxins INCLUDING sugars and other carbs, fats and salts from your body. This is usually done through foods that are high in fiber to help push everything through your digestive system and water to flush anything else out. A full 24-72 hour water fast is usually the most effective form of detox as even though you may not be eating anything, your body is still working to *pass* (💩) everything in your system. When this is done, especially in the more extreme cases between the 36-72 hour range, the body cannot handle intense foods like meats and most fruits. That is why when breaking these fasts, veggies are the first things that can be consumed, then fruits, then meats, then any other complex food you decide to introduce back into your diet (though usually making the detox pointless as it puts you on track for yo-yo dieting). The foods in this video are not foods to eat for a detox. Those would include foods that are purely high in water when a purely water fast cannot be achieved. These include watermelon, cucumber, iceberg lettuce, and lemon. No seasonings or fats should be added when doing these detoxes. When the detox concludes, however, the meals mentioned in the video are perfect foods to break a fast with as they are light on the body, are somewhat low in carbohydrates, and are perfect foods to transition into a MAINTAINABLE healthy lifestyle, vs the yo-yo water weight diets most people will cheat off of.

    24. CommentGuy94

      Everybody debunking detox but I'm just here sitting like NO WAY I'M GOING THIS THE MORNING AFTER DRINKING

    25. bish DISGOSTING

      What is up with the music

    26. Tales From the Pipes

      That first recipe alone costs like $10 because any fruit besides bananas and apples are obscenely expensive

    27. nini

      that’s not how you cut the spinach “pasta”....

    28. Cooking Diva Style

      Did anyone else notice that she didn’t ha e a lid for the blender ? She put a towel over the hole instead

    29. SandboxArrow

      I love food so much and yet I don’t know why

    30. Little Stone

      Since when kiwi is a trofical fruit??? 🤔🤔🤔

    31. Random Name

      8:20 Lovely vegan "buddha bowl"

    32. Åñdrømëdæ

      "Detox"? Really, food can't "detox" your body. Your body already does that for you.

    33. Marlon Spears

      Unsubscribed since you're peddling pseudoscience...

    34. Ndondy Secka

      LOL😂 , broccoli bites

    35. jane jane

      They make it so easy and tasty.. Makes me watery.. Wish i was on the set with them observing and tasting every dish they prepared 😋😋😋

    36. Cheddar Man

      Will these work on my dad?

      1. Cheddar Man

        @Nisha M cant, restraining order.

      2. Nisha M

        If your dad has an actual medical condition, then he should go to a doctor. Eating a fruit bowl or drinking a smoothie or juice is not going to detox him in any way, shape, or form.

    37. meymoo

      song please

    38. Darien Andrew

      Much appreciated

    39. Lulu Farr

      Thank you

    40. Melahat Sefer

      Healthy but I love pizza and burger much moreeee ❤💃

    41. Cookie Love

      i thought i would see a TASTY cabbage soup recipe on the list but ay 😩

    42. amaris Garcia

      These detox recipes look pretty tasty

    43. Sarah Osborne

      Wait... You mean if you eat healthy you will feel better... Wow who'd athought, crazy

    44. Anita Cortez

      Absolutely no “Detox” in these recipes.

    45. kimmiecab

      I’ve been looking for detox ideas too!! I just started a DE-news channel and any support is appreciated! Thank you!! 😊❤️

    46. zac taylor

      If i come to your house and you serve me 5:54 that nasty ass doo doo bean soup shit I'm spitting on your kids and you pets

    47. TheFoxGamer 1

      0:46 ONION POWER

    48. Mariana Saldana

      Healthy life 6:32?

    49. Katrina Bennett

      Nature vs pseudoscience or science (food) products? Not hypothesis, or opinions, but truths! Nature that leads way back to Adam. That's awesome their's other pseudoscience video's posted! Let's be leaders not followers. (But always open to hear new ideas). Thanks Katja for your feedback, it's greatly appreciated! (I absolutely LOVE your name) What is "GMO"? we love you over here "Tasty" we are subscribed! If any of my messages or facts come across as condescending or patronizing, then I am truly apologetic and never mean to make anyone feel belittled. As adults we should be able to agree to disagree in a professional manner. Hope everyone has a Super Sparkly Day!

      1. Åñdrømëdæ


      2. Diamond Sparkle

        Sorry y'all but Katrina is right

      3. DD Sparkle

        Katrina Bennett is actually right just do your research for anybody that thinks you're correcting anybody

      4. Katrina Bennett

        @Divya Gulwani we as a people should want to read, no matter the length! They tried to take that from us! Reading is fundamental 👀

      5. Katrina Bennett

        @Divya Gulwani huh? ONG?

    50. Cem Gü

      Detox is bulls*** but eating fruits is certainly healthy

      1. Mr cs93

        eating fruits >>>>>>>>> ''detox'' fruit smoothies or juices

    51. LifeOfAFoodie

      I feel so healthy just by watching your video!!!❤❤❤❤❤💯💯💯💯💯🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    52. Jessie E

      You guys should consider some sort of screening before you post. Let a group of people watch it and give feedback, and then you'll possibly avoid posting stupid ass videos like this detox bullshit. Maybe hire a credible dietitian? Don't act like you can't afford it.

    53. I Makeup Stuff

      No food can detox you. that's what your liver and kidneys are for. Fuck this pseudoscience bs.

    54. jesse carson

      detox is a sham

    55. Healthy Tips By Chelsey

      detoxing is a very important procedure for our bodies!

    56. maan meen

      Tasty has the power to make even salads appetizing.

    57. vince-a-tatoes

      "detox" right.

    58. Laberrynth

      I‘m hungover in bed and i would literally KILL for that fruit salad

      1. Queen B

        Drink pickle juice

      2. dementedfurbie

        I'm not hungover, but I would too!

    59. Radhika Shrivastav


      1. Alice Dubois

        @sheena m That is a pretty good quip, and an awesome use of an open door! 😅

      2. sheena m

        @Alice Dubois your is name alice. You should know all the drugs

      3. Cheddar Man

        @Alice Dubois 1 cup boiled Lsd with 2 quarts cocaine mixed with some bubblegum ice cream. Chocolate sauce and sprinkles are optional but they enhance the fantasy effect.

      4. Alice Dubois

        What drugs are you on? I want some...

    60. salwa layali

      C est délicieux 👍

    61. Madina Ashkey

      Not everyone can afford these kinds of food.

    62. harshitha s

      There is no such thing as detpx foods or recipes

      1. Draco

        You physically cannot detox your body with food, end of discussion, trying to debate this is like trying to say vaccines are bad or the world is flat, you just look fucking stupid.

      2. Lombre the Hombre

        @no name You really didn't though, but ok. The way that detox is defined is a fad and is misleading to people. I'm responding to the way they present it. It can actually cause severe health problems

      3. no name

        @Lombre the Hombre i showed you proof tho

      4. Lombre the Hombre

        @no name I did no such thing actually. I'm responding to the way that detoxing is advertised, not your goalpost changing definition lmao. Detoxing is a stupid buzzword/fad and has been readily debunked in the way it has been defined. Stop pretending you're educating people when you're misleading people.

      5. no name

        @Lombre the Hombre at first you agreed with me that there are detox foods now you aren't lol Do you want more proof Kidneys and liver are natural detoxers of the human body Detox food contain lots of water that can help the detox process

    63. RickyKnives


      1. Joel Cuevas

        Fasting is the best detox

      2. Annastacia Fang

        FYI, our kidneys and liver can ONLY detox 80% of the toxic foods we eat on a daily basis. Only rat's kidneys and liver can detox 100% on their own. Therefore, we need those fruits and vegetables to help detox our kidneys and liver.

      3. salma belal

        RickyKnives صde-news.net/online/video-_TgOLwu9WRch.htmlttp://de-news.net/online/video-_TgOLwu9WRc.html

      4. Kanami Cooper

        Detox and toxins is a term used in the medical field when referring to poisoning. This whole detox fad is so dumb

      5. sheena m

        @RickyKnives but what if I haven't treated it well?

    64. Justin Antonio

      The spinach pasta is too thiccccccccc

    65. Allareous

      If you're going to make a video involving "Detox" Recipes, your ingredients should probably not involve Maple Syrup :/

      1. Sil Ver

        Nor flour

      2. The Greatest Dog

        They shouldn't do a "Detox" video anyway, because detoxing through food is a hoax and used as a cash grab

    66. Fairly Cool

      Lol food can't detox you!

    67. cloudia jaide

      I usually love tasty recipes but that black bean soup straight up looked like a decorated bowl of diarrhoea

      1. løvely

        cloudia jaide I kind of agree but I guess is fine if it tastes good

    68. fbspin

      I hear coffee and cigarettes really detox the lungs

      1. Åñdrømëdæ

        @Divya Gulwani It was a joke.

      2. Divya Gulwani

        You heard wron both will kill u not detix especially cigrattes

      3. Alice Dubois

        Just like more food detoxes the body. 😂

    69. Blake Houston

      If I'm detoxing I'm not gonna be making all this shit

    70. Samantha Thomas

      Are we really still using the word detox 🤨

      1. Plus LE

        @Danae Mendes from what I've read, these diets, or any products don't help to "cleanse" your body at all. Your body is very good at keeping itself clean on it's own. Toxins don't build up in your body.

      2. Danae Mendes

        Why not