13 Types of Among Us Players

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JianHao Tan

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    Who's sus? Who's not? Who's the impostor? What happens when Among Us becomes real life...?
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    1. JianHao Tan

      Did you guys manage to figure out who was the imposter before the big reveal? 😝

      1. ujmal ghan

        I did

      2. salem alhameli

        Not i

      3. Kian Lance Bernardo


      4. Prateeksha Anurag

        I thought is was Debbie !!!

      5. AmongUs GamerGurls

        Black was sus from beginnigg

    2. Ranu Tambi

      Tasha looks like Indian

    3. Tyrone Tan

      Pls play with my room name is JoJo siwa I am a big fans


      Why isn’t anyone sus of ridhwan. But Jian hao is a good imposter

    5. Alivia Fat Pui LI

      I don't think this game is relable people killing each other voting this game isn't good for us!

    6. blong vue

      Jianhao, how've come Denise and Jasmine don't treat each other like sisters? In a video, I figured out they were twins in a video, I wonder if they still are to this day, or it's a new rule that they aren't sisters?

    7. Hasif Roy

      I like fall guys better....

    8. Xhilsime Beciri


    9. Reuben Tan

      13:12 why that man is there in fall guys???

    10. Beatrice Richelyn Setiawan

      this is what happens if me n da bois play together in the game

    11. LAU LAI HIM劉禮謙

      I knew it was Hao Cause He didnt do tasks


      11:34 plot twist

    13. the Santana bunch

      The detective is in accurate

    14. Vidushi Pandey

      Sierra is so pretty❤️🌸 Edit was I the only one who wanted to cry when red killed yellow :(

    15. Renegade Wolf

      Oh and actually we do get “get animals” and we technically can “farm”

    16. Daniel Arcinas

      poor fall guys

    17. ItzGreenBox


    18. youssef blrarbiya

      who things that debbie looks like sana from twice

    19. Nelson vlogs Ung

      Purple the only contact we have all electrical stuff

    20. maxmel17


    21. kingcooke76

      H A l l O

    22. EVAN

      What so funny black 6:42

    23. Avery’s Universe

      I feel like Debbie’s taller than you

    24. Kawaii Ace

      Someone tell Debbie that the Imposter is an Alien that went on the ship and wants to kill the crewmates

    25. NJC FALCON

      I loved seiraa

    26. NJC FALCON

      Purple is soo cute what's her name and what's her DE-news channel while orange called a meeting in among us she was cutee

    27. Mali Martinez

      2:10 poor Debbie.dont worry Debbie I didn’t know how to vent too when I was imposter

    28. weird kid on the internet

      I love how Kevin was swiping card in navigation

    29. Diegojuan Rosario

      If card swipe is not in there task list then how did we see yellow do it

    30. 刘志鹏

      Can you teech me to play among

    31. Addison Fryer

      Since when was the swipe card in navigation!?

    32. Corazon Vanta

      Did anybody just saw that Kevin was swiping card and he was doing it at nav and swiping card is supposed to be in Admin?

    33. Haasini Kandalam

      I thought it was Debbie and Hao...😇

    34. jasmine chow

      Don’t treat me like a hate comment but if Debbie is colour blind, how did she know orange vented?

    35. Denisse Baltierra

      Red and black were the impostor

    36. Anders Liang

      hey why does orange play like this like blaming others u will make some people sus of u and vote u out lol

    37. Diego Lachica

      Dude that ending tho XD XD XD

    38. ERICA SIM YU ERN Moe

      Please don’t fight

    39. Neelam Aswal

      At the purple ejection, red was sus cuz he was taking the topic to another level.. and at the blue one, black was sus cuz he was the only one excluding blue there

    40. Yoshito Kiyama

      Woah woah why didn’t Sasha call a emergency meeting!?

    41. Aarav Kale

      13:09 😂

    42. Jaiditya Khurana

      Is Tasha from india

    43. Fredirick De Chavez

      you cant close doors in navigation?

    44. Gamer girl Angel

      Imagine if their child see this vid.

    45. Talia Chamseddine

      I can’t believe you guys did not vote off black he was being so sus also How old did you not know that it was red Omai God

    46. unicorn VS Sparkle

      I hate orange

    47. Gene lachlan Ramos

      Kevin is the right side and crew was in the left so it is yellow in the game

    48. ꧁༺ BLINK༻꧂

      Awesome 😍

    49. Debolina Das

      But when I saw jianhaos mobile there was no option of kill or sabotage so I did not understand how was he the imposter

    50. SDV 26

      I Like How It Take 1 Min To Kill Kevin

    51. Jisha Johnson

      If Debbie cannot see colours when she saw in security, then how did she see orange (a.k.a vincent)? No sense🤷

    52. Sharda Kalia

      What is sus pls

      1. Maxine Viktoria Aguirre

        sus means suspicious

    53. Maria Katsoufi

      Fun fact: In 3:17 we can see jianhaos phone, and his name is not red as it should, because he is the impostor

    54. yeetvvx17 ci

      i really want part 2 ;-; this is so gooood

    55. James Chua

      yeah i knew it was you bcs when you saidwe cansay it is orange right your face was a little bit odd

    56. Michaela Wu

      I just started among us and I am a noob 😭😭😭😅😅😅😆😆

    57. Shining beautbina

      6:25 *WE DANCING*

    58. Shining beautbina

      2:19 Kevin: *im sad boy*

      1. EVAN


    59. Shining beautbina

      "What about gardening?" "Theres no gardening" *The mira hq water flowers task:* wait-

    60. Me and Sundus


    61. Cutie Brigitta

      My class: Teacher : okay class, i am gonna end the meeting early and since tomorrow is the granmar quiz, i would like someone to volunteer as the host so u guys can study together with this meeting room. My classmate : **volunteers** Teachers : thank you and goodbye **leaves** Class : **legit plays among us instead of studying i-** ( but we got good grades LMFAOAOAOOA)

    62. Zaith121 roblox channel 121

      orange thinks his a boss but hes not.

    63. Mr Labbit

      Guys I was playing with my younger brother and he got voted out and I was the other imposter my name is Punni and he sais I won't tell who the other imposter is if I say Purno is gonna leave the game I was like :/

    64. Sneha Ketkar

      2:05 red: oh so you're a imposter clean evry vent

    65. Swati Sonawane

      It’s just a game not real life

    66. DennyShopFatFart

      Watch 6:52 in slow mo it is funny

    67. Sneha Ketkar

      Tahsa you are right we have cute animals the pets mini-crewmates Dogs

    68. • GodsDaylight •

      0:29 That actually made me sad- Poor Danial :( 1:16 also so sad- 11:42 was also emotional-

    69. Clvsidy

      He’s the imposter It’s the BODY POSTURE HAHAHA O

    70. Dillen Joshua

      There is gardening ...... Mira HQ