15 Fortnite SEASON 4 Clickbait EXPOSED!



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    15 Fortnite SEASON 4 Clickbait EXPOSED!
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    15 Fortnite SEASON 4 Secrets

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    1. Top5Gaming

      *This video was made before the Midas Flopper/Wolverine update came out last week. Once again, this video isn't supposed to call anyone out/cause drama but just inform you guys on what's real & fake on DE-news. I hope you enjoy and don't think that we're trying to be a "white knight" because obviously we still clickbait a little but I think it's important to set the record straight on a lot of things, even if that includes roasting myself lol. Ok I'll shut up, enjoy the video :)*

      1. ßWilliam Mcphee

        My 32

      2. Zero X

        @Sylveon Eeveeloutionbros it is tommy I bet

      3. Zero X


      4. David Christen

        When you get all purple "mini"xp coins the you will get an archiviert with the Infinity gauntlet

      5. Jeramiah Parker

        Can you friend me plz (AJA4LLYFE)

    2. Adam Y


    3. JWTrent

      1:28 look at the description

    4. Alex Estes

      Next up on T5G the top 5 Fortnite players who have simped

    5. Mr Fish

      Listen to top five gaming


      My friend find the midas flopper

    7. Spugg Nator1000

      I found Midas a few days ago and for real is rare yes it is but to just clarify is not that heavy rare

    8. RhysTheHedgehog

      My cousin actually found the Midas flipper late september

    9. Rockshrish

      We forgive u.😊😋😎😂🤗

    10. Discovery DJ & Lighting

      I’ve seen a video and it was live for a week or two

    11. Donovan Jackson


    12. Mathew Coles Gaming studios

      It is now

    13. The_gryrax

      I caught the Midas flopper the day it was added

    14. VORTEX642

      F for Spider-Man...

    15. Joseph Labs

      Top5gaming just said impowssible 2:33

    16. cliff giordane

      Vaults should contain vaulted items

    17. BikingWilmington

      I caught the Midas flopper today

    18. Cyphen Rozulus


    19. Shahriar Omar Prince

      I use your code

    20. Shahriar Omar Prince

      Can I get a skins in fortnite that is coming skins from marvel

    21. Logan

      The fish can only be found at athuarity

    22. creepanater08 tre

      Me and my friend found the flopper

      1. creepanater08 tre

        We are Xbox players and are 12 years old and hate school

    23. 100K Subscribers With No Videos

      2:38 thats DAN7EH 12:35 that's TheLlamaSir

    24. 100K Subscribers With No Videos

      gattu, nerpah, friendlymachine, packapuncher, fortnite tamashabera, dan7eh, ifort, burger, and the list goes on..

    25. Smiley Malachite

      We forgive u 🥺❤️

    26. le'louche the wonder boy

      We had a bts consert.

    27. Aiden Hernandez


    28. Lolbit

      Everyone screaming midas fish is in the game It wasn't when he posted this this was posted in September

    29. Josiah The Stickman

      If your exposing Clickbait, WHY IS YOUR THUMBNAIL CLICKBAIT?!

    30. Jack Boo

      I use code t5g

    31. Legend-_-Productions Skits, Games, And more!

      Bruh there is a “Completed Collection” Achievement with the picture as the infinity gauntlet

      1. rakekiller88

        Yeah there is just get all small purple coins from the big one

    32. Dab Monstr

      Even if they are all fake we wanted em

    33. David Tolan

      At 2:38 is a youtuber who had a fan tell him in discord that they found the midas fish if you watch the video fully he then joins the fan to see the fish but it is a normal flopper just the fan changed it on there screen so top 5 plz get your information correct before saying anything about the clip you are showing

    34. Fedji✓

      My next 10 subscribers will win a prize

    35. YEET YEET

      We forgive you... (Also read more) Even tho u gave me hope and then broke it.

    36. Shreephal Joijode

      I actually found the Midas fish, it didn’t do anything also it took all my guns away

      1. Carl Hodges

        It turns your guns golden

    37. recroominc

      Wow T5G is the best

    38. Levi Henson

      WHen a youtuber gets caught clickbaiting in a video ABOUT clickbait, TOP 5 GAMING: Oops my subs went YEET, Oops my views went Byeee have a nice time! OOPS MY CHANNLE WENT OOF!

    39. Logan Leggett

      I have found the midas flopper

    40. Abdulla Fakhroo

      Add me my name is Ahmed.n.f.20

    41. Malachi’s World

      Top 5 my friend cot the mides flooper

    42. AwesomeLuigiGamer 99

      Dude my prediction for season 5 is literally gonna be a DC event

      1. Dab Monstr

        Well i guess its not but your theory is so sick

      2. Aniq Danish


    43. Hobbsityz

      thor will teloport the stones to iron man and he will contain the stones to snap and save the island

    44. Hobbsityz

      i think iron man will snap galactice and the black death away and teleport us away so we dont die

    45. LorSan

      My dude is dissing Evantube

    46. Crystal Byron

      My friends actually found the mides flooper

    47. Fpg Clan

      Idiot it is a thing because I caught the midis flopper number 16 u

    48. Aldo savage 13

      I found the midas flopper

      1. Vagrant Owaki

        I got it on the day of the update for wolverine

    49. Izabella Grace

      me too i have caught it so boooo

    50. Gamer kid behind the scenes

      I found the Midas flopper

    51. Shadow Star

      I found it they added it to the game niw

    52. gb Dhamala

      But I got

    53. Jade Robson

      Whach it

    54. Jade Robson

      Each my tik tok

    55. Jade Robson


    56. TigerRosieLu


    57. Athlete vlog channel 2020

      So there’s a way to glitch in the bowl with theBoat so if you go to the Spohn island you can glitch in there is nothing man I’ve done it

    58. Ruben Ramirez

      I love you I see all of your youtube

    59. BEAN KING

      Ngl I kinda like the fake season 5 with the dinosaurs

    60. Apollo Candello

      Fresh caught it

    61. Tyler Mooney


    62. LRPlayz

      A Season has never been leaked before * Cough Cough Chapter 2 Season 1 trailer leaked 2 days before it came out cough cough *

    63. Tre Davis


    64. Unknown Ppl

      I found the Midas floppier in battle lab and its true

    65. * stares intensely *

      Dude why weren't u on the list?

    66. Joanna Pantoja

      I found the mids flooper

    67. Mohamed Fadel

      Yooo who realized the avengers tower looks like a lama xd from fortnite

    68. Wendy Orellana

      Vaniela fish