5-Minute Crafts FAMILY

5-Minute Crafts FAMILY

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    01:02 Joker makeup
    01:44 Old lady makeup
    02:18 Fake scars
    07:27 DIY Maleficent horns
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    1. Sylwia Kudlińska


    2. K N


    3. Ace Hardy


    4. Arman Aryan


    5. Ece Kurt

      Türk yokmu yaww burada dkdjsşd

    6. Isabella Silva

      Desculpa falar mas essas idéias são do ideias incriveis

    7. Aydyll

      Ooooo scary!!!!

    8. Соня Халваши

      Guys not looking

    9. Armend Tafilaj


    10. Armend Tafilaj


    11. Karen Magalhães Alves

      Eu fosse isso para assustar minha prima

    12. شووكت اموت ا

      هاااااااا يل كحااااب 😁🤣🤣👌وينكم جماعت ابو نعال🤣🤣👌عرب ماكو

    13. Thomas Raffart

      im like ❤❤💖💖❤💖❤💖❤❤💖❤💖❤💖❤💖❤💖❤💖❤💖❤🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

    14. Eli ziv

      What is the white powder on 0:31?

    15. Jorge Souza Souza

      Oi eu sou a joana EU não senti medo do vídeo aí bicho pode vim me pega 👻💀👻💀👻 não gostei

    16. manu maaaMonteiro


    17. Rida Lakhani

      de-news.net/online/video-Wmp_HBVDe9A.html check this out!! You won’t regret!

    18. Saba ka kitchen

      Desi food recipe de-news.net/online/video-Rt35GIl-Uks.html

    19. roberto santos

      Que legal sim

    20. roberto santos

      Como é o seu nome manda o seu nome

    21. rapid master

      5:36 they have gone of track of the spooky stuff

    22. Dj Risner

      I’ve done sfx for 7 months(which doesn’t make me qualified) but you shouldn’t put glue on your face or your lips or eyes just cause it’s nontoxic doesn’t mean you should do it on purpose even if you used liquid latex you would have to be very careful and trained to work so close to your eyes and mouth

    23. Roblox Gacha

      This video is about poisoning ur skin with glue and other chemicals

    24. Mateus Freitas Play

      as úteis

    25. ComfyCookiies

      4:22 thats so bad-

    26. Rosairy Rodriguez


    27. Geraldina souza Geraldina

      Você não tem nada pra faser temque apodtar essas bosta nogemta

    28. Brian Green

      🧿🎯🎯🧿🔵🔵🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🦠🦠🦠🦠💚💚💚💚 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* (Just ask Him)

    29. lma Gomes


    30. YNGxSMOKEY


    31. Gabrijel Boroša

      Is it safe with the joker costume

    32. Zariya Zunairah

      Use latex glue not school glue

    33. Vanessa Ramona Soares

      Eu tô ficando louca da cabeça ou isso tá acontecendo ai meu pai agora foi desmaiar mesmo

    34. Ranim , Arij and zeineb Chebbi

      Londra ok good

    35. Lo sant

      Ai que daora Algum brasileiro? Se tiver deixa like se quiser kkkkkk

    36. •Frxsted_ Rose•

      these can also be for movies on netflix, hulu and youtube

    37. Dana Wilton

      I think the false lip cutting bit could be dangerous for a young child to see 🤔


      Very good.I wear makeup like this one too. PLEASE SUBSCRİBE MY CHANNEL. ..❤THANK YOU

    39. Sultan Papağanı

      School glue?? Example please prit??

    40. recreating memes till 1k

      Who else is waiting for there next video to be ";one of us got ink poisoning;" 🤣🤣

    41. Wølfix

      1:38 CRINGE

    42. F4 fun


    43. Aladino José Muñoz Cruzati

      Wou genial

    44. Savage ruthless

      1:25 Hello boys

    45. boban mali

      How she gona peel glue of her face?

    46. Dance Lyf

      I need a one mekup artis

    47. Madison Kline

      Y’all ever heard of liquid Latex?!

    48. ReeceIsMina YT

      3:08 Y’all try’na stereotype awkward school girls right now??

    49. Gerry's random Vids

      NO Do not do any of this buy liquid latex for 16 dollars and be safe and not die from poison because you are using glue on your face

    50. your lili

      May I know what kind of vaceline is that? Lotion?

    51. crazy sylveon

      5:40 Let it GOOOO Let it GOoOOOooOO

    52. Critt Shook

      If you are died your hair green it would’ve been the joker

    53. Ludmila Coronel

      Guau tu video es inqreible

    54. super sonic

      Random makeup on your mouth

    55. jairo pelante

      Hindi naman yan totoo gago

    56. KarolinaFROZEN Acevedo

      Your the same one from 123 go and troom troom

    57. THE BOSS

      Kako sve to skineš😐😐😐

    58. A.R.M.Y


    59. Livia 96


    60. Sonia Kapoor

      If you like this say in reply

    61. Layna Plaskon

      When she was cuting the glue I thought she cut her skin and I freaked out

    62. Alexia Mollekopf


    63. Alexia Mollekopf


    64. You say I sing

      Yep, the new trend is school glue as eyeshadow

    65. jardel nascimento

      go.hotmart.com/Y21283471V curso de maquiagem artística são poucas vagas corre la e aprenda fazer maquiagem para Halloween

    66. NOOB GAMER

      Am I the only who doesn't have *Toilet paper* 😅😅😅😅

    67. mundo incrível da duda duda

      Minha unha caiu

    68. Marylin Barragan

      1:35 that remember me Jeff the killer