5-Minute Crafts FAMILY

5-Minute Crafts FAMILY

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    01:02 Joker makeup
    01:44 Old lady makeup
    02:18 Fake scars
    07:27 DIY Maleficent horns
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    1. doki doki prime

      am i the only one who's crying because it looks painful even though it's all fake

    2. doki doki prime

      people: make good comment memes me: *screams intensifies*

    3. Princess Vibes

      Ok but the fake blood kind of stained my teeth 😂😂

    4. Sophia Bonfim

      1:08 da muita afliçao

    5. Flavia Pimenta

      Esse negócio aí que coloca no pescoço massinha sabe por quê porque meumexer com esse produto químico aí que aconteceu uma vez ele ficou tudo cagada

    6. Irani Araújo

      Inferno pora que susto

    7. Winona Deer

      The first one is my Halloween costume 🥴

    8. Gacha weirdo

      Who even calls it liquid lipstick!?😂😂

      1. Takumi Fujiwara


    9. Mamta Yadav

      The make-ups are very dangerous

    10. 리브livchuu

      school glue on your face? nope, my skin care routine is too precious.



    12. Norshawani Abd Rajab

      My friend try the vampire bite but with colour pensel her name is aqilah 😂😂

    13. nnosha nnosha

      واو 😨😨😨😨😨😨

    14. Horrorfield Gameplay

      Is this not dangerous?

    15. GLITTERKINZ 567

      I feel like this is a tutorial on how to get acne/ink poisoning 101

    16. iPhone OR Samsung? CHOOSE YOUR GIFT



      You for magic 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

      1. Luz dary Quiceno quiceno


    18. AJDB gamer 1

      How the hell does she make fake teers!?

    19. joel scott

      3:30 yeah i would it rather it be jeff the killer

    20. Heartly Robloxgames

      The joker one is so ugly. And it's not even scary -_-

      1. Annemarie Mckay

        its weird

      2. Annemarie Mckay


    21. كلشي مع نوشه

      مذهل و جميل جدا ولاكن اتمنى ان تشترك بقناتي مع التوفيق و الاستمرار

    22. Ruti Cohen

      אם אני לא טועה זה שיר של סאונדגארדן

    23. Lindsay Gott

      Love it!!!


      Miijapiensa. Que es. La de. La boca. Piensa que es. Momo

    25. Wyatt Dancy

      can you please make more

    26. Cecilia Rosas

      Alguien que hable español

    27. Cecilia Rosas


    28. Aleja_ Chan

      Me gusto TODO Menos la peluca de rapunzel

    29. Nina Winkler

      Can I really use school glue???

    30. Wren Blazer {Black Butler OC, Reaper}

      Wow I'm surprised there isn't any hot glu- 4:58 I spoke too soon

    31. Sompiw Boonmak

      ดสพาวก ฃถ

    32. Nelly Carola

      Amo amo mucho

    33. Tai’ah Rodrick

      You know instead is school glue you can just use latex

      1. Tai’ah Rodrick

        @Tamia Harris that's a good point.

      2. Tamia Harris

        Alot of people are allergic to latex.. it's better to play it safe with the school glue.

    34. Agnes Mariya

      This is a dangerous video

    35. selda yuhksf

      Çok güzel oyunlar ödül gecesi Akbank Telefon Rehberi Nasıl Yapılır Çelik Çatı Çelik Konstrüksiyon Sayfaları Prefabrik

      1. Melis YILMAZ


    36. S T U P I D G R L

      *for Tik tok cosplays*

    37. pemy christiaan

      Ya siapa orang indonesia Like

    38. Keyla Castro

      A la firme que orrible peluca de rapunzel jsjsjs

    39. i have no clue what username i should have

      Omg thanks lol it is Friday the 13th today and there is going to be a full moon so I want to prank my sister that i got hurt by someone or something

      1. Tania Orellana

        que calida

    40. Ana Scott

      PLEASE DO NOT PUT SCHOOL GLUE ON YOUR FACE! If you want to do fix makeup get latex or scar wax. Latex is easier to use but do a patch test first because it’s a common allergy. But please, please, please!!!!! Don’t put school glue on you eyelid, intact don’t put anything on your eyelid that’s not meant to be there.

    41. Amelie Grace

      The make up looks really cool, but please, please, please do not use school glue on your face

    42. Gacha Karma

      Makes faceputty Uses for finger and hand Me:Mhh... okay...

      1. Janet Carpenter

        I think that’s just what it’s called if you buy it. You can use sfx makeup for multiple uses

    43. Deni Ferreira

      Lixo fuck dead inut evil inut inut vai tomar banho lixo

    44. Sadaf Iftikhar

      3:06 is so funny 😂 ✌

    45. B Barhoum

      Ah yes nothing says FAMILY like cuts and muderers

      1. B Barhoum

        @Thiggyhiggy ayy

      2. Annemarie Mckay

        XD your right

      3. Thiggyhiggy

        Nothing says family more then cuts blood and Halloween stuff ay

      4. Thiggyhiggy

        You the funniest Hanna

      5. Thiggyhiggy

        Lol I’m glad I made ya day

    46. Shayra khanom

      just wow wow wow

    47. Jesus Ortiz


    48. Adil Mohammed

      Don’t put glue of your face ✋🏽

      1. Marie Lou

        @Soft Kisses oh okay

      2. Soft Kisses

        Marie Lou no... i have glue of face and its ok 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

      3. Marie Lou

        Its very dangerous

      4. Soft Kisses


    49. Iza Paula

      que loucura que legal

    50. Jashika Logeswaran

      I thought it was fake love from bts when it was fake blood

      1. Lindsay Gott


    51. Jimena Sanmartin

      Sise parece a maléfica en lo último 😈😈

    52. victoria ante


      1. victoria ante

        Que tonta la vicki😕😯😕😯😕😯😕😯

    53. Tégan

      1:20 “liquid lipstick”

    54. Daniel Borg

      Is school glue the same as wood glue or they are different

      1. Daniel Borg

        @isabel betley thanks for the heads up. That would have been a disaster

      2. isabel betley

        Daniel Borg please, please, don’t use wood glue. it’s basically the same as putting superglue on your face

    55. Ana Maria


    56. llama boi

      As a non professional self taught sfx artist this triggered me beyond belief

    57. Babul Babu

      Soo good in this my daughter's daughter is using this idea

    58. Loisa Santiago

      For fake blood it’s better to use syrup because it dries and won’t attract ‘as’ many bees

      1. Ieena Pro

        Loisa Santiago thank you

    59. Givaldo Silva

      Amém mas que de mais👏👍

    60. anyapple !!!


    61. Linda Lubis

      Ini serem tapi kek hantu

    62. Mohd athar mohd afsar

      Very nice

    63. Chiara Mendez

      Be sooo careful about cutting it its dangerous yikes! Oh gosh the pimples NO! And be careful to the cuts oh no the nails

    64. NerDyBerdZ

      1:10 i litterally thought you were cutting you lips

      1. doki doki prime

        and that's why i have a bunny plushy that says "jesus loves me" on my bed

      2. ITZ_BERRYツ

        Everyone thinks about that

      3. Kristin Brock


    65. Nilgun Kelleboz

      Hu790 İÜ ü hu790

    66. Lucy Wylie

      I love this can you make more of them

      1. Luz dary Quiceno quiceno

        M I Amktps🎮🖥🤩

    67. Sofia Castillo Rodero

      That same girl is from 123 go to

    68. Yuliana Morales

      Ejgu hv

    69. dwi Yatno

      Siapa yg orang indonesia like ya

      1. There sia _Loli