1972 Honda N600 Rebuilt With VFR800 Engine



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    1972 Honda N600 Rebuilt With VFR800 Engine
    Project by : Cc runner
    CC runner DE-news Channel : de-news.net/chl/UCSpJ5z8PIkvidrrDZ9ivvmg
    Source : www.locostusa.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=14452

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    1. Kenneth Defreitas

      I saw Matt drive this car it’s is ridiculously awesome

    2. Suds Reserve

      Man that car was busted, rusted, and dusted. You guys brought it back to life! 😁great job!

      1. Malik Ibrar


    3. Jerry Earley

      I'm going to the garage and work on my car now!!! I love this video and thank you for sharing!!!

    4. Cardboard Sliver

      2StrokeTurbo is doing something like this as well. He just made his a soft top, and I gotta say, his, and yours, are awesome!

    5. Ahmar Ahmar

      address fo job please

    6. Old Squid

      I had one of these in 78. Fun little car!

    7. stuart rouse

      truly outstanding engineering and fabrication guys! to create the ultimate driving experience? if it had a reverse gear.......it would be among the greatest cars ever made! and I'm not joking! I saw the video of it in the canyons!? I would buy one.

    8. Robert Ekstrom


    9. steve anderson

      Would have been far easier to build a full chassis and even lighter? I built a fiat 500 with rover v8 ( Buick 215) similar

    10. JAFO

      ...is that man 8 feet tall or is this a Tonka Toy? 35:50 lol

    11. Ron White

      Beautiful car and the icing on the cake.... Calvin and Hobbes. Woo-hoo!

    12. Viking Pisces


    13. Vincent

      sound of engine?

    14. wenacustoms

      fantastic build!

    15. cranky1812

      Great work. Pls change the exhaust tip.

    16. remigio de dios jr

      How much is the swap looking for something similar willing to pay


      1 question, how to reverse? Use original bike engine and gear. Sorry if I'm wrong.

    18. vinicio moya

      Q carga te quedo pura vida... ahora si a buscar wilas...

    19. 純中司

      うちの住んでいる 町にも 同じボロい車ありましたよ よみがえってくれて ありがとう!(≧▽≦)



    21. koonings1

      Super Job Guys!!!!!!!!!!

    22. HipStar

      No yes no yes... Yes

    23. John

      Is this the one that Matt Farah drove on One Take?

    24. タイチン02 2467


    25. タブレットチャトラ


    26. Wade Harrison

      Coolest one out there! All that work then for sale?

    27. steven sreejith

      really awesome work good amount of engineering work goes in this may be Honda may have not thought of. Really great work , wish I could hear it roar, is the bonut and other doors bein damped , and wat about tail lights

    28. Dave Kendrick

      A lot of quality work, well done

    29. Superb Media Content Creator

      Gosh, I love this restomod as I love the N800. It's too bad it doesn't have a sunroof, heat/AC backup camera/GPS/dashcam... I wish I could buy it though...

    30. al dee

      that was a great restoration and i always wanted that year honda but like i saw alot of work involved to get it up and running. i would have wished you put in the original engine that would have been nice.

    31. 猫村


    32. Diederik Tolmans

      where are the backlights??

    33. Kristian Reader

      Now I loved that car in the end good job

    34. marc buffard

      Wonderfull Formidable Bravo

    35. 榊雅美


    36. masadam125


    37. Martin Oettel

      Wow one of the most insane sleepers...great technical solutions...well done.

    38. KBtube

      looks like a t5 5 speed to me.

    39. Steve Gregory

      I love it!

    40. al gow

      Nice job, it would be great to see her run and handle.

      1. al gow

        @Uptin Sinclaire Thanks I checked out the video, great sound!. I had the Honda 750 version in a 1997 VFR. Cheers

      2. Uptin Sinclaire


    41. Radman SA

      👍👌😎👍👌😎😻 Fantastic, good job

    42. John Davey

      You do realise that you are 100% completely bonkers!!! Lost for words, with all the extra metal and weight you probably need that VFR 800! Guess the next project is going to be converting a Sopwith Camel (1st world war biplane)into a Mach 3 interceptor! Reckon you'll do,it too! Great stuff.

    43. OG/PL//Boogieman Gonzo

      That bitch is bad 👷🔥

    44. Charlie Cain

      Vfr1000 !!! Lol beautiful car

    45. Ken Teeter

      nice job lots of hard work but worth it!!

    46. Camilo Soque Diaz

      In the video you can see hi use a transmission also, I suppose he set the motorcycle transmission in the direct gear(1:1 between the engine and the out pinion) then he use the transmission installed and the motorcycle clutch


      Too bad you didn't include the engine running.....

    48. Camilo Soque Diaz

      I would like to know how works the clutch-transmission sistem...

      1. Ben Tilson

        Same as a motorcycle, only difference is instead of a sprocket and chain, it has a driveshaft and a differential.

    49. 1312 ACAB

      Awesome build, tons of fine craftsmanship. I love it. One day I hope to build my own

    50. Scott Larochelle

      One gigantic groaning WHY?!?

    51. psyquizlabor64

      how much had you pay for all the things you need to make that happen ? How much money can you get if you sale the car?

    52. Asus Aja765

      Like Mr. Bean car

    53. notwocdivad

      Reminds me a lot of the days of the original (and best) Mini, it even looks a bit like one! Everyone had big arches over wide wheels, trick paint and go faster goodies in the engine, not many went quite this far though!!! Pity we didn't get to see and hear it running.

    54. yt white

      Nice job! Looks like it took lots of planning.You should be proud...

    55. Mohsin Ali

      Nice work bro

    56. kuroneko057

      Great job !

    57. lliambunter

      couldn't wait to listen to the music, because after all thats what people visit your site for isn't it, you fuckin clown

      1. i have to wait 90 days to change my name

        calling him a clown while getting bitchy over music, ironic.

    58. Story shift Rei


    59. Adam o'sullivan

      31:37 who else can spot david "fryburger"

    60. René Møller Madsen

      Whaaaaaaat !!!!!!! are we not surposed to hear IT ! and see how it drives !!! :O Totally disopointed !!!!!! :O :O :( love René from Denmark

    61. Ernesto Iturbe


    62. Nikolić

      Why wfr800 engine cbr 600

    63. alex pex

      Spettacolo. Ci vuole tanto amore per le jap per ottenere un risultato così!

    64. A1 Auto Services

      Wooow Amazing Incredible job and skills . this is real passion for your career. only one question , any vibration from drive shaft

    65. appel moi baby

      Félicitation Très belle création, du beau travail. 👌👌👌 J'adore. Bonne continuation

    66. PowerOf One

      1300 Busa motor......... :)

    67. Rj Right

      Wow! Serious amount of great work guys!

    68. moebius

      I would like to have listened to the engine and seen what it drove like ... but then I would have wanted it .lol mine ...

    69. Mike Vale

      In Australia these were called Honda N600 'Scamp'. Great little free revving engine with fau wood dash and steering wheel. The 600 also had a tacho, radio, fan boosted heater/demister, rear side opening windows, tiny console and black carpets.They were a fantastic car. There was a poverty special N360 and the very modern looking Honda 360 'Z' which had tiny mag wheels.

    70. Bradley J. Fortner

      Would have been nice to see a burnout, or at least hear it run. Nice slideshow though, I suppose.