1999 v 2019 Riff-Off w/ Camila Cabello

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    When James Corden takes a moment to opine on the hits that defined 1999, Camila Cabello shows up with The Filharmonic ready to defend the biggest bops of 2019, and the only way to settle it is a riff off. Camila offers Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" and Shawn Mendes' "If I Can't Have You," and James counters with Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca" and Santana's "Smooth," before the two settle a beef over a duet of Camila's "Señorita."
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    1. Marcio Oracio

      ok Boomer

    2. Dayeni Batman

      Camila: "Okay boomer" James: *gets offended* Me: FINALLY SOMEONE SAYS IT ON TV XD

    3. Lauren Brooks

      Noone...literally noone Me: thinking: *WE ARE THE GENERATION....* *MUhAHahAHa*

    4. Rajatava Dev

      *Camila's version of If I Can't Have You:* Shawn can't write one song that's not about me, can't drink without thinking about me, it is too late to tell me that, everything means nothing if u can't have me Edit: This sounded way better in my head😂😂

    5. Kavisha Dissanayake

      why does she have Lilly Singh's impressions?

    6. Elif Ibrahim

      Actually james has a good voice 😂

    7. X X

      Y does camilla remind me of my auntie Also. Camilla:Ok boomer Me:Ok Charli d’malio

    8. Tamana Ahmadi

      This is how many times Camila roasted James

    9. Jingdi Tan

      I love you

    10. Adela Sullivan

      James: Screaming and caring on

    11. _upbt hy

      Eu shipo a Camila com o James, mas não shipo Shawnmila.

    12. yahya nouman

      I think that the most important and amazing thing is how the FilHarmonic know what song each of them gonna sing and start harmonizing before them

    13. Zebram5

      Can we talk about how awesome james sounds?

    14. MORGAN Bartley

      I love how she just sings one of the top songs then one about her then hers

    15. lutfiah legita

      Camilla look like

    16. Morts Gaming

      Question: **is this a rap battle or a just a show* 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    17. Nayara Rodrigues

      Essa risada da Camila é ótima

    18. Lia Lalkaka

      7:20 she said "one SHAWN" instead of "one song" 😂😂 so cute😍❤😂

    19. Lili Kataja

      Camilla look so gread

    20. Konstancja Gaj

      Rewatching this the 12th time at 1 am

    21. Adriana Aza

      No one: Camila: oK bOoMeR

    22. ELLO Hi there

      i feel like im watching wrestling seeing how they react lol

    23. James Richardson

      Ok I'm you

    24. James Richardson

      I'm you

    25. Чед ОТ

      This guy says that 1999 was really good year. *Serbs:* TRIGERED

    26. Benjamin Thomas

      James sings hella well

    27. Ben Cottrell

      Why was old town road her first example of 2019? Song is ancient just a remake in 2019?

    28. Jobert Pates

      I love her laugh😂

    29. Shafayat Hossain

      It's a fact actually.Music was better in the 90s

    30. emma mar

      Everywhere shawn mendes!😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    31. N u m b •

      okay BOOmE

    32. Lhing Chongloi

      O she just call you old man so mean

    33. Lillianna Belford

      And Camila said that song Period Love you girl

    34. Isabella Labossiere

      Camila has made old town road 100% better

    35. Jaqueline Devia Castillo

      i love you camila cabello andres song

    36. Rain Thorn

      I love how her and Demi both try to look mean but then they smile and wave to the crowd they look cute

    37. Zoé !!!!

      5:36 :') love her ❤️

    38. Life with Moll!e and Caleb

      All the dislikes are from ppl who liked 1999 music better than 2019 music better

    39. The Man

      "I'm good at keeping my distance" me in my house in quarantine.....well that's good 👍

    40. Niva Dhir

      Is no one going to talk about how she slayed Old Town Road?

    41. Fiorenza

      Ma è uguale a quella di Demi Lovato circa

    42. Aki Adagaki

      James is right but Camila is also right because both years have the best songs in all history

    43. SaphY

      damn she's so charismatic when she performs

    44. Julia Malińska

      awwww Shawn 's song

    45. Brittny K

      I freaking love her laugh

    46. Shay Melvin

      He should do this with Harry Styles (or 1D, if he could kidnap all of them like he did with the jonas bros)

    47. Olivia Hanson

      James is actually a decent singer

    48. Joana Crespo

      Camila Cabello singing her boyfriend's song is all I needed during this quarantine

    49. -Cloudy Miku-


    50. Nova Night

      Heh, he's stuck in the 90's, I'm stuck in the 05's *Emo trash bucket here*

    51. Monica Salinas

      There trash tok is terrible 😂😂😂😂

    52. Priscila Canaan Oliver

      cabelo is sooooooo dumb . na verdade looooooooooser sim perdedora nem sabe se situar na musica

    53. Priscila Canaan Oliver

      i am at de-news.net/online/video-osi1IEj2VcU.html

    54. Philippe Knoefel

      James should have definitely won! Leave a like on this comment if you think so to😀

    55. Lizzie Sanges

      James colour black

    56. Pqna_ Eva

      What's the name of these guys behind them??

    57. playboi des


    58. Olivia Bolijn

      Ariana grande 1999 v 2020 riff off

    59. William Ayele

      Shawn Mendes should see this

    60. Giovanna Calderon

      Do a riff off with Ariana Grande.

    61. Haz Langton-Flint

      unpopular opinion old town road is shit

    62. GamingWithNa 'shi

      2:38 is that Rowan Blanchard? Just askingg😊

    63. Snowflakes_2005

      The minute she started singing Shawn Mendes song I started having chills cause her voice is so 🤤😍😍😭😭😭I wish she does a cover up!

    64. Snowflakes_2005

      I love how she laughs😂😂😍❤️

    65. kez borres

      She's so cuuuttee

    66. Ashysavage 354

      Why does she kinda sound like harley quinn

    67. reneanduray

      YEESSS THE FILHARMONICCCC am I the only a cappella fan watching this lmfao

    68. kamarudheen kamar

      Camila is a one badass singer

    69. reneanduray

      "MUMBO" #5

    70. Gabriella Ziselman

      I think I like 2020