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    1. LifeWithTy

      Sub to my vlog channel ima start posting on here please get me to 10k i will buy you anything you want slat.

      1. LtdreamsQ Ongoinc

        Bet I wana 1v1 n enterprise Alabama u ty n anybody on ur subscribers

      2. Trap-_-God

        I'm your 2000th sub🙌🏾💯

      3. Josiah Sweeney

        Can I get that beat you had in the video so I can make a song?

      4. Antoine Murphy

        I see u with the dirk fade-away lol u still weak tho 🙌🏾


      Wtf is up wit dis nigga shorts

    3. X 1

      Bro they at pacific park that’s brazy they in the town

    4. Kayltlin Gray


    5. babacar biteye

      all ya do is shoot

    6. ZachFromTheM

      Can we just talk about that fat ass court, that nba ass court, then you got them beat ass rims

    7. Ronald McZee

      That was a very long game

    8. James Perkins J.r.

      Is ty playing in his boxers ?😭

    9. david smooth

      Ty dribble like the 1 drunk uncle at the family reunion

    10. Legendary Lxrry

      Bruh I hate how He let him shoot in the end😤💨💀(But he's still a cool guy tho)

    11. Loved Jaws

      If it wasn't double rim cey would be been won, but ty came back so give him his props.

    12. Brandon Keenan

      8:10 🔥

    13. Kent Mosomi

      Ty: "everybody knows I can shoot" Everbody:ummmmm...no you cant n¡Gg@

    14. Cinematiczz_ Gaming

      What type of college ball did y’all play like wtf

    15. DRIZZY JAY

      Ty u hoed the whole game cuh talkin bout go up to 15 then tellin cey we aint doin that ur fault for air ballin cuh

    16. DRIZZY JAY

      When flight put the camera on hos face boy look like a crack head

    17. Tai Adeke

      Ty carry everytime he dribble

    18. King Manga8

      Ty did not contest half the shots cey went for, flight at least tried to stop dude from shooting wtf was ty doing?

    19. JJNOLIMIT Aiken

      Ty stop being a bitch and just play damn

    20. Jason Voorhees

      run this back at la fitness

    21. Bando Brando

      y'all ass

    22. Jiggy Fy 1 TV

      Whenever y'all ready hit me "THE BEST BASKETBALL PLAYING DE-newsR" y'all ain't got no wins ova here

    23. Wdb Kaygee

      I guess the garbage man is there cuz you niggas is trash and ty you can’t shoot

    24. Wdb Kaygee

      I’ll buss all y’all ass no 🧢

    25. Cash-to-the-mere Cash-to-the-mere

      TY you need to TYed up your trash bag for real, cause your game plan is stink... Bro... That's facts tho....😂😂😂but i still f* with u bro..


      niccas make every excuse in the 6ook 😂

    27. Brandon Aught

      That’s cheating and you been around flight too long lmao

    28. Dakoda Lewis

      Imma be real y’all really suck at ball... but y’all way better then flight

    29. Elijah Jones

      Stanima low huh😂😂

    30. ImRisqi X

      Flight gotta be quiet we all know he might be the worst player on earth

    31. Maso 2x

      Nah you won that with that deep 3 💯 But we need to see Ty vs Solluminati 👀🔥🔥 Instant Banger

      1. Kaleb Dixon

        Maso 2x So would cook tf outta him

    32. dee vargo

      It's so crazy to me how people/opponents havent figured out that ty is so weak on his left. Lol. This man literally dribble with his right hand while going left. Force him left, you take his whole game away

    33. MannyIsTheBoss

      Go against Solluminati

    34. Ringwrldheart

      how these niggas gonna keep blaming the rim

    35. Nathan Colvin

      Ty did not play college ball he not good idk what ty been on first he lost to ciante and still called ciante trash when ciante wasn’t even trying then he talkin trash to cey... listen ty U CAN NOT HOOP YOU SHOULDVE LISTENED TO DC THE DON WHEN HE SAID YOUR BUNS

    36. J-Staff

      bro you gotta put a hand up... clap, yell....do something lmao

    37. Coolasshooper

      16:25 nigga not slick he changed pivot foot


      ty been talking shit the whole video 🤦🏽‍♂️

    39. Aaron Madsen

      Y’all sayin wind but ant no trees blowin 😂😂😂👏👏👏 I’m fat and i dribble n shoot better than them 😂😂😂🤷‍♂️ HMU if any of y’all in Cali Fresno 💯 4 hours away from La 🤷‍♂️ y’all lookin to easy

    40. goat sed

      Flight talking in the back like he got skills 🤣🤣🤣🤣nigga trash ah

    41. Rutherford

      My nigga what college did y’all play at 😐

    42. Chance Hekticz

      Flight is so funny

    43. Ramell Walton

      17:17 Ty travels 🤦🏽‍♂️

    44. Ramell Walton

      Do yall here sucking “its to hot right flights das why u lost right” 😭😭 like if yall here sucking 😂😂

    45. Sir.Bigmeat Pete

      Ty losing the sauce but that rim is something evil 😂

    46. Nyia Williams

      Ty always gotta fuck it up at the end 🤦🏾‍♂️

    47. Person Thats Lit

      Ty: you aint got range bro Cey: *every bucket except one was a 2 pt*

    48. Amareé Parks

      Is ty wearing to shoes limit

    49. BTMark

      Force this nigga left 😭😭😭 this nigga trash come to CHARLOTTE on me

    50. Sammy.fn_

      Where TF is that fire ass Beat from

    51. Jaquan Spears

      Ty always tryna change game point 😂

    52. IG: ____DEITY____

      Nigga ty said stanima low huh 😂 type of pronunciation is that @22:23

    53. Eddy 2 Wavy

      Like for every ‘damn’ flight said 💀

    54. ADE

      This man trash

    55. Lorax Gas

      That nigga flight ugly😂😆🤣 9:15

    56. Lorax Gas

      5:50 I died when this nigga flight had excuses behind the camera💀💀💀 “It was too hot... AND THE WIND” 😂😂😂

    57. Odoban Covarrubias

      Who know what kind of ball that was

    58. frank nestan


    59. Bam4k Gold

      Flight looking look like a real life troll doll lol

    60. B-Y Been Him

      You have to be a pure shooter for these double rims 😂

    61. Hella Lit Content

      Cey just shut up u 2 easy, ty 2 fast like u just gotta move more bro n thatz it

    62. Thatboyycolby

      Ty was talking out his neck lmaooo

    63. Thatboyycolby

      if these dudes played in college they were warming the bench all season lmao

    64. XiNk ツ

      100 or better🔥

    65. Jay Smith

      These niggas can’t hoop

    66. Lul Hoopa

      Cey needa play solluminati

    67. LtdreamsQ Ongoinc

      Ty the guy gang

    68. LtdreamsQ Ongoinc

      Play me one v one in Alabama

    69. Emmanuel Charley

      I mean cey could get away wit saying u can’t use backboard bc he didn’t use backboard besides layups the whole game

    70. Delta Papi

      Nobody: Flight: mannn