2-out-of-3 Falls Six-Man Tag Team Match: Raw, July 15, 2019



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    Ricochet & The Usos square off against Robert Roode & The Revival in a chaotic six-man tag team melee.
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    1. Payton Wright


    2. Xavier Shoto

      I like how Robert Roode jumped in the air 0:55

    3. Aldrin Fabon

      It's great for Robert rude to be back

    4. flurix ptrns

      Jez, that phenomenal firearm sell though

    5. Marsha Meloney

      AJ Styles new entrance theme.1:35

    6. IndianWebDesigning

      Again the gutless COWARD SOB named Aj STYLES who called himself PHENOMENAL he should be called --- "The GUTLESS COWARD SOB & ASSH*LE - AJ STYLES" AND WWE knows that very well, so after being calling himself phenomenal he doesn't have his assname on the "Cross-Branded All-Star Top 10 Battle Royal"

    7. Boy Castro

      AJ Styles n the clubs whatta loser👎👎👎

    8. YøøFãvv Will

      Usos going back to old gimmick?

    9. Tommy Nightmare aka Dreamer

      The Brian Kendrick as Ted DiBiase role, and Adam Cole join the club with AJ styles and Gallows and Anderson, Finn Balor as sting role, Have Bo Dallas & curtis axel in roles of Irwin R. Schyster & mr. Perfect Throw in money to join fill the roles. Book it Heyman dammit Aj styles should be at the 1st top of the card.

    10. βιβη Π.

      WOW what a phenomenal forearm

    11. Curb Stomp City

      that was a notch when Scott Dawson was going for the shatter machine and dash wasn't there and Jimmy face planted in the mat

    12. Shpëtim Hasallari

      *Not only Ricochet did fantastic sell but we also should give credit to Carl Andreson selling that Superkick in* 02:05

    13. Robbie Lee

      Damn USOs in another classic

    14. Andre Insomnia

      Us: How about some excellent wrestling? WWE: Another 2 out of 3 falls match?

    15. John Parker

      This match is really much more than amazing.

    16. Datrell Williams

      The Usos and Ricochet makes a dream team💪🏽 The way Ricochet flip when AJ Styles forearm him😱

    17. I am FallenStar65

      So, that Robert Roode mustache gimmick died out I see.

    18. Martin Thomas

      Why is A.J. the one continuing the feud with Ricochet?

    19. six packs abs

      good job! robert roode and cedric alexander are main rosters now.When does ec3 become main roster like them.

    20. Randomly Browsing out ere

      This stupid no wrestling on commercial breaks w/c lead to these 2/3 matches must go.

    21. Jose Antonio Flores


    22. iam Negan

      2:26 but how...?

    23. iam Negan

      0:35 really................ That's 3 count worthy now ? What a joke

    24. Vinicius Vini

      Wtf selling by Ricochet

    25. Farmer_Blade

      Started out as a nice match, but then we fell back into the gang-up. Yawn, boring. Aj and his "crew" are just a repeat, redo or same as before. Trying to become relevant? No, just another story arc. WWE needs to cut down on the "stories" and ambushes and need to start having some memorable matches. nuff said.

    26. Norwall

      What a great video. Been loving all wrestling stuff lately.

    27. Dr JW

      I guess Robert Roode was tired of being compared to Ravishing Rick Rude so he grew back his beard.

    28. Chester Wilson Jr.

      I hope Gallows and Anderson take the Raw Tag Team titles away from the Revival I'm sick of the Revival!

    29. Amin M

      Who wants a rematch of aj vs ricochet at summerslam ?

    30. TheRap Revolution

      Finn Balor joining at Summerslam = $$$$

    31. Jordan Lovett

      Anybody else wanna see like a huge faction warfare? Like everybody has to join a faction to survive in wwe??

    32. corey walker

      I wonder if Ricochet will join a faction now to take on the club.

    33. Michael L. Rayner

      Ricochet doesn't fit with the USOS, he's seems to nerdy, but his high flying ability to deniable to question. Revival and Roode could make a good stable.

    34. Corey Banks


    35. Mustachekid 203


    36. NPM Rocks

      Did y'all see the ref get hit in the face with Robert Roodes foot

    37. Unemployed with Naza

      Recoil?? Looks like the Code Breaker to me.

    38. ReallyNotMateo

      It would of been so dope if the Usos dual superkicked Ricochet when he turnt around then they join The Club 😭

    39. Lo I

      Aj Styles never misses a finisher . Ricochet missed his and robert still gets pinned 1.2.3. 😆 fire these chumps and give aj atyles someone better to fight

    40. The New Packed Entertainments Zone

      Bobby Roode should come back to Impact Wrestling

    41. José Ponterrego

      Hail Ads

    42. Timothy Torres

      3 years since The Usos took on Gallows & Anderson.

    43. Timothy Torres

      Whenever I see a 2/3 Falls Match, I think of CHIKARA Pro.

    44. Netrunner

      Why won't they let Jimmy fall because of Shatter Machine? If they know that they'll gain only one pin why bother with such small moves that make Jimmy look so bad. Won't even bother with first pinfall of this match.

    45. David Garcia

      Another tag 2/3 falls this week on raw playa playa

    46. Jamie Cole


    47. j_badach_xvi

      The club vs USO’s and ricochet should be a fun feud to watch. Maybe we’ll see this at summer slam

    48. Anthony Moorehead

      You think the club gonna add more members??

    49. BJK 13

      This was a fantastic match but stop with the 2 out of 3 falls

    50. Adam Scott

      Roode grew his beard quick

    51. Krish Chawla

      Rip ricochet

    52. Ghost Rider

      The Usos deserves a Raw tag team championship match in Summerslam.

      1. H L

        The Usos vs The Revival vs Gallows and Anderson ladder match for raw tag team champions at summerslam

    53. GhostGuy Bezay

      We just need Finn and Adam cole

    54. MA - 08AD - Beryl Ford PS (1415)

      That sell was more like a dolph ziggler oversell

    55. Luke Francis

      *sniff* *sniff* Do I smell A 6 MAN TAG TEAM TEAM MATCH AT SUMMERSLAM PLAYA

    56. Venus Ramos


    57. Mr Lungs

      That was the best Phenomenal forearm ever

    58. Marquise Lee


    59. The Tur Tel King

      2:24 you’re welcome

    60. Jamari Williams

      That was the best phenomenal forearm sell I’ve ever seen

    61. poopikins

      3 man tag team titles incoming?

    62. Angel Of Hell

      I skipped through the video and thought they attacked aj 😂😂😂

    63. Avigail Estrada

      Why AJ😭

      1. Hafiz Syed Noman Ali.


    64. priyam

      why roode came to wwe idu

    65. Piripiao

      I don't get it Roode deserves at least a title shot, he can wrestle, he can talk, has that it factor if treated right.

    66. Rocky Boys

      Ricochet is way better than aj styles in every way

    67. Ziad Khaled


    68. Jerry Jerri


    69. Walidz 14

      Soooo no one talking about how the USO’s are casually fighting with hoodies at the beginning

    70. Father Flash

      Another 2 out of 3 falls match for absolutely no reason whatsoever