2019 FSR 24 Hour Ration MRE Review Menu #6 BBQ Pork Wrap Meal Ready to Eat Taste Testing



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    The U.S. First Strike Ration is issued to troops in the first few days of heavy combat - before any field kitchens are set up. And weighing about half of 3 MRE's - and taking up half the space. The easiest MRE to prepare and eat. This is part of the future in rations.
    This is a real lean & mean sort of 24hr ration review - and the first of these FSR's which will be re-visited since there are 9 different menus. I'll be keeping any of these FSR reviews at about 20-24 minutes in length.
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    1. John Magus

      Has several knives in the room...still rips the bagle in half. Love it.

    2. John Magus

      What....NO GUSSET?!

    3. John Magus

      0:11 hahahaha

    4. Tommy

      lol 100mg serious... I wish :( Whole bag would barely help me.

    5. CoolbreezeFromSteam

      "Raisin juice concentrate" Wouldn't that just be grape juice then?

    6. Vic C.


    7. A. Tanner

      I like the way he says “Looking pretty gourmet” just after squeezing out that turd shaped chocolate dessert onto the tray.

    8. Country Boy7121

      Cheesy Arm Bagel Lol with some Cheese Spread Gas Station Food Yummmmy Everything a Marine or Army Ranger Needs to live LoL 😂 Love it ..Gotta love Trans Fat Man Yeah ... Breakfast of Champions Brother

    9. bluewhale18

      Damn that could feed an army

    10. catastic1407

      My favorite part of these videos is how he says 'nice'

    11. Luis Rocha

      Who has been binge watching these

    12. jeric lopez


    13. Mark Ledford


    14. Kyle Hughes

      "tactical gas station food"

    15. Fok yu

      A cup of rice to go with that chicken would be nice

    16. Fok yu

      Is that zappa on your shelf?

    17. Mark Callipare


    18. Reagan Hill

      I like the way he says nice every time him gets the food on the tray.

    19. En' Peacee Shekelstein

      Where's the coffee?

    20. Adam Jones

      That turnover looks more like a scone

    21. Frosty32 Da bomb

      “Cough cough “Florida Phase” cough cough”

    22. Benjamin Gable

      “The most advanced, shelf stable, tactical gas station food in the world.”

    23. Benjamin Gable

      “They dig that cheese spread huh...make that thing 1/2 oz smaller.” -Uncle Sam

    24. ben russell

      I appreciate that you obviously use the rations as proper meals and eat the whole thing, rather than just a little taste test.

    25. Zany Jumper

      I think he eats MREs 247 everyday of the week

    26. Prince Turk

      Love the videos gana have to get me a few

    27. mail man

      Only subscribed now 😊 only watched about 30 videos before I realised I wasn't subscribed! Okay lets put it on the tray

    28. Brandi Mackinnon

      Who else wants a tour of Steve’s shelves? There’s always such interesting bits there.

    29. Jennacide

      I'm sorry, But it disturbs me the way he placed that pudding

    30. Thomas Saniuk

      Can we see another really old one

    31. kommi1974

      Loaded with HFCS, tons of sugar and artificial flavors and dyes. Nothing but the best for our troops.

    32. Yan Dzivinskiy

      They are trying to kill y'all with that sugar

    33. Trick skd

      Lets get it on the tray. Nice.

    34. 한준희

      00:10 MRE Super solider?

    35. John Bogan


    36. Ryan Wilson

      Shelf Stable Bagel is the name of my next band

    37. James

      “Only has 20 grams of sugar” yup his American for sure

    38. daniel 6aoht

      Lol when he zoomed in on one of the wraps his like idk about that one

    39. mthwr


    40. 30 Second Golf Lessons

      Classic. Per usual. Thanks!

    41. Random People

      Man... do he always finish off the whole MRE for each testing even if it's bad or taste bad?

    42. Kenneth Grijaldo

      Now I want to be a soldier to eat those

    43. Paralyze Gaming

      Well, your stomick cant be that great after all these years eating everything. :P But oh well. I like the videos ^_^

    44. BrizButt

      this guy is like a cooler version of reviewbruh, looks like him if I was nearly blind and sounds like him but cooler

    45. Sterk Drage

      steve 1989 and hannibal buress agree: pretzels is the same

    46. Joseph Michael Moullet

      Dude, PLEASE release a full length album of your music, I love it, it feels so nostalgic.

    47. delegate zero

      "it's a bread made into a bagel" -Steve1989MREInfo

    48. Dangerous RN

      “The pudding is sooo rich,” he said, Lol. Can we get that on a t-shirt.

    49. alukardFE

      Aren't soldiers mostly on amphetamines the first couple of days?

      1. Dylan L

        You mean the standard half of every western population that seems to be off their rocker. Yeah there are some. It's just the statistics of it.

    50. Chris

      Yea but wheres the camels?

    51. Not Important To You

      16:26 That breast was quite squirty

    52. iffdelta

      First Strike Rations are trash. I always preferred regular MREs when I had a choice.

    53. Ron Bhm

      If you like things that you enjoy than you might find this palatable

      1. Josh Ayala

        I hope I would like things that I enjoy

    54. trevax1278

      This week, on The Californians..

    55. MrAlumni72

      Volume goes down from 75% to about 5% when you are shown standing and eating.

    56. Kenneth Nash

      That odor is descent smelling food. You can try it without getting sick.

    57. Chaz Darvy

      At some times his voice reminds me of Mr. Vandriessen from Beavis and Butthead.

    58. Esre Vinu

      Scoffield is the guy from Prison Break.... Scoville is the scale of heat in peppers,... Love the vids, keep up the good work. Never thought I would find the world of MREs so entertaining, but I spend so much free time watching you eat these lol. I think this is my first comment, but I had to have watched at least 40 of your vids over the past couple weeks!

    59. Claude McLain

      Wish you could get the C-Rats the way we had them in 'Nam...bet you woulda like a bunch of them...even the much maligned ham and eggs (heated, they were decent)

    60. Merlin Flagg

      Love you Steve!

    61. onepcwhiz

      Lol its Scoville, not Scofield. You're probably thinking of Scofield Barracks in Hawaii.

    62. Matthew Wilhoit

      Used those all the time in Afghanistan, tasted better than 95% of the MRE selections. Some of them DO have "trans fats" in them, but they are re-sealable and have the most amazing thing ever.......ZAPPLE SAUCE! 99% of the MRE's don't have trans-fats. NEVER trust those powdered "dairy" things, not unless you want your anus to blow out. That caffeine gum I loved, was kind of bitter, but I go threw a pack in hours.

    63. A Coin

      it bothers me more than it probably should that you called it "ARTIC Mint" instead of "Arctic Mint"

    64. CHRIS S

      $40 for these .... ridiculous cost

    65. Furious Deer

      17:15 succulent piece of chicken

    66. Furious Deer

      i dont get the thing behind the bagels its just a donut bun pretty much so idg why

    67. Burris Streaming

      lol tactical gas station food.

    68. Porsche American


    69. Porsche American

      You should be on t.v.

    70. Yul Pickering

      Who knew I would be here at 3:51am watching a dude eat an MRE. What a time to be alive.