2021 Acura TLX and TLX Type S ― First Impressions Review, Specs & More



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    Read the full story: edmu.in/3c1jsFD. Edmunds gives our first impressions review of the new 2021 Acura TLX and Acura TLX Type S. Check out the specs, 0-60, redesign details, price and more. Is the new Acura TLX a good car? Let’s find out with Mark Takahashi.
    Read Edmunds' take on the 2021 Acura TLX here: edmu.in/3c1jsFD
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    1. Edmunds

      If it's called Super Handling, should it come with a cape? Asking the important questions here. Read the full story here: edmu.in/3c1jsFD

      1. De ViceCrimsin

        See when you reached here? 5:23 they need to make that a design feature to lift the badge. It's intuitive and natural location. I'm sure you wasn't the only one or the last to do this either.

      2. Mark Takahashi

        James Silverio 5’10”

      3. James Silverio

        How tall is then presenter? Curious how tight the back seats are. Is the size of this car in comparison to the Accord?

      4. Nick Modaffari

        Good luck ukłjjjkopiuuwwwqkinii I kk you thorp is your daylight uhjkloppoiiif

      5. Nick Modaffari

        chaka zulu a

    2. bimmer325cic lee

      Acura is now coping Kia new k5 front day time running light. Shame on you. Premium Japanese manufacturer is now coping from everywhere.

    3. De ViceCrimsin

      Front bias but 70 diff to the rear is indeed good. But can I lock the power split? Also it should come standard on the type S.

    4. Samin Khan

      The Type S is going to be my next car. I wonder if I can get a good deal trading in my 2018 Accord 1.5T Sport.

      1. J D

        The estimated price for the Type S is about $60k, if you trade in the Accord 1.5T Sport, the net will probably about $45k or so, it's a good deal in my opinion.

    5. Nischint Ramesh

      I was so excited for this car until I learnt that the exterior length is a 194.6 inches long which is as big as the 5 series, but the wheelbase, interior room and the boot capacity is around the size of a 3 series. It’s big on the outside without being big on the inside. If a car in this category is to be successful, people prefer the opposite. I would seriously consider the Lexus ES over this nonsense. Looks cool though.

    6. narebman

      Why do people reflexively look to the Germans for interior quality? Their high end models are well done but the 3/5 series, C/E class and A3/4/6 are not built well. All their infotainment systems are terrible. They cheap out on materials choices everywhere they can and after about 10000 miles they become rattle traps. Every bmw interior has had the same matte black buttons with the same white typeface against a background of the same matte black plastic for 30 years. Mercedes is at least trying something new but they swathe their interiors in acres of shiny plastic that is dusty and covered in fingerprints almost instantly. Audi has at least committed to having the most bleeding edge high tech look in their interior but the usability is atrocious and they have the same shiny black plastic everywhere. If you want to see interior design done right, look at the Honda Accord. No shiny plastic. Minimal button content, arranged logically and made very well. No gimmicky gear shift. One modest screen mounted in the right place with the right number of redundant buttons and finished in matte to hide fingerprints as much as possible.

    7. Healthy Criticism

      the only thing that I cannot see from my wishlist is a panoramic sunroof

    8. Vicente Rojas III

      Such a beautiful car but I am not a fan on the emergency brake button and the button to start the engine. Nope.

    9. Omair Sheikh

      That Type-S is SEXY, but I know it'll be way too expensive :/

    10. MGP 9

      Mark, did you see rear USB ports while you were in the back seat?

    11. Aaron Salazar


    12. Ty V

      excellent car and beautiful in and out.

    13. I Like Watching Anime

      The 2021 TLX already deserves to be car of the year next year!👍 I will wait 5 years from 2021 to 2026 when the new tlx depreciates but not too much to the point where its the sweet spot, has a warranty still and I know more about it from repair reports and recalls. Its a completely new tlx so I have no idea how that one will hold up.

    14. Jase Yiu

      Acura really need a new designer, that’s one of the many reason we see more and more Lexus and less Acura on the streets.

      1. Irshan Gill

        Jase Yiu disagreed

    15. John Song

      BMW is major league.. Acura , Infiniti, Lexus are double a league

      1. John Song

        Benz isclosed to major.. audi is three full league

    16. John Song

      Front wheel based car, handling and performance are week.. Today, test drive BMW and honda Acura, will see too much difference Even g70 is better than acura

    17. Mie he G

      price and power/weight ratio for the type S?

    18. Ho Lee Fok

      for me looks like a japanese volvo.

    19. Anthony Rubbertoe

      Damn no manual...

    20. eyang7

      The front Looks like an audi 🤦‍♂️

    21. FlashWave2020

      Would love to upgrade from my 05 TL A-Spec. But I’ve been so disappointed by the TL/TLX over the years I’ll take a wait and see on this one.

    22. DoubleAIV

      I want a coupe version of the Type S, am I the only one?

    23. theory816

      the new grill is so ugly!

    24. T 800

      Just like the Germans it has proper suspension, quality interior and cool rear biased awd system with TVD. But since it's engine, transmission and awd system are Japanese, it means: that unlike German cars, this one is properly engineered, thus it's far more superior.

    25. S Wii

      Not reliable. Honda is more reliable, transmission is engineered to die, make sure you come back to buy new.

      1. Mario S.

        Acura is a Honda product . So, Acura is Honda.

    26. oshi haruppi


    27. Nizm0350z

      it better have 400HP to compete with the Q50S RS400

    28. mrxyz2k

      Thank God finally TLX back passenger get doors pockets.

    29. mrxyz2k

      Cargo size is less than Honda Accord 2020, 13.5 to 16.7 Cubic Feet.

    30. Steven Liao

      So basically a nicer Honda Accord

    31. Ren Lo

      I wish he would’ve mentioned his height when he sat in the back.

      1. Mark Takahashi


    32. thinhv12

      but where is the s2000?

    33. 76132texas

      I agree with what he said about the infotainment system- bring back the buttons and knobs. I drove the RDX and can tell you trying to use a small touchpad while driving 70 mph on the highway is potentially hazardous, especially if you are forced to take your eyes of the road and look down just to see it as you will in the TLX.

    34. Rodney Milner

      The TLX also now replaces the RLX.

    35. travi

      4 door coupe? Huh?

    36. Tinh in nh

      Don’t really like the old Infiniti C-pillar windows

    37. Detecting Stuff

      I cant wait for Mazdas 2021 line.

    38. Johnny Zhang

      who can tell me what that plastic thing on the front grill is? looks weird and I want to peel it off.

      1. Mark Takahashi

        It’s the transceiver for the radar (frontal collision mitigation and adaptive cruise control). It’s wide like that because it has a very wide beam.

    39. MyRaptorz

      That type s needs fog lights

    40. Lift Heavy

      Not sport if no clutch pedal.

    41. CoaCHSNiPeR

      I completely agree with the touchpad being a dumb idea. Keep it simple stupid when it comes to infotainment. I don't need to be fumbling around trying to figure out something new or more cumbersome than a standard dial/scroll wheel. This is why laptop owners buy a mouse and don't use the worthless mouse pads. Just because you are luxury doesn't mean you need to complicate. Other than that, I think this is a beautiful machine.

    42. Z U

      They're trying so hard to get it to look good...but that long beaking hood. No thanks. Acura is a plastic brand

      1. Z U

        TL is now the new Ford Taurus.

    43. Boris Zeng

      Waddup Ken Jeong

    44. Normie Lurker

      Love the review, except, comparing this beautiful beast to a Bemer is doing it a disservice. It offer much more value than its German 'analogue'

    45. Jim Kok

      Will they come out with a two door?

    46. Baby Cats

      I dont want a q50s anymore

    47. jedi 76

      I'll stick with my 2015 TLX

    48. Babydragon48

      Has anyone ever used this type of gear selector? If so how was it compared to the generic gear shift? Want to get opinions because idk if this will be a deal breaker.

    49. strm627

      I don't think any 4 series styling comparisons will be considered a compliment after this week lol.

    50. アルプス工業

      it's a shame there are no Acura dealers here in Japan, even their home country.

    51. Hmong Christian Guy

      Ugly, no different, please stop the cars addiction.

    52. Cory Barnes

      400 horses or no deal

    53. Z Jones

      The top trims of the Subaru Legacy give you literally everything here except the badge and a much better value.

    54. Nando B

      I miss my DC5

    55. Michael Willis

      I’m so excited for this car. I have been following this car since the redesign came out.


      Good presentation 🤷‍♂️

    57. Bmw Sk1

      Finally a car, worth buying from Acura. Acura lost me at year 04. I haven't considered them since then. If the type s has 400 hp, I may consider

    58. Neutral

      It will be over 60k after options and a dealer raw dog. Probably make about 340 hp. The only real potential is that it might make near 425 hp making it somewhat worth it, but still not possible for most. It will probably flounder around like the way overpriced Supra. But I really hope not, I wouldn’t pay over 48k for it.

    59. Carlos Hernandez

      I don’t like that gear selector 😭 but this car is looking hella attractive , exterior wise.

    60. hojas yes

      tail lights are very similar to 86/brz🤔

    61. Kami Cross

      German car is good for luxury and entertainment. Japanese car is for comfort, reliable, fun, affordable, entertaining and fast. German cars always breakdown.

    62. Hai Fisch

      the Car looks very good outside, the inside is not my taste and the Info Display without Touch is a no Go in this Class.

    63. Paddle Shift

      IMHO a fail. Outside looks good, but interior is typical group committee design. Not sure by this presentation but if the screen is non touch then a huge fall as android auto on a non touch screen is terrible. Only thing that could turn me into a potential buyer is if the engine comes out close to 400+ horsepower then that would compensate for a crappy interior. Also if the handing is more BMW like, that would be great too.

    64. Gabriel Flores


    65. LSWL00

      give it up acura u are no longer relevant in luxury quit trying to make a comeback each year u try but fail face it bmw/mercedes /audi are more dominate than u are and will always be.. unless u bring back the legend and integra and the sport coupes all u make is lame boring 4 door sedans and try to make em fast /sporty your sales suck compared to your rivals

    66. Kegan Thomas

      Oh wow I want one ... share.cshcrates.co/Firelinkz

    67. J J

      Is it still a car that needs to burn flammable liquid to move? Get with the times, build a car that makes instant torque without burning decomposed dinosaurs.

      1. Gabe Hernandez

        Then why did you click the video? This is a drivers car not fake audio pumped into the cabin electric car. I like electric cars too but don’t diss the tlx... ever.

    68. ドラゴン


    69. j cortes

      Overall it’s looks good . Too bad about not having a real shifter and the gimmicky infotainment system . Oh , and I should have had a flat bottom steering wheel .

    70. Andy101

      I mean they say this will finally be the generation to compete with the Germans every new generation...