2021 Acura TLX | First Look

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    Not long ago we were checking out the Acura Type S concept, which was going to inform this. The second-generation Acura TLX. We’ve got limited time here and there’s a lot to check out, so let’s go.
    The TLX retains the overall profile of the Type S Concept, with a bit less of a roof slope and the rear isn’t quite as dramatic, but a lot of the sexy character lines we loved make it to this production model.
    From the front, Acura did a great job bringing in the Jewel headlights and the intakes and while it’s not as extreme, they still allude to the gorgeous concept look. And just a thank you for not making the diamond pentagon grille visible from space. Instead, they added another intake right below which makes it all feel well proportioned.
    The rear gets what Acura calls those “chicane” taillights that I think are so classy.
    Nice wide stance, check. Long dash-to-axle ratio and short deck lid, check. It’s also longer got a longer wheelbase and is a little over 2-inches wider so as well as looking more performancy and cool than the previous generation, it should feel more planted when you’re driving it.
    Also, to help out in that arena, Acura’s upgraded their torque vectoring system and that Super-Handling AWD will be available if you’re looking for added stability.
    Also new, the dedicated platform the TLX rides on, which Acura says to have 50% more torsional stiffness than the last one. Obviously, we have no idea how this chassis feels, but we’ll hopefully get to drive it soon and find out.
    Powering that chassis around is Acura’s 2.0-liter DOHC turbo (272 hp; 280 lb-ft torque) that’s currently in the RDX. We think it’s pretty fun in that package, so we’re looking forward to seeing how it performs here.
    Following shortly on the standard models’ heels, the long-awaited TLX Type S arrives. That performance variant gets Acura’s again “new” 3.0-liter dual-scroll turbo V6, which power numbers aren’t available on yet, but Acura claims it will make good on their Precision Crafted Performance mantra.
    Both of those engines get a 10-speed automatic transmission, the Type S as well as the A-Spec model, which is primarily a performance appearance package, get paddle shifters, too.
    The TLX’s cockpit design at first blush feels well laid out. It’s not super futuristic with nothing but touchscreen, but the ratio with buttons looks about right. We really like the look of the sport seats and the TLX gets some nice-looking high-end materials like open pore wood and Milano leather.
    It’s got a 10.2-inch display here, but it’s not a touchscreen. Acura’s sticking with their touchpad system. The last time I used this reviewing the RDX it took some getting used to, but you do. Oh, speaking of the RDX, the TLX gets that same sound system, and it’s stellar.
    The TLX also gets new exterior paint and interior colorway options some of which sound super intriguing like Phantom Violet Pearl. And there’s leather on the Type S called Light Orchid. I cannot wait to see those.
    For those interested in not going to auto body shops with all this new Acura engineering, all TLX models will come equipped with AcuraWatch, Acura’s suite of driver-assistance tech.
    Acura’s crammed a mountain of new stuff in the second gen TLX. From nose to toes there’s going to be a lot to dive more deeply into when we get our hands on this.

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    1. Hubert Tai

      Acura leave Hong Kong long time ago and not to compete with Benz, BMW, Audi and Lexus. Their action means the product is not good enough to survive in quality demand market.

    2. Random Youtube Watcher

      I can't afford a model S but I sure as hell can get a type S!

    3. james Gand

      You and Micah are the best

    4. 邵仁松

      the only attraction of this car is the width.

    5. Artkidtek

      What is she wearing lol

    6. Sharmz Henry

      So no manual

    7. theory816

      now that is one ugly looking car

    8. Logan Gamache

      Whats the deal with the radar shield on the front? I don't care for the look. Other than that, beautiful car. My 2015 had awful transmission issues, and I traded it in for a BMW. Hopefully Acura fixed the issues.

    9. Datanime

      Acura finally did it. New interior...with one screen.:O lol

    10. Akhmad Gutama

      Using accord frame, better looks become acura tlx

    11. Princess Jay

      That’s one hot 😍

    12. 1fnfigi

      Oh Acura thank you for not putting a massive grill on this car. Seriously thank you

    13. mon mon

      It looks like KIA K5(optima)

    14. prophet DJS

      Watch out all other car manufacturers Acura is back

    15. Ansar Muhammad

      FINALLY Acura produced a competitive sedan for the entry level luxury market. Lexus has been winning the race for years and Infiniti (aka Nissan+🤣) is a dead stick. Good job Honda👌👍

    16. ZayFromDaWay

      Honda please bring back the 6 speed them paddle shifters so corny

    17. mark price

      You finally get the styling down....and then stick a turbo in it. Good grief ....Honda has gone insane forcing buyers to eat their troublesome turbos.

    18. Paul House

      That review must have been a bit early in the morning for Lynn ;-)

    19. Langolier

      This car is still better than the EUROJUNK

    20. Santiago Marron

      Hopefully it has apple play .?!!

    21. ginger

      Is she wearing PJs?

    22. V G

      I don't think that tint is legal! 😂

    23. Cesar Esquer


    24. ドラゴン


    25. rivengle

      Just taking a minute to appreciate bringing the casual look to a car unveiling.

    26. Believe In Yourself

      This car is going to lose sales as usual

    27. carlosdeahuis

      Horrible look on that lady

    28. tech BCIT

      Awesome design! Stunning style! ☝️😎😎👍

    29. Anon521

      Fail. No manual

    30. richard blackcloud

      The presenter is terrible, the car is beautiful!

    31. Edmac12

      This “new” TLX platform is just a modified Accord platform. The fact that the 2019 TLX was on a 16 year old platform shows that there was never a need for a completely new platform. They’re trash and handle like it too. As soon as Honda makes a FR platform design that is modern, that will be when their cars start to actually handle decently. Such wasted potential.

    32. Pablo Valdes

      Still behind Infiniti

    33. Wesley Lindstrand


      1. Langolier

        Don't sleep go buy one ... that infotainment was the only thing prevented you from buying one.

    34. Daniel kim

      What a missed opportunity, the concept was stellar the final version...I won't be buying it

    35. Manh Hakchareun

      I feel like this should have been the new accord

    36. Florida Hotboy

      I just saw a video on the Honda Advancier saying it will have 370 hp, I’m willing to bet that’s about how much the TLX Type-S will have.

    37. Paul Watson

      the tail lights could have been bolder. the "c" pillar is decent. hate black interiors.

      1. Joshua Rutter

        Black interiors are so practical tho and don’t reflect the sun so much. But I’m with you, I prefer white like Tesla and Genesis and even Mazda included an optional white leather in their new CX-30.

    38. PowerHungry

      Love the review. Very informative and concise.

    39. Anthony Tilley

      Another let down compared to the concept. Classic

    40. Chris

      I was gonna trade in but it's not as good looking as the concept imo.

    41. Jose Contreras

      Is that the newer Honda Accord chassis now?

    42. erlin lemus


    43. accuratein04

      Thank you Lyn!

    44. BrooklynBound4

      No pano roof?

    45. aaronchase38

      Didn't they do a sport wagon in the past? Thats my hope... Or the RDX type S if that happens

    46. Ram Manohar

      Brand new Honda Accord with Acura logo, wow.l!

    47. trader x art 9

      This is the new TLX? Are you sure?? Looks like the last one with a slight refresh. Nothing spectacular. This car will be a very tough sell.

    48. Shakaib Hayat

      The back looks like an ILX

    49. Prince Walker

      Wow!! She's really annoying.

    50. elitemuslimballers

      Honestly the car looks super ugly. Previous tlx at least the front looks better

    51. coulton bishop

      Nissan take notes

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    53. Panta Rhei

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    54. Red Paris

      Are you serious 🙄 I was so excited to actually see the type s on the road. What the heck is this? Door handles, less aggressive grill, ugly door cills, chunkier mirror. Common Acura

      1. Daniel kim

        I know...I want to support Honda and want to buy Acura but they want to keep staying cheap...what a shame

    55. Scott Anders

      They could have put a six speed manual in the Type S , sad .

    56. Novus Cologne Music

      Looks 2017-2018

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    58. Dennis Nguyen

      gorgeous, honda hit a homerun

    59. Carl Fichtner

      She dresses like a toddler... Almost 50 years old... Great car though 👍

      1. Daniel kim

        Seriously? It matches her personality imo and she's still hotter than most women half her age

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      Honestly this was a great review and the cars look fantastic wow.

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      Darn first looks... no driving the PCH to give the middle Americans that “roller coaster” experience 😉

    68. Dipanjal Roy

      I feel like lexus looks way better ar performs way better too and feels more luxurious too. Acura sounds and looks cheap.

    69. Victor Alvarez

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    70. Ryan Balmes

      So...I understand its a new platform, but is this TLX the Acura version of the newer Honda Accord? Just wondering. They look similar

      1. R R

        Different platform