2021 Acura TLX - First Look at New TLX and Type S

Drivers Only

Drivers Only

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    Here is a First Look of the new 2021 Acura TLX and the newest Type S trim. Check out the new awd, interior, dimensions and engines!
    What are your thoughts on the 2021 TLX vs 2020 TLX? Is the 2021 TLX the luxury sedan for you?

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    1. o arne

      Real performance cars will have a manual transmission, or at least the option.....

    2. o arne

      I need a manual transmission option, why no manual transmission, I still love driving manual transmission, Cmon Acura......

    3. Mark Arament

      I drive an Accord with a V6. Love to buy next generation Accord with that 3.0 Turbo. Don't care about the other gadgets.

    4. Yamaha R1

      Jesus Christ those body lines are sick. I cant wait till I find a clean pre owned certified used one with 60k for a great price

    5. JavierSeis PabloJai Jordan GOAT

      already got my name on the list at all the acura dealers within 100 miles of me. The first one to get the A-spec type S V6 dual turbo engine next March in the exclusive red color w/ the NSA wheels and summer tires w/ the red brembo front calipers and the carbon fiber accents and the two tone interior gets my business. I'll be adding it to my 2019 BMW 340i M Sport so it'll give me two great toys to cruise and wreak havoc on my city streets! C'mon San Antonio or Austin who gets my purchase!!!

    6. Irksome Corsaire

      I have a 2012 TL SH-AWD. other than better looks and some electronic upgrades I don't expect to be envious of anyone except 21 Type S owners.

    7. MJ Zoom

      Looks awesome

    8. antukahode

      The back looks more like the TSX now (frustrating) and seems smaller and less attractive than what the older TL's looked like. Inside, dashboard area looks too busy. The absence of a traditional gear shifter is a total turn off as well on a sporty vehicle, at least for me.

    9. Chinese080808

      IMO, I think the type S would be even hotter if it was available in manual.

    10. Marco Ulibarri

      Total disappointing interior.

    11. Joe M

      Thanks for the review George, I'm loving the new Type-S!

      1. Drivers Only

        You and me both!

    12. thinhv12

      but where is the s2000?

    13. Aakash Bhaskar

      I love tlx

    14. Aakash Bhaskar

      Most most most beutifull car

    15. kurogtong101

      Looks nice, I wish they will add wider tires as an option especially the type s...

    16. Yacin Ibrahim

      I like new acura tlx type s but it doesn't came with manual transmission now that's sad and I love my old acura tl type s manual transmission the design of the new Acura tlx type s is beautiful but no manual transmission is sad☹🙁

      1. MJ Zoom

        No one is putting manuals in new standard production cars anymore because they don't sell enough of them.

    17. Hedge Master

      Just not a fan of the middle console. Previously having the 18 A-SPEC. When I had the 94 Legend and brought it for service. I used 2012 TL as loaners and MDX and the 1 of the reason I fell in love was that middle console. Dual being able to control multiple things. Now it's like I'm limited. On the A-SPEC I loved how I could see it in Sport at all times. Then in the middle of the speedometer I get to see it change to Sport+. I'm still going to check it out when it arrives.

    18. 8TK8 guy

      High revving engine with track focus suspension and body .

    19. James Daple

      The whole team did good!!

    20. James Daple

      I hope Mrs Modina goes far what a nice voice and outfit !!! she had class!!

    21. LateNightGamerDad

      I’m back.

    22. Retired Early 53

      The rear end looks Exactly like my Grandpa's 2015 Buick Verano !!!!! How COOL is that ??????????

    23. Gyun Choi

      I like Audiish Kiaish lights and fron design

    24. Mr.Tweezy007

      That rear end looks ugly as hell. I hope they change it!

    25. 須藤正男


    26. Snake Plissken

      They should have renamed it the Legend. One of the greatest mysteries an automobile history is how Acura allowed the greatest name of a vehicle to die.

    27. SHAZOM

      Would take a Stinger or a G70, instead of this , they're both will have upgrades for 2021.

    28. FiatDuster

      This looks like an exciting car but it's a horribly boring video

    29. Ned Shipi

      Finally a Sports car from honda beside typ r nsx

    30. relle19

      2022 Mazda 6 comparo will be interesting. Moving to rear drive and inline6

    31. turpitz blas

      This is next level. The type S is coming out just in time, right when I should be in the market for my next vehicle.

    32. Arsinyx

      It’s an accord with a bodykit

      1. MJ Zoom

        Shares nothing with the Accord.

      2. Maticalise Music Master

        It is not. It is a all new vehicle on an Acura exclusive platform

    33. jakemc75

      way dent they make the acura type s look like the concept... it do not look exactly like it... all this time I been saving picture of the concept hoping that it will look just like it a copy of it front to back but it is not.. this is a boot leg of the concept,,, I hate when car designer get ppl all pump up on whats coming out ,an it don't be exactly what they are advertise. I save up $35,000 to drop down on the (Type s) because I was waiting on the concept twin, in I still drive the 2004 acura TL.. it was time for me to up GRADE to something stronger in the concept Truly got me. until this happen.. what happen?the boot leg happen of the concept...concept ? what do that mean ?

    34. J.R. Arnolli

      Name it Accord, bring it to Europe too, with also a stationwagon-version of the 3.0T V6 😋

    35. E W

      I'm all about Honda but I wont spend the money. My latest car: A 2002 Accord special edition. It's my most perfect Honda to date and has everything I want. Cloth seats, sunroof, remote locks, upgraded radio, power drivers seat & the 2.3 VTEC. It belonged to a 93 year old lady who passed in December. She could afford anything. She was very wealthy and lived in the house she owned for decades. That was sold for a few million. She loved this car and overspent at the Honda dealer to keep it perfect. I have the service records. It has 40,000 miles and drives just like it drove off the assembly line as new.

      1. MJ Zoom

        Totally irrelevant. Lol. Ur not in the market for such a vehicle, clearly.

      2. J.R. Arnolli

        😳You lucky bastard💨💨💨💨💨

      3. Craystuff

        Ok nobody cares

    36. Marian Serban

      Amazing exterior design, engines and technology. Despite v good material, the interior design is not that great (red one is quite ugly). Never understood why Honda/Acura doesn't address this interior design lack of vision and unity. Also noticed that like most producers (except the germans which figured it out) designers have a big problem designing and positioning the air vents.

    37. Txawj Vwj

      This looks better than the supra 💯

    38. InuranusBrokoff

      Huge win for Acura. My only gripe is the rear quarter window doesn't follow the design language of the rest of the vehicle.

    39. Charlie S

      Looks hot love to see it in Australia

    40. ewj omega

      Shut up and take my money... this machine looks great.

    41. StealthNinjaX2

      the rear end looked better in the 2020 model

      1. dnasty76

        @Retired Early 53 yes. We've heard you say this many times already.. 😅

      2. Retired Early 53

        This rear end looks exactly like my Grandpa's 2015 Buick VERANO !!!!!! How Cool is that ????????

    42. JuanK Bedoya

      love it...!!

    43. Jason Burch

      Anyone tell acura that the mouse pad was not popular in lexus

    44. Alexei Voloshin

      So far it look like the car was designed by a committee. We’ll see how it is in real life.

    45. EnnesX

      I don't have a problem with the car besides the rear styling a bit, but overall it should be noted this is a very full blown expression of Honda of America design, and very 180 from Honda of Japan design.

      1. Alexei Voloshin

        EnnesX That’s what I’m afraid of.

    46. TheKingkingg

      The profile is similar to my 2020 Accord Sport 2.0...just a lot better, which the accord is already so awesome and fast, and drive so awesome.

      1. MJ Zoom

        @theory816 Nothing about this new TLX platform is from the Accord, it's all-new.

      2. D-BO 842

        @theory816 the platform is all new. It maybe have some similar design cues but its not an accord.

      3. SSaini

        I have the 2019 RDX and that 2.0T engine is very responsive and powerful.

      4. theory816

        No shit dude. Its built on the accord platform.

    47. TheKingkingg

      Really awesome 👍 and thank you for your video

      1. Drivers Only

        Your welcome!

    48. jo yeongbin

      This one will be much better than next gen IS, but Acura still feels like better Honda's car not like Hyundai and Genesis. I cannot image Hyundai when I see new Genesis G80.

    49. Captain Jack

      I consider the current gen TLX last year but decided to go with an Accord Touring 2.0T. Now, one year after owning and loving that car Acura has gone and done it. I will have to get this car.

      1. Drivers Only

        Nothing wrong with the Accord touring!

    50. Lonewolf rider

      Inspired by Alfa Romeo

      1. Retired Early 53

        And , also by the 2015 BUICK VERANO in the rear end !!!!!!

    51. Earthy Sin

      Type S I'm in love again.

      1. E W


    52. Brian Milam

      Loving this car... the back reminds me of an integra old school meets new🔥🔥🔥on all levels.

    53. Michael Kim

      Type S, 3.0 V6 baby! That's my car!!!

    54. Andy Jacobs

      I love it and foresee a TLX Type S in my future as early as 1st quarter of 2022. I’m so impressed. Kudos to Acura!

    55. Miguel A. Rivera S.

      I'll buy the coupe with manual trans. with bitcoin in the future.

      1. FallingInReverse

        There is no manual option

      2. Painted Bird

        hope bitcoin last longer than a year.

      3. Steven Zurk

        You might have to shift to another dimension for that one. I'm right there with you though

    56. Carlos Alberto Bautista Minaya

      Looks nice, lets see how its drives

    57. Kevin Smith

      To bad it doesn't have a shift lever. Where's my shift lever!

      1. Craystuff

        In 2008 grandpa.

      2. Harut Hajin

        Behind the steering wheel .

    58. FatWhite Tuna

      resemblance of an Accord

      1. MJ Zoom

        No it doesn't

      2. Painted Bird

        below front door - thinking the same

    59. Aahil Rogers

      God I hate that piano black interior plastic bullshit. That kills it for me

    60. James Wisrik

      At .58sec.. silver looks good! I'm afraid this will not sale well. Even if it drives great. The rear looks awkward, the profile is Infiniti inspired. The grille is ok!

      1. Sergio Villalobos

        @Fai ask the finance Co. to extend the lease for a couple of months. Of course you will pay for a whole new year on registration fees. Or just wait like I did for a year after my lease expired waiting on the type S. I need to test drive it now because it did change its look from the concept which I loved! If it doesn't impress me I will just buy a Tesla or Mercedes AMG

      2. Charles Babella

        Fai You can lease your car monthly til this car comes out, that’s what I’m doing already talked to Acura about it my lease runs out this July.

      3. Steven Zurk

        Fai you could also ask to extend your lease until the type a comes out. Just an option.

      4. ssr1680

        @Eian B. Yeah but don't you think its time for an all new one ? Its been around along time. The current ilx isn't competitive

      5. Eian B.

        ssr1680 Acura has the ILX as their compact sedan.