2021 Acura TLX - Full Presentation - TLX Type S first look | Ready to fight Audi A4/S4?



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    Acura revealed the quickest, best-handling and most well-appointed sedan in the brand's 35-year history - the new 2021 Acura TLX.
    With a model-exclusive body structure and chassis architecture, all turbo engine lineup, and an athletic stance with bold proportions, the new TLX delivers dramatic gains in both style and dynamic performance. The first Acura sedan fully designed around the brand's Precision Crafted Performance ethos, the 2021 TLX will arrive at dealerships early this fall with a manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) starting in the mid-$30,000 range.
    The second-generation TLX also marks the highly anticipated return of Acura's Type S high performance variant after a decade-long hiatus. The TLX Type S, arriving next spring, will be powered by an all-new Acura exclusive 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 engine developed for Type S levels of performance. Additionally, the new TLX Type S will be the first Type S model to feature Acura's torque vectoring Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) system, making it the best handling and most performance-oriented Acura sedan yet.
    In fulfilling its mission as a thoroughly modern sport sedan, the 2021 TLX integrates a multitude of performance, comfort and connectivity technologies first deployed on the highly successful third-generation Acura RDX. These include a high-output 2.0-liter VTEC turbocharged engine, 4th-generation SH-AWD system, award-winning Acura ELS STUDIO 3D premium audio and the latest iteration of Acura's driver-focused True Touchpad Interface.
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    1. yasshi sagawa


    2. skuzzle butt

      Honda is still losing sales every year since they dropped coupes form the lineup.

    3. Ken Tau

      The community isn’t interested in dramatic looks. Keep it simple and we’ll buy it. No wonder it looks ugly asf now, it’s far from it’s orgin.

    4. Joseph Seo

      A4/s4? Don’t dare to fight!! Type s is back

    5. florinvid

      I kept waiting for the specs for the v6 in the type s. They never came. Good joke acura.

    6. SKH

      They don't know why it's not sold..

    7. Thomas Nguyen

      Can't wait for this to go head to head with the BMW 3 series and the new Lexus IS

    8. Thomas Nguyen

      Is it just me or the rear tail lights look a lot like the new BMW 4 series?

    9. Derrick Watkins

      I ll be seeing next level hyper performance car soon, And I never drive a Acura in my life..

    10. Derrick Watkins

      Let your employees drive this car..

    11. Derrick Watkins

      I dnt know Acura, you have genesis too. Ok

    12. Derrick Watkins

      I do like the design on this car. The type S is smooth . But can it out do. I see the people who's behide this never drive this car , why not.. ?

    13. Derrick Watkins

      Ok Acura, I never seem to like you but till now, you have my hand ok. But can this car. Keep up with others like lex, or ford, chevy, .

    14. LurkerDood

      Make a TLX Type-R 😄🤣👍

    15. Google User

      OMG 🤤🤤🤤🤤

    16. 2lookatyou

      The style look like Mazda, whether I am the only one?

    17. Will Sowles

      Got my 08 TL-S :)

    18. damianraver

      Still needs more power......

    19. you and me

      Accord on steroids?

    20. Alex Mustata

      Copied the back of the regal gs still good looking tho

    21. kevin mccarthy

      Probably already has a recall LOL

    22. cordellej


    23. TChighbury

      Not sure who this is being marketed to; the interior looks well built but slightly dated, the exterior looks interesting but oddly proportioned (at least to my eyes). Maybe those who want a more reliable Giulia and are prepared to trade off a little on the styling?

    24. Charles Lowrey

      Type S 355 HP. A Kia stinger has 365 hp and more torque. Infiniti Q50 Red Sport has 400hp. Don't even get into American, or German sedans, AMG, S4/S6, M3/M5, CTSV. Acura missed the boat.

    25. M. U.

      They stole the rearlights from the new 4 Series :0

    26. Hakko Erdem

      Okay.... I will Order one White Typ S , put on custom Exhaust from Downpipe to rear end, maybe a larger intercooler, little mapping with little more boost , concave rims, lower Suspension, and there it is a 450 - 500 HP Bad Ass Mean Sedan. Please Acura Tell me that you will shipp this Thing to Germany to

    27. Jon M

      need in europe ....

    28. Oscar Santizo

      Nice Alfa Romeo !!

    29. Christopher Gibson

      You lost me at 2.0 litre

    30. keiming227

      Honda Civic Type R is better

    31. Park마루치

      My car 2020 Acura t. L. Xㅠㅠ

    32. Vann Wilder

      Its gorgeous and don't let me talk about the handling

    33. Brian Mahlstedt

      Ah i see honda finally turned an accord into a “type r”

      1. NW_ innovations

        There already is an accord type R, well Euro R, but nah, this type S is more insane than even the Type R civic

    34. ramis Dayi

      Looks good hopefully it comes with 6 speed and 6 cylinder it will be fire

    35. tony

      Good on reliability but the rest of the car is junk

    36. Luke M

      2021 brand new model with 2019 RDX interior. Just slightly modified. What the hell Acura! At least 1-2 generations behind the Germans. Sad.

    37. Manoel Messias

      3ms carros é um canal no DE-news que fala sobre carros

    38. ahmad zazai

      I think I m going to trade my 2015 with 2021 tlx

    39. Pittas Savvas

      Did you get a permit for the ass from Alfa ? Sorry but, no thanks

    40. nestex1

      Stolen from bmw mercedes and Audi omg

    41. 댕댕이꼬미

      kia K5 아니누..

    42. CTRwannaB

      Inline 4 with only 270hp. No bigger motors? Pass

    43. ntphong999

      M240 i

    44. Mike Kind

      I don’t know. To me it looks like every other car on the road. I feel like car companies can do better. These small little differences are not really making cars look dramatically different from each other.

    45. Adam 2.0

      Such a shame not in the UK I’d buy it.

    46. Terrhan Daniels

      A ménage a trios between the Gulia, Accord, and the Camry. I’m just trying slide into the mix.

    47. IIIRattleHeadIII

      AWD honda? O_O The world is a different place now. Also I want to see the Acura Type S.

    48. Ил Хара


    49. Muhammad Ayaz

      Rear looks like Renault small sedan

    50. Ernesto MadeUC

      3.0 🥴🥴🥴🤢

    51. Mario Botti

      Luckily is not coming to Europe........................

    52. Mario Botti

      Front design is horrible

    53. Ling Ling


    54. Robinzon81

      Looks like Toyota Corolla 🤣🤣🤣🐖💨💨💨

    55. Darko

      Not for Vienna 😁

    56. 제성박

      Kia new k5?

    57. Luis Herrera

      This is how the 10th gen civic should ve looked like,the new civic looks like ugly lowered mini suv

    58. jeremy thonnes

      😂 Fight to audi A4 Interior is very bad bad bad New tlx

    59. m3c43

      If I want a car designed by Americans I will buy an American car. Stupid honda I will never buy honda ever

    60. Johnny B. Good

      It's awesome but.... Make a coupe with a manual and make it look more like the concept

    61. Binh Mai


    62. Drips Avill

      Looks like a BMW and kia had a baby

    63. Антон Авдеев

      Тачка огонь!!! Если бы была цена такая же не дорогая как новая камри, то я бы не задумываясь купил бы именно эту акуру, для разнообразия, а то многие устали от камри)

    64. John Lee

      Looks like they did a great job with the revamp but.. Mid 30k to 45k for type S? No thanks I'll take the 2021 Genesis g70

    65. Антон Авдеев

      Круче чем голая камри ) от которой все уже давно устали, никакого разнообразия, про субару легаси совсем забыли, Хонда аккорды тоже

    66. gato papas

      Kia k5? :v

    67. Alan Lee

      Outdated af

    68. YODA TRDOR

      Stayed interested until....it’s a 4 cylinders FWD.

      1. Jagdeep Dhillon

        Turbo V6 AWD is coming spring 2021

    69. EAL

      Okay, Tesla or Acura?

    70. Henry Wang

      Did Acura seriously just compare the TLX with A7 and Panamera...?