2021 Acura TLX Type S



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    Arriving spring 2021, the TLX Type S builds upon the A-Spec styling elements, elevating TLX's sporty appearance even further. At the front, a unique open-surface Diamond Pentagon grille and larger side air intakes feed an all-new powerful V6 turbo engine developed for Acura Type S models. Aerodynamic elements include a rear decklid spoiler, aggressive front splitter and rear diffuser, and large quad exhaust outlets that harken back to the 2007-2008 TL Type S. Two exclusive 20-inch wheels designs will be offered, a split-10 spoke design from the Type S Concept and an NSX-inspired lightweight "Y-Spoke" wheel, both wrapped in 255-series performance rubber. More details on the TLX Type S will be released closer to its on-sale date in the Spring of 2021.
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    1. Stacey Brown

      Eh, so another quirky Acura with features from S5, m3, G70 styling. I wonder what a new car with its own personality looks like today. Boh-Ring

    2. Haris Adiyatma


    3. Leon Nguyen

      if this car didn't have the old interior, i'd pick this up in a heartbeat

      1. Ben Williams

        Also you’ll be waiting until Spring 2021.

      2. Ben Williams

        Old interior? Lol Um no.

      3. jaunie

        It doesn't have the old interior. Please research.

    4. Trap Hut

      Such a beautiful car!!