2021 Acura TLX Type S - Redline: First Look

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Redline Reviews

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    The Acura brand has been on quite the up and down journey over the years. In the 90's, they had strong names like Legend, Integra, and Vigor, which eventually became alpha numeric names like RL, TL, and TSX. About 6 years ago, Acura replaced both the TL and TSX with the #AcuraTLX and while on paper, it was a great car, the lack of a high performance #TypeS model from the old TL meant that Acura struggled to entice enthusiast back into showrooms. For 2021, Acura is serious about finding their identity in the world with the completely redesigned #TLXTypeS and #TLX. Now with standard turbocharged power and riding on a new #Acura exclusive platform, this new TLX is the most luxurious and performance oriented sedan the company has ever built. It goes on sale in this Fall.

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    1. Redline Reviews

      Its been over 10 years since we had an Acura Type S model! The new one looks pretty promising, especially if Acura can get the price and power figures right. Do you guys feel this car is the return of Acura? We certainly don't think it looks like a fancy Accord anymore!

      1. Wm. Hunter Aycock

        Robert Balboni yet FCC. \.5:

      2. cfairfax85

        Sonata N or elentra N it is. Same power..better price.

      3. PJB

        Did u see the car drifting that corner?!? I think it’s something like 70% of power will split to rear wheels

      4. blade643

        @mrpmj00 its not turbo lag, thats Vtech waiting to kick in buddy

      5. g robles

        No way in hell that the price for the type S will be 40k. If anything, price will be closer to 50K if not higher. Mark my words. Honda's designers still messing up with the rear end of their cars. No Manual nor dual clutch transmission and not even Paddle shifters on a boring automatic transmission ??? NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! Definitely not a good choice for a real car enthusiast or drivers who really know how to drive.

    2. Tho Athome

      I like Acura car but their interior is always cheap, lots of plastics.

    3. 豪豪過生活

      Dang!!!! I'm thinking to change my car in 2025...eyeing Mazda, but Acura would be nice if Mazda is not releasing their new Mazda 6 by 2025...I really want a in-line 6 engine Mazda!!

    4. John Doe36

      If it's the same crappy non genuine leather interior, then it's crap.

    5. Alan Sanchez

      Acura, what took you so long!! Thank you, finally!!

    6. Unruly _F30

      This will be my next car

    7. lowridr2

      Man thats a good looking car know what im leasing when it comes out

    8. gen13pinoy

      Size almost like a 5 series

    9. Dairy Adelphonse

      The only thing I don’t like abt my 2014 tl is the back seat don’t fold

    10. Steven Swihart

      The 4th gen TL is nicer. This TLX is a garbage civic, New accords look nicer and better hardware.

    11. Fook what u think Fook what u think

      Looks like 2020 camery

    12. LUIZS_93 //

      i agree with you man , acura needs to step up their horsepower , they are very capable

    13. Heidi Hunt

      Make a coupe version!

    14. Alexei Voloshin

      So how will the TLX be qualitatively differentiated from M340i, S4, Q50 RS, Stinger GT2?

    15. Omair Sheikh

      I can't wait for this. I really want to get it but I know it'll be pretty pricey :/

    16. Adventure Llama

      Hopefully Honda has improved the paint quality. Everyone I know that owns a Honda\Acura has had paint issues after 5 years.

    17. Eddie McFadden

      So whats the difference between s- types and aspec

    18. Gym Rat Drew

      Back in my day, a Type-S always came with a manual option...and I'm not even as old as Jesus was...🤔

    19. Brianna Clarke

      Is the 10 spd auto a torque converter style ?

    20. Brianna Clarke

      Not feeling the optional set of wheels they could do better.

    21. tyrion lannister

      WOW! now that’s a car worth waiting for, I feel Lexus is falling behind the competition. I hope the type S is not too expensive.

    22. Darrin Lin

      Why would anyone ever compare a luxury sports sedan to a Kia...

    23. Darrin Lin

      No MT is expected but no DCT for Type S is a shame.

    24. Keith Sommerstad

      Does this have a dual clutch transmission?

    25. mlamike

      BMW 330i has 295 ft-lbs of torque. Not sure what he meant when he said the TLX had more torque.

    26. Nery88

      cant decide between this car, lexus is 350 or genisus g70

    27. Jonathan Anderson

      TLX Type S > Civic Type R

    28. Seiko Watch

      Exciting Acura

    29. Danny Skywalker

      I saw your lexus 2021 lexus review and wonder why all the comments were about this beauty and now I see why!!!!

    30. MaGiiCx305

      Looks amazing! Might give up my Lexus is for this!

    31. Ben Atticus M

      Lexus just landed a newly old IS but has received more bad reviews than the Likes on this TLX..

    32. Anwar Simmons

      Bye bye lexus!

    33. Dan

      They ruined the interior, it looks like an econobox inside with an ipad stuck in the dash like an afterthought. I rented an RDX with this interior and loved how it drove but will never own or use one again due to the crappy interior and BAD touchpad without touch screen. Can we go back to making the screen look like it was deaigned with the car instead of a screen stuck on after?

    34. Mister 2

      "Your only transmission is the 10-speed automatic"..... and click.

    35. D Bittersweet

      Ext looks old already

    36. Shamir Akida

      Thumbs up if you think Acura should bring back the Acura Legend 🔥

    37. zb d0g

      i will buy one in 2023

    38. Benjamin Hutabarat

      No tiptronic or manual. 😷

    39. Joey T

      No manual tho :(

    40. Jason McConnell

      The #1 review I'm waiting for by Redline Reviews. The Type S is the only new Model that interests me. I drive and own a 2019 C43 AMG with Renn Tech Tuned and custom DYNO MAP OCT 91 and 100 OCT MAPS tuned by DYNO COMP. Putting down 405awhp 470llb ft so if the Type S comes with 400 HP and a little over 400 llb ft stock numbers than that my be a worthy switch ... Redline Reviews really never fails me very good at what he does. Bravo God Bless everyone 🙏🙌

    41. mugensamurai

      Thank you Honda for not giving up on the V6.

    42. Kit Vexed

      if you want my money... 400hp minimum. remember guys, this is a BIG car.. even 400hp isn't impressive by today's standards. and 400hp is the only thing to get me over the fact it's not offered in manual configuration. i had an 08 Type-S 6spd Aspec car.. fuckin dazzle me Acura and give this new Type-S the power and torque to compete; please dont wimp out. we need a japanese touring sedan with balls to show the europeans reliability CAN come with sportiness as well..

    43. twinentryturbo

      No stick, no go.

    44. Brandon Walker

      Who’s here after seeing newly refreshed the IS 350 ? Lol DEFINITELY GOING FOR THE TYPE S

    45. InfinitePower

      Acura knocked this one out the park, here to hoping they keep this up for a while!

    46. Product Boy96

      Body styles just go in cycles - late 90's and early 2000 were 'pankake' cars, then with the 2002 Altima and others we went to taller bodies - now we are back to the flatter look.

    47. UltraInstinct

      Back looks like a fake Kia Stinger.

    48. TheHvk

      I like everything I've heard. Finally!!!

    49. g352007

      wow so much tech and new features better than the new IS from Lexus

    50. Chinese080808

      Very nice looking and I'm sure a thrill to drive but whose got the money these days?

    51. Lamont Williams

      Awd on 6 cylinder or 4?

    52. Rydge Villa

      Dammm I want one in pearlescent white

    53. David Margolis

      I’m actually very impressed with how this looks. Still will never leave my precious BMWs lol

    54. Richard Chen

      Just watched the Redline new Lexus IS 350, has to watch this TLX again.

    55. Fergus Dunlop

      Nice 2021 Accord!

    56. Chris Pham

      This will be dominating the market when it comes out if it looks like this with the power. A FKing 4 cylinder turbo hahahahahahaahahahah is this a joke? It dies faster and you spend more money on fixing it.

    57. Zachary Zarko

      I'm the original owner of a 2003 Acura TL-S in white pearl with an ebony/ash interior. Everywhere I go, I still get compliments on the car, and my neighbors, friends, and kids all want to buy it when I'm ready to sell. Here's a recent photo: www.plus613.net/image/75684

    58. tech BCIT

      Worth the money! Stunning design! 💜☝️☝️

    59. david rodriguez

      Can’t believe manuals are gone

      1. Chinese080808


    60. JamesFeiffer

      It's a copy of the Lexus LC500 look without the power of the V8.

    61. J T Wilson

      I wish they had kept the taillights on the concept car. The taillights on the production model look out of place with all the lines and creases on this car.

    62. Tony M

      Will never be a sports car

    63. James Bond

      I want this in the UK

    64. Frost Bite

      Doesn’t the current Subaru STI have 6 piston brembos? This has 4.

    65. Shiela Mae Jumawan

      Take my money.

    66. Peeze George

      Yay no more cheap exhaust pipes

    67. Axefang

      The v6 version can be so promising i hope its vtec

    68. Ameer Quazi

      I like it and I want it

    69. Nathan A.

      They really stepped their game up with this car.

    70. Phan’s Clan

      ~ 368 hp ~390ftq