2021 Acura TLX unveiling



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    2021 #Acura #TLX vehicle reveal and #walkaround.
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    1. 0 WAKO

      Beautiful Japanese car😍

    2. mrxyz2k

      Hope its transmission won’t have the same lazy or little shock of my ‘15 TLX

    3. mrxyz2k

      @9:53 While the car breaking, break lights shown by both sides, where’s the one at top of back window? Hope it hadn’t ben removed, it’s one of reasons I bought my ‘15 TLX.

    4. mrxyz2k

      @6:52 Is that small open beneath back passengers air vent for mobile charging ports, if so that means it’ll protect charging cable heads from spontaneous hit. Also, hope to got 12V socket to give me right to chose ports.

    5. mrxyz2k

      Made the glovebox opener further. The button in previous generation was nearer and look better, just like luxuries cars.

    6. mrxyz2k

      Next step make ILX coupé only, with hatchback.

    7. Defacement4

      all i want is a blue exterior and red interior

    8. mugensamurai

      Something tells me the Type S is going to have a detuned version of the NSX turbo engine minus the hybrid system. Heck we may see a turbo hybrid v6 from honda in the near future that's affordable for people.

      1. Logλn L

        It's getting a new bespoke Single Twin Scroll Turbo DOHC 3 liter V6. Eventually, other Acuras will share this engine.

    9. Toyota4Life

      After all the bullshit acura has been making this is a glimmer of hope

    10. Damian S

      They ruined the two most exciting design elements- the large gaping front end and the body line from the rear door flowing up to the rear decklid built in spoiler. The small air inlets give it an accord look and the production rear quarter profile sits too high up in the air. Supra's design flop, now this. I'll keep my hope for the upcoming redesigned Lexus IS.

    11. marclaaq

      Finally, they finally got it right. I hated the last couple of designs. I am in the market for a new car, i believe i just found it.

    12. HdentalP

      The commercial version has almost not kept anything from the concept version. This is going to disappoint many who were waiting to see "TLX S Type" to be, if not 100% like the concept, at least some 50-75% like the concept. Had Acura kept the main bones of the concept on the commercial version, the 2021 TLX could've been a game changer in the Sports Sedan sector, now unfortunately, while decent, it is going to be just another Sports Sedan on the road. In other words, no one will excitedly mention TLX that it stands out, like we thought it was going to based on the concept.

    13. HONZILLA

      Also the red seat for the Accord

    14. HONZILLA

      Can I use that TLX ted brake for my 2020 Honda Accord?

    15. AJ Zoro

      It's about damn time Acura put in some work on their sedans. We shall see what the numbers on the Type S is.

    16. DaEverything1

      if acura prices the type S in the same range as the C43 or 340i or the S5, they will kill their own brand. No one will spend the same amount of money on a Mercedes or BMW and get an Acura instead lmao

    17. Linh Tran

      Good to see the change of interior design , because over the years interior is the ugliest part of Acura

      1. J J

        Not to mention the dreaded beak!

    18. Perez Sykes

      The 2021 Acura TLX, Cadillac CT5-V and Genesis G80 are about to put luxury sedans back on the map. Sorry crossovers, your time is up.

      1. Nate G

        Ppl been buying BMW's, Mercedes, Lexus and Audi luxury sedans. They were just dominating the segment while all the other players were playing catch up. I'm sure this Tlx will do very well for Acura but I doubt they will overtake the top players I mentioned in sales

    19. Turbo K24

      No manual...what a shame. "aUtO ShIftS FAstEr nOwAdAys"

    20. George Her

      Hopefully these sell well during this time...

    21. emanuel arreola

      Tell me it don't look like an infiniti and a Camaro mixed together

    22. maonarin narin

      Excellent Job Accura !

    23. ChromeMan04

      Hey Jon Ikeda why won’t u make a good car like u made the TL?

    24. Finesse79

      Brakes are going to be steep to service ...4 piston Brembo ...$$$$

      1. CKPHH

        Do it your self

    25. Abc Gfc

      The precision concept was much better. This acura is a shit again. Hope genesis will beat you in sales for lack of courage in design

    26. James Blunt

      The front end looks just like the 2018 TLX with a different back end. Why the hype? 🤔

      1. CKPHH

        It looks just lije the concept , did you complain about the concept too?

    27. Kris Menon

      Acura is back.

    28. venom999333

      Acura should have unveiled the hp/Tq numbers on the V6 model & Type S. Anything under 400hp won't be a shocking surprise. 350-380 hp range won't WOW anyone. The Stinger already has that. Unless they are going to say something truly shocking, it would be ok to hold back the numbers. We ALL know it won't be truly shocking. I will more than likely still get one, however, I won't be overly excited without the shocking numbers!!

      1. J J

        I was shocked one time, when this one girl had a penis.

      2. Zonkar O

        I hope they shock you

    29. Rick Rolled

      Don't like that front grille Acura emblem/plate at all. Get rid of that dumb plate

    30. chuck mak

      Just bring back 2006 TL Type S. These new guys have no idea what they doing.

      1. Aj Ev

        The could do it if they want to compete with 286 horsepower

    31. DNA Leguillou

      Who's hati'n here? 😆 Let's hang up on him

    32. Francisco Gutierrez

      Looks hot

    33. abcdLeeXY

      For the past decade Korean cars has made dramatic improvements in every aspect while Acura going the opposite direction. I really hope this tlx will launch Acura onto the right track.

    34. abcdLeeXY

      I hope Acura learned from the failed NSX with pricing & packaging. If the type S prices above 48k and tops out above 55k then it would flop right out the gate.

      1. J J

        Expect just that.

    35. Josh Mateo

      So are we going to see a comparison between the TLX Type S vs Volvo Polestar S60?

    36. ZHER0

      Why no ma nual? Instead of offering FWD why not just save money and make manual type s .. dammit no manual still thts the only thing left to me to rush and buy... we need manual...

      1. StrongsvilleGUY

        @Joseph Herbias your right, makes me sad.

      2. Joseph Herbias

        @StrongsvilleGUY stick drivers are a rare breed. Especially ones that can afford a brand-new one. It doesn't make sense to keep making cars with one, especially when the future is hybrid or electric. I will buy them whenever I can but honestly I don't see them being around for 10-15 years

      3. StrongsvilleGUY

        Joseph Herbias personally I would . It might be like chicken and the egg , if u want one u can’t find them and the companies won’t make them if people don’t buy them . When I bought my gti I looked at Audi and bmw , but could only find one s4 slightly used and one lower trim bmw in a my metro area . I tried an auto but i just didn’t like it . So I ended up buying a gti because at least I could find them .

      4. Joseph Herbias

        How many people who say "I would buy this if it had a manual" actually follow through?

      5. Finesse79

        Yea we've come a long way from stick shift n paddle is a bit more luxury and elegant ...honestly i think thas where most are heading nowadays even mopar cars 392 chargers n all even use the elegance

    37. theory816

      Yall know what I dont like? Its when they try to make cars sporty when its going to be driven on public roads. All that performance can't be used. The moment you use it your life is in jeopordy or you will be pulled over. Its a waste of money on the sporty parts.

      1. QWERTY1980


      2. DNA Leguillou

        That's exactly what I love about it, the sportiness

      3. hungson215

        Fun to drive factor is what makes ppl spend extra for these cars

      4. theory816

        @alpha7ization All im saying is to invest those sporty performance parts into other areas of the car. Those parts only make the car more expensive than it really needs to be.

      5. alpha7ization

        That may be true, but we are slaves to advertising and we believe the hype

    38. Andersen Petrazzi

      Does the Type s have a sports + mode like last years tlx aspec?

      1. Sinh Truong

        for sure, but it will also have an individual mode for you to dial in suspension, transmission, throttle, etc.

    39. james 699

      the base model has 272 hp, but they havent released the numbers for Type S yet. I m thinking it should be 350 hp to 380 hp

      1. John Ward

        I’d bet 380-400hp. This car looks interesting m.

      2. John Ward

        Braeton Wilson I don’t think so. This car looks to be a Phoenix for Acura. I remember the Acura Legend. This might be a reincarnation. Just look at the design technology and performance. By the way I currently drive a 5 series BMW. It’s a good car but has lost some of the edge of the previous gen. The Acura in Type-S might be my cup of tea.

      3. Hossein Emadian

        @Braeton Wilson Lexus ES really doesn't compare with the TLX. If you truly know cars you wouldn't cross shop the two. ES is a comfortable luxury Camry based vehicle with non torque vectoring AWD haldex type, the TLX is a sports sedan with RWD biased, torque vectoring AWD and the Type S will differentiate the two further more. You by the TLX because you are a driving enthusiast you buy the ES because you like refinement and don't care about carving up the backroads.

      4. Christian Sanchez

        @Braeton Wilson Lexus ES??? LOL, the ES not on the same level as this.

      5. CKPHH

        J J not your dam business

    40. Collin Hatt

      Should have a turbo v6 option with 380 ish hp to compete with Kia stinger

      1. J J

        That's the upcoming Type S.

      2. CKPHH

        Jankuba Kromah and Acura isn’t targeting Kia Stinger.

      3. xse 49

        But Kia killing the stinger cuz it not selling , Acura don't worry about them

      4. CKPHH

        Like they not offering the V6t?

    41. Lucas Musicco

      Have been waiting for the tlx to get re done, so excited

    42. Brandon Clark

      Pretty Nice

    43. Dar Tan

      no reveal video yet on acura.com. good job autoblog!

      1. Loan Thach

        It’s there at Acura’s site and on their DE-news channel. Ahead of Autoblog.

    44. gushater 1415

      Wow I'm actually first

      1. STI555

        Here’s a cookie 🍪

      2. gixxer 750

        Good job 👍