2HYPE Amazing Gaming Race!



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    1. 2HYPE

      Hey we noticed the intro got scuffed for a couple seconds on the final render, sorry about that guys. Not worth the reupload honestly cuz the rest of the video is 🔥🔥🔥 hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 🤣🤘🏽

      1. Zach Pasanen

        It’s ok

      2. Luke MacKinnon

        Who else wtched the whole hour long video and afterwords thought that it was only like 20 sum minutes

      3. 58 minutes ago

        FageIsFrosted for ua is it a

      4. Littlejavy9

        Do another one with fall guys

      5. Kharion Alexander

        Mopi sounds like candy candet

    2. Just Fresh YT

      Why were James’s FPS so low in fort

    3. Captain Wil

      Its Kinda Funny When Jesser Gets 7 Kills And Says He Goes Off

    4. Top Dragon123

      bro did anyone notice the thing on mopis screen top right @56:12

    5. iSwarm JetersBro

      2021 anybody?

    6. Ariel Reyna

      we want another gaming race!!!

    7. Effortless


    8. Norman Carmona

      45:10 Pause.

    9. Sir Blacca

      "EAT ME EAT ME EAT ME EAT ME" - Cashnasty 2020

    10. Josiah THOMAS

      always releases bangers

    11. Hayden Reed

      mopi rage at 55:52 was the best part of the whole video

    12. OG_jae


    13. OG_jae

      Bro these types of videos go crazy❤️ I love there content

    14. JJ Hyland

      This was a really dope vid

    15. Leo _

      Bro the edits 😂😂

    16. William Sutterby

      Is it just me or is jiedel lagging so much on fortnite?

    17. Jack Mitchell

      Why James Fortnite quality so bad 😂

    18. John Teal

      Best vid I have ever watched

    19. EN 8A

      Vid idea Zack vs moochie in Minecraft because they arent that good no offense guys

    20. Cryptic_ Kamara

      Mopi misses shot “this game sucks” when he kills someone “get out of my game “

    21. Jackson Lafser

      Jesser: gets hype because he snipes a guy five feet away Me :has no reaction when hitting a 100 foot no scope

    22. SIMPless

      Please do a 2HYPE among us video🙏🙏🙏

    23. Green Light

      Mopi was sooo salty in this 😂

    24. Boy Lame

      Best video

    25. Gabriel Chamberlain

      Someone tell james that there is such thing as internet connection nowadays

    26. dosterrebecca

      Great vid

    27. Save the turtles 169

      Mopi sucks at fortnite

    28. Mackenzie Davis

      why is james so laggy

    29. Wivey

      deos james not know that diamond s spend by lava

    30. Jeff Boi

      The title should be mopi hates every game

    31. Kayden Wada

      Cash and James best duo

    32. Triple G

      Imagine that mopi actually plays Fortnite when no one is watching

    33. Luis xgod6987


    34. Yarobaro

      Why Is mopi such an ass whole about Fortnite bru😂

    35. Keanord Miller

      James is to loud when he's happy

    36. RichDavis13

      The editors are the MVP here.

    37. cxsmic Void

      Mopi what will it take for you to enjoy fortnite

    38. Go Niners

      16:31 🤣

    39. Cody

      At 2:06 james voice sounded weird

    40. Edrl Fernandez

      U had 2 shotgun shells

    41. Seth freakin Rollins

      I have school I’m nervoues

    42. King Odie

      44:10 I didn't know thts how u felt abt mopi cash😂😂

    43. NUGo Fun cLaN

      I’m doing this for my channel in the making now

    44. Matthew Lindler

      kris jesser and zack are an unstoppable trio

    45. Mjv _47

      Anytime mopi dies in fortnite “this game BRO!!!!”

    46. ajjjtoday deleon

      Can somebody tell jiedel to put his graphics down so it isn’t so laggy

      1. TigerGirl

        Ya my eyes hurt from it

    47. Brooke Walsh

      jesser wouldve had a sore back after he carried his team

    48. Ryann Browning

      The editing is amazing

    49. POPITEEZZ_

      Edit took so long

    50. MaSk ReFuSe

      Mop is actually good he play a lot think Fortnite

    51. TigerGirl

      Zack lol didn’t know what a pumpkin was and then found out it was a pumpkin!! And then he started saying I’ve got a pumpkin!! Lol!! Zack: *I’ve got a pumpkin! I’ve got a pumpkin!*

    52. BenGriel


      1. BenGriel


    53. Caden McCarthy

      People who want mopi to post fortnite videos again ->

    54. Logan Davis

      The editing was legendary

    55. Xzavier Bowen

      James screen in the fortnite was tweakin

    56. Max Mind

      No joke yesterday I opened a pack in like three months and I got goat mj😂😂😂


      What’s worse James skill or lag

    58. Warren Morse

      James makes me mad at 19:58

    59. Jay Costa

      ilove u guyz

    60. Manjit Singh

      Boy you thing you hide from me not

    61. Erjon

      Yooo there is a bench press here dawg I was dead

    62. Jayden Rivera

      Janes is on McDonald’s WiFi

    63. Bliynz

      Records for amazing race Kris: 3-0 Jesse: 2-1 Zack: 2-1 Mopi: 1-2 James: 1-2 Cash 0-3

    64. Terse

      Why didn’t they just do team rumle

    65. Gummybears

      bro what is james fps😂😂

    66. Johno W

      On minecraft for mining you guys have to be level 12 to find diamonds

    67. Roshar Samuels

      Cash: eat me mopi

    68. kingZ

      its sad how much they ruined fortnite

    69. SavageBen4 !

      Mopi I also don’t like fortnite

    70. beats.bybryan Llll

      Another one