#3 Georgia vs #2 Alabama Highlights | Week 7 2020 College Football Highlights

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    Georgia vs Alabama. Week 7 2020 College Football Highlights of Georgia vs Alabamas on 10/17/2020
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    1. Larson Nightingale

      lmao Georgia sucks

    2. Will Lin

      Demonte smith doin work

    3. Reese Center

      I would say by watching these highlights, georgia has the best front 4, but I definitely would take waddle over ruggs and jeudy. I think waddle is a better route runner, riggs might be a little bit faster

    4. Babybacktillery

      I Kno georgia is sick and tired of DeVonta Smith!! 🤣🤣

    5. Kern Costelow

      I still don't get how that first throw was called an interception. You clearly see it bounce off the ground and back into his arms. And Georgia fans wanna whine that the refs helped Alabama. Please.

    6. AmazingGamer

      Why does Georgia always choke to Alabama

    7. travis graham

      The only takeaway I got from this game is i bet they wish they still had Justin fields

    8. Ashley Bryantes

      Waddle is definitely going first round....it’s no debate

    9. Ashley Bryantes

      Waddle is definitely going first round....it’s no debate

    10. Lil Inferno

      I’m definitely gonna hear the classic “it was the refs fault” from all the Georgia fans

    11. trex1490

      When are my Dawgs going to learn that an elite defense doesn't mean shit when your offense is headed by a 4th string walk-on?

    12. David Williams

      Kirby Smart allowed Jake Fromm to start over Justin Fields.....Georgia still has a ways to go when it comes to racism.....He benched the black quarterback after a rough start.....But then refused to allow him a chance to regain his starting position! Nick Saban would have switched Quarterbacks! He's not a racist coach!

    13. kingsley t

      Does the Tide finally have a kicking game?

    14. No U

      God Georgia is such a let down like they had so many chances to keep the lead but just like every time they play bama they fucking lose it and then just get stomped

    15. Demetrius Brown

      classic wow

    16. Cordell Barnes

      Not impressed at all uga had to scramble for a Qb mark my words uga will beat bama easily in the Sec championship

      1. elevateSOLO

        You're an idiot

    17. jackson meads

      We need to switch some people out in uga. Bennet first, I'm pretty sure I saw a few more interceptions that usual

    18. Quinn 45

      This game was closer then people think. If the receiver could’ve got more of his hands on that ball this would’ve been a completely different game

    19. Legendary Monkey

      Imagine if Mac wasn’t hit on that 1st down, I mean it was obvious he was going deep and if he got it to waddle, mechie, or Smith, it would’ve been a long play or maybe even a touchdown.

    20. S G

      Let’s be honest, everyone is playing for 2nd right now. Clemson’s offense will torch Alabama’s defense, and Clemson’s defense will do just enough to cause Alabama’s offense to make mistakes. Alabama’s defense has to develop drastically or they’re going to get shellacked.

      1. S G

        @elevateSOLO I’m not a die hard fan for any of these teams, I’m just saying that I see a really mature Clemson offense and a questionable Alabama defense. Venables is a great DC and since he’ll have 3 weeks to prepare for Alabama’s offense he will make it challenging. We shall see!

      2. S G

        @elevateSOLO I’m not ready to put Alabama’s offense on the same level as LSU’s 2019 offense. And you have to admit, Clemson’s defense was hanging tough until Skalski got ejected late into the 3rd quarter. He was having a tremendous game.

      3. elevateSOLO

        Folks said the same crap about LSU last year and they went 15-0 while putting up 600 yards on Clemson. The best offense wins nowadays. Bama has that.

      4. Firestorm

        @S G Just like LSU's defense didn't have the juice and still made Trevor Lawrence look like a joke.

      5. S G

        @Firestorm I think it’s pointless to talk about prior years, has no bearing on this year. Trust me, I don’t like Clemson at all, but Alabama’s defense doesn’t have the juice right now. Although, it could be the case that they improve significantly by the end of the season.

    21. i ate at burger king

      the game was closer than the score showed at least

      1. elevateSOLO

        Well i'd hope so. Georgia with all that talent is just now trying to keep it close?

    22. William Mathews

      its another gooden in books saben,an it looks like da gonna be mo commin,roll tide roll..

    23. Damien Hedger

      get fucked Georgia

    24. G.A T Z K E

      Georgia qb is small man goddamn

    25. iamdeanthony 91

      Smith is the new Marvin Harrison. Hope he stays healthy. Be blessed.

    26. John Dyer

      Too bad for the dawgs. Turnovers killed any chance they had. Oh well, maybe next year.

    27. The Rickest Rick

      that first pick was more like putting a cup on a spider. he "caught" it on the ground no bounce. .

    28. The Rickest Rick

      Mac doing everything i fail to do in NCAA14 RTG

    29. Rob Van65

      Wasn't it not long ago that 'Bama had QB issues year in year out? Not anymore, damn! Mac Jones plays like that he'll win a Heisman.

    30. Rob Van65

      So much for Betson Stennett. Tryin to be a poor man's Baker Mayfield. He lost the game. Bad decisions in the 3rd quarter and 2 interceptions. Every time Georgia plays Bama close they find ways to lose. The whole country was pulling for the Dogs, and they let us down - yet again.

    31. El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

      The state of Georgia should cancel terminate all their SPORT TEAMS specifically UGA & 28-3😂😭😭

    32. Dirty Boy Slim

      bennett suck

    33. CamBJammin -

      I bet after any big play an Alabama player makes they just say “Nick Saban Baby!!!” 😂 Always has a well groomed batch of players, s/o to them as a whole🙏🏾 - an LSU fan💜💛

    34. Script A

      I guess coach cochran wasn't much of an impact.........either side.

      1. George Mollohan

        What exactly are you trying to say here?

    35. nabil maltouf

      gas gas gas

    36. LowLevelScum

      I think everyone knew this game was over when Alabama hit a 52 yard field goal... like if that happens just walk off the field.

    37. Alan Logan

      Mac is good but Steve Sarkisian deserves a lot of credit for developing QBs. Sark did play QB at BYU under Lavell Edwards, so he knows a thing or two about the position.

    38. Joshua Mims

      Yep Matt does have a cannon and great footwork in and out of the pocket

    39. Neill Baxter

      Smith is gonna be such a stud in the nfl

    40. R M M E NUKE

      If Najee Harris lowers his shoulder he’d be a way better back. Not saying he isn’t good now but he tryna be shifty when he’s not.

    41. rite-way pools and spa

      i am so tired of Georgia selling out on the running backs. jUST RUN THE DAM BALL quit giving the game away


      Say what you want about alabama,, but know this ,, we coming!! Roll!! Damn!! Tide!!

    43. Parker Collister

      This makes michigan look a tiny bit better

    44. Joshua Grant

      I can not get over this game because of Mac Jones he was a beast

    45. Atm DaMobb

      Roll mf tide

    46. Ploke Newo78

      So Alabama beats a top 3 team...... Clemson beats a cup cake unranked team..... why is Clemson still #1.

    47. Calvin Robinson

      Mfs keep saying Ohio state they not beating penn state this year that’s a fact Justin fields ain’t that good

    48. GrimWicket 1977

      I wish this game was just the first 15 seconds of this video

    49. Calvin Robinson

      Bama will be battle tested ready

    50. Calvin Robinson

      TLAW gone get exposed again by us in that Natty bama defense only gone get better from this game and the ole miss matchup mac Jones is tough I don’t see this team losing to anyone

    51. Jude Moore

      UGA gonna be unstoppable with Brock

    52. Meltss

      Well looks like my clemson tigers will have to beat bama for a 3rd time

    53. whogivesa....

      Didn't bother watching the game knew the Dawgs would choke as per usual

      1. George Mollohan

        @Pumpinstein Do you seriously consider this game a "choke" ?

    54. outthere09

      Roll tide baby!!!

    55. Philosophy of Religion Blog

      3:08. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

    56. Nicholas Case

      My god what a nightmare Bama is for a defense's secondary. You could have an NFL Dline and I bet it would still be a challenge to cover

    57. Keyvis Wright

      I hate Alabama for no reason...

    58. DELTA DJ

      ..🏈Alabama Crimson Tide =Your Team's Worst Nightmare R🏈LL T★DE

    59. Jadin Adams

      Najee for Heisman

    60. Joel Drew Walden [King, M. L. ES]

      The top 4 spots should be BEST IN THIER CONFERENCE -1) Alabama (by far strongest win in CFB) 2) Clemson (5-0) 3)BYU (5-0)4)SMU (5-0)5) Notre Dame (4-0)6) OK State (3-0)7) Cincinnati (3-0)8)Marshall (4-0) 9)Coastal Carolina(4-0) 10) Liberty (5-0) I can't put in a B1G team with no wins over a 5-0 team.

    61. Grayson Cox

      WADDLE IS UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    62. Bleedblue6487

      Ppl talking about Justin Fields. You mean dude that threw the ball directly to a Clemson player to lose the game? 😂

      1. jman580

        still better than Jake Fromm. Georgia needs an elite QB to win a natty.

    63. Christian Thomas

      Bama going all the way this year

    64. Oreo Puppy dawg

      Alabama batting Stetson’s balls like Rocky Balboa hitting a speed bag!

    65. Co Cool

      As a bama fan I like Mac but I think eventually I’m gonna wanna see Bryce play. He gonna be that electric tua like player for us in the future

      1. Firestorm

        Unless Mac gets injured he's our starter and has proven it many times now. Mac continues to play like he did against Georgia then he will be first round and probably leave after this year and Bryce Young to be the guy next year.

    66. Killa. 2k

      That PI call on Stokes was TERRIBLE... textbook coverage and Devonta’s poor route gets bailed out by refs

    67. aregua1

      American sports stadiums should be called "braindead morons wearing masks for a fake virus".

    68. Kuro Kaen

      11:41 "This will be the best defense they face all year." Sam Pittman: "Hold my jukebox."

    69. 4 knowledge

      dang good game!

    70. Christopher Johnson

      if u think abt it, mac jones rly didnt throw a pic. not only did his arm get hit so it rly wasnt his fault, but on top of that it was a 50/50 on whether it was caught or not. additionally, georgia is trash lmao imagine not scoring in the second half. ROLL TIDE.