5-Minute Crafts

5-Minute Crafts

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    Check out creative ideas that will save you a lot of time and could be used for different troubles around the home.
    Here the brilliant tips you can use in your everyday life:
    - Bobby pins could be used to line your eyes
    - Create a cute manicure design using bobby pins
    - You can use bobby pins to create a super stylish necklace just for 5 minutes, and it will be a fabulous accessory for a party
    - Create a polka dot manicure with a bobby pin
    - If you usually use every last drop of toothpaste, use a bobby pin to get leftovers
    - Use a bobby pin to close a bag of open chips
    - Toilet paper roll is perfect to store bobby pins and hair ties
    - Use tic tac box to store tiny items like bobby pins
    - If your kids use too much liquid soap, use a hair tie. Wrap it above the neck of the bottle and you will use less amount of soap
    - Use hair ties to hang picture frames at home
    - If you need a phone holder in your car, attach a hair tie to the vents to secure the phone
    - Check out how to shorten long sleeves of your sweater
    - Do you want glowing shoelaces? Wait for what? Yes, follow the instruction: mix Schweppes, peroxide and baking soda
    - Use the banana peel to polish your shoes
    - Clean the sole of sneakers using an eraser
    - If your sneakers are too dirty, use a vacuum cleaner to clean them very quickly
    - If your sneakers smell really bad, try the next recipe to get rid of unpleasant odors: mix 1 tbsp of cornstarch, 1 tsp of baking soda, 1 tsp of baking powder and 5 drops of essential oil in a plastic bag. Sprinkle this mixture into sneakers
    - Try an easy way to clean stained spatula, soak it in water with 1 tbsp of bleach and leave for 24 hours
    - Find out how to measure a perfect portion of spaghetti with the help of empty soda bottle
    00:09 DIY fake braces
    01:10 Polka dot manicure design
    01:51 Necklace out of bobby pins
    09:25 Glowing laces
    10:04 Polish your shoes with a banana peel
    15:52 Wall painting lifehacks

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    1. 5-Minute Crafts

      Thinking of spring renovation? Check this then 15:52 0:09 DIY fake braces 1:10 Polka dot manicure design 1:51 Necklace out of bobby pins 9:25 Glowing laces 10:04 Polish your shoes with a banana peel Cool repair hacks de-news.net/online/video-09i80iEOoR4.html

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      Why would anyone want braces? Edit: I have braces and tbh I don't notice them most of the time, but sometimes they hurt.

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      At 5:01 why did you show sheet that is disgusting


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      okay first of the tying laces in 1 second is a scam because the shoe tied normally is laced differently than the 1 sec shoe, which would be okay except they don't acknowledge the difference or explain how to lace it in that way so you can tie it that way, oh yeah, it only works with the flat laces. second the paint, one the paint trays are meant for rollers not brushes and if you are going to use a brush, use the paint can or pour it in a cup or bowl made for paint, also the brush holder is useless because again it a tray meant for rollers and most paint brushes have a metal part in between the wood and the hairs and they make specific paint bucket/cup things that you can not only pour the paint into, but is has a built in magnet to hold the brush and it small enough to hold and transfer easily, and also big enough to hold a significant amount of paint, also you can just I don't know Clean the brushes after you use them so that you always have a clean one, finally when they actually use a roller with tray it doesn't fit because it the wrong size roller and/or tray for it they come in 7 in and 9 in trays just saying these aren't life hacks

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