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    1. Robert Sonier

      Lmfao fix the trunk your gonna leave your groceries 😂🤣.

      1. 4x4 lone star state Lifted life

        Robert Sonier yeah he does need to fix it. He is gonna need the down force from that wing😂😂😂

      2. Jamie Knierim

        @Robert Sonier facts

      3. Robert Sonier

        Either way I love his crazy ass videos

      4. Robert Sonier

        Lol he should take it off

      5. Jamie Knierim

        Lmao screw the trunk, he can put groceries in the back! The bruce is gonna b a beast even if that trunk lid aint there

    2. Beau Miller

      if u gear the axles correctly u don't need more power

    3. Joe Parker

      I ordered a knife last Friday and entered the contest to win the obs. I got the knife today Shocked to say the least and the knife is awesome

    4. Charles Maltry

      Granny with a Walker has more get up and go what a let down .... was expecting more

    5. FN Sweat Clan

      Are the tires super swampers

    6. Mikel Ellsaesser

      Steve what's the model # for the nickel plated with wood looking grips. I bought one BB gun and it was all plastic. It's a good BB gun but I wanted the one u have on ur little jeep. On the top left of the hood. I would really appreciate it.

    7. Stacy Reid

      When I was a kid our neighbors didn't like us to much either during the summer or on the weekends during school we had loud trucks and cars some without any exhaust at all plus we would break out the air horn at 2-3am every once in awhile because we'd claim we couldn't remember if it still worked or not. Lol. But they'd forgive us because my dad and us 2 boys could work on stuff when they were unable to due to they were book worms and both neighbors had only girls and we had the best swimming hole on the river with floating dock and rope swing

    8. Jacob Phelps

      I wana bb gun

    9. kyjoe9

      That jump had me laughing so hard! Great job Steve!

    10. Mississippi Outlaw

      Diesel swap the vet

    11. PAStreetScene

      The Bruce is a beast!

    12. Cody Glass

      Your gunna wanna run it in 4 low. Trust me

    13. Abram Swoboda

      Wow way aweaome Steve way to go question what happened to those turbos you had for the Seara maybe put those in the Bruce

    14. Robert Carlyon

      What a pos love it

    15. The Turtle

      I know your going to go into area 51 with the Bruce XD

    16. Scott DeMaro

      It needs a converter in the trans and maybe some different gears then you will free up lots of power

    17. JeremyH


    18. CoC Master

      By the way,where's the dashboard?

    19. CoC Master

      Still saw your number though, gone give you a phone call...

    20. Jon Thoma

      LOL! "this thing is ready" he says... AS ITS FALLING APART FROM MINIMAL ABUSE LOL

    21. Bryce Summerlin

      That thing is so dam sketchy it's dumb



    23. Jeremy Lindsey

      Steve you need to look into Ptc torque converters. Get atleast a 3400rpm stall converter and it will help tremendously it will feel as if you gained 100hp. When in reality it is just putting you into your Ls peak power band. Get a good trans cooler with a fan and run it inline with the factory cooler and temps will be fine. You will not regret it and will make the truck more pleasurable to drive and actually have fun.

    24. Jason Petrich

      Dude it FREAKING WORKS!!!!!!!!! Hell yes this is awesome, and the floppy trunk is hilarious, looks to be geared just fine, time for the overpass mud pit !!!!?????

    25. Dan Dufoe

      Lockers yes more power yes but something like a 2800 stall would wake that animal up, still a lot of time and effort it’s a good build and I’m sure will only get better 👍

    26. jayb camps

      welcome to my junk yard my neighbors only hate me cuz I am a slob a pig a worthless bastard

    27. Jakedelaymustdie 666

      Those headers are sweet but I feel like a set of stacks with rain caps would be so appropriate. No more clearance issue either.

    28. Brayden Mann


    29. GrilledCheeseMouth

      if we help him get enough subscribers. he can move to a large piece of private land and sendit all day Man, I want to win the jeep to get my mail


      That thing is awesome! i always wanted to build a lifted car like this but dont no how just yet lol

    31. mister forza

      Take the Bruce mudding next

    32. Mo T VFL

      Corvette went from car show to lawn ornament

    33. Dwayne Cain

      Love the project. When I was a boy I would have to walk down to the end of a long gravel road to catch the bus on the blacktop. I had gone down early one morning and there was a guy that had built a super vet. It was about a 78 Corvette lifted on a chassis similar to the one you have built. It was a monster and I have been in love with monster CARS since then.

    34. Michael Russell

      Iphone MEH wasted yer money there ;)

    35. Da Go

      You know if you picked up a 4wd transmission and transfercase for that 6.0l powerstroke, your power problem would be solved... just saying.

    36. Jay Jay

      Is that a GM 14 bolt 10.5 inch ring gear rear diff? You can get a mini spool for those and install it rite into the factory 4 pin open diff carrier. Cheap and easy.

    37. Brad Bozarth

      Good thing you have the NEW water resistant iPhone :)

    38. bigdsteeltrucker

      Don’t spend your hard earned money on a Spool. Just weld up the spider gears in the differential!

    39. Lawrence Milhouse

      I'm sorry send it Steve fans but he is strictly click bait take two jump the boat? This is bs dont put text on something your not doing if he did I haven't seen it and my bad

    40. Working mans restorations

      I like being able to lay under my k5 without a jack. Just changed trans pan and never jacked up. 8" lift. I have a 1" body lift i hope to instal soon

    41. Working mans restorations

      I need to get a new driveshaft made for my k5... But have decisions to make first

    42. CUT N RUG

      Nice! Soo glad you didnt say plugging and chugging the whole time. 🌈

    43. Ducknell •

      Parts falling off "This things ready guys" lol it's ready for a few more bolts & fasteners first.

    44. Richard Morris

      a little crescent wrench on a u joint. you are the original shade tree mechanic

    45. Hollywood Hustlng

      PS Steve you need more TORQUE,hp doesn't help and you need lockers...My 88 Suzuki Samurai jx has 80hp and I put jeeps to shame on trail and rock climbing.Last thing DEFLATE YOUR TIRES😏

    46. Hollywood Hustlng

      Your neighbors should read the constitution...Then mind their own business and stop harassing you.Your property,your business not anyone else's business,your in a free country I THOUGHT,probably conservatives Trump supporters or Libatards that support Democrats,both a bunch of idiot's that think they know everything and what's best for you🙄

    47. Goat's Garage

      Cut those boogers!

    48. Mike X

      That's a cool little Jeep.

    49. Justin Adams

      She's ready to eat sir so get it

    50. Chris M

      I hate HOA in neighborhoods but this is why they are uses! The City needs to put the pressure on!

    51. Steve Smith

      You need a big Whipple an a Texas speed mud bog engine.

    52. Brian Johnson

      Detroit locker in the rear, full lock on the front.

    53. Brian Johnson

      Shut the hood, duh.

    54. Simply Jeep

      Maybe lockers? So you can send it a little easier? Lmao 🤣

    55. Richard Galvin

      Cbange your gear ratio since your running 44s

    56. MOB ENT

      If I was your neighbor you'll probably hate me cause I'll over me coming over seeing what you have going on now.

    57. Israel Duarte

      Helion turbo Bruce?🤔

    58. Trudy Scouler

      My birthday is next month I'll be 21

    59. Blake Hurt

      Are u gon to send it to use

    60. Cody Fuller

      What’s up with that skidoo boat

    61. FalconXE302

      You crashed your back Fence... serious... When's the next inspectors visit...?

    62. FalconXE302

      Gotta admit... you've done a grand job on the Civic.

    63. Project Panty Dropper

      Are you from pa? I been lookin for a driveshaft shop

    64. Shane Wright

      Too much fun. Another great video 👍

    65. Ken Anderson

      Ok, that was to cool! Be careful on your head! Need to strap your butt down so you wont go flying through the sunroof!

    66. Dark Passenger

      Holy snapping assholes Batman, correct me if I'm wrong but I didn't hear a single "plugging and chugging". Or maybe I've just become immune to it after a dozen times a video ?

    67. Dark Passenger

      Why waste money on a rear spool. Lincoln locker is all it needs. Well, maybe some gears, some tin work inside, clean up the wiring, an exhaust system, seat belts are pretty handy in an off road vehicle as well. And probably a whole host of other gadgets and thingys. Other than that,,,,,,

    68. Mr. Clean

      Streetspeed717 giving away cars senditsteve giving away toys

    69. Ender King

      Steve you need to get with someone and fab the Bruce its own Civic shaped Steel Truck Bumper

    70. 972 GOON

      Was that in 4low ?