5 Fish Recipes That Are Easy To Catch (And Make!) • Tasty



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    Put your catch of the day to good use with these 5 easy, breezy recipes!
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    1. Bernat Bernat

      Can you pleeeaaase also give us theningredients in kilogram and liter, bc for europeans its really hard like that to cook

    2. ThePulseRyder

      Y'all cooking with that fire beat 🔥

    3. شهيوات من مطبخ حنان


    4. Everlyne Adhiambo

      I feel hungry now

    5. Swaraj Batra

      Why is everything so tasty

    6. Panthersprite

      this music is what anxiety feels like

    7. Tshediso Johannes

      Daaamn, that background instrumental though!!!


      Season the damn fishes better!! 😡


      Y'all ruined fish

    10. Ramy Mounir

      The beat please?

    11. pandoraheartsvd

      Yaay lent

    12. Alyssa Garcia

      Great video I love fish I might try some of these delicious

    13. Amarendra B

      Why are we still watching square videos in the 21st century ?!?!?!?

    14. alejandra soria


    15. James Brown

      They put that damn avocado sauce on everything. Does anyone know if it is really that good with fish?

    16. Courtney Blevins

      Y’all should do making a dish but reading all ingredients and steps in a different language that you don’t know!!! I would love to see that! Much Love, ♥️Courtney Blevins♥️

    17. Felice Dimensions

      It looks so tasty, until they put the avocado sauce on top

    18. Slimey Annihilation

      Anyone has tasted the uncornetto its so delish

    19. Eleet Tabboo

      Next up: can a chef cook a three-course meal using only a hot light bulb?

    20. Kevin Schreckenberg

      Looks great!

    21. Lâm Phạm

      Fish delicious

    22. T BZ

      All but one are apparently for people who do not like the taste of fish. Wtf!?

    23. Rizky Ld

      Please make some Indonesia food im Indonesian and want to see people from other country make my homeland food

    24. M said Abdillah

      Siapa nii yg indo kalo ada si wkwkwkwkwk

    25. Ryan

      Do 5 Dishes for the Mediterranean Diet

    26. Rohollah Azizi

      Finally some healthy recipes from Tasty.

    27. Kalyan Reddy

      i loved the video.. please a tasty curry by master viddeep, de-news.net/online/video-Cfu4j8GXAsU.html

      1. Kalyan Reddy

        nice video by stylish viddeep

    28. shosho tv


    29. tokinnasian

      Why are you adding *• Tasty* to all your titles now?

    30. The Darkness Gaming

      How dare they didn't season the fish in 1st recipe.


      I too have a cooking channel plz subscribe to my channel if you like it and support 🤤🤤



    33. sobhana cn

      Who loves seafood more than meat .

    34. Avinesh Karunakaan

      the music....was not tasty

    35. Jim Ross

      I always want to eat fish because it looks appetizing but can't get past that fishy taste😞

    36. Boone Bake분粉베이크

      I Love Your Recipe

    37. Lola Bunny

      What is white fish exactly? Is it referring to the color of the flesh of the fish?

    38. BoutThaAction

      I just waxed my balls

    39. Poonam smart kitchen

      Looks so nice...

    40. Poonam smart kitchen

      Very nice 👌

    41. Reeree_ Poro

      Wanna know one they forgot.... frozen fish sticks

    42. lajacley cusmaan

      I love this testy from somalia

    43. lone wolf

      Watch me burn my house down (°=°)

    44. priya awasarmol

      Plz next video will come to only chicken not add to becon or beef

    45. oso Panda

      ooo i loved these

    46. 姫ごはん hime-gohann Recipes

      looks delicious♡


      Who watches tasty videos but never make them?

    48. Ethan Ceballos

      Cool video, it would nice to see a real catch and cook video. Please give it a try. 👍🏽I recommend trout. 🎣 🤙🏼

    49. Ms Meena's Happy Life

      I love fish! I want this music though!

    50. FMFvideos

      Avocados with fish.. nice april fools!

    51. Ross Martinez III

      I'm no health freak or food police but: if that Tilapia is farm raised _HELL. NO._ As an avid fisherman, farm raised Tilapia are kept in/raised in abhorrent conditions. (Google it. Especially Tilapia imported from Asia.) The same way "ocean farmed" fish are.

    52. Floaroma 44

      Some of these have so much salt it makes my eyes water....but the pastry fish is so cuute x

    53. Jungle Frog

      What's up with all the avocados?

    54. Icy Yandere

      This beat rocking. Love the video while I'm at it

    55. marrya fish

      pause and play to get the recipe....I'm a fish eater so I love almost all of them and the background music...keep the posting coming.

    56. Delta Champion

      The soundtrack is on fire


      Wow thats amazing😘😘

    58. RyLw

      “White fish fillet”? Guys I am confusion

    59. Red Dot Sight OR Holographic sight

      I don't know what's April fools.

    60. 100 Subscribers with no videos

      Can you guys give us a recipe on vanilla cake or cupcakes? Just wondering since it’s one of my favorite desserts

      1. Gabriela W.

        My god just search the channel, they already made tons of those

    61. Bobby Bob

      I better not find a ring in my salmon burger. GOD DAMN, remove all jewelry before cooking.

    62. Amazing Grace

      Poisson d'avril!

    63. Kunhikka’s Kitchen


    64. بيتي و بناتي 😍


    65. Josie Ella

      Some damn good looking, easy to prepare recipes included here!

    66. Avery .R

      Holy hell those all looked amazing 😍

    67. Slime kids

      so ummy a wanna try this

    68. RestingBasil 667

      He failed at first to pick up the fish at 2:42. I laughed so hard my mom yelled at me. Lmao

      1. Rhys

        Jeric James Rico bitch

      2. Jeric James Rico

        +Sincerely Eccentric stfu

      3. Bob Joe

        RestingBasil 667 😂😂😂

      4. Sincerely Eccentric

        RestingBasil 667 it’s not that funny.

    69. hvksh

      unrelated, but i like the hammond organ sound in the soundtrack, not many synthesizers get a good rotary speaker sound and this one is decent

    70. Wisley Bonloy

      *Simply delicious*

    71. 영군 ASMR YungGun

      Look so delicious....🤤🤤🤤🤤

    72. lagg field


    73. Bombastic Bard

      Why are there so many advocodos

    74. Double Z

      This video is making me so hungry right now😩😋

    75. ZAINAB Khan

      Alternative to beer


      That beat though 🔥🔥🔥

    77. Muayad Alhariri

      I like the fish berger i made it at home and its very tastey

    78. Tom Nat Kitchen

      Maybe easy to make only 😅

    79. Sketchy Skies


    80. Avery The Cuban-American

      Because it's April Fools, these recipes smell fishy

      1. ASMR-RUSSIA

        *BEST ❤️ 💛JOB)*

      2. Kalyan Reddy

        its great

      3. Sharon Bhinder

        😂😂😂😂😂😂I’m dying

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        Avery Lopez-Baines 😂😂

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      *screams in the horizon* Me:David!

    82. Aaliyah Baksh

      The beat was sick by far one of the best 👍👌

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        I knowww I wish I could find out some of their songs

      2. ThePulseRyder

        They was cooking with that fire beat 🔥

    83. Lover of All Things Good

      Nothing fishy just deliciousness yum 😋 👨🏾‍🍳☝🏾👌🏾😍

    84. Darold Williams

      When you spent 13 hours fishing on rdr2

    85. Taisen's Cool Stuff

      This makes me want to get back into eating fish!

    86. Mariyam Bennana

      Yummy. 😋😋😋😋

    87. Cassie Ganthier

      These foods look so u “Tasty” I would like to do some of them with my parents.😁

    88. Given Warner

      WHO ELSE DROPPED EVERYTHING TO WATCH?! almost at my goal of 10k if anyone can help xx

    89. Ashley Kim


    90. Ann Sam

      Love it

    91. Jeffery Rowan

      If you are out of cilantro you can substitute 1/2 a bar of Dial soap.

      1. Wicked Grin

        Lol. My heart goes out to the people that taste soap when they eat it

    92. : P


    93. Tazarki Nour

      Wow ILove You

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      Why do I keep getting Tasty ads for Tasty videos?

      1. Pridality

        Me too

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        RidonkulousMG targeted advertising

    95. PurpleGlitterKitten

      "that are easy to catch".. lol I'll just stick with buying them.. *shudders* Edit: Thanks for all the likes! :D

      1. PurpleGlitterKitten

        +aarush yadav oh lol, I thought it meant catch catch them. XD

      2. aarush yadav

        PurpleGlitterKitten by easy to catch they meant easy to grasp(like mentally)

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      Sup boi

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        pubg4life ___ aye your first

    97. Ruben Mercado


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        I don’t care 🤷🏻‍♂️

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        Pablo Herrera and why the 🥶??

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