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    5 hot and spicy dishes to get those tastebuds tingling!
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    1. StewNWT

      korean one looks legit

    2. airbendingslice

      yo wait what the heck how can you not add india to a list of globally inspired SPICY dishes

    3. Tachz

      No one: Soy Sauce: exists Asia: yes

    4. Turkish chef


    5. 심슨마지

      여기서 제육볶음을 다 보네

    6. Briana Hunt

      If you eat this do NOT touch your eyes or they die

    7. sri nidhi

      Want some spicy food? Come to India

    8. Kep Step

      Funny how there is none for a African country...even though a lot of the food people eat over there is spicy

    9. Julia King

      I hate this song

    10. Sudip Biswas

      Truth : Inspired by 5% of countries. Tasty : *Inspired Globally* Other 95% countries : am I a joke to you?

    11. Tsm Trxstxan

      Shit dude this got me “cumin”.

    12. Omar Qatarneh

      0:35 no seeds? Fucking normie

    13. sweety ._.26

      When spicy is life and shrimp is love 🍤 🍤

    14. sweety ._.26

      I wish tasty had a good chain so that I could order this really mouth watering food god!!!♡♡♡

    15. Jiminie Mochi 13

      3:48 3racha? 😂😂❤❤

    16. Chiara Neko

      And the second maki ist still waiting to be made...

    17. ledzeppelinincubus

      They need to cut it out with that damn canned tuna 😑

    18. shikkakyuu

      damb u couldve made the japanese inspired dish spicy ramen instead yall decided on smth that isnt even rlly spicy

    19. Mitolandia Br


    20. Sam_in_Black

      Why is "global" food always mexican or asian?

    21. 곰도리


    22. Tanishi Jain

      Surprising that Indian recipes aren’t mentioned. Most probably they r not able to get the original ingredients which give flavour to the tempting Indian food.

    23. Rafa Alghazali

      Asian spicy food is the real spicy..try to visit asian country..

    24. Silent Surge

      Who tf cooks tomatoes in a copper pan

    25. Sonya Amin

      How has Tasty managed to not include a single dish from Indian cuisine when they're making a video of globally inspired SPICY dishes?

      1. airbendingslice


      2. Manuel Delgado

        because Tasty dont like brown people

      3. Ash Gee

        Because there are countries other than India?

    26. A Google User

      Where is the receipe?

    27. DJBlend21


    28. being foodie

      the spicy schezwan chicken. looks yummy

    29. 갸기

      Spicy korean bbq prok!! So nice, Thx! 매운거 좋아하시는 분들은 꼭 도전해보세요 !

    30. Shella Muchtar

      Rie's hand? 🤭

    31. Denise Boeden

      Thanks for sharing looks delicious. 🤗❤

    32. Samarth Mehta

      It's sad how you didn't take any dishes from the spice capital of the world India Maybe our food will make you cry , it's that spicy

    33. Virginia Clark

      This is for all you guys who said *give us spicy food for non-white people* I hope y'all are happy now.

    34. Harish Ramalingam

      The biggest joke is when you make 5 globally inspired spicy dishes without anything Indian- the land of ghost peppers

    35. iTech Wytch

      What song was playing?

    36. Pushpraj Singh

      Are you kidding me? Globally inspired spicy dishes and not one Indian recipe? Smfh

    37. maniyannan mangai

      These foods looks yummy😍 but i think it will be more spicy 😖

    38. THE TEAM 3 ///kedan

      You are the best

    39. Plastic Bucket

      I would have difficulty locating the ingredients . B

    40. Reddition Onsu


    41. Ledyta Febriana

      I think they are not spicy at all cause using so much tomato also removing the seed of chili, + soak the chili in the water it'd be decreasing the spiciness, well this is my opinion because i born at Indonesia and Indonesia has more flavor and different spiciness and very small chili is the most spiciest than the big one. Also, I could eat those food on this video without drink some water cause my tongue is used to it. Once again, its my opinion. Thank you

    42. Doodah Gurl

      A Thai recipe would have rounded it out nicely. :)

    43. semee world

      Plzzz subscribe my official cooking channel#semeecooking for more cooking recipes

    44. Poonam smart kitchen

      Very nice 👌 Looks so delicious...

    45. Natchpong Banduwong

      World wide spicy food but without Thai’s?

    46. ARONDARKSIDER gaming

      Hey y did I'll remove the seeds they taste great

    47. purple pusheen

      I love spicy food!!!!!!😍🔥

    48. Revolting Gibberish

      "Globally inspired"

    49. Olivia Rose


    50. Nin is Cooking

      Spicy is life! I particularly liked the spicy pineapple shrimps recipe 😍

      1. 갸기

        Spicy is life!

    51. Sarai Cortez

      Crest commercial: your screen doesn't need repair Me: lady have you seen my screen


      Wow wow wow✌✌✌✌

    53. Dmaura

      I thought Chris Martin was gonna bust out singing as I kept listening to the music

    54. Healthy Recipe Channel

      Where is my spicy food squad at?

    55. Chrisony Dotcom

      Coldplay should sue the pants off of whoever "made" this song. LMAO!

    56. kizanko

      You forgot to add blended (korean)pear to the Korean bbq!! :(

    57. Reena- lee handerson

      Actually I don't really eat meat I like fruits and vegetables I only eat meats sometimes

    58. Ka Wo

      The Korean one no oil in pain and doom it over a grill from the Korean mart...much better flavor

    59. The Sass Cat

      Omg did they really play Clocks by Coldplay

    60. Tom Nat Kitchen

      Who here can't eat spicy foods but wanna taste this 😋🔥

    61. JennPipp

      Perfect title to prevent people from complaining about culture appropriation! Kudos tasty. You are learning ❤️

    62. Ebrahim Fofana

      What's that song playing called

    63. Minty Badger

      Do a video on easy George Foreman grill recipes

    64. PurpleGlitterKitten

      These look so good I'm craving these rn. 😫😌🤣

    65. Blue Lemonade

      I love spicy food!!!!!!!!! but i hate the aftermath..... eating spicy food is like math, how much spicy food you eat equivalent to how long you want to spend on the toliet

    66. Mateo Cedeño


    67. John Pinto

      But are they spicier than dank memes?

    68. 10,000 Subscribers With a few videos

      This is a no homo pass

      1. 10,000 Subscribers With a few videos

        This means you can say anything and people wont call you gay or lesbian

    69. Pia Pena

      Quick tip: use gloves when handling peppers

    70. Grey Eagle

      can you make a giant choclate chip cookie

    71. Lord Voldemort

      Watching this with a bowl of instant noodles in my hand :(

    72. tracytube18

      You can not call it global if you don’t represent the globe. I didn’t see any British, Scandinavian, or Mediterranean food there. PLEASE LEARN HOW TO NAME VIDEOS OR HOW TO INCLUDE THE CORRECT CONTENT!!!

      1. tracytube18

        Paris Fleurs it’s just that this is not the first time that they have done this and I just think that more parts of the food culture should be explored on such a big network. And it just kinda pisses me off that they get my hopes up and then don’t deliver on the first message.

    73. Sarahi Vazquez

      Looks good

    74. Lottie 512

      Great! I was wondering if you can do a shortbread and basic cookies video. Mabey with some cute decoration ideas? I understand if you don't want to though as you do have some cookie recipes.Thank you and sorry if I wasted your time.

    75. Itsbigbunny

      *Video about Spicy dishes* **adds sugar and/or pineapple**

    76. Eleet Tabboo

      Who gets to eat this i'm jelous.

    77. Benson Li

      Makes sweet. HAPPU APRIL FOOLS

    78. nikki dhaka

      talking about spicy food and not having an Indian dish on the menu. Well that doesn't sound spicy :(

      1. Bruce T

        India number 1

    79. APinchOfSpice

      This looks so yummy!

    80. Aditya Maurya

      Making video abt spicy food where is indian food...

    81. {LWA}fortyX battousai

      Spicy tuna from a can is not good. I fail every time....😢

    82. Ross Martinez III

      *_Oh Yes..!_* Some of these recipes are really tempting. Maybe 10 chiles de arbol in that pineapple shrimp boat recipe? But that's just me.

    83. Jordan Fowler

      Man these dishes look amazing... to bad I'm not from any of these places so I can try them out. I've been told by certain people that it's called cultural appropriation. Looks good though!

    84. array s

      "Globally"? More like tex-mex food recipes

    85. Xaroula Siokou

      Tasty uploads on april's fools day. Not a prank. Tasty never plays with your feelings. Edit after the cookie letter cake: ( most of the time).

      1. Jerikoh O'Cru

        It seemed to be edible...I felt praked! 😛

      2. Xaroula Siokou

        Awkward Ash i didn't watch that video. Too busy...

      3. Awkward Ash

        No the cookie letter cake was a prank

      4. kusumalaras ayu

        Try on another video. I was pranked

    86. Celia’s Penguins

      Haw yee?

    87. Xaroula Siokou

      Who pressed the like button before watching the video?

      1. dReaMcAtChER

        I didn't 😂

    88. Mridul Mahato

      And that's on April fool's day...

    89. wt f

      I see they have our dish as well🤤

    90. emmy

      I don’t like spicy food

    91. JorAwesummm E

      I wanna try this. My mom said... (Literally) Read more

      1. AshTheCrispyDonut

        +james esposito same xd

      2. Arrio Gonsalves

        I didn’t fall for it!!!

      3. Aisha r

        +james esposito lol 😂😂😂

      4. james esposito

        +Aisha r I just did 2 times but took me to the comments

      5. Mc Merryman

        JorAwesummm E wow this is so funny

    92. Ghost Chiken


    93. Evija

      Looks soo good

    94. Zeida Martinez

      I love your vídeos

    95. Pagreance

      *_something's not right here, isn't there supposed to be a joke, or..._*

    96. Isis H

      Their newest video on this channel vs their first video on this channel ( de-news.net/online/video-mpCwwaFEq2c.html )Still shitting all over their vegan subscribers 👌

    97. TheColdMiners

      Early and this stuff is delicious looking