5-Minute Crafts compilation: This video is a treasure trove!

5-Minute Crafts

5-Minute Crafts

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    1. Kawaii Kreature

      That 102k that gave thumbs down be like: "I'm jealous of their creativity"

    2. Orange Peel

      3:50 ah yes, the elastic band trick

    3. PePpr

      2:49 are you annoyed of letting your nail go as your about to hit it

    4. Roshni TV

      واہ بھی واہ

    5. Nazaria Cobarrubias

      No salió lo de el teléfono mentirosos

    6. camcamcaramel r

      It's funny how they show how to "correctly hammer the nail in" yet later when they show the magnetic nails hanging from the hammer, they hold how they said your not supposed to...

    7. Doge the loaf !

      0:25 *why don’t they just button their pants?they’re be too extra*

    8. Carolina Magana


    9. Banani Dey

      Worst channel. Never works👎

    10. Mikuláš King

      I never hear more bad song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Harmesh S Singh


    12. David Chanda


    13. Cactiman

      If you slow down the “rubber band eraser” clip, you see that the bottom gets erased BEFORE the finger gets to it.

      1. camcamcaramel r


    14. Selah Morton

      0:23 what did the nail polish do?

    15. Tuğçe Gül Özbay

      Oooohhhh, too much glue gun...

    16. Najiana James

      They just told me my life is wrong

    17. Natalia Rahela Secara

      Unele sunt extrem de penibile..,🙍

    18. Jakey McSavage

      4:30 why do you need this hack if u use it ur an idiot

    19. M. Pavlov

      Music 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    20. Farheen Alvi


    21. Tahmina Saddiq

      How r u gonna get vineger and soak ur shower head in it for 2 hours when ur in the middle of a bath? U will have to wait 2 hours to have ur bath. Plus that's not a 5 minute craft it's a 2 hour craft even though its not even a craft

    22. Bianca game 94

      Sera se eu falar q vcs sao demais vcs param de mandar conteudo fauso pro youtubi 😠😠😠

    23. Junior BR

      Que é o filho da desgraça que faz isso

    24. Era & Ayan

      hey can u support my channel please ❤️

    25. Sinon AL

      Support my channel for no reason

    26. Chase Haysbert

      0:21 what is on her leg?

    27. Riah Raf

      I'm so late!!

    28. Azertyuiop Qsdfghjklm

      hi l am 0 bay



    30. Frozenwhisker Entertainment

      28:48 until it burns your coat


        Not funny😏

    31. Kristin Stenson

      14:05 HOW ARE HER LEGS SO stretchy!!!

      1. Kristin Stenson

        frozenwhisker same

      2. Kristin Stenson

        frozenwhisker idk

      3. Frozenwhisker Entertainment

        So I am not the only one watching this years later... Greetings from the future


      I wonder how many things they have ruined to make theses videos

    33. Arsen Gabrielyan

      Tell Me The Name of this music

    34. clarence brandon


    35. Mouse Pointer

      ...of books

    36. Kate FX

      using a cell phone case to carry credit cards de-magnatizes the cards

    37. Lol Ana-Maria

      The fard video 5 minute craft

    38. Tyler Groom

      4:29 no phones while driving

    39. Aritra Roy

      31:23 it's good

    40. Sabrina Antunes

      Nao fucipna nada

    41. Gfg Fy

      5-minute craft

    42. Balázs

      Fárdt gecik

    43. Zelphaminous

      Or you could just get a new screen protector...


      Algum br?

    45. Kirah Taylor

      Here’s a life hack use their videos to go to sleep

    46. pharaoh

      oh the good ole' days

    47. Destroyer Ratul

      People are trying to stop using plastic and here we get to know how can we use plastic in every situation 😂👌

    48. Matias ignacio Contreras jaña

      Que miercale ninguno de estos lifehacks funciona ademas son una basura no entiendo porque la gente se suscribe

    49. Lilly 200612

      Now your just making things up 1:32

    50. 1000 subs With no vids

      These won’t even help

    51. The pumpy Pals

      This is not a good video

    52. эксперимент 10.000 подпишиков без видео

      Давайте наберём 10.000 подпишиков без

    53. Drawing4 Fun


    54. Juan Martinez

      Who are the idiots who subscribe to this weebs

    55. Juan Martinez

      This Chanel is failing

    56. Andy Jackson

      Don’t tell me how to live my life I can live my life how I want to live my life not how you want me to live my life

    57. Bobbi King

      They lied these crafts don’t work haters got to hate

    58. Saskia Datunugu


    59. Ramesh Sharma

      Are you crazy 5 minute craft

    60. Rakesh Kumar


    61. shakila fernando

      1:23 it is uncomfortable

    62. Syad Bukhari


    63. TheAwselfGuy

      I went onto bot checkers and stuff and all came up was Russian bot stuff

    64. Лисичка Айсабель

      18:36 а если нету такой штуки?

    65. Inside of A dice series 1

      I’m wowed

    66. malina oliphant

      1:26 I thought I was doing it right this whole time

    67. 007 Television

      11:51 Mistake.

    68. The блёбик

      Лол русский сок "Добрый"