5 Ways To Apologize To Your Significant Other • Tasty



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    They say the way to a person's heart is through their stomach! Try out these heartwarming recipes the next time you find yourself in a bind.
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    1. Pragya Singh

      The recipes look yummy 😋 but I'm very lazy to make them😅

    2. Della

      What is the music credit?

    3. Elevolterra

      So, do we know what song this is???

    4. h0000ful

      Looks like there are some pretty big mistakes

    5. Vie Chaya

      does anyone know what music they used?

    6. Farhab Amena

      Yummy chocolate 😍😍😍 🍭🍭 🎂🎂

    7. León Tolstói

      *fOoD cAn'T bUy Me, JeFf*

    8. Dextronomy

      But then they'd think you're trying to poison them XD

    9. Myu Teixeira

      I love seeing the baby hands cook to so cute

    10. Tide Pod Pad Thai

      What about changed behavior?

    11. princess seokjinnie

      Can I use these to apologise to myself?

    12. ThatWeirdSherlockian

      Hey @Tasty What music was used in this? I love it

    13. Ysabel Garcia

      0:40 it was a chocolate box! 😂

    14. Katherine Perez

      I will probbaly never understand why people CUT off tops of strawberries, instead of just taking them off. 😅

    15. Me Potter

      4:38 Was the "significant other" angry at the child, too?

    16. Caz

      4:24 That hand slap though

    17. ismailfaitdesnosesslides

      i burned the kitchen she killed me bad memories

    18. ur mom straight

      *I tried giving these to Karen but she got a restraining order. dislike.*

    19. Audrey Yau

      Reasons for me to sub to tasty: 1. They use a knife instead of using a peeler to peel an apple

    20. Closeted Demon

      4:25 Um, if you’re trying to apologize...or in any scenario....never block them from their food.

    21. yanyanato

      or u could just.... say sorry lol

    22. Ririrururara didyaknowwhat

      Isn't the apple pie one, an apple charlotte?

    23. The AWSOME Girl 91

      I woke up I asked my boyfriend to come over I was happy We got married Now read 2,4,3,1 👎 press like if that’s also your life

    24. Purple Kitty

      If someone give me this food then their automatically forgiven

    25. Dipanjana Roy

      More like 5 ways to apologize to yourself for dating a douche

    26. flowersandcookies

      i feel sad for any Karens reading the comment section.

    27. Randy Butternubs

      I'm just here to preplan what I'm going to shove into my face when this gestational diabetes goes away

    28. Filippa Burrito

      Or you could say sorry and give em and old hug YOU KNOW when it’s that time of the month

    29. menna mahmoud

      very beautiful.

    30. MlSSFIT

      Why did the red velvet truffle vid make me cry? :(

    31. Abbey Bevans

      Sorry I cheated, honey. Here's some chocolate.

    32. Adri L

      *I’ll apologize To myself for not giving me food in 1 hour*

    33. Yang Ji

      Is that pizza considered no carb?

    34. Abby Duell

      Can we get a music credit? Would love to know the name of the piece...

    35. Asheza Main

      I would rather eat it than give it to my significant other.

    36. Stone

      The music sounds like a sims soundtrack

    37. Sniper Dude

      The title sounds so British

    38. Pla G

      The sound is sound like OST in the Barbie swan lake movie.

    39. Destiny Higashi

      Or....you could just say sorry. But who does THAT nowadays

    40. Stop Clickbait

      **makes cake in guilt**

    41. Victoria Cagande

      I don’t have a partner do I guess I’ll apologize to myself for being single with this food hehehe

    42. Alia Mahmoud

      The sixth way is to just bring Tom Holland to cheer them up.

    43. Samantha Gari

      I wish this is how my s.o apologized😭😭😭

    44. Mercédesz Szakács-Gyöngyösi

      The foods/cakes are delicious - as always!🙂 But pls let me know the music score, I loved it!

    45. 5 Seconds of Harry Potter

      The baby hands were so cute!!!! ☺☺☺

    46. FrancesBaconandEggs

      Love how you’re involving a kid in a parental argument LMFAOOOOO

    47. Elena Bordenova

      and still the best way to apologize to anyone is freaking saying im sorry i didnt want to hurt you i wont do it again

    48. Determination 91

      4:37 don't forget to let your kid help you with repairing your relationship

    49. alice

      is that the sims music

    50. CrazyCoconut

      i mean... or you could just say sorry...

    51. sara okay

      the song gives me disney vibes

    52. Christopher Naylon

      man: Sorry for beating you up every day here a cake to make you stay in our relationship Woman: wtf shove dat cake up your ass mother fucker

    53. Katherine Müller

      If only this video had come out a year ago so my parents didn’t get divorced

    54. Katherine Müller

      Just say sorry. I’m kidding but please also do that. But they will definitely appreciate the dedication of you making treats for them

    55. Artemis231997

      If the apology does not involve a bouquet of bacon, then I am not interested.

    56. Brit Brit

      I'd take the food and still not accept their apology. 😂

    57. the banana next door

      or just say sorry

    58. Diyaa Rayat

      The child makes such a mess 4:45

    59. Random Stranger

      Or you could actually just apologize

    60. ღ нαllσω ღ


    61. Sibit360

      Who pissed off their SO

    62. arctic fox

      The potato pizza is a great gluten free option!

    63. Logini Kandiah

      5:07 Hannah's kid?????

    64. Aifoscookie

      One way to apologize to your singnificant other Say sorry......or you know give up

      1. Sumedha Surubhotla

        i feel u

    65. Master Bijix

      3:27 Pubg pan

    66. xellour

      If my bf gave me that pie after an argument i would choke him with it its so sad wtf lolololol

    67. Mika

      The last one looked like the mother is angry at the father and the child and they are trying to apologise to her 😍😍

    68. Ananya Chinmaya

      When you watch so much tasty that you can recognize Alvin's hands making the pizza

    69. meme fabulous

      Why am I watching this? I'm single and never had a relationship.

    70. Cecilia Aguila

      I made one of your Caramel Rose Apple Pie to my mom because we had a fight yesterday and I wanted to make it up for her and she said it was delicious! I thank you for making this video, even though it's for couples but I wanted it as a mom apology (even though I asked some help with the pie 😌)