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    While model Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) gets ready to shoot her Vogue cover, she answers 73 intriguing questions. Hailey talks about planning her wedding with Justin Bieber, her desire to learn the Shake Shack secret sauce recipe, and (almost!) shows us how to open up a beer with your teeth.

    Shot on location at Villa Carlotta, Los Angeles.

    Interviewed and directed by Joe Sabia
    Producer: Marina Cukeric
    DP: Jess Dunlap
    PM: Josh Young
    Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
    Post Sound: Bang World
    Styling: Taylor Angino
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    73 Questions With Hailey Bieber | Vogue

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    1. mimi s

      Fake, fake , fake

    2. JUNGKOOK WIFE 22019

      I dont like hailey Baldwin

    3. Tamiya McCollins

      The man behind the camera should do 73 questions with Cardi B!!!!!!

    4. Simply Baila

      love this vid! would love if you guys checked out my vid

    5. Joanne EnnaJo

      Omg i thought shes older!

    6. Tre Nyte

      Oh to be young and in love .

    7. Tre Nyte

      Oh to be young and in love .

    8. Azula

      73 questions with HALIMA ADEN PLZ

    9. anup ganesh

      She is such a bad actor. This video is a cringe fest.

    10. xxxix i

      She dont look happy

    11. Sanjana Vilankar

      73 Questions with Keanu Reeves.❤️

    12. Kxkujin

      Cringe af

    13. Tula A.

      O.K this guy is annoying !!! Enough with the questions buddy ! Leave her alone. She is too polite to this guy !

    14. Laxmi Badresh

      Selena bieber forever Mark 😎

    15. Pradeep Solanki

      After Selena Gomez 73 questions I am here

    16. Joseph Sullivan

      i love you jusitnber.

    17. christel meijer

      73 questions with Amy Schumer 🙌

    18. Mary

      Really... She said her celeb look a like is Margo Robbie and then says she is star struck by the beauty of Margo Robbie, I guess she thinks pretty highly of her self!!

    19. Fiza Eilham

      73 questions with Barbara palvin...plz 😍

    20. Nimaa Rangsher

      Is she justine bieber wife ?

    21. Marcus vinicius Vicente Marques

      She is like one rat omg lol l sorry

    22. fuhk

      She's absolutely beautiful

    23. Beyond Infinity

      come to Maldives

    24. madeline rincon

      I love her

    25. Thalia Beauty

      Fake nose fake lips eyes

    26. Samuel Alake

      This is so unscripted. Right?

    27. Hiteshi Luthra

      Can we have 73 questions with Deepika Padukone.. plssss

    28. Adeladie

      his heart for other people........oh!

    29. Mohanabai Shanmugam

      Am I the only one who ships justin and hailey !?

    30. Madhuri Dalvi

      Selena is too than her

    31. Priyu :

      73 questions with the guy who asks 73 questions !!

    32. Hhhh D

      Sorry but I can never love her 😷 She's so fake

    33. Aarushi Guptaa

      Either she is that innocent or she's lying...


      73 questions with zayn malik plsssssss

    35. Unicorns Are Life


    36. Austin Intal

      "What's your idea of a perfect date night?" "Staying in, ordering food and watching TV" 🙏👍👍👍

    37. Austin Intal

      "Too much on clothes and too little on other people." Lmao 😂😂😂

    38. Austin Intal

      Corona? Hailey.. worst choice possible

    39. Pepe The frog

      SG + JB forever but I still love u hailey

    40. pumping iron

      maybe eat a sandwich

    41. Dylan Langan

      Please do one with Brendon Urie !!!!!! Pleaseeeee ahhhhh !!!!!! I’m begging you plzzzzzzzzzzz

    42. Al Ice

      was it even raining??

    43. Jade Nguyen

      Poor woman getting all the questions about her husband. Is that sexist?

    44. Juliette Guilliou

      There is a lot of questions about Justin... I mean.. if she was a man no one will ask questions about her wife.

    45. Brazy Productionz

      I’m not getting used to hailey beiber 😞

    46. Wallh Hernandez

      Wait she says engagement ring and planning a wedding but she said the five memory was in London as a married couple lol?

    47. gain al

      What a vapid, empty shell of a person.

    48. Anam Jamil

      Do 73 Qs with Kylie Jenner.

    49. Abhiral Pandey

      He was so cool.. and also asked beer to him

    50. Linda 01X

      She‘s sweet but NO PERSONALITY.

      1. ASDFG HJKL

        lmao of course she does. this makes no sense.

    51. Sleep Deprived

      Omg Margot Robbie looks nothing like this piece of trash 🤮

    52. Ali Ghabbour

      I want to see Hailey Baldwin the face of Tom Ford

    53. Nikie siri

      i really loveee her voice

    54. Carley Hulmston

      she's lovely

    55. Shosanne Clemetson

      She's beautiful and she loves her husband. Congrats to u both.

    56. Saja Obaid

      To be honest,I hate her engagement ring 🤢🤢

    57. Junwon Jr

      1:51 getting engaged Gets her hand out of her pocket be4 he asks for the ring She's literally responding every single question so quickly not even, like, thinking about it m i the only one who notices this?

      1. Sorry I'm Shy Shy Shy

        It's scripted

    58. Intoxicated NeHa

      I hate Hailey!!!!!!!! Missing jelena 😭

    59. Leonel Roque

      She is so boring!!

    60. Kiran Verma

      Why people are so mad about the fact that when asked what his worst habit she said none. When Priyanka Chopra was asked about Nick Jonas worst habit she said he had none. When she said it's ok but when Hailey says it's wrong.

    61. Princess Doll

      Do it with Justin bieber pls pls pls pls pls pls pls

    62. Saabiriin Colow

      The Last Question Is The Best One I Love it 😍

    63. Skylar Kang


    64. Sweetken Di

      She seems nice and sweet.

    65. Maria Mendes

      Can you PLEASE do 73 questions with Shawn mendes❤️❤️❤️❤️

    66. Allie Petrie

      Ahh my dad knows Justin's dad there friends eekk (I'm Canadian)

    67. Sümeyra Azra Özkan

      Oh,my beautiful girl ♥

    68. Varshita Yadav

      No hate ....but justin really messed n u girl u are the third person came in between....I know u two are going through alot but u know ....I like Hailey but I m sorry not with justin

    69. bushra jafri

      Are they engaged or married? I'm really confused. Please help


        They are already married.

    70. Liza Arrow


    71. Nur Najeeha


    72. Naman Shukla

      She is not beautiful..

    73. Katerina x

      She is so fake It's not cute that I feel

    74. Precious Chaos

      Shawn doesn't REALLY deserve her 🙄

      1. Precious Chaos

        What I mean is before when they're still dating

      2. Maddison East

        Shawn? Shawn isn’t with her. She’s with Justin.

    75. Alhamdillillah Alhamdillillah

      Plz do 73 questions for SHAWN MENDES pLZ PLZZZZ ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    76. Ms. Fancy

      What a... STALE "CORN🌽BALL" !!!

    77. grace kim

      next Billie Eilish❤

    78. naovy whats

      she is so cute and pretty..

    79. Julia salinas


    80. Kelly

      Why does she not know the anthem?

    81. CarDoor Guy

      73 Questions With BTS

    82. Ahsanul Islam

      "She don't really listen to a thing,plus it feels right.only dances when it's kanye"is that song about her?🤔🤔🤔🤔

    83. Leeza Peeza

      I have a weird feeling she’s pregnant. Hence, changing her mind about putting the beer cap to her mouth

    84. Elizabeth Lopes

      she's sweet!

    85. Glr glow

      She's really an good person. I guessed that wasn't because sounds rumors that she does Bieber and Gomez to broke up but it's seems not true

    86. Prabhaharan Vellaipandi

      I don't know whether it is beer or juice....

    87. Sabrina Jogezai

      I live in Canada ahaha and proud to be a Canadian

    88. Alex Smith

      She looks like a man and she looks so old. Why does she look unattractive whatever she wears? I don’t see any chemistry between her and Justin.

    89. Jacklyn Griffin

      Wow, she’s... beautiful

    90. CécileMXGot7 Afro-asian girl

      Omg where the heck have been...i just discovered that Justin bieber is married...Since when?

    91. fatimi Carrillo

      73 questions behind the guy behind the camera

    92. pia Walker

      What do you admire most about about Justin Haley: his big heart for everyone! Justin: **runs* *over* *paparazzi* *and* *spits* *on* *fans**

      1. xHwiyoungx

        *refuses to take pictures with midgets*

    93. Gulshan Bibi

      Hailey Bieber is Gold. Selena Gomez Is Diamond Forever.

      1. Sam139 Cruz

        Gulshan Bibi for me even if justin divorced hailey and asked selena out nahh i want him to feel what he did to selena and hailey His literally playing with their hearts.

      2. Divya Drishti

        Every one doesn't afford diamond..

      3. Elloise Hasslacher

        Gulshan Bibi so true

    94. allabout style

      Boring. Give me RIHANNA for Gods sake 💅💅💅

    95. Sanjana S

      Who else counts the number of questions to see if it's actually 73😂

    96. Asema Shaidulin

      Her voice😍

    97. Amethyst Maries

      She looks like a transgender

    98. Maram

      😷 Eww

    99. Maram


    100. Arenjungla Kichu

      She seems really sweet and genuine. Lucky Bieber.