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    While model Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) gets ready to shoot her Vogue cover, she answers 73 intriguing questions. Hailey talks about planning her wedding with Justin Bieber, her desire to learn the Shake Shack secret sauce recipe, and (almost!) shows us how to open up a beer with your teeth.

    Shot on location at Villa Carlotta, Los Angeles.

    Interviewed and directed by Joe Sabia
    Producer: Marina Cukeric
    DP: Jess Dunlap
    PM: Josh Young
    Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
    Post Sound: Bang World
    Styling: Taylor Angino
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    73 Questions With Hailey Bieber | Vogue

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    1. Naruto Uzumaki

      She just left that bottle cap on the floor

    2. MIS HA

      Awwn i like her.. respect to both hailey n selena...♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥

    3. Coco Garcia

      73 questions with Ariana Grande, pleeease


      Waiting for 73 questions with Ariana grande

    5. K. W.

      Joe really like coronas

    6. Teema Tamtoom

      Hailey BEIBER??!! BEIBER??!!

    7. Shallom C

      When she said "This Is Us" i remember 1D's movie 😍

    8. bossgirlll

      We need 73 questions w 5SOS

    9. bossgirlll

      Real/old fans would still want Justin to be w selena

    10. Harper Rhodes

      In this piece the voice of the interviewer is so artificial, and her answers are sooo ready beforehand

    11. Amjad Nusayr

      Who else finds it so annoying that its obvious that these are staged

    12. Alisha Gandhi

      I think I am the only person who has heard her voice for the first time

    13. Jayy H

      Lol what song titles??

    14. I love Dogs

      Good choice justin...

    15. Alexandra Korovilas

      She looks like her uncle

    16. Teddy Sab

      Two words: Billie Eilish

    17. M Sm

      I love her she’s so down to 🌍 humble 🥰.

    18. Zube Ladu

      Without Justin there will be only 1 question to ask Hailey i.e who are you???

    19. Asawa Cko

      .. Im filipino fan 👋

    20. Asawa Cko

      .. She's kind 😍

    21. Liz Oliver

      She sounds like a Justin Beiber fan girl.

    22. cosima kazak

      Wait for the title ; Marriage is over ! Wish they luck !

    23. Venus S

      She is such a sweetheart, I can see why Justin married her. Ppl stop hating!

    24. Esketit Boi

      Interviewed person: How much fake interested questions you wanna ask? Interviewer: 73

    25. Iqra Muneer

      Its more like 73 questions with the wife of Justin beiber.lmao

    26. Diya Saini

      LET'S SEE WHICH COUPLE IS PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER.. Justin and Selena = like Justin and Hailey = comment

    27. sam ambade

      Don't get the hate about Hailey. She seems such a sweet women.

    28. Bella Grande

      her smile is so precious

    29. Jana J

      2:14 Uhm uhm *selena* uhm uhm 🗣😂

    30. Diana Jowi

      She will became old soon wait and see in the next 5 years

    31. Elena Condori

      Hailey care the travestiste

    32. Catherene Meika Styles

      Pleaasseeee one with Scarlett Johansson....

    33. Aira

      This is so staged

    34. Anastasia Ana

      How staged

    35. Centina Vemai

      Hailey is famous for being Justin's wife. She's not supermodel . She's just insta model .This is all nepotism...duhhhh

    36. Mary Aaa

      Her 👃🤔

    37. Sophia Musahary

      73 Q's with billie eilish plzz💕💕

    38. Seyma R.

      Hailey didn't even offer an umbrella?

    39. Jessie Almeida

      Could you do one with Harry Styles ?

    40. Samgok Nithyanand

      (When she opened the bottle cap by using her teeth....) Me: click* noice

    41. Fareen Sultana

      Pls do 73 questions with Tom holland!!

    42. Jay Custodio

      Hailey looks so nice, i think shes very kind

    43. Brendan Walsh

      Its probably not but it sounds soooo scripted

    44. Lane Baggett

      They might as well have done the interview with Justin if that’s what interests them most about her anyway

    45. Shanna Kay Smith

      i really love her wish them all the best people spent to much time hating on people who are leaving there life stop hating

    46. The Rising Journey Channel

      I want to see 73 questions with justin bieber

    47. Isa SuMe01

      She is soo sweet!!

    48. Aleyna Sah

      She looks like the Turkish Instagrammer Şeyma Subaşı.

    49. Anza Niazi

      what about all these wardrobes..

    50. Happy Weaver

      She’s so pretty

    51. Emily Lyn

      She looks like James Charles if he was a she.(She's pretty).

    52. sidrah qadri

      Now I knw JUSTIN choosed the right girl😉😘😍HALILEY is soo beautiful and kind 😇

    53. Rika Goede

      Do Tom Holland next please

    54. C4Zero

      I always ask myself if I ever somehow managed to get on 73 questions, would I be able to answer the questions fast enough.

      1. Elena E

        These questions are given to them before and everything is staged so they know exactly what to say and when to say it.

      2. taibah lavander

        U DO know these questions are staged right? They probably give them the list of questions before hand and ask for their permission first!

      3. Minky Khuzwayo


    55. Karol Batista

      73 Q's with Millie Bobby Brown

    56. Anusha Cherian

      Waiting for 73 questions with ROBERT DOWNEY Jr 😍

    57. Caro VP

      She is actually really sweet

    58. Marina Kenđur

      With Hailey WHAT?

    59. aya boesono

      Let me rethinking it..I think she is a good and funny girl.. Compare to Selena, Selena is a good woman... But I prefer Selena ..

    60. Ximena Raya

      When I read this I was like ewwww

    61. Daisy Morales

      Haley you are pretty, wish you happiness and success!

    62. Radó Viktória

      Why is she a model??? Shes like actually ugly only shes wearing a bunch of makeup. Hmm..not because of her famous dad by any chance...

    63. Irena Kuranova

      That’s a crime to drink Corona without lime 😀

    64. SKITTLES Gang

      Her smile ☺️ she’s so sweet ☺️❤️

    65. Chelsea Fiel

      Omg what 'this is us' movie is she referring. The one direction one?

    66. Amelia PG

      What a characterless person

    67. LLMiro 0_-

      what a people you are, when justin is famous and rich he need to marry for very famous women ? what tape of people you need to be, understad we are all humans ! i dont care if you have 100 mil and i 10$ i live in peace we understand she's not famous, grow up and stop, digging for nothing

    68. Tehreem Eli

      Do it with Shawn Mendessssss

    69. manish jayanth

      She is amazing!!! She is perfect for Justin .

    70. Hanaan Aafia


    71. GlamCoutoure

      73 Q with Rihanna and Beyoncé!!!

    72. mikah ong


    73. Maria Castro

      I didn't know that Mrs. Hailey bieber is Portuguese

    74. Maria Castro


    75. bts army

      I am the only one who don't know what does she do

    76. Ryan O'Connor

      She’s not the brightest...

    77. blelieber forever

      Waiting for 73 questions with Justin Bieber..

    78. Cool Door

      The umbrella tho.....

    79. Jenny Sasmitha Ritonga

      This is all about Justin, her dad, and her uncle actually. The interviewer even didn't ask about her modelling career lol

    80. Claire Dilly

      when he said at the end “I put a bunch of your husbands song titles in”, it really hit me that they’re married. woah

    81. Guleliyeva Nazile

      I was in anxiety Hi liked himself

    82. KSB SM

      I see the point why Shawn mendes praises her a lot and Justin just married her. cool!

    83. Kashti Ved

      Am I the only one or is her voice actually annoying 🙂

    84. Jie Martinez


    85. Jie Martinez


    86. Elene Kaldani

      73 questions with BTS please.

    87. Lo ve

      House looks cold doesn’t look pretty

    88. Ilayda Rv

      She is actually really nice, a kind Person

    89. Matshepo Modiga

      You tell me

    90. Jacobz3n

      Kendall did it better

    91. Soraya Calame

      She was under the rain but her umbrella wasn’t even wet 😂😂

    92. BeautyEcho

      73 question with Justin Bieber 🗾💖💖💖

    93. Arthur Göttmann

      5:48 Shawn Mendes 😉

    94. ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ

      She is so unattractive :/ I'm so confused as to what Justin she's in her, he could literally have any girl in the world I find their relationship super odd & random🤔

    95. E M

      She is really authentic and genuine. God bless her !

    96. Emilly Guido

      Quem é o brasileiro que não gosta dela

    97. Jac M

      Putting a jacket on and umbrella up to go to a different room in your house - rich folk probz

    98. anon

      this interviewer's voice sounds like AntCanada

    99. Rania Doriana

      It wasn’t even raining

    100. Steven O

      None of these 73 questions are rehearsed or scripted, honest.