750cc Cross Kart FIRST DRIVE!



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    We take our 750cc cross kart on it’s first test ride! We finish up a ton of loose ends in this video- we install the brakes, finish the engine mounts, weld the front suspension together better, install the gas, brake, and clutch pedals, run the clutch linkage, run the gas linkage, install a fuel tank, AND MORE. Lots of progress in today’s video!
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    Steering wheel: bit.ly/2YYHH1A
    Rack and pinion steering kit: bit.ly/2RwRw3L
    4”x4” hubs: bit.ly/2WZFW2c
    Spindles (pair): bit.ly/30jlrj9
    Go Power Sports: goo.gl/c2Tz6o
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    1. Gregory Lambrihgt

      Who taught them to bleed brakes?


      Charles looks like he should have an Australian accent but doesn't

    3. Karl Engstrom

      I did up a cart in the 80s with a KZ400 power plant. that was pretty fun, except for braking. We rigged up a 3 v-belt pulley on the axel & had a rod yanking the belts. We would go through like 15 belts a day....

    4. Karl Engstrom

      Ike get all the fun test drives, hehehehehe

    5. Keith Heiskell

      no winking!!!!!!!!!!°


      for the love of god put a seat belt on that thing, i dont wanna see the most awsome guys in the gokart world get hurt ...remember the mower incident?

    7. bill bares

      Ok now will it work on my boat

    8. bill bares

      What about on my boar

    9. Dax arms

      This is about maybe 6 cross card videos ago this episode and the cross card is so awesome the only two vehicles that are stable enough that might give it a run for the money that's in your inventory is the poulan lawn tractor and the 5-speed lifan shifter kart now if you can get Charles/ Ohen to join in the drag race then you can have all three running in that would be awesome episode right there in itself peace out I know you got the fuel problem solved it was spark plugs all the time peace out dudes

    10. lahokc59

      This is a pretty sweet cart , more clearance and more suspension rendering it capable of flight would be even more sweeter.....

    11. Kartssource

      Pure, unrefined AWESOMENESS! Sad I was out of town when y'all posted it. :(

    12. Cameron Brown

      Where do u put all your go karts when you guys are done with them

    13. Dax arms

      I just noticed there's spider webs on the coffin style hoop on the rally card when the camera is zoomed in have a great day

    14. Rolflol Grisepelle

      why they call it crosscart with thoose tiny wheels?

    15. Michael Roberts

      Cars and cameras pull off the socks and use panihoes

    16. Teresa poudrier

      Popup ads suck.

    17. Anele Mhlongo

      You should put a car body on it (mini)

    18. Nathan Dykstra

      900cc gocart vs 750

    19. ron whittaker

      you did it guys you finally did the coolest shyt you could do congrats //that wtf I'm talking about

    20. Matthew O'Brien

      Damn bitch is nasty

    21. James Blanton

      Awesome build and another ripper episode, Charles seems cool and knowledgeable, it'd be great to see him in some future projects guys.

    22. Morten Lie

      Would be fun to see something supercharged. I do not know if this works, but would be cool if it works. s-charger.com/our-products/

    23. magnum357225

      it must be nice to get all that stuff for free

    24. Bill Wallace

      Can you make a mini halo inspired warthog kart please!

    25. L_O_U_I_E_K_U_S_H

      Не вот мы русские при сверлении наушники не одеваем (

    26. bik Laden elde la mente maestra

      La verdad son genio.🇩🇴🇩🇴:-) ♥️♥️suscríbete a mi canal de DE-news♥️ ♥️

    27. Parsek7771

      2:19 oh F**K why you didn't tell me to put on a welding mask?!

    28. BlackRyder Ryder

      Out of all the go karts I watched yell built this one's my favorite it's a hog

    29. Not Here

      As a certified Drag Racing Nut' I am eagerly awaiting for you guys to get this thing to the drag strip! This would be something I'd love to do, a motorcycle engine & trans but with a solid rear axle built along the lines of your dragster...

    30. Turd Ferguson

      So after u rip up the lawn and burn the tires off it on the road......then what.

      1. Bad Rad

        Turd Ferguson Drag Strip!

    31. Damonte Holmes

      scan I have that go cart I have school every day and I have to be picked up every day but my mom doesn’t have a car so I have to walk home everyday and den their is strangers that talk to me on my way home.

    32. Erik van den Hoek

      Really nice work guys

    33. Shawn Hill

      I think yall should put the guages from donor bike on there. It would be badass

    34. vmoutsop

      Way cool. I would suggest a firewall behind the seat.

    35. Tony Skate's

      Burn out timee!!

    36. hunter wallis

      What transmission and differential are you using

      1. hunter wallis

        Thank you

      2. Isaac it'll be fine

        The 750 has a trans in the engine and the axle has no diff its just a cut down gps axle with flanges to mazda miata axles

    37. Cory Unferferth

      Next time fill the brake system with fluid and hang it vertically for a few hours..it'll gravity bleed.

    38. Alaric Visigoth

      Makes me want to start fabricating again.

    39. Gregg Minkoff

      This only proves that dumbasses can get lucky once in a while. You guys are a bunch of fucking butchers.

    40. trumanhw

      *Hitting a tree may equal brain damage. EXTEND THAT CAGE to **_A-PILLAR_** protection* *GO SOMEWHERE SAFER*

    41. The Reaper

      Take it to the strip

    42. The Hot End - 3D Printing & Tech Reviews

      when you get to a car engine on a gokart you essentially have the Ariel atom!!

    43. d57702

      I like the use of existing car parts.

    44. Byron Kerr

      where can i get i set of rimms like those?

      1. Isaac it'll be fine


    45. Glenn Jones

      You guys are the best. Perhaps a bulkhead between the driver and the headers.

    46. Dax arms


    47. Dax arms

      storing that thing out in the shed because when you put the camera so it would look at it Isaac right in the hoop I could see spider webs no wonder it rested a bit maybe you can put some clear coat over just to stop the rusting any further until you choose its permanent color have a great day Isaac Charles John and I guess Taylor might be there holding the camera 🚗📸😀🚗📸😀🚗📸😀🚗📸😀

      1. Isaac it'll be fine


    48. AirsoftFatty's Meat Salad

      Charles is great. That kid knows his sh!t

    49. Steven Bowles

      i spy a lot of Honda's

    50. Benjamin rappit

      Aww dudes.. Fucked up epic

    51. Quentin Hargrave

      That’s awesome you guy rock

    52. Alpha Machina

      That thing rips, man! It needs a flag whip!

    53. Brass monkey Garage

      O dammmmmm

    54. Fabrication Nation

      Its time we put these buggy's to the test, find a race track and shred!!!

    55. a guy

      i only like video's when they are the best of the best of the best and this is going on that list.

      1. Isaac it'll be fine


    56. C T

      A CB750 motor in a buggy looks so fun.

    57. Casey Whitehead

      Suicide nob on the steering wheel PLEEAAASE!!😂😂

    58. Jiffy Lube

      You should make that thing able to off road like the bf dune buggy

    59. Hal Johnson

      You guys need to build a turbocharged subie dune buggie/cart

    60. Douggie Dowdall ki88

      Good day lads I’m building something like this with my Suzuki katana600 what would u suggest axle wise brothers

      1. Isaac it'll be fine

        Hard to say. We used a cut down gokart axle and flanges bolted to miata axles

    61. Micah Vogel

      the overdramatic sequence with ike getting into the kart was AMAZING. more like that!!

    62. J.A.Ratt85

      BTW John, you do know that the copper piece that the wire comes out of in your mig gun is replaceable right? It's a consumable piece that will get worn out after a wire and you can buy new ones to replace it without replacing the entire lead/gun. Also you need to clean the slag off the nozzle from time to time, most people will clean it off each time they turn the machine on for the first time that day, and if it starts getting clogged up, clean it again. You need to make sure you have an unobstructed flow of gas.

    63. BigBen_ Productions

      Love everything you guys do so glad I got to meet you guys in chick Fila in Roanoke Rapids really big fan !!

    64. FastLaneMotorSport

      You guys should take it apart at the end and powder coat all the parts and put it back together so it looks cosmetically pleasing as you guys put a lot of work into it make it function

    65. John Wells

      Boost it LOL, and build a fire wall, that's awesome 👍!

    66. Tim Van Briesen

      So I have been wondering why don't you use ATV/ UTV rims & tires? ATV/ UTVS generally have larger rims with greater back spacing (just use some narrow rims with semi slick tires) which would clear the custom suspension better and create a better scrub angle.

    67. LS 327

      If only u guys new how to set a welder..

    68. School Of Hard Knocks

      yea so long to single cylinder “go-cart” motors once you ride a kick ass shift cart it’s never the same

    69. Dave Smith

      Back in the day , Guy I new build one with a 125cc motor, Thing would scoot! 750CC WOW ! Hang on!!

    70. Maad Mike

      Hey I have an interesting challenge for you guys, would it be possible to make a gokart out of a motorcycle side car? You always do interesting stuff, keep it up!