A Dating Coach Guesses Who's Slept With Whom | Lineup | Cut



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    A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.
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    A Dating Coach Guesses Who's Slept With Whom | Lineup | Cut
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    1. Cut

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      1. Re B


      2. TasteMyStinkhole

        That dating coach is hideous. Eyeballs looking different directions, and her ridiculous outfit is lolololol

      3. everything is awesome

        @Zoned 247 😂😂😂😂😂

      4. Anna Fox

        ​Hi, I'm a nude model, please rate my photos by the link (careful I'm there without panties 👅👅). 💖 bit. ly/ your_queen 💖 (delete space!)

      5. SteveVi0lence

        I need her help quick af

    2. sikhumbuzo shawa

      Wow she really got em all

    3. Claire

      Yass quen for getting it all right!!!

    4. Regina Ivanka

      Look at the Thumbnail, They’re Holding hands at the Back

    5. paloma del rey

      *I can't be the only one who thinks that the "do I look gay?" girl looks sooo much like Lexa from The 100*

    6. ellipirelli

      Pleeeease more videos with Cora 🙏 she is incredible!

    7. A sia tic

      Is she a witch? Damn she’s incredible

    8. Paige Blackned

      im surprised, she deserves an award or something 😳

    9. Blah Blah

      She's so pretty

    10. kedean Duffus

      5:10 ... oh her buisness is gonna be booming, does she have a website?

    11. Queen Kii

      here at 666k likes

    12. Bianca

      OH SHIT that was good

    13. That one little bastard

      Bruh I’m sorry I swear though if this bitch paired me up with my own gender I would feel embarrassed 😂

    14. 8 8

      this woman is missing pants

    15. Lara Ullmann

      It’s so sad that sleeping with each other became such a casual thing these days. It should be part of a deep loving relationship and not just physical pleasure.

    16. Il Y Aura Du Soleil

      She should put this video in her resume

    17. Il Y Aura Du Soleil

      6 girls and 4 guys 🤨

    18. Il Y Aura Du Soleil

      This proves that you don’t need pants to be a genius

    19. elena

      6:28 what’s even the point of this question 😭

    20. Melissa Campo

      What an awesome dating coach! 👏🏼

    21. Barni Tepliczky


    22. cyber ghost

      Damn! she's good. 10/10 would recommend her services to anyone that includes me as well. Lol

    23. Monzive

      Match me up with the dating coach

    24. Oscar Monroy

      Was everybody anonymous? No names were given ! The guy she kept picking , she was attracted to him , this is why she kept picking him.

    25. Aman Bakhsh

      👁️👄👁️ "Will you hit on each other please"

    26. Mimi Singh

      i don't care what anyone says, that girl knows that the fuck she's talking about 100% of the time

    27. Logan Derb

      I don’t mean to be that guy but this seemed so obvious to me

    28. daisy mcfarren

      "holy dick" my favorite line

    29. Stephen Ray

      Holy Dick

    30. Adam Kirchner-Jacobsen

      H O L Y D I C K

    31. Arii

      Some couples made it way to obvious, but for the rest, hats off

    32. SyNc Can’t Edit

      5:20 she’s ROLLING

    33. Nola Michelle

      the "HOly dICK" made me CACKLE but actually this woman seems phenomenal at her job

    34. ryanking2002

      5:47 Elon is that you?

    35. Jessie Vogler

      "umm...do i look...gay???" "yeah."

    36. Spacecase

      Senior quote "Holy Dick!"

    37. Gabriel Avelar

      Plot twist: they all have slept together, so doesn’t matter who she match, It will be right LOL

    38. Giuliani

      “Can you guys kiss” Wait, that’s illegal.

    39. Ellie Palero

      i mean.. that was impressive

    40. hlohi matlala

      Wow she only had a 12.5% chance to get only one couple correct,and she got all of then wow!

    41. Bay McCormack

      Imma come out (no pun intended) and say this: as a lesbian, that girl with the pink/purple hair is adorable

    42. Hal Vielfrass

      welll if i was her client demografic, i'd be booking her asap! she clearly is got at her job :D

    43. gerad Degot

      that black dude with curly dread is hellas fine

    44. Dayadi Seneviratne


    45. earthwolf82

      This woman is amazing!

    46. Kalev McCarthy

      First one I’ve seen where the participant gets everyone right

    47. Mauro Paulo


    48. Brandon

      I mean, its still decently impressive. But she did go above and beyond to get everyone right and she tested everyone. Most episodes of this the people don't do that. Its usually to try and guess based of judgement. But she kind of got them to come and say who they were sleeping with by how they were acting around each other. A lot of them gave it away like the first couple, and the third couple. The second couple I felt like they editing a lot of that part out. I mean asking two guys to kiss is a pretty clear sign they aren't sleeping together.

    49. Soph Doez Life

      Girl: "Do I look gay to you?" Me: "...bitch you literally have a fucking inner arm tattoo of some herbs and you expect me to believe you're *not* a lesbian??"

    50. kingsley ekezie

      well damn.

    51. joseph joseph


    52. RobinG

      "Holy Dick!"

    53. Moran Berenstein

      4:44 they even close lips at the same time 😂

    54. MegaDethly


    55. Douglas MacArthur

      The Behavioral Analysis Unit for dating

    56. TheEditWorldz _

      This video is so iconic omg

    57. eviltwin 11

      Very impressive 👏👏 and for some reason I really dig the dating coach. Her style and attractiveness.

    58. nancy carson

      she’s so good!!!

    59. Mona

      “HOLY DICK”

    60. ellie duarte


    61. Samuel Afiesimama

      I recently had doubts concerning my wife’s loyalty to our marriage, but with the help of @jonathan_waver on Instagram helping me to hack into her account I was able to be certain of her infidelity.

    62. Valancea Kallove

      They should do "match the parent to the kid"

    63. Raira L.C

      Looks like she forgot her pants


      She said holy dick 😂

    65. E Smith

      I like her...and her way of concluding all this...I just wish she wore something different for this video.

    66. Ana Pavlović I-4

      I can only guess how much people belive dating coaches after watching this..

    67. Story Writer

      Damn! She knows how to do her job!

    68. Jason Jantjies

      amazing analysis she definitely a professional

    69. Jeong-nam Myong

      First of all, thumbnail is so worth it.

    70. Built like a block

      *insert tik tok sound* she’s really good. 😳....All jokes aside she seems really good at her job.