A Dating Coach Guesses Who's Slept With Whom | Lineup | Cut



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    About Lineup:
    A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.
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    A Dating Coach Guesses Who's Slept With Whom | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge

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    1. Cut

      Follow Cora Boyd on Instagram: instagram.com/thecoraboyd/ Visit Cora's website: www.coraboydcoaching.com/

      1. alibaba pirce

        damn i need that coach in my life

      2. Gorgeous girls 24

        Love her so much!

      3. Itsuki Nakamura

        Patch yes. JPn is better

      4. Cara .L

        Please pair me up😂

    2. Dana Andaya


    3. My Pokemon

      Very much needed topic

    4. Avionic

      I feel like this is easy, the only hard one was the lesbian couple I think for me, the rest was just "get intimate with each person" and the ones that stood out were the ones that were sleeping together. I would love to see this with a group of couples who are all long time friends so the awkwardness of being intimate is mostly gone.

    5. Leahpayne 25

      I think I'm going to invest my money in this dating coach

    6. Eli Meyer

      “Holy dick” 😂😂

    7. HeyitsTay Marie

      When she got them right i was like how i would get them all wrong

    8. Chubby Potato

      That lesbian couple is so 😍

    9. Anjali Shah

      “Do I look gAaæy?”

    10. Lois Antonietta


    11. Twila Ritchey

      I think this a first, I feel like no one on this show has gotten them all right

    12. Eden Swartzentruber

      oh my god i was NOT expecting that HELL YEAH GIRL!! YOU GO

    13. Brooke Melberg

      It’s kinda weird tho 😂😂she just stands their with her legs open😂😂am I the only one who notices?.😂😂

    14. Brooke Melberg

      What is that coaches name nneeeedd to knowwwww

    15. Brooke Melberg

      No way this is AMAZING WOW I LUV u lol....... please read me 😂😂😂😂💯❤️

    16. Brooke Melberg

      Uuummmm Lesbian ship ❤️❤️❤️Haha lol I LUV it ❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯🔥😘💋❤️

    17. abcdefg

      i don’t understand why people say like "hum do I LOOK gay?!" like tf is that? nobody say "hum do i look STRAIGHT"

    18. Loverly_ Daizy

      Wow! Someone hire this woman to watch police interrogations!! Incredible!!

    19. oatmilc

      holy dick

    20. Luzifer de

      Wow , like to put people together and whatch Them hug or kiss and so on, is like to ask them if they are a couple

    21. Sai Acharya

      So, some of these people are happy being used as a c*m bucket? I’m moving to America... hoes everywhere

    22. Nicole H

      That was super impressive! She knows her stuff!

    23. Dark Night 361

      Question where does she work exactly she seems really good at her job

    24. creamy

      *Her eyes be like:* ⬅️➡️

    25. Patrick Weatherspoon

      Holy whatta pro

    26. itssHayfaa H

      2:30 her : i like your eyes him: ...

    27. La Porteña

      "Holy dick"

    28. El Locksmith

      When they all raised their hands oh mY GOD

    29. Yuh Bitch

      *holy dick*

    30. Michael Devaney

      Is she cross eyed? 😂

    31. Abby and Kianna

      I loved it when she yelled HOLLY DICK

    32. mykylc

      05:11 "holy dick!" LOL

    33. Lia-Dana

      Loved it 💛

    34. karasu hoozuki

      I’m impressed! I’d love to have a conversation with this woman

    35. Sebastien Seb

      "Holy dick!" omg

    36. Astramage

      5:13 *_HOLY DICK_*

    37. Vincent cufone

      Mrs.wilder built ahh pennywise built ahh u will float too built ahh mike wasowski built ahh always watching built ahh were are u looking faced ass one direction the other faced ass they are physically comfortable faced ass I'm gonna ask u to come up faced ass well hmm... faced ass

    38. Ønicryptix

      Do I look gay? Mhm "Aight guyz imma head out"

    39. The Apple Bros

      " *_holy dick_* "

    40. Foudilain

      One normal couple, three interracial couples, and a lesbian couple. I wonder if Cut has an agenda?

    41. Lia Angyal

      this was cool

    42. Alejandro


    43. Anita Medveczki

      The couples even put their hands up in the same way

    44. alt. b.

      Tank top lesbian is *really* cute

    45. Dennis Wilhelm

      Me : wow she dresses up like a celebrity with just one piece that usually goes as jacket* Dating Coach: *turns around* Me: Oh its actually a one piece.. 😂

    46. hodlmkt9

      that lesbian couple is adorable. the girl with the pink hair is gorgeous!

    47. helen yvonne e

      Well. She's obviously very good at her job then

    48. Rezin Digolo

      Damn! that was off the charts...

    49. Mees WD

      The girl with the septum and vans. I thought that she was bisexual because of the rolled up jeans lol

    50. vince pie

      I can't believe 9 million simpletons gave a fuck about this retarded shit

    51. P

      anyone know who the girls are? asking for a friend

    52. Stefan Urban


    53. chee hiong Yeo

      Lol I need a dating coach like her

    54. Decipher King

      Amazing job madam. i love it when i see people really good at what they do. She is excellent. I wouldnt have guessed even one correct

    55. 🖤xo🖤

      Is that felicity from arrow?jesus oliver why didnt your relationship work?

    56. Allison N

      She’s so funny 😂

    57. Xaris Xeros

      These channels that have sprung up all of a sudden in the past 2 years aggressively promoted by DE-news are not at all what they pretend to be, but rather bad old Leftist propaganda promoting : 1) Homosexuality 2) Inter-racial mixing. Now there is nothing inherently bad in homosexuality or in people of different races falling in love but everything is wrong with doing an aggressive promotion of such fringe situations as the "norm" trying to influence peoples' choices that this is the thing for them. Speaking of homosexuality, that is something that should be tolerated and respected but not glorified while speaking of interracial relationships they are 5 times more prone to failure and misery than same race relationships, i.e. promoting them is nothing short of wishing peoples;' misery.

    58. Stefan Baisden

      That made me smile lol quality

    59. Noble Express Channel

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    60. ʟ ᴜ ᴄ ʏ

      HOLY D*CK

    61. hibah alkathiry

      The first maybe the only one who guessed all right😂

    62. Sagn C

      Who slept with dating coach?

    63. Brisa Garcia

      She is correct about the two girls. They look amazing together 🥺😭

    64. Hilary Hughes

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    65. F0WSY Roblox

      *H O L Y D I C K*

    66. uwillnevernoewhoiam

      ok i need to hire her to find me a partner right now cus i'm lonely af!!!

    67. July Myers

      when they all raised their hands my fucking jaw dropped

    68. Therapist Gus

      WOW! This bitch was gooooood

    69. Jack Castillo


    70. Liverbird 55

      *Wow she has to be a great dating coach👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼♥️*