A Day with TJ Hunt

Adam LZ

Adam LZ

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    We go undercover and infiltrate the Huntquarters to see what it's REALLY like. All jokes aside - TJ has come visit me in Florida so many times and I've yet to see his setup - so I stayed an extra day in socal to go hang with him and the crew! LZMFG.com
    TJ HUNT - de-news.net/client-ironmenfan1

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    1. Adam LZ

      Don't forget to like the video.... 100k likes and ill buy an FD on the spot lmao

      1. Initial Racing

        I support this message

      2. Nesta M

        How did we not make the like goal.

      3. Djhi Normas

        @J Q 100% cosmo for the win :)

      4. Alan Loyd

        100k was a little ambitious my dude but you should just buy an fd anyways

      5. Kyle Sipple

        Hell yes! You and TJ at the Burnyard in FDs would be epic. Get Hert and Vargas to finish their FDs and get out there too.

    2. Snow Yo

      16:47 "Is that man climbing in skinny jean's?"

    3. nawzy202

      Tj : i wanted this car since i was a baby............ Aventador came out in 2012

    4. Dynamic Dopamine

      I made it till about 7 minutes and I just can't do it no more sorry bro

    5. Dynamic Dopamine


    6. timtamtom games

      Can you please shave your moustache 🙃

    7. slipknotic2682

      4:57 I knew it.

    8. alex mendoza

      His lambo gives me akward boners

    9. Clarke FL

      8:54 RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. Skate for Life

      And an rx7

    11. Andraž Logar

      Wow lambo sound like trash

    12. tmoneyzero

      drive right by my work hahaha

    13. brapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrap

      LS mk4 supra has been done. I saw one at Englishtown like 15 years ago

    14. PixelVogue

      yeah most wanted like nfs

    15. Captain_Coleslaw

      Reason the Lambo sounds different when starting up, is cause the starter motor is geared...

    16. Jordan Scheurer

      Ok who was watching house in the background

    17. Jordan Scheurer

      I would have to be paid alot of money to live in California. Alot of money.

    18. Lowkey JDM

      I wanna see the GT3RS and the Aventador together 😭

    19. prodoubt

      Does TJ really own all those cars? Man that is quite the valuable arsenal. Had no idea he had gotten that big on YT.

    20. A Ho

      I'm no drug expert, but doesn't meth fall under the category of drugs?

    21. 5cent27

      Who's the douche and who's the bag it comes in? You choose.

    22. Zachary Trent

      TJ Hunt is quite possibly the most inauthentic douche-nozzle on the face of the planet. Then again, there aren't many multi-million sub DE-news personalities who aren't self-absorbed imbeciles.

    23. Brandon Smit

      Please just shave the stash already... god damn

    24. Hugomao88

      confuse on FD. i dont know if you're saying the RX7 or the drift comp

    25. Johnathan Ramirez

      “sAn DiEgO hAs tHe bEsT mExIcAn fOoD” woah slow down there buckaroo

      1. TridactylZero

        Johnathan Ramirez I’m not really talking about cali burritos. I’m talking about everything else on the menu. Everything is as close as TJ/ mexico food. Your shit in LA along with Texas are super dry, not even close to authenticity or even good at times Mexican places. I know several places here in sd where the owners live in tijuana and do the same stuff here in sd and in tijuana

      2. Johnathan Ramirez

        TridactylZero it’s white people version of Mexican food, not authentic Mexican food lol we don’t put fries in our food, but I’ve had some good white people mexican food in Los Angeles 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

      3. TridactylZero

        Nope sd Mexican food > any other place in the United States

    26. Johnathan Ramirez

      THERE IS ALREADY AN LS SUPRA his Instagram is @RAD_Ricky

    27. Johnathan Ramirez

      I would love to see TJ and Adam go to Japan together

    28. Liam Gallager

      Adam's got some veins 💉

    29. Alex Wiuker

      Pettit Racing is ready to build your FD motor just give us a call, keep it rotary

    30. Noah Jacobus

      Hahaha watch out for Oceanside and Carlsbad cops they have nothing better do than pull people over

    31. Jake Ramirez

      California sucks just left their don’t go

    32. Jay Harris

      Thats all adam needs is an 97 fd please adam

    33. Baylee Doom

      “No one does ls supras” mean while the boosted boiz have one lol

    34. What is supposed to go here

      so we just saw most o TJ's license plates, let that sink in

    35. Dylan Miller

      Coyote swapped Supra more like it !

    36. Weedy-san

      That White FD is super clean holy shiit !

    37. Syed Naheel VLOGS

      Da best utubers collab yet!

    38. calebpaiz05

      What cámara do you use? Quality is prestine

    39. Zaid Mansur

      Why did you not take the supra


      DT LA to DT SD should be 2 hours normally

    41. c840xba

      TJ with the FD commentary ahahah

    42. Beezer W

      your a goat adam

    43. DailyDriven 240z

      move to cali come on m8 hahaha

    44. Ahsan Jaffery

      You should have listen to that supra natural 2 step🔥

    45. Sam Howard

      I’ll bet you already have an FD and just havnt told us haha

    46. DKOCHILL

      Adam you should collab with illiminate


      TJ look like a cat trying to jump off a counter lol


      The excitement when TJ was shooting flames out of his lambo was priceless

    49. 321shack

      Bro you talk so much it's like you are narrating a book.

    50. Ryan Black

      Tj is really growing on me

    51. Aniket KB

      I see a lambo coming soon to the channel

    52. Mike Hahessy

      That fd👌👌👌👌with the old wheels he had on it

    53. Blunt Man

      If you move to California move to the best part of California..... Northern California is way better then Socal

    54. Ryan’s Views

      I don’t have my front plate on my car, But I have my rear, in in Illinois cops really don’t care about that

    55. Ryan’s Views

      I love these vids

    56. Matija Graho

      LS swap the FD the fanboys would be so mad lmao

    57. Noah Maldonado

      Bruh y’all were in Oceanside I live there lmao

    58. Blackage

      What makes your videos so good, it feels raw. TJ videos feel like a production and its kind of boring.

    59. THEGAS

      tj seems a lot different here than in his videos

    60. skfl longjohn


    61. Jason Stuart

      You can see the window shake from the concussion of the Lambo! @8:39

    62. Davis Racing

      Rubber gloves while welding=ballsy

    63. Joseph B

      “Are You Mine” by Arctic Monkeys in the background. Grounds for YT to complain and do that thing where they don’t pay you for the video?

    64. Inline Performance

      Damn dawg, your ole ex lady is one hell of a homie hopper eh?

    65. Dark Project

      Adam seems very Depressed

    66. gprime70

      The rock climbing commentary was perfect 😂😂😭

    67. Fastyfire

      Move to Cali. I’d love the calibrations, especially you and tj

    68. Fastball Films

      coyote swapped FD

    69. Bobby Beeton

      it is a you style car adam buy it

    70. Christopher Ballenger-Brooks

      Shave the chomo stach bro... fr