A First for Fire Emblem Fans! - ??? Announcement Trailer



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    30 years ago, the first Fire Emblem title introduced beloved characters like Marth, and the series’ signature strategic gameplay. For the first time outside of Japan, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light comes to Nintendo Switch, fully localized! Available 12/4.
    Learn more: www.nintendo.com/games/detail/fire-emblem-shadow-dragon-and-the-blade-of-light-switch/
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    1. Garv the Gamer

      Its 12:03AM on December 4th and it still won't allow me to play this and it's on the console....😡😡😡

      1. Garv the Gamer


    2. TacoSir

      Okay maybe an official Thracia release?

    3. Jesus Anticristo Cervantes Martínez de Navarre

      With limited time releases, overt hostility towards fans, and archaic online infrastructure: it's a mystery how Nintendo remains solvent.

    4. wεw lαd

      "only avaiable for a limited time" mmmm nope I can pirate the original rom whenever I want lol

    5. Emily King

      I am literally going to Japan in two years for my year abroad and I was gonna try and buy the Japan only fire emblem games. Guess I don't need to anymore

      1. Dutch Meyer

        Fire Emblem 4 will get a remake by then.

    6. Luis Raul Gomez Roa

      Es enserio? Se debería de llamar fire emblema compañy

    7. Garv the Gamer

      Please do this with the rest of the unlocalized games in the series.

    8. Sparkledash1

      Just pre-ordered it inb4 you are part of the problem. :P

    9. Protoform X

      Mother 3 Shin Megami Tensei 1 That is all

    10. blaze flame

      cool, now I just want melee

    11. Pantsu KING

      Now time for them to do justice for Lucas as well

    12. KahlifLEGOGAMES - SuperGamingStudios

      I Pre-ordered It, Thanks Nintendo.

    13. Heckin Brandon

      Next thing they'll probably do is port Binding Blade to Switch before porting -Earthbound 2- Mother 3

    14. Persona

      Genealogy of the holy war remake pls...

    15. Watch Dog

      I love how almost every comment is negative, yet there are more likes than dislikes.

    16. The 'Vire Zone: The "E" Channel

      "For a limited time only." Python: Seriously? Dimitri: IS THIS SOME KIND OF TWISTED JOKE?!

    17. Rose Heart

      COOL, but, how about ROY's GAME!! ? !

    18. RAVS 006

      Okay Nintendo. Now where's my new Advance Wars game?

    19. demonpsychic

      next video: mother 3 out now for a limited time!oh wait it’s already gone sorry

    20. BouncyCreeper

      "Replica game pak art piece" It's not even a real NES cartridge. As a collector, I am disappointed. As the guy who's probably gonna buy this anyway, I'm angry.

      1. BouncyCreeper

        @masq the special edition literally isn't being sold yet.

      2. masq

        @BouncyCreeper its already sold out have fun getting it from scalpers

      3. BouncyCreeper

        @masq trust me, if it sells out, I'll know where to look.

      4. masq

        good luck finding one lmao

    21. NPChilla

      I think that Nintendo is using this game to test if there is an audience for previously Japan-only content. Hopefully if we all buy this, it will herald a western release of the Famicom Tantei Club remakes and the Mother series. Go preorder this game now!!

    22. Chaz Peddicord

      If Nintendo localized all three Mother games with new updated translations and title screens like this and made an EarthBound collection, I would literally throw money at my screen. Gonna buy this to support more rereleases of old games like this.

    23. Chaz Peddicord

      If Nintendo localized all three Mother games with new updated translations and title screens like this and made an EarthBound collection, I would literally throw money at my screen. Gonna buy this to support more rereleases of old games like this.

    24. StriderTiger

      the kids in this video talking like they know fire emblem probably weren't even alive in 2001, nor did they grow up with an nes lol

    25. G R

      Nintendo, why do you manage to make me hate you more and more every day.

    26. Big Jim

      So they are releasing a game that people is only for a limited time AND only on eshop jeez nintendo

    27. Lucas Meehan

      Bruh who knew fire emblem in 2001

    28. TheShararamosh

      That's cool and all... But I think Mother 3 would be a much better choice.

      1. Jousha Windsor

        Then why do you watch it then

    29. Nuclear-Powered Chicken

      Let's hope the English version is actually released in Europe this time, eh?

      1. Doc's secret shop of something

        It's already on the european eshops for preorder, so yes

    30. Will Vasquez

      Kid in 2001: Proceeds to describe things that nobody who played Melee would know, with translations they couldn't possibly know until like 2009... :V

    31. KnightRider of Doom

      They should remake this fe3h style

      1. Trash boat

        Eh, I disagree, marth has already got mystery of the emblem and mystery of the emblems remake. After this too I don’t think we need more marth

    32. DKHZStudio

      i dont get why is everybody so salty in the comments, there is limited edtion and then there is the digital edtion which cost only $5.99 and is the same game ? i mean it dosent seem only avabile for a shot time like Mario 3D all-stars

    33. Terrabilethegreat 909

      I mean this is cool, but like we have fan translations and a gameboy remake plus this game is going for a limited time release so yeah good job Nintendo 😂

    34. Abigail Danao

      *sigh* have my money...

    35. Pointless

      All of you are hoping that Mother 3 might also get localized. But I’m wondering if Rhythm Tengoku on the GBA will be localized.

    36. pieninja 3317

      Was anyone able to secure an anniversary edition they sold out instantly where I live

    37. RETRO ADAM

      Now do Advance wars

    38. RobRemix

      So stupid. 70$ CAD for a translated emulated rom? Limited supply as well? No thanks. *Missed an opportunity for 30th anniversary to bring on the switch old gba fire emblem games (or even better remaster them) like Sealed Sword (japanese only) , Blazing Blade and Sacred Stones. Too bad.

    39. Kiruka-Oni

      So FE3H is ended no new content no gold route. "Sigh" I am going to depress again not cool

      1. Trash boat

        I’m very glad that there is no ‘gold route’ for 3H. It’s what ruined fates story and it would’ve ruined 3H for me as well

    40. RowdyRottweilers

      When does this release?

      1. Trash boat

        In 7.2 days from the time I’m typing this

    41. DirtyLaundry776

      This game already has a remake....... tf?

    42. NL the General

      Self awareness

    43. ViralZen

      Fans have already done a good job translating this, they should've remade it instead lol

    44. Will the Pro

      Bruh just bring back virtual console

    45. LukeRen SSB

      Every game Nintendo is putting out rn: limited time release! BoTW 2: nervous sweating

    46. misterpk92

      Please make more 30th anniversary editions. They're going for 3x retail on ebay currently

    47. idk at this point

      This is why people pirate games.

    48. SpikeTheWolf

      Lucina clone

    49. karimitic kaeloo GREAT TEM LORD

      Here at nintendo we always aim towards originality, and new horizons. That's why we decided to aim towards a new, revolutionary and never before seen concept: We will become the *First* company to release ONLY limited edition games from now on! So that each of our games, becomes an even more valuable treasure than before.

    50. Gea Force

      And this isn't in the nes switch online because?

    51. Scoot

      I wish Sakurai would catch the rona already

      1. Trash boat

        I don’t think sakurai should stay at Nintendo either but wishing that kind of harm (and potential death) apon ANYBODY is wrong

      2. Scoot

        @M. Nourishad Sorry? Couldn't hear you over The Big House DMCA

      3. M. Nourishad

        Hey no... No. That's uncalled for. The guy is a good person.

    52. Mr. Whatshisname

      Ok this probably won’t happen but I’m gonna guess that the fact that Mario 3D all stars and this will stop being sold by April, that something big is coming. Just a guess, though.

    53. Chard

      OK, this whole "Limited time only" is getting old. This is the second game, and it's already old. STOP.

    54. JaredRedDeath

      Anybody else want a Blazing Blade and Sacred Stones rerelease/remake? I just miss the amazing sprite work for those games. Kinda wish we could experience polished up versions of what got me, and probably quite a number of people in the US, into Fire Emblem in the first place.

    55. Sybato

      Does limited run, mean limited time to purchase it, or play it?

      1. Amaan B

        limited time to purchase

    56. kld Z

      “You don’t know Marth?” I don’t even know Roy that time.

    57. John the Medic take 2

      Franchise that's almost as old as their most popular series and isn't too shabby themselves: ooo our big 3-0! Surely we'll get a second, even more awesome Warrior's game or remakes for the switch (well we did get past fe games but and my favorites are more recent so I'll probably have to wait a while :'( )! :D Nintendo and the maker of the warriors games: did somebody say ZELDA? :D fe fans:...oh COME ON! We know its not Mario or Zelda but we're almost as old and we have a lot of fans. Besides, Zelda's year is next year! If anyone should get a big game like a second warriors game its fe (not a 'toxic player who feels entitled') at least this year. If they want one, then they are totally allowed to but so if they got one during our turn then do we get ours during their turn? Only fair.

    58. Alex Toonz

      Just pre-ordered the game!, can't wait to play it!, I really enjoyed Binding blade, fates (I also had Marth on my team), he's also my highest level fighter in smash and FE warriors...

    59. ImmaLittlePip

      Daily reminder this kid got this game localized so his friend can know who Marth and Fire emblem is

    60. VileMK69 Z

      This is having an OFFICIAL US Release??...........For 2 months.......................

    61. I'm dumb

      If you think this comment section very salty, you're in for a ride on Twitter

    62. Gladdeniel Goldenflower


    63. tetrofita178

      Nintendo on March 31st 2021: You like this you like this? (SLAM) Well no more ha ha ha ha HAHAHAHA!

    64. Shadowfang

      They should port the DS versions instead

      1. Trash boat

        @Guy Who Ate All The Pizza yes.

      2. Shadowfang

        @Guy Who Ate All The Pizza NO! But they had more to offer.... WAY more... AND the DS Version of Blade of Light NEVER left Japan... yeah theres fan translation patches but that doesnt count... its NOT official... and you WOULD need to emulate it ;)

      3. Amaan B

        @Guy Who Ate All The Pizza There's a huge difference between comparing Mario 64 and shadow dragon. Mario 64 was just a port (maybe a few graphical changes), but shadow dragon was a complete remake.

      4. Guy Who Ate All The Pizza

        So you think games like Mario 64 should only have their DS versions ported?

    65. SolidSnake684

      Cool! Now translate Genealogy of the Holy War, you cowards!

    66. Enno

      Why not just the remake? How can a nes rom be 30mb big? Why is it 5 bucks and not free like in japan? Why is it only aviable for a limited time? Nintendo, why are you like this?


      Finally! I will buy!

    68. Henry Kuhn

      We're waiting for Mother 3.

      1. Ricky Morgan

        Me too, kid. Me too.

      2. Henry Kuhn

        As always.

    69. Speck00.8

      Guys who tf even is Lucas??? Like what game is he even from???? Genuinely asking here. Not trying to get mother 3 on the switch or anything.

    70. MarcoSims

      Don’t buy this. Just don’t play into their hand.