A Grumpus Amongus - Among Us: Part 1



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    8 little crewmates tasking through the ship. Ross kills them all.
    Episode title by steakjoke and all who voted! Thank you!
    We're joined in this episode by these gamers...
    Alpharad ► de-news.net/client-alpharadd
    Charalanahzard ► de-news.net/client-charalanahzard
    CrankGamePlays ► de-news.net/chl/UC2S7CGceq5tsuhcVyACdA3g
    Drumsy ► de-news.net/client-CrushTwix
    Flamingo ► de-news.net/chl/UCm-X6o81nRsXQTmqpyArkBQ
    Jackesepticeye ► de-news.net/chl/UCYzPXprvl5Y-Sf0g4vX-m6g
    JaidenAnimations ► de-news.net/chl/UCGwu0nbY2wSkW8N-cghnLpA
    RubberNinja ► de-news.net/client-RubberRoss
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    Game Grumps are:
    Arin ► de-news.net/client-Egoraptor
    Danny ► de-news.net/client-NinjaSexParty
    #gaming #amongUs #nursureyRaps

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    1. The Imposter

      Honestly i like how flamingo is a kinda family friendly channel playing with people who swear

    2. Sloft-70

      Everyone: **Talks** Albert:😐

    3. taako y'know? from tv?

      Dan is such an old man in this episode "You have to mure your mic." "... how do you do that?"

    4. Benjamin Lalande

      I am only here to watch the intro

    5. GarHillZ

      I see jaiden, Me: CLICKS

    6. It’s_worm_time_babey_ 1028

      Dan not knowing how to mute and giggling during the round is so wholesome 🥺

    7. you tube account

      "Donkey Kong Feet Pics is now playing Baldur's Gate"

    8. Jackson Byrd

      I can literally hear Dan screaming god damnit ross and then screaming Arin what the fuck are you doing XD

    9. U L T I M A T E O w O

      you know what arin you're doing great sweetie

    10. Erica Chisolm

      "why is my name red???" -Alpha 2020

    11. Herowebcomics

      The Game grumps, Jack AND Jaden?! This is awesome!

    12. Andreas Castaneda Bolza

      I bet dan went to the kitchen to get a sandwich after he was killed first round lol

    13. Cupriferous Catalyst

      Ross: *kills someone right next to Arin* Arin: "I'm voting for drumsy"

    14. ugly head

      the way i started crying when dan's ghost appeared when ross killed arin

    15. Curtis LeBlanc

      to be honest, I don't think Dan even vented that round at all.

    16. Internet Stinky

      He did out himself as imposter in the beginning, he said "Why is my name red?"

    17. phamthanhtien nguyenkhaithien

      sadhguru lauv tamilmovies

    18. Emma Lafferty


    19. Maya C

      This is painful to watch

    20. Kaleb Whitehead

      Dan: Dies first a bunch Everyone: ILL PROTECC DAN Jaiden: If I'm imposter I'm killing Dan first

    21. Joel Bremner

      God damn ross

    22. Sierra Davis

      So they edited this and added elevator music?

    23. thung coixao

      tasty girlfights dbfz draegast parkour lameloball mana

    24. EtoMasterRaps

      am i the only one who saw mans snap his neck

    25. Mattie

      hearing drumsy in his non-reporter voice is fucking w e i r d

    26. Joxter

      Ah yes, of course, Arin is blind

    27. saunay cogangphathuy

      seanlew joanjett invaderzim

    28. James Larsen

      Oh hey it’s albert

    29. your mom

      i saw a really cute girl the other day and she was wearing a game grumps shirt and i wanted to compliment her shirt but i was too shy but SHE complimented my Doc Martens, so um we’re gonna get married she just doesn’t know it yet. you’re all invited to our gay wedding

    30. Mudkip

      Hey it’s Flamingo

    31. opelgtman73

      Holy crap Arin is blind as hell.

    32. mara ಠωಠ

      * game starts * *"why is my name red?!"*

    33. Rum Feen


    34. JustARandomChanel Don'tMindMe

      I want to see this session from Dan's perspective! Itd be so funny!

    35. JustARandomChanel Don'tMindMe

      I really love seeing all my faves upload their side of the same sessions. It's so fun to see the same game from multiple perspectives!!

    36. Jennifer Kirksey

      I'm like omg why arin why

    37. Dylan Lorton

      I don’t know how the fuck arin didn’t see Ross kill dan

    38. Rosa

      "Ross, didn't you say last time you didn't self-report?" Ross: "Yes, BUT THAT WAS DIFFERENT! That time *I was lying."*

    39. pablo jams

      Love that Alpha immediately starts with “why is my name red?”

    40. Reloader 14

      Arin is blind

    41. Peyton Meigs

      I am surprised Arin never noticed the shadow of the vent opening in security and didnt care to look on round 2

    42. Andrew Nigo

      I wish Arin had kept in Dan getting help from Ethan.

    43. Captain Sal

      Did he really skip ross?

    44. Mochi_King _07

      Arin: sees Ross kill Also Arin: ➖👄➖

    45. Funsicle

      All my favorite youtubers in one video

    46. Beepus Boop

      Arin weapons and shields are lesser-known visual tasks

    47. GGWRW

      Team Grumposters didn't make it, but the Steam Train pulled out a win. Nice.

    48. Logan S.

      I thought Ross doing stuff w/ Alpha was too good to be true but now we have both of them w/ Jack, the Grumps, and Ethan. Baller

    49. Hutch2Much

      [in disappointment mom voice] Arin

    50. This is a Channel

      This Is A Comment

    51. Jed Is Also Here

      I love how done Jack was with that "Top o' the mornin' to ya..."

    52. A Microwave

      still waiting on alpharad's pov of this

    53. Alejandro Jimenez

      Arin: "Look at him, walking around like a fucking...." Ross: *dies* Arin: "oh"

    54. Ydundun Talmud

      Colorado springs Colorado

    55. Blobygirlofaith_thor

      Brown legit murdered yellow in front of you, I saw the body fall and the particles-

    56. Christopher Lee

      That was funny in that one game where Jaiden kept mentioning the vents when they were discussing.

    57. Bree Medrano

      If they don’t do another game of among us I’m gonna cry. But I’ll also cry out of joy if they do a game with corpse. I can just imagine the shenanigans.

    58. lazy dude

      You cant poop on the buss ross srry

    59. alam alami


    60. Chill Dude

      Dan: How do I kill? Also dan: first one dead that round Idk what you did bro but you did it wrong lol

    61. Andrevus Whitetail

      "why is my name red?"

    62. Queen Crimson

      I like how nobody cares about Albert in the comment sections

    63. Mason playz

      When Erin was in admin with Albert and drumsy and they where locked in admin Erin leaves and alberts dead I was screaming its drumsy

    64. Joseph Tolmes

      Arin you such a big dope

    65. Jen g

      Arin happily following Dan around at 30:09 and dying laughing is the best thing about this episode.

    66. elijah stabler

      the last person to see on gamegrumps is defiantly flamingo i used to watch him lol

    67. Gage Wilker

      it hurts to watch this

    68. Catoma

      It's painful to watch Arin play this, he doesn't use the map ever, walked passed Dan's corpse like a 3rd impostor. Jesus man, use the game functions! Videogameboy my hot tots! *patooey*

    69. Sketch UT

      Danny sounds like the chill wholesome dad who has never played a video game in his life but wants to bond with his kid and his friends at a birthday party and I am hERE FOR IT

    70. Ivy

      arin u literally watched a murder what’s wrong with u?