Acura's New Flagship! The Type S Returns! 2021 Acura TLX First look

Alex on Autos

Alex on Autos

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    Acura is in the middle of a new product offensive, last year we got an all-new RDX and for 2021 we're getting an all-new TLX. It should continue Acura's value proposition by delivering mid-size luxury room with a compact-luxury price tag. Of course the big news is that the Type S has returned, this time with a 3.0L twin-turbo V6 and SH-AWD! Is this the Acura AMG-fighter we've been waiting for?
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    1. Bill Mulvihill

      Forget all the gear head comments. How good is the 17 speaker system sound? Remember you are stuck with that system when you buy the car. Anybody else think about it?

    2. S Parker

      I like this car and I'm looking forward to Alex's full review. I am not so keen on the push-button gear shifter and wish they had retained a lever. Just my preference. But Honda is going to a button shifter, it seems.

    3. MGP 9

      So the interior gauges for the base is white on black, the Aspec red on white and the Type-S is red on black?

    4. SuperDexteroo

      Sorry Acura, don't like shift buttons,it's a hassle parking

    5. Lando CalrisiaN

      It's been a while since I've watched you Alex, but as usual, you never disappoint. Thank you for all the work and effort you put in.

    6. Buk David

      If I dont get any more power from acura I'm leaving them for good.

    7. Barbecue Tech Tips

      I am looking forward to the TLX Advanced trim. Waiting to see what Phantom Violet Pearl looks like with Graystone or Parchment Napa leather. I could care less about the Type S or A-spec waste of money models. If I wanted a sports car, I'd just buy a Miata.

    8. NeutralGenericUser

      Looks stunning!

    9. Miguel A. Rivera S.

      .....3:05 twin turbo.....?

    10. The Bagne Channel

      I can’t wait until full specs are available and the Acura configurator goes online. My MDX is getting up there and I don’t need such a big vehicle. This might make a worthy replacement.

    11. aaronchase38

      Any sport wagons in the future?

    12. dd214

      I love my 2016 accord.

    13. Mike N

      I think might upgrade from my Honda Accord to this. This Acura is sharp!

    14. Jose Alvarenga

      My Nex Car

    15. chuck mak

      You can tell they ran out of budget for the rear lights


      The s better have 375 hp at least or you might as well keep the over priced 280 laughable horse power

    17. chuck mak

      How is this compare to 2020 accord 2.0 touring?

      1. MGP 9

        Same engine and transmission, longer but less interior and cargo volume. Completely different platform and infotainment technology.

    18. senorgato70

      Actually the interior dimensions are right 8n line with the A4, keeping compact dimensions. Why the body needs to be so long is a mystery but it looks good

    19. bigden 2755

      FWD bias 400 HP in the type S ???? Steer tork ????

      1. Kuki Mel 27

        You don’t get it

    20. Martin K

      350 horses is not enough for the Type S. Genesis is updating their engines soon and will push around 380+ hp along with Germans. You can't release a brand new model that's already behind the competition. That's an automatic FAIL. People will not pay premium $$$ for something that is already not competitive.

    21. Liam JP Richardson

      With the RLX going, I hope they add a Hybrid option.

    22. Huntly Gordon

      How will the TLX compare with the Stinger? Seems like they are close--both in size and price.

      1. oldtwins na

        It doesn't really compare with it though, more to the G70 sedan. The open hatch style makes for a less refined driving experience and there's notable creek/rattles in the Stinger that are not present in the G70.

    23. Bảo Hồ

      I thought the flagship is the NSX?

    24. John Dell

      It's good to see Acura put out something interesting again.

    25. Richard Ibah

      Pretty dope run down, thanks! Look to your review of the Type S

    26. er ch

      Wow. Rlx is gone. Can’t believe it. I loved Rlx !

    27. Malicious Affection

      RDX Type S Hype.

    28. Drummond Fengdahl

      Hmm, I wonder if even the Type S will have auto start-stop. That just kills it for me. Oh NM, just saw the button in the pic. 😒

      1. Kuki Mel 27

        That means you could turn it off if there’s a button 🤦

    29. Spectre2300

      Tempted to get one!

    30. Jean-Francois

      Great video Alex, thanks! And thank you Acura for bringing back excitement in your lineup!!

    31. Mike c

      Kind of look like Audi in front and BMW in back and stinger on the side

    32. Mike c

      Need Integra and legend back

    33. monzx3

      At this stage in my life and living in an area with such horrible winters, I have no use for a sedan right now. However, that thing has some sweet lines on it and Acura's no joke when it comes to performance! I love Alex's explanation of Acura's SH-AWD system. Most folks have no clue as to how sophisticated and capable it is!

    34. Godizgoat

      How come you didn’t mention the Infiniti Q50 ?

      1. Kuki Mel 27

        Because it’s hot garbage

    35. *

      Having spent some real time in the 2019 RDX tech...I will say the touchpad isn't difficult to use...however it would keep me from purchasing any Acura that has it...Acura needs to go to a single, reachable large touchscreen..paired with a fully digital dash..Acura could be a tech innovation leader but has always missed the mark on all but the NSX....and the reason I take the time to write this is because I want to fall in love with something Acura makes and buy on a positive note they are finally all caught up on powertrain now and have a well translated current design hire me to fix the tech 😛 but seriously Acura fix it please...and where are your pano sunroofs...should Genesis be leading the way in content vs value...along with their sister companies...I wouldn't allow it if I was even Honda....much less Acura

    36. aoescool

      Expect the tuning scene , hondata and k tuner should be crazy. The base can prob see up to 350 hp on the 2l turbo

    37. Dan Morrissette

      no hybrids>?

    38. Darin Murphy

      You know your shit. Didn't stumble once 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

    39. excelerater

      they should have an RSX :)

    40. Iggi Valencia

      The Type S will get a 3.0 liter V6 *single* turbo (twin scroll), not twin-turbo.

    41. Brennon Viele

      We are being told the 4 cylinder pricing will be identical to the rdx models and type s starting just under 50k so undercuts the Germans by $6000-$7000. The type s will be loaded so unlike the German cars all of the safety tech will be included just under 50k

    42. Brennon Viele

      I believe this is going to be a single turbo v6 nothing in the press packet shows twin turbo just turbo. They are saying 50% more torque than v6 which should be close to 400 ft lb

    43. Syed Alam

      Not spending 40k on a car which competes with Audi, BMW and Merc but doesn't have the same level of info tech and digital dash. It would sell in a heartbeat if it had all that.

    44. Matt Black

      What's the origin of that shirt? Did someone comment that? Your eagerness to close yourself in a trunk and the way you always choose songs to display on Apple Carplay that have something to do with the car proves it's not true.

    45. Jnguyen93

      First gen year will always have problems. Lets wait some time after this gets released.

    46. IsolestiK

      acura is a joke

    47. whiteandnerdytuba

      Na v6 is the best part of my moms tl. Good sound and power. Sad to see ricers taking over

    48. Tom Liu

      Yeah, twin turbo, double the trouble

    49. hot dog

      meh too big for me

    50. Harut Hajin

      They could sell this hundred thousunds, if they tried to make like theyre concept "Precision", like Infiniti Essence or others, theres no any hard engineering to put concept Tail Lights, they didnt light or control in the night, also they could put 2K/120hz screens and faster software and fully Leather interior, theres NO huge money for this things Max 1500$ in production.

    51. compaholic83

      It's funny you've been comparing this to the Volvo S60 as I just got rid of my 2015 TLX SH-AWD for a 2019 Volvo S60 T6 R Design this past october because of all the issues I was having with the Acura drivetrain. Now that I see that god awful 9ZF is gone I may reconsider returning to Acura in a couple years when my lease is up.

    52. noobwow2009

      Honda is so easy on maintenance

    53. Mitchell C

      "Flagship" is the NSX????

    54. bighosre10

      I lost interest soon as he said. Front wheel drive.

      1. Undead Skill

        Then get the rear bias awd

    55. Aerohk

      Waiting for 2021 ILX, hopefully it got a new interior

    56. Lennox Lewis

      Acura 3.0T or Infiniti 3.0T?

      1. Kuki Mel 27


    57. Dee t

      i love my 2012 tl 3.7 sh-awd.... i have 121k miles still no problems runs like a champ.... 💯🎯

    58. Stefan Etienne The Verrge Representative

      Buttons > TouchScreen. Within reason. Like, I don't need a touchscreen fauxbutton for volume or temp. QWERTY keypad? well sure.

    59. MegaMusek

      They finally updated the interior and can't wait to see the numbers for the Type S

    60. Grumpy Bear

      Rather have a G70

    61. Grumpy Bear

      Too little too late

    62. GenobiX

      Just to clarify it's going to be a 3.0L V6 single twin scroll turbo not twin turbo.

    63. Joel Larry

      twin scroll not twin turbo

    64. trinisuprazee

      i hope acura keeps getting stronger getting bored of seeing all these german cars out here....

    65. Cruizin USA87 87

      Do the math 267 pound feet, plus 50% equals 400 pound feet.

    66. P barny

      I still dont think Acura is long for this world.

      1. Alan Horn

        There was a case to be made for just offering sh-awd on the top end Accords instead of a new TLX. On the other hand, with the new Acura SUVs to sell they can probably benefit from keeping exactly one sedan in their lineup, just like Lincoln, Chevy, Dodge, Infiniti and, possibly soon, Cadillac.

    67. jazzbeau507

      the grey silvery colored instrument panel is kind of ugly as are the red seats. 8:30-9:00; granted you can get a black interior but if all the cars have the grey silvery instrument panel, then that won't be so good; the price is good value. Alex does good reviews, among the best.

    68. Lowlands

      Audish Honda

    69. civicex5speed

      If you want to disagree with Alex's shirt, go check out his Instagram account 🤣

    70. Digivolution

      The dash looks amazing compared to the old tlx dash