Acura TLX Type S UNVEIL live stream

Kirk Kreifels

Kirk Kreifels

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    Acura is opening the curtains on the all-new TLX and the return of the iconic Type S.
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    1. X Knows

      Korean trolls pushing hard until you talked 🤦‍♂️ You will soon receive notifications from Hyundai (someone else, naturally, but in their favor) to talk bad about Japanese makers for money, as it's already happening with some reviewers. Sajaegi (사재기, paying to manipulate charts). Very disgusting and very very common in Korea.

      1. Kirk Kreifels

        Sad but happens everywhere, not just Korea. Japan has a bit more honor however but not exempt...and the Chinese? Lol

    2. Commenter

      Looks awesome, the rear is incredibly sweet, and the front, perfect. Love it. Interior, SPECTACULAR.

    3. Kyaw Zin Theik

      Very nice Acura TLX


      The Lexus IS250 AWD has a FuLL Manual 6 Speed

    5. Stephen Li

      Very distracting conversation with someone we can't hear that is unrelated to what is being shown.

      1. Kirk Kreifels

        Watch my video coming this morning. I summarize everything.

    6. Darth Sidius

      Don't know why that Acura still uses mechanical gauges rather than digital gauges. Other than that though the tlx seems like it'll succeed

    7. NickBlueYT

      I got a question.

    8. Ashwin Thiagarajan

      1:29:27 honda has made v10 and v12 engines for formula 1 tho But that's also formula 1 not mass production

    9. tubedude92

      lexus better do something after this announced release ..that conservative, neutral, sitting duck thing they're doing without making any competitor isn't going to fly. They should at least seriously compete, the market has been saying this for years now..

    10. Christopher James Manalili

      Love how you do these Live streams since i always miss them live lol thanks again kirk. great content as always.

      1. Kirk Kreifels

        Haha thanks mate

    11. SixAyem

      I hope they redesign the ilx this year too, new TLX is great, but little too big for me

      1. Kirk Kreifels

        The ilx needs a redesign asap. More power and shawd

      2. NileshR12

        SixAyem Well they just refreshed the ILX for 2019. So even though it should've gotten a new generation last year, it's soldering on its second refresh

      3. SixAyem

        @Kirk Kreifels oh awesome, cant wait!

      4. Kirk Kreifels

        I talk a bit about the ilx in the video coming up tomorrow. 👍

    12. Antwan Jones

      Good live stream today just makes me sad when this could’ve been a GS and GS F launch. 😒

      1. Kirk Kreifels

        I don't want to think about it 😭

    13. Jeff Brisson

      The more hp you add the more problems you'll have.

    14. Aj Ev

      Good content. I also respect all brands in general

    15. Sagar Arora

      What potential horsepower for v6 turbo?

      1. Kirk Kreifels

        400 is my guess

    16. Joe Mikey

      You’re absolutely right, the reason for Lexus has not increased torque and horsepower on a turbo charged 2 L engine is over stressing and reliability. Honda is already having problems with its earth dream engines, particularly the 1.5 L with fuel dilution and premature wear. When you look at it as a per liter phenomenon, that much horsepower and torque will certainly be less reliable! Thanks for another great video!

      1. Darksyne

        It's only the 1.5L that's having problems (fuel dilution from badly designed injectors). The 2.0L in the Accords, RDX, and Type R so far aren't having wide spread issues and failures or we would've heard about them by now. But who knows what long term reliability will look like.