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Adults React To Billie Eilish



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    Billie Eilish reacted to by Adults. Original links below.
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    Adults react to Billie Eilish. Watch to see their reactions.
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    Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish
    Teens React To Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish
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    Billie Eilish - bury a friend
    Billie Eilish - when the party's over
    Billie Eilish - you should see me in a crown
    Billie Eilish - hostage
    wish you were gay
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    Adults React To Billie Eilish

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      1. Itouchedthehood

        pls react to 5sos and the Youngblood era

      2. Joshua Law

        Should react to UK grime

      3. Roberto Tunzi

        Ghostemane please

      4. Esmee


      5. まだまだぉlげttろっぇdづmっばっs

        Can you guys have them react to billie's new album WHERE DO WE GO WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP?

    2. MEME TIME

      Damn Billie is 17 but she looks older than me and I'm 18

    3. Karona Thompson

      React to Lil Nas X - Old Town Road

    4. Jahlivya Harvey

      Love Billie so freaking much

    5. Sariz38

      FIFA 19

    6. Nick Isbell

      Absolute trash as always.

      1. Fran Nay

        Seriously your wasting your time commenting if that’s all you do, being an ass

      2. Tyler

        Ur fucking dumb

    7. LastTheNoel

      react to Nothing But Thieves please!!!! i beg you

    8. Valerie Tavares

      *I go to bed* LMAOOOO

    9. Angelica Oviedo

      Please react to chase Atlantic it would be the best thing

    10. #Ryan87#


      1. I dont know


    11. missSDW

      ❤SHE'S amazing

    12. E k

      react to rosalia

    13. Scott Harrison

      React to confessions of a dangerous mind by logic!!! ❤️❤️

    14. camico

      When they played the second song I just started crying out of nowhere because it is so good, tho I never heard it before

    15. q the music

      "i go to bed"

    16. Aidyn Kilman

      I write sins not tragedies by Panic! At the disco pls I love brendon

    17. Techno Viruz Blog

      9 - 0 say yes, wow

    18. The Trebble Cleff

      LMAO! 6:03 All of her music videos are physical representations of drugs😂😂😂😂

    19. Feliciti

      "All her music videos are like, physical representations of drugs" That s EXACTLY what I was thinking without being able to put words on it ! Like for me, her last song where she dances all crazy and all is LSD alike 😂

    20. visual skeemz

      Billie eilish has a reallyyyy talented voice and she's so young too

    21. I'm not coming back I'm too stoned

      Adults react to Billie Elish Billie Elish reacts back 1:56 Did she just say Billie Eyelish? Wtf

      1. Jaz Nightingale

        That's how you say her name??

    22. FLAREZ •

      I wish u made this after her new album

    23. Kiara Nicole

      Elders lyric breakdown of Billie eilish's songs

    24. Ke Kardash

      |When we all fall asleep were do we go |Honey you best believe I’m knoked out with my eyes wide open

    25. CoRnHoLiO SeÑoR

      Nah it didn’t freak you out when you found out she was 17, it scared you because you wanted to fuck her mouth but didn’t know if it was ok

      1. digital warfare


      2. Just that annoying Kid you like for some reason

        What. The. Actual. Fuck.

    26. Carrots

      So wait what adults and teenagers like her 🤯🤯🤯 never thought we would ever agree o.o

    27. Cesar Horna

      Adults react to David Bowie

    28. Andrea Dovran Fossum

      ADULTS REACT TO TOKIO HOTEL!!! (their oldest songs like Rescue me, Don't jump, Scream, Monsoon etc because they're the best ones and very meaningful)

      1. bojena98

        but the german version! at least for Monsoon

    29. Andrea Dovran Fossum

      Adults/teens react to bad guy

    30. pog champion

      she’s always herself and i love it 😩😩

    31. Bahargh1355 Bahatg1355


    32. Zi jie Lim

      I was waiting for BAD GUY!!

    33. iPhantoms0 _ 0

      Am i the only one that thinks of melanie Martinez when i see this girl

      1. lil meow meow

        iPhantoms0 _ 0 here i am you’re not alone

    34. The Art Of Observation

      I would love for these adults to find out that those stunts were actually real. The spider? Actually for real crawled out of her mouth. The black liquid coming out of her eyes? Yeah that’s real.

      1. Bahargh1355 Bahatg1355

        +Th.El.Co._1 oh ok

      2. Th.El.Co._1

        +Bahargh1355 Bahatg1355 I think what they meant is that they were all practical effects. None of it was CGI.

      3. Bahargh1355 Bahatg1355

        The tears came out with two pipes but it still touched her eyes and im sure it felt weird

    35. Lizzy Roo


    36. Ely Holt

      React to Tash Sultana

    37. Tonycia •

      Her vids are too dark

      1. Th.El.Co._1

        Define too dark. They seem appropriate to me.

    38. fluffyduckbutter's sister

      If I were her age She would be my best friend. She is like me as a kid but with talent.

    39. Gina DeNardo

      I'm so glad my daughter has someone like Billie to look up to that is selling sex like EVERYONE else...I love her music too! I NEED her tickets for my daughter's sweet 16 present. That's all she wants and unfortunately she's a huge star now and tickets for ther Philadelphia show were sold out to fast. But congratulations Billie!

    40. BassPlayah

      Billie is awesome!! Good for her keep being awesome and yourself. Also her music videos are better than any horror movies out there nowadays.

    41. Avery Reynolds

      Elders react to her new album

    42. Brody Ciscel

      Fuck this guy that called her indie pop punk she’s nothing she’s fire she’s her own genre

      1. Sophia Onca

        He is not wrong tho...

    43. Nikki Kahn

      Do a billie eilish reacts to adults react to billie eilish ‼️‼️‼️

    44. Karri

      react to KarriRxS 😁😁

    45. bootsie

      please put the headphones on right

    46. wiill

      9:06 that is a very good point.

    47. emmzquinnaaliyah

      I’m an adult and I fukn love Billie Eilish!!! Legit my 12 yr old got me into her 🤣🤣

      1. Nigel Tinashe Maphosa

        Same here😅

    48. Michelle C.

      “Oh that’s awesome, disturbingly awesome” 😂❤️

    49. Smøl Bean

      Dude, I love Brandon 😂

    50. AmberRose Welch

      I wish Billie Eilish and Melanie Martinez did a collab just imagine how beautifully artistic and dark it would be

      1. Myke Kagan

        Yes please!!!!!!

    51. breathin • 210 years later

      "I go to bed" that makes no sense tho... You go to sleep first... then you go to bed... I-

    52. Ayano Aishi


    53. Alexis Hayashi

      that dad has the coolest cat hallucinogen t-shirt

    54. Hex Alva

      Shameless self plug by fbe. I saw that.

    55. Chicken Nugget

      React to her albummmm U won’t regret it👍

    56. Laynie Avila

      "Wonderful actress" no girl thats how she isss she reall

      1. Scott Harrison

        Laynie Avila bro she doesn’t walk down the road eating spiders, crying black tears and putting her hand in her mouth she is a good actress like I get she is sad irl but not like completely insane

    57. smiley volcano

      A part 2 with the new album?

    58. Pro-Thief Ultimate

      Is she satanist or not?

      1. Marlou

        breathin • 210 years later she’s not very happy, she is depressed, jeez

      2. golden maknaejungkook

        +breathin • 210 years later calm down jeez

      3. breathin • 210 years later

        +golden maknaejungkook then don't make random assumptions and spreading things that you don't know are true or not

      4. golden maknaejungkook

        +breathin • 210 years later I just found out who Billie is... Idk what she's like!!!

      5. breathin • 210 years later

        Now tf. She mocks people who believe in the Illuminati by saying that she sold her would when she really didn't

    59. Allison Delgado


    60. Jefferson Cano

      React to her album

    61. Adam V.

      Wowww that’s sick that you guys interact & let fans pick a video idea once a month... LOVE THAT FOR U/US!

    62. JG MoonLight

      03:01 😂

    63. Joey Antunez

      We need a GHOST

    64. Rachel Tressler

      Old music, new demon. Who dis?

    65. IsielTV

      MV's almost as weird as poppy's

      1. IsielTV

        Haha i noticed it the first seconds i saw her MV. They're both a great singer with the weirdest yet most deep music vid ideas

      2. NEVI

        IsielTV yooo I knew it reminded me of something I just couldn’t pin it 😂👌

    66. Сan i die of depression ?


      1. I Like Waffles

        Army calm the fuck down bish

      2. Adam V.

        Wtf chill out 😭💀

      3. Wen u. Don’t

        Jesus calm down

    67. Content

      does anyone else feel like these people are too familiar with pop culture? needs more diversity with people who don't listen to pop music.

    68. Predescu Cezar

      Some of these “adults” are still teens

      1. breathin • 210 years later

        There young adults (under 30 is a young adult )

      2. Rodro

        +RaygrHD In basicaly the whole world

      3. RaygrHD

        18 is legally classed as an adult. Atleast here in the UK.

    69. Predescu Cezar

      I’m disturbed by the fact that they are not getting Billie

    70. Sienna1oo

      React to Dermot Kennedy live!

    71. Hannah DeSimio

      No disrespect whatsoever but she definitely gives Lana del ray and Lorde vibes.

      1. I Like Waffles

        Hannah DeSimio Why would The be disrespect? Obviously she’s gonna sound like someone, those people sound like people before them too

      2. Adam V.

        Yea when I first listened to her, I was getting MAJOR Lorde vibes & her voice in certain songs are veryyyy similar to lorde

      3. Emily Mink

        Hannah DeSimio how would that be disrespect? they're both gods

    72. Aralexi Morales

      "I go to bed" xD I love him

      1. breathin • 210 years later

        Who goes to be after they sleep?!?!

    73. Kitto Katto


    74. Sofia Allegra Belcastro


      1. breathin • 210 years later

        She's indie pop.

    75. Estelle Kanapathipilai

      4:48 me

    76. Kitten Espinoza

      Adults react to - listen before i go by Billie Eilish

      1. breathin • 210 years later

        They're not going to do that. That's highly unlikely. They must likely would make them react to the album tho

    77. Sharon Thankachan

      "Tim Burton were an indie pop punk girl singer" *Wheeze* 😂

    78. KJ Eln

      1:52 ok we love a woman-positive man but if she were to be wearing tighter clothes and "showing her shape" it'd still be up to u to decide wether u wanna focus on her "words" or her "sexuality". nice try, though.

      1. KJ Eln

        +gorillawarfair thanks gorilla 🙉

      2. gorillawarfair

        You completely missed the point of what he said by your knee-jerk reaction. Nice try though karen

    79. Ta Nia

      9:15 yesssss

    80. Tomholland Fansss

      you should react to the dolan twins!!!

    81. iam.reilly .g

      React to lil baby

    82. Amethyst TheMythicallyExtinct

      *spiders appear* me: ThAnK yOu, NeXt

    83. Quynh Anh Dang Vo

      March 29 is my birthday when the song was release

      1. Courtney minard

        Well, the album release date

      2. Aurora Blac

        Quynh Anh Dang Vo belated happy birthday

    84. Adam Holland

      How can something be ‘Anti-pop’ pop is short for popular music, if your music becomes popular it’s POP why do people have such a negative take on pop? It’s not just Taylor Swift you know

      1. breathin • 210 years later

        +JpNex I know that. But pop in general has a dance groove type of vibe witch makes it pop

      2. JpNex

        +breathin • 210 years later It depends, many do use the definition that is popular music in broad sense. But there are other definitions, all of which are still quite broad because of numerous and numerous subgenres(pop country, pop rock, pop art, and It goes on).

      3. breathin • 210 years later

        If your music because a popular that doesn't make it pop lmao. Pop is a genre of music that is more fun upbeat style to it and a groove type of style. Indie pop is a more slow type of pop which is what Billie is. But if a song is popular that doesn't make it pop. If a country song as popular its a country song not a pop song

      4. JpNex

        +Kim Lutz Popular music, putting It simply. Even If you try to restrict It more, It's still broad enough to put bands and artists like Radiohead, REM, Björk, The Cure, Kraftwerk and Bowie under It. Many people, however, usually only associate It with the more famous pop divas and something like Black Eyed Peas, I've seen people seriously trying to argue that Coldplay and Maroon 5 aren't pop, lol.

      5. Kim Lutz

        +JpNex What is your concept about pop? Cuz maybe that is what you think, doesn't mean that everybody feels the same way about pop. U know what I mean?

    85. Alice P

      5:56 soooo true! I always cry when I look at her videos

    86. REPTAR

      I like her music but I hate her fanbase so much

      1. breathin • 210 years later

        They're not even that bad compared to barbz, Arianators, army, ect

    87. Jiori uwu


    88. serenity fosdick

      I would marry Billie in a fucking heartbeat

      1. JpNex

        Ladies and gentlemam, we got him

      2. Sanket Dhembre

        You are just gonna have to wait for a year though.

      3. Iam Me

        Ugh legittttt

    89. Lisa Mccullough

      “I go to bed” lmfao feel you dude.

    90. Septian Adi

      Reaction to alec benjamin pleass

      1. Alex Brill

        Septian Adi Bury a friend

    91. Louis Payan

      What was the first song

      1. Annika Sophie

        Louis Payan no problem💗😊

      2. Louis Payan

        Annika Sophie thank you ❤🖤

      3. Annika Sophie

        Louis Payan bury a friend😊

    92. Watermelon Antique

      I need Billie to react to adults reacting to Billie !!!!

    93. nouf

      react to tyler, the creator.

    94. Phill360

      I just don't get her music. I find her music flat and lifeless

      1. Saskia Miel

        DylanAka ?? Who do you think you are ?

      2. DylanAka

        +Saskia Miel the fact you said "thank you next" says alot about your character

      3. Saskia Miel

        Acc stop more people like billie then they like you so please keep your opinions to yourself as it will stop people from starting an argument thank you next x

      4. Tyler Aldridge

        Phill360 I see what you’re saying, but I kinda think that’s the point in the song.

      5. Dan Tran

        maybe you’re flat and lifeless =w=

    95. ATM m


      1. REPTAR

        ATM m if this was 2016 I’m sure they would

    96. imma teach you how to make lasagna

      We both have the same age yet she's more successful. Damn you go girl!

      1. All Might

        ?age doesn’t matter it’s about the work u put in

    97. Elene Bartaia

      melanie martinez

      1. Monokuma

        They did already.

      2. Standing Fire


      3. Ok What’s life

        Elene Bartaia yes

    98. Saucy Jay

      idk if she’s hot or creepy😭

      1. Travis Nan

        why not both (:

      2. Dan Tran

        Saucy Jay HOT AF

    99. Iqbal Raihan

      She is like a new Avril Lavigne for kids these days

      1. Suasky Danku

        no, just no.

      2. Jesse James


      3. Lisa Mccullough

        Iqbal Raihan Literally

    100. Tayler Bradley