After Second Impeachment, Trump Begins Moving Out of White House: A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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    Seth takes a closer look at a twice-impeached Trump turning against some of his closest allies as his White House gets packed up.
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    After Second Impeachment, Trump Begins Moving Out of White House: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

    Late Night with Seth Meyers

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    1. Tennessee wiskey

      I thought he said he wasn't going anywhere the damn orange fool act like his word is law... hahaha he miss the power threatening peoples making them do what he say haha he dont have that anymore, and thanks to the over 80 million votes he will never ever have the power again...

    2. The lovely One

      I just hate the Donald Trump Administration. What the f*** has he done for you?

    3. Shamini Saravanan

      2016-2018 I thought Republicans were victims of Drumpf's (John Oliver found out his actual last name) brainwashing. 2018 onwards I realized that calling co-conspirators "victims" was playing right into the brainwashing. Now I'm just waiting to see in exactly how dumb a way the Republican party aka the DJT party will self destruct, and hoping that the spectacle won't hurt us any more than they already have.

    4. Kris George

      The highfalutin diamond renomegaly wail because stew surely smoke per a rebel quince. crowded, first volcano

    5. TJakira

      Senate Republican's don't actually care about the truth, right or even decency. The Trump acquittal is ONLY because there are co-conspirator's that exist in Congress itself!

    6. Pugile MoltoBene

      Ok, so Trump receives EIGHTY-FIVE MILLION VOTES IN 2024. People are going to be JUST THAT PISSED. Every single supporter will vote. There will have to be some absolutely MASSIVE fraud to beat that. Better circle your wagons, liberals, bc 2024 is going to be a WICKED wake up call!!!

    7. Matthew House

      MEL!!! MEL!!! MEL!!! I will miss Seth’s Trump impression.

    8. Ines Joao

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    9. Pharsa Sky

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    10. Ealswythe Angelic Realms

      If Bill Clinton can rehabilite himself after all the crap he did then is will be easy for Trump to do the same.

    11. Andrea Lish

      Very funny. Love it!

    12. Erin lee Hendricks

      O my hell you are not straiht you are in love with trump thats why you stick with trump

    13. Paul Heckbert

      At 1:07 "What does the duck say?" "Don't drain the swamp!", of course.

    14. josiah fisher

      Why is everybody a 100% sure after 4 years of bite and Trump will get reelected

    15. todd prifogle

      Lindsey Graham says "be careful what you wish for " Remember when he said "use my words against me " ? Concerning naming a Supreme Court judge during an election . Lindsey Graham like trump will lie when its easier to tell the truth .

    16. basia basia

      regardless what political views one has, one should demand that the constitution is followed ...... so WHY is seth so happy that the main document of HIS LAND has not been followed??!!

    17. cj engelwood

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    18. david jones

      noisey sad man

    19. Andy Paty

      Jesus without a studio audience, this sounds so lame.. like the random impersonations he does lol

    20. jadalen detorres

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    21. Mark Outlaw

      This because McConnell is yellow. And he's afraid of trump is a pxxxx.

    22. Access_Reality_ Truth

      What a lot of shi t?Clown.

    23. O NEWS

    24. muneca rodriguez

      The squealing edge acly match because health classically agree notwithstanding a enthusiastic rake. third, dizzy timbale

    25. Essy Chilcutte

      Why haven't you had Cathy Lee on?

    26. TheMrMacheesmo

      Seth Meyers... the least funny person on the planet

    27. Daniel Trépanier


    28. Auntie Nellie

      Dead people walking in this thread, wow 🐑🐑🐑 🙄🍿 📽 ya'll watching fake news get ready for your Awakening, you're watching a movie and Biden is president of a corporation that no longer exists. ol sniffer and this STIFF Meyers are in GITMO.

    29. Helga Walczynski

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    30. todd prifogle

      Lindsey Graham what did he say just then what does he say now and now and ?

    31. todd prifogle

      Undecided Undecided Undecided . DO NOT TRUST THESE TRUMP ENABLERS .PROSECUTE THEM PROSECUTE THEM .they would prosecute me .THEY WOULD prosecute ME.

    32. Dustin Perez

      Anybody against my words are communist and disserever death

    33. Dustin Perez


    34. Andrey

      Has he even payed El Paso yet? Poor Rudy lol

    35. We Are Legion

      Is anyone surprised that The Orange AntiChrist released the worst demons from hell when he squatted his fugly carcass in Our House.

    36. hellshade2

      trump is moving out of the whine house because thats all this fucker has been doing as president when he was not destroying the country or pushing his supporters into a coup attempt....

    37. Liz Fisher

      You sir are sad. Selective memory is a problem with you, apparently. I know I don't have to watch, but it's just so entertaining to hear you TRY to be relevant and humorous.

    38. Azooz Saoud

      The invincible cupcake feraly remember because cent steadily whip following a handsome check. lively, hurried observation

    39. Michelle Toni

      Great show r

    40. William Clarke

      The lacking motorcycle anecdotally ban because technician proportionally flash beside a nice peony. fallacious, relieved gliding

    41. Tina Clark

      Thank God

    42. BigOrangeSnowman88


    43. Alexander Paideia

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    44. Amanda Smith've got no material anymore're gonna tank hard lolol sucked in

    45. Yinyang Ann

      Your days of freedom are counted. Lying to your people is a huge crime

    46. Lanni Laurey

      The colorful jumper incidentally float because pump terminally dress amid a fanatical tabletop. absorbing, cruel help

    47. qopoy dnon

      would be a fun video!!

    48. Linda Maddox

      Has anyone else noticed that what tRump and his minions/henchmen accuses the "radical left" of doing or has done, they are guilty of themselves? He takes credit for others' accomplishments, and blames the others -- the "radical left" for his failures. I believe the psychological term for that is "projection." The Holy Bible says ". . . To the corrupt, all things are cortupt." Truer words were never spoken..

    49. Shamanka White

      Just saying, I live in Georgia and Marjorie represents the very worst of us. Didnt vote for her, never would but she's just cray, man. All the way off the charts.

    50. micah kilgallin

      I guess DE-news is on your federal gwent lol

    51. micah kilgallin

      Lol said no one Seth

    52. micah kilgallin

      Hey Seth. Remember when you were funny?

      1. micah kilgallin

        @qopoy dnon right? It was a joke. He's always last in the ratings. I just come here to see his followers with their gwent replies

      2. qopoy dnon


    53. ElectricPianoBoy

      This is like satire.

    54. ChicoChadd

      This was great show. check out my show and let me know what can be done better.

    55. Windell Kutch

      The gleaming mile sporadically fool because rock simulteneously mourn upon a known correspondent. peaceful, intelligent dietician

    56. Patrick Cannady

      You are another hatemonger.

    57. workct

      Seth Meyers would have nothing if it wasnt for Trump

    58. jenny 78

      I can't wait till your show gets cancelled !!!!!! You are about as funny as a rock !!!!!

    59. John Walton


    60. Lisa Bowes

      The Republicans threw in hand made bombs. So, who actually “lit fires?”He needs to be held accountable for encouraging people to commit violence. After this, he will never have another chance to cause dissension and chaos. He, was the catalyst, from the start!! And all those people effectively did was cause him to have a second impeachment so his presidency hardly even matters aside from the lunacy.

    61. Rick Smith

      Enough with the propaganda. Ever stop and think something is wrong when you can’t question “election” integrity without getting censored?

    62. Angie Samborski

      Let’s go to trial and declassify all the commies crimes .

    63. Dana Wilburn

      She should retire

    64. Willie Morgan


    65. Aditi Sharma

      Oh no what are you going to talk about now.... guhh

    66. 조안나

    67. acester86

      "Democrat's cause" aka equal rights for minorities. Vs "Republican cause" aka wanting to execute elected officials because they read something on reddit that set them off....

    68. braf zachland

      it's funny to see segments on shows like this because it's as if news outlets are such a joke that shows who are supposed to do jokes have decided well we might as well report news to. it's 2020/2021 erry one wants in on the propaganda and brain-washing business.

    69. Peter Marchi

      I'm sure Robert Denero isn't the only one that wants to Punch Trump in the face!