Ailee에일리 Worth It Fifth Harmony -Seoul Music Awards Live

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    1. Hilda Delahoz

      Why she do that so embarrasing she could had fall

    2. Mac

      Not fussed about the leg slip ut sounds like she just sings on top of the original Song. She is more than capabe.

    3. Jose Rodriguez

      I mean who is not going to dance because of Worth it? Bitch, everytime I hear that song I just can't stop dancing.



    5. 아으

      1:10 킬포

    6. 성이름

      진짜 카메라 졸라 이상하게 잡네 ㅋㅋ 하이라이트 때 줌아웃을 해 ㅋㅋㅋ줌인 클로즈업을 해야 될 타이밍에 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    7. 멜디리미

      에일리 언니 너무너무 예뻐여ㅠㅠ 흐앙ㅠㅠㅠ

    8. emily h

      this stage presence

    9. Juan Diego

      정말 좋은 목소리

    10. Janah Nespiros

      What I love about Ailee is that shes not showing his body too much

    11. n번째오덕이

      1:10~1:12 LOL🤣

    12. It's SaRah

      Omg bad sound

    13. Trang P

      Damn I need the full version of this. It's way too short...

    14. PigOink I Minecraft I

      how dare she disrespect fifth harmony like that

    15. Mye matias

      Way to far🤦🏽‍♀️

    16. Cassandra Myers

      I am just so distracted by her hair! She always has her hair styled perfectly and it seems so full of life. I know it's most likely from the stylist but still! These kpop stylists really need to spill the tea on what they do because I know I want to know XD

    17. Hilary Elizabeth

      the leg lift still makes me cringe and i feel so bad and all the idols probably laughed and ughhh ksksks i get a panic attack and anxiety just watching it so i will never get past the point in the video

    18. Daniel Lira


    19. Serkan Murat

      Bende şarkıyı o söylüyor sandım vokal olmuş

    20. 넬라판타지


    21. 거겨가갸


    22. zoe

      Fifth harmony left the chant

    23. 9ine6ix Harmonizer


    24. Rosé Blackpink

      I love ailees voice and seeing ikon for a short second just made me cry

    25. maryam Sharifi

    26. 섬안에주유소

      카리스마있다 목소리크고

    27. 이채영

      ..지곡 없나

    28. Mine Koç


    29. Peachy* Harts

      Even when she messed up she still stayed like “bitch what’s good?”

    30. Sam

      She's stunning

    31. 김지희

      Omg she's so cute

    32. Rebeca Albert

      Slayyyy 💃🏻👑

    33. Jogie Arpafo


      1. Valerieeonline

        She's not lol.

    34. Sh02al

      Wait why Ailee cover songs?

    35. Atheer


    36. Tina Basem


    37. izaki N

      more like dance performance.. not actually singing

    38. Pia Mercado

      T H E Q U E N N I S T H I C C

    39. Monika G

      She could have replaced Camilla as the fifth member😄😃😃

    40. sanjila bepari

      This is lip sync

      1. Valerieeonline

        Nope. She's not. Her mic is so low so you heard it as lipsync.

    41. A Aria

      Is not her voice completely fifth harmony voice

    42. lisa ohmagad


    43. K. G.

      lol that leg lift. She looks good though.

    44. The king tamil

      can i be your friend

    45. The king tamil

      you just amazing

    46. kudo 88

      Does she sing??

    47. Imsred yellow

      who is singing?

    48. Sora k

      What she wear Look sexy 🌸🤗 not look cheap sometimes same style can look cheap then sexy lol

    49. Pratyush Pavan Saikia

      1:10 was she trying to do a standing split???

    50. diana alanis

      Me gusta mas la de mis bagas de fifth harmony porque esta no tiene el rap y esta mas corta y ni es para ofender pero mis bagas cantan mucho mejor y tambien bailan

      1. julianaCA P

        diana alanis está se llama Ailee así te tardas un poquito y es unas las voces más sobresaliente de toda Korea vamos respetando que las vagas ya no existe como grupo!

    51. just me_

      She is lip syncing right

      1. Valerieeonline

        In the beginning yes because of her mic was in trouble :3

      2. just me_

        Valerieeonline in the beginning

      3. Valerieeonline


    52. 윤아Rachel

      Her English is amazing!!!😍😍

    53. Mila Mustaqimah

      Slay ailee... 💪 So pretty.. 😍

    54. ᅵPapiiisher3유미

      She thick asf I love it

    55. Himani Chand

      Why is Ailee so good!!!

    56. hella lit*kookie *

      She looks so fucken good! I love her!

    57. Nikits Pradhan

      FIFTH HARMONY!!!!!!!

    58. Ughsomeness Enthusiast

      She looks like jade from little mix

    59. L ettuce

      이때 왤케 이쁘냐♥!

    60. Norma chimi


    61. Along Mkh

      This song

    62. kthlustq

      Anyone else singing “I DIDNT GET NO SLEEP CUS OF YALL YOU NOT GON GET NO SLEEP CUZ ME” Nope just me okay.

    63. VIP Till_Whenever

      1:10 is me coming home drunk and trying to take off my shoe lol

    64. Mimi Min Young

      What the fulla ?? She's not even singing

    65. Maria Eduarda Duda

      Mulher pare de imitar e tenha a sua propia musica feita e escrita ok se ñ sabe cantar a porcaria da musica ñ cante afinal seu cover de halo ficou uma bosta so

    66. Abdul Rasheed

      Jessica ,,&public relations hip

    67. Brainy Genius

      1:10 the best and iconic moment in kpop😂 Omg i just love her😂💜 1:10 when they tell u to act normal in front of ur crush

    68. Gen rz

      fifth harmony sunbaenim is proud