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    Airplane Trick Shots go to the NEXT LEVEL.
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    1. Dude Perfect

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      1. Chinese Food


      2. Micael Carlsson


      3. Arup Mistri

        How to made this airplane???

      4. Aaron Schaeffer

        Varun Shewraj o

      5. Aaron Schaeffer

        Albin Nordvist a

    2. Ju To gaming

      Có ai việt bam ko

    3. Pedro Paez

      Demasiados gritos ...que junto a la musica tan repetitiva ..fastidian las pruebas tan fabulosas....mas trucos menos estridencia porfavor

    4. GatinhoGamer2919 Irgo

      Uau cada perfct

    5. muhammad gamers


    6. 쏘니

      airplane name?

    7. Tekn0x

      Русские есть?

    8. 민기

      브금 똑같은거 자꾸 반복되니까 갑자기 겁나 빡치네 즉당으히 해야지 야발꺼

    9. Mikki Duganapalli26

      How to make it

    10. Đức Nguyễn

      Họ luôn biến những điều khó có thể làm thành có

    11. Yavuzalp Ve Süper Kankalar

      Bu uçağın adı nedir ve nasıl alabilirim?

    12. Flair BV

      3:46 Certainly Dufe perfect had to fly this plane more than 1000 times to get through the frame

      1. Joanne Heng

        Why did Cory lose his eyebrows?

    13. potato minato

      O meu deus vc conseguiu mesmo com pogunferta

    14. Rick Schiessl

      I feel bad for Cory sorry dude ☹️

    15. Prajaal Basnet

      Did any see the cameraman? 5:03

    16. Bill Edinger

      At 1:33 dude said doozy. Do you guys know what that term originates from? Clue. Automotive.

    17. Goncalo Goncalo

      algum dos gemeos tem namorada ? minha irma esta a perguntar ...

    18. Sajed Hodroj

      Hey thats cool

    19. X25 Gamer

      0:26 subtítulos al español y verán que dice "buena suerte putos de youtu"

    20. Yo-Yo Go-Go

      5:51 lol

    21. Lộc Tiến

      Than the powor

    22. EjElysse Pangaliman

      garrett your voice cracks me up before

    23. Manisha Panchal

      Nice tricks ✌️

    24. YT Shaftez


    25. Rory McCormack

      Did anyone notice the car on the ceiling? 5:48

    26. Артем Закопай

      Тебе надо в авиостроение идти работать

    27. Yurri Khan

      Very easy

    28. TK• SCANIA

      se tirar as calças desses caras vai ver tudo marrom seus cagadod

    29. zombot6001


      1. zombot6001

        Do a bunch of videos about the way

    30. Anna Rappa


    31. The Morley-Smith family

      5:05 there is no camera on the hoop

    32. shivam yadav

      Last short impossible

    33. Sultan 077

      Русские есть? 2к19

    34. Amir Hali

      This is next level crazy

    35. Mason Swedlund

      Hey Cory did You shave your eyebrows

    36. Vandy Channel

      I am very love is canhel dude perfeck

      1. Vandy Channel

        Sorry i not perfect speack english because i from indonesia

      2. Yo-Yo Go-Go

        Y u so bad at spelling

    37. Aarfeen Noor

      How it's impossible wow

    38. Qwertt Qwertt

      مات بيعونه

    39. Milind Gamer

      Who is the panda

    40. vlogger


    41. Gideon Brooks

      These videos are epic,awesome and dude perfect

    42. EdwinArmyGT

      5:51 With a toothpicker?

    43. Ahmad Hussain

      Wowwww, you beauty guys 05:00 😍😍

    44. Poke Dex

      Че с русскими субтитрами

    45. Aidan Ambre

      Cody is the panda I think

    46. Leckelt Trick Shots

      3:10, my alarm in the morning

    47. J

      are these guys really that perfect???

    48. Nidhish Deshmukh

      me after watching this vid:🤐

    49. Elmendas Swag

      0:34 subtitulos en español

    50. Papia Mir

      Hai whatsup guys eyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo😁😁😁

    51. Papia Mir

      Had man you are live

    52. Papia Mir

      How do you do that man

    53. Fahmeedha K

      I don't belive it

    54. P-Age Of Technology


    55. Иван Иванов

      Что за лох писал субтитры?

    56. Dyar Ahmad


    57. zyan gaspar


    58. Dadn Kumar


    59. Dadn Kumar


    60. Zackary Scott

      5:45 did it

    61. Diego Franco

      Parabéns a todos,🇧🇷

    62. Sharron Reid

      On the trip flip if was 4 flips insted

    63. Nafees Shaikh

      Please throw highest building

    64. Sydney Fabrizio

      They definitely have some kiinda remote control because that’s not real

    65. Belinda Kangumine

      u guys are awsome

    66. S.J Rian

      Who subscribed dude perfect like👇

    67. earnest babu m

      How can I get these planes..

    68. Dika Pratama

      I am indonesia...I like you dude perfect

      1. Muhammad Anas Syahmi

        How are you writing this? You are just a country

    69. Kevin Chambers

      I wonder how many balloons are on dude perfects roof

    70. Love Sophia

      At least we knew witch twin was witch lol