AJ Styles plants Ricochet with a vicious brainbuster: WWE Extreme Rules 2019 (WWE Network)



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    AJ Styles drops Ricochet with a brainbuster during their back-and-forth battle for the U.S. Championship. Courtesy of WWE Network.
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    1. Brandon Bennetzen

      I thought that the brainbuster was banned in WWE?

    2. βιβη Π.

      Styles is awesome as a heel

    3. Stevo Fegan

      TNA, TNA, TNA, oh wait what?

    4. Rick Tripp

      Ricochet is another fifty high spot a minute mid carder who won't draw a dime.

    5. Satish The Bad Boy

      Coward A J Style... Shame on U.. Fake Champion......$

      1. Jayden Johnson

        welp, you stupid

    6. Sunil Kumar

      AJ face like a man

    7. Christien Iweze

      I loved extreme rules but I hated that Aj won the title

    8. Christien Iweze

      Aj styles has been cheating on his wife with the club(particularly with Karl Anderson)

    9. Sar Star

      Brainbusters were legal in wwe?

    10. Haagen Neldeberg

      It's a good thing that Ricochet has such incredible in-ring talent, cause unfortunately he is awful on the mic, and he is as charismatic as a stick.

    11. Eternal Nytmare

      Win or lose Ricochet is still awesome

    12. VI-Massive

      AJ Styles definitely wasn't ready for the lifting swinging neck breaker. Looked to rough performing it.

    13. Miguel Jimenez

      Aj doesn’t catch my attention anymore

    14. Alif Najmi

      2019 is the year that US Title constantly changed hand and Samoa Joe has the longest Title Reigns in 2019 from April to June

    15. king axxídєntѕ

      I thought the brainbuster was banned but still a decent move for aj styles

    16. laxus 94

      so they are ddting the brain buster

    17. darcanjel7

      If I was AJ, I'd wash that title off. You don't know where Ricochete's hands have been. Lol😆👌👈😮

    18. Raimon Ivan

      Man, I'm so happy they are making The Club relevant again, with Styles as a heel it's gold. On the other side, Ricochet is one of the most athletics competitors from WWE, EVER. Yeah, he truly deserved a better title reign, but I feel he's gonna get a good future, he's soooooo nice to watch

    19. steph9256ify

      Aj would not have won without the interference of gallows and Anderson's. Cheating again.

    20. Satheesh

      Seriously AJ STYLES turns heel ?

    21. Joseph Freisinger

      Dislike being AJ styles is always garbage

    22. mr. mcmuffin

      I thought the brain buster was banned though

    23. Shyam Prakash

      Full match upload please

    24. ITALK2GOD

      Now this looks like a good match! Keep it up.

    25. Mathan Lal

      Aj styles best heel wrestler

    26. Jalen WALKER


    27. Mitchell Nunes

      Wait isn't he prince puma because if he is I would like to see him

      1. komentar publik

        Yes he is

    28. 周嶝錦


    29. Zamhairy Jemali

      Aj bring his dog... Cannot complete the match itself... What a shame..

    30. Nostalgia Crown

      Welcome to the bury Ricochet roooooad show. The tour continues on

    31. Grand Dad

      No one does a brainbuster better then Chavo Guerrero

    32. Y2J Gaming


    33. Faith in Destiny

      Styles Using BLOODY SUNDAY 😍😘 missing spiral tap 💖

    34. PhreezePhoenix

      Bloody Sunday!

    35. xA-Town23x

      Juuuuust saying the Club looked strong in the end tonight and Finn lost...;) I can see the Club showing up to help him win the title later on

    36. Ash Universes

      I am kind of a new WWE Fan so I don’t know why people like HEEL Aj Styles?? Explain please (nothing wrong just confused) But I did want Ricochet to keep his title.

      1. Ayush Singh

        Ash Your Gamer cause he is just phenomenal 🤘🏻

    37. Forstch Zephyrum


    38. EKS 9991

      I want to see Kacy reaction video when Ricochet being hit by the styles Clash from the top rope.

    39. Red Neck

      let's go AJ 👌💕 2x WWE Champ 3x US Champ

    40. Luis Martinez

      Where is asuka we want asuka

    41. Abhi Saini

      AJ Styles Forever ❤

    42. Brent Lewis

      The US title changes hands almost as much as the 24/7 title lol

    43. r iki

      greatest match from this ppv

    44. Awesome MVS

      Styles has one of the most brutal brain busters

    45. Jason Bryant

      I'm getting tired of AJ Styles. Always thought he was overrated.

      1. Hafiz Syed Noman Ali.

        He's not overrated. He's somewhat underrated.

    46. Anuj Gogoi

      Aj style loser

    47. Saurav playz

      Best heel in business today

    48. iconic boy831

      Ricochet should've won wtf 😂

    49. Kosta T

      Not to be rude but AJ styles gained a little bit of weight

    50. The Pondering Minimalist

      Superb match..2 equally capable competitors..

    51. Amin M

      Renne young is not good in commentary.she is better as a reporter

    52. v b

      Finally someone who doesn't look like a jobber is the champ.

    53. Ramadhan Albi

      And another brainbuster from scott dawson too

    54. Saqib

      The phenomenal 1 💣

    55. Nakumara 07

      Y'all do know the real reason Riccochet lost right?😉😉🙊🙊

    56. Blazing Night Stars

      Heel AJ vs Heel Finn??

    57. Fire GK Highlights

      Heel Styles Is The Best Thing In WWE.Hella Great PPV.

    58. A1 Torres

      ‪Hear...me...out!!!‬ I can somehow see the AJ and Ricochet story leading into the Fall! So, you have AJ defeat Ricochet at ER with Club interference...then we have Rey join the mix in a Triple Threat at SummerSlam but the Club help again as AJ retains right...Rey and Ricochet are over it so they join forces(in a Lucha Libre style team with a call back to Eddie Guerrero with a “Viva la Raza” catchphrase similar to the Club’s “Too Sweet and Ricochet reaches deep and brings back Prince Puma) but are still outnumbered so they need one more member and since Lucha House Party aren’t really looked at seriously you bring in Andrade with his mask(and yes him and Rey have history but they join forces whilst also having a mutual respect putting differences aside) and they go at it until right before Survivor Series in which by this time I see the Club having gold with AJ and Rey and Andrade become an official team and there is a “Winner Take All” match at the PPV before Survivor Series...then months go by at WrestleMania we get Ricochet v Rey one v one and it could be Rey passing the torch in a mutual contest! Long but I see Paul Heyman going for a deep story like this and it working!!!

    59. Dragon King Oscurare

      Ricochet title run didn't last long, curious how it will be for AJ if he lose it will he go for Brock and the Universal Championship.

    60. ctgstudios421

      I was there live! This was MOTN right behind the smackdown tag team title match

    61. sanath shetty

      Why are people complaining about Ricochet's loss... Yes it was his first title defense in paper view, but his loss was against Aj and he won after attacking him before the match and continuous interferences from the club.... So it does make Ricochet still look strong....

    62. cool franky CR7

      Gotta love styles man pure and simple one of the greatest

    63. Kiran Riar

      Ricochet played really good in this match

    64. RulesOfSurvival YT

      AJ Styles Vs RicoChet Hell in Cell match

    65. Alloyius McIlwaine

      Really Good match. It had a slow burn...and some of the spots would have benefited from a quicker pace...but some of the spots were amazing. The sequence in this video is one of the best that I’ve seen in a while. Now hurry up and join the boys Finn so that we can get the best iteration of the Club. Have Gallows and Anderson win the Tag belts, Finn wins back the IC belt and really have the Club look dominant.

    66. iblackfeathers

      now, that’s a nice ricochet on ricochet by aj styles.

    67. Gael Emmanuel Casasola Frausto

      Styles es el m3jor

    68. Igor Cabral

      Michael Cole: Ricochet wants his first reign in WWE to continue NXT: *I am a joke to you?*

      1. NetrermaxYG But he is really hyped about MK11

        @Bran Hall R/Woooosh

      2. Sneakyvolta

        Yes, Vince doesn't even watch NXT

      3. Adarsh B S

        @Igor Cabral I meant Cole made the same comment when Ricochet won the title. Now that I look at it should've made it clearer.

      4. Igor Cabral

        @Adarsh B S1- no I didn't... 2- it's just a joke ;-;

      5. Ben Davies

        You can tell you know nothing about wrestling Igor

    69. Igor Cabral

      Michael Cole: Ricochet wants his first reign in WWE to continue NXT: *I am a joke to you?*

    70. david joseph

      Lesnar cash in lol 😂 he’s your 3 x wwe universal champion lol