AJ Styles revels in his United States Championship victory: WWE Exclusive, July 14, 2019



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    United States Champion AJ Styles & The Club disparage Ricochet and Philadelphia after The Phenomenal One’s win at WWE Extreme Rules.
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    1. Cjjvghj Gvfjjj

      aj styles is 3 time us champion and 2 time wwe champion i want aj styles to holding us championship for 390 days

    2. Electrifying

      3X US Champion. 2X WWE Champion.

    3. Joe Mendez

      Heyman:im a big fan of riccochet so lets have him lose the us title to aj after a couple weeks of holding it. Me: heyman might not be a genius like everyone says he is.

    4. IndianWebDesigning

      Hey AJ Styles, a COWARD SOB So now you need the help of that 2 AssHol*S to win matches What a PITY And you call yourself Phenomenal !! NOW you should call yourself "A COWARD SOB --- Aj Styles"

    5. Lima Longkumer

      Every time stars heel they smell someting horrible

    6. Nacho Gonzaga

      Cathy Kelley gives me constant boners.

    7. rad xavier

      we been BOWEYZ for a long time

    8. Best In The World

      He should retire,he is taking so many opportunities from next gen stars.come on he is already decorated and he is "old" too.

    9. random account16

      I wonder if the club went to SCU

    10. Chris

      AJ should win the Universal title and become duel champ, and give the Good Brothers the Raw Tag titles.

      1. Lima Longkumer

        @Andrew Genus im happy that the club is back but im sad ricochet lost

      2. Andrew Genus

        Never gonna happen.

    11. shivanshu roy

      The phenomenal aj styles

    12. Debashish Baskey

      Cathy 😍

    13. Gerald Andre

      Now have Karl Anderson and Gallows win the Raw Tag team Champion

    14. SURDINH0 ADAM jr


    15. Raphael Nahon

      AJ is a great heel.

    16. Banana _Gaming101

      People that should join the club Finn Balor Bobby lashley Sami Zayn Kevin Owens

    17. Bryson Sabun

      No honor with that title because it was three on one, a lot of outside enterferance

    18. Anthony Spencer

      F**k you aj styles

    19. Ivan Santiago

      Bruh Carl Anderson and Luke Gallows interrupted the match to make aj styles win I was hoping ricochet would have a longer reign

    20. Eric Zambrano

      I want to see The Club vs The Shield but Dean Ambrose is now being Jon Moxley

    21. aaronmays21

      Bunch of babies

    22. Adison Rai

      So its new day vs Club ?

    23. MAGMALORD360

      Thank God AJ Won.

    24. Don Don

      Kathy cream

    25. Paul John

      He can't even win it by himself and call himself a phenomenal one? Failed

    26. NavSpecWarCom Media Site

      NJPW attitude of Styles is back. Thank the Lord.


      Put Styles up against Lesnar. Winner take all. Styles is better than being just the US Champion.

    28. Dragica Vasic

      I Like the new Aj Styles one of my favorite wrestler good luck champ !!!!!! 😮

    29. Nandish N

      The Best Cathy n filthy video from the club

    30. Usman Khan

      How many times he become the WWE champion??

      1. Anime Guy

        2 times

    31. eddy chaos

      And now need finn balor 2 join the club

    32. Josh Reidy

      Ha i like the banter it feels like off the cuff or something

    33. Brando7567

      The Club vs The Revival vs The Usos for the raw tag titles at Summerslam. I’d love to see that. Especially if it was tlc. There’s always Universe mode on 2k19...

    34. Abang Gorgome

      Its Katty armpit, she smell bad

    35. CPA


    36. Chiranjibee Biswal

      I want to see united state championship match aj style vs romain reing

    37. Justin Booth

      With the exception of Chris Jericho and MJF, everyone in AEW take notice. This how your supposed to work as a heel.

    38. Tim Eaton

      No surprised here

    39. Mendez Israel

      Is safe to say The Club are stealing “This is the worst town I ever been in” from SCU

    40. Criminal Minds Girl

      I'm glad AJ won! It was too early for Ricochet to even have a belt. Considering how he just got on the main roster while others has yet to win anything and they were there before him.

    41. Anthony Lockley

      Luke and KARL needs to become raw tag teams champions

    42. Shante Rogers

      Aj i never like you

    43. Brandon Hembree

      Is aj styles a heel still

    44. Joey G

      Get Balor in the Club!

    45. AJ Styles Phenomenal

      Marry me Aj Styles

    46. MaverickBoy 303

      I think it’s the perfect time for Finn Balor to join the club since he lost the IC title

    47. H L

      AJ Styles is such phenomenal champion

    48. Albzz Mazzken

      The club is back in town

    49. sasuke uchiha

      Who needs the good aj styles Well this one is the best

    50. Girolamo

      AJ is AJ!

    51. lawliet

      mysterio vs styles is coming


      Well Philly is a dirty city so that's probably why it stinks 😂😂😂

    53. 7AMoOoD.K AlAwadhi

      HAHAHAHA I Really Enjoy HEEL The Club ... AJ is just perfect in everything ...

    54. Anas A4

      Love u aj 💓😍

    55. Araf Zaman

      Guys don't you think the US championship is treated like a hot potato for now

    56. Ummad Qureshi

      Now the tag team titles......

    57. wwewrestlingbd

      sit on my face cathy 💔💕

    58. Red Neck

      the US Championship and the IC Title are the best looking belt in WWE

    59. Raj Kummar

      Congrats Aj

    60. Jay Leno


    61. Ahmed Sahar

      Cathy look like my new crush😍🤤



    63. Diego enrique Silva cardenas

      Jkkkkbkk kj

    64. fabulous Maria davis

      congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 aj style


      He needed help

    66. Dire Wolf

      If they can keep this group together for the rest of the year, we may end up with a TOO SWEET feud that SHOCKS THE SYSTEM

    67. Tytus Jones

      Aj is just so good as a champion heel or face

    68. Alex Lenkov

      не мужик

    69. Mustapha Issaka

      U didn't won by urself Aj,it was the help of your two friends Anderson and Gallons

    70. Robbie Boyle

      Balor is free to join this storyline now.